The Ghost Town Terror
Travel Channel
2 Seasons
12 Episodes
Paranormal investigator Tim Wood and paranormal researcher Sapphire Sandalo revisit Gunslinger Gulch, taking on a dual mission: combatting malevolent energies endangering both the Broussard Family on the ranch and the local Montana residents.
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The Ghost Town Terror Season 3 is yet to be announced by Travel Channel

Current Show Status
The Ghost Town Terror Season 3 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Thu 11/2/2023 The Ties That Bind Season 2: Episode 6
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for The Ghost Town Terror. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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On the outskirts of Anaconda, Montana sits Gunslinger Gulch - a sprawling ghost town and guest ranch. When the Broussard family answered the beckoning call of a new life in Big Sky Country, they soon discovered the ranch offered anything but the serene Montana lifestyle.

Instead of peace, menacing supernatural activity plagued the family. This season, a home chimney fire becomes a catalyst for new, threatening, dark activity, and the paranormal team is called back into action.

Paranormal investigator Tim Wood and paranormal researcher Sapphire Sandalo return to Gunslinger Gulch to embark upon a two-fronted war: simultaneously battling sinister energies threatening both the Broussard Family at the ranch, and the local Montana citizens. A new season of THE GHOST TOWN TERROR returns with six brand-new episodes.



Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Firestorm Sep 28, 2023
2A Debt to be Paid Oct 5, 2023
3I Am the Darkness Oct 12, 2023
4The Summoning Oct 19, 2023
5Prey Oct 26, 2023
6The Ties That Bind Nov 2, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Get Help Mar 11, 2022
2A Place for the Dead Mar 18, 2022
3Hunted Mar 25, 2022
4Ornias Apr 1, 2022
5Let Us Have Her Apr 8, 2022
6My Name is Pain Apr 15, 2022

