Kindred Spirits
Travel Channel
7 Seasons
71 Episodes
Kindred Spirits is a new paranormal series that premiered on October 21t, 2016 on the American network TLC.
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Kindred Spirits Season 8 is yet to be announced by Travel Channel

Current Show Status
Kindred Spirits Season 8 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Fri 3/24/2023 The Country Club Murders Season 7: Episode 10
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Kindred Spirits. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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Kindred Spirits

"Kindred Spirits" is a captivating paranormal reality television series that follows investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry as they explore and help families dealing with hauntings. With their expertise and compassion, Bruni and Berry delve into the histories of haunted locations, uncovering the truth behind the supernatural occurrences. Through their investigations, they aim to bring closure to those affected by spirits, bridging the gap between the living and the dead.

Each episode of "Kindred Spirits" offers a unique journey into the unknown, blending historical research with modern paranormal investigation techniques. From private residences to historic landmarks, Bruni and Berry navigate eerie environments, encountering spirits and uncovering secrets buried in the past. The series not only explores the paranormal but also delves into the emotional impact of hauntings on individuals and families.

Where to Watch Kindred Spirits

"Kindred Spirits" airs on the Travel Channel, captivating audiences with its intriguing blend of paranormal investigation and human connection. Viewers can tune in to witness Bruni and Berry's adventures as they navigate haunted locations across the United States. Additionally, episodes of "Kindred Spirits" may be available for streaming on platforms such as Hulu, providing fans with the opportunity to experience the supernatural investigations at their convenience.

Kindred Spirits Cast

Amy Bruni(Instagram, Website, Facebook, X), known for her role as a paranormal investigator and researcher, gained recognition for her appearances on the hit series "Ghost Hunters." With her keen intuition and dedication to understanding the paranormal, Bruni has become a prominent figure in the field of ghost hunting. Adam Berry, also a seasoned investigator, rose to prominence through his role on "Ghost Hunters," where his compassionate approach to investigating haunted locations endeared him to audiences worldwide. Together, Bruni and Berry bring their expertise and empathy to "Kindred Spirits," guiding viewers through the mysteries of the supernatural realm.

Kindred Spirits Season 8 Renewal Not Yet