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0 0 Becky Grupe  October 25, 2023
☺ I do think that if they are hired to do a job they need to be forthcoming with everything. They have kept too much from Karen and if I was her I would tell them to leave my property. They are also making it worse.
0 0 gotoguy56  September 21, 2023
Receive automatic notifications when The Ghost Town Terror Season 2 release date is announced. I just found out it is scheduled for season 2 from FB Never got a notice here, but I see you have the episodes listed for season 2 What's up with that? You are running behind with your updates.
0 5 Clarence  March 17, 2023
I would like the show to comeback for a second season with one condition…
Bring in a REAL psychic medium like Ami Allen, Chip Coffee, Kim Russo or Cindy Kaza..
0 0 Cheryl Wilbur Clarence  June 8, 2023
[sad] What makes you think Sarah Lemos isn't a real psychic?
0 0 Janet Row Clarence  August 27, 2023
They don’t get more real than Sarah Lemos….she absolutely knows her stuff!
0 0 Donna Clarence  September 12, 2023
I agree. Bring in a medium who is not only good but doesn’t scream and get scared of everything. Maybe even a local medium.
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0 5 Cindy  March 1, 2023
Pleeeerrrase bring gunslinger gulch a second season we need to know if Karen and kids are ok. Don’t leave us with cliff hanger. Someone has to go in that hole on the mountain..
0 3 Sierra Cindy  May 28, 2023
Hey I'm from Anaconda, MT and I know Karen and the kids, I was at Ginslinger Gulch for their annual Halloween party and i just wanted to let you know they are doing okay! Karen had talked about them possibly doing a season 2 but they were still waiting to hear more last time I asked
0 5 Cindy  March 1, 2023
Please please please please please pleeeease bring the gunslinger Guilherme back we have to know if Karen and the kids are ok and you left us on a cliff hanger.
0 8 Yolanda M  February 12, 2023
Please tell me you are going to renew Gost Town Terror for season 2. It really not fair you get us so excited for the next episode and at the end of season 1 your going to leave us hanging? It very frustrating when networks do this. I love watching most of the show on travel channel and will continue the many show even reruns.
0 4 Ukgwp  January 13, 2023
Absolutely loved the show but come on you can’t leave it how you did any paranormal teams would know there are so many unanswered questions l, you can’t just leave it how you did without mentioning the outcome of the case, this is not a hate post as I love this show but the ending well I’m not going to say but I’m hoping for a season two
0 7 Sophie Poe  January 8, 2023
I love the show. Please bring Ghost Town Terror back. I love every show Tim Woods does. ❤
0 10 Rachel  October 28, 2022
I liked the show, I wish they would bring it back, and do more episodes.
0 12 Crystal Browning  October 10, 2022
This show is awesome!!! I love watching teams trying to help out people when they don’t know what to do. I pray that the show continues. It is really good.
1 13 Sandy O  September 7, 2022
This family definitely needs more help. I know this season was tough on Tim, but if given the proper support staff, he should be able to continue. He was great. Sara was great. Everyone was great. This family deserves the chance to get their lives back. Don't abandon them first and foremost, but don't abandon the fans either.
0 13 mike ploetner  August 14, 2022
Tim needs help!!! He needs to reach out to others that are willing to help!!!
0 12 jamie johnson  July 26, 2022
I love this show I'm sorry about Tim the one doing the investigation but these people know what they are getting into when doing this line of work especially if it's of non human spirit. Like they said if u can't or won't continue to do the show as well as any of the crew members than replace them with someone new but make sure who ever u get knows the ramifications of what they are getting into before picking someone for the job. I would love to see more from mediums people who we may know that are more credible/well known like Amy Allen or chip Coffey And actually have a demonologist on here and not just as a guest bring in more equipment so we can see and here what they are saying. The ghost adventures crew have had lots of devises over the years. I like the ones that type it from a data base vs the spirit box. I do like these but when it's actually spelt out for u there's no questioning it. Kindred spirit does noise cancelation headphones and eye taping while asking questions
2 4 One jamie johnson  November 4, 2022
Chip coffee isn't credible him and Ryan Buell ripped a load of fans off
0 19 Gloria A Suina  July 9, 2022
I honestly feel like you should greenlight season 2. I understand that Tim the investigator was experiencing alot of paranormal things happening to him but if he can't or wants to continue maybe you should consider another paranormal investigator to come in a continue what he started. The viewers are concerned about Karen and the kids. Don't just cut show after 6 episodes.
0 28 Sara  July 7, 2022
[confused] you do this every time with shows, it's ridiculous!, don't air it if your not going to continue with it, we get interested then you chop it! Or you only have 6 episodes in a season! I AM TIRED IF YOU DOING THIS!
0 5 Michael H Sara  October 15, 2022
I agree. I feel this show didn’t get anywhere near enough exposure (boosts) that it deserves. For this, and by not continuing the show they make it look like the plan from the onset (before airing first episode) was to not renew it.
0 6 Rachel C Michael H  October 15, 2022
I agree. I hate when shows are cut off withOUT closure. I hate being left hanging. Give us the ending.
0 21 The Smiths  June 25, 2022
Travel Channel bring this show back. It was a weekly show we looked forward to seeing. Just like all the shows you have on TC . Just when we are close to seeing if anything was gonna happen when Karen gave that ring to the team you end the show. BRING IT BACK!!!!
0 19 Robbie Gould  June 11, 2022
We need more episodes travel!!!!
0 10 Drewschwill Schwill  June 1, 2022
This show was scary, I live alone in the woods, very isolated . I see shadow figures als0o. Creepy!
0 26 Diana  June 1, 2022
I love this show! Bring it back. You left us hanging!!
0 21 Wanda  May 29, 2022
I really liked the show. I hope it comes back. Kept me on the edge of my seat.
0 16 tessaa2  May 12, 2022
They probably only made 6 episodes to see if there is interest with this show. I personally think they will be making more episodes now because of viewer feedback. At least I hope that is the case.
0 16 Chad Camby tessaa2  May 12, 2022
Love the show, hope there's a new season.
0 16 Thomas A Marano  May 9, 2022
Please let us know when this show will be renewed! Very interesting and compelling, but you left us hanging which is not good. I've been watching you programs for years and this is one of the most interesting and captivating!
0 13 Sonya  May 8, 2022
This is just like the Travel Channel they give you a few episodes of a good show then cancel it. I for one am getting tired of it. If they do "bring it back for the fans" then it is like 5 to 6 episodes a season then oooo let's wait a year to get a new season such bull[censored]. [angry] [angry]
0 21 Theresa D3ni  May 7, 2022
Love, love, love this show! I watch a lot of ghost shows and this one was the most amazing one yet! You can’t end it now leaving everyone wondering about Karen and this family. The investigators are so great putting themselves out there to help them. Please please please bring back the show! Thank you!
0 26 Shelley  May 5, 2022
Not cool to not finish what you started! What happened to Karen? Her children? Last we saw was Karen having a priest expel a demonic entity, did it work? What about the other house she felt was needed to be owned by her? So many questions… Inquiring ghosts need to know… [bigsmile]

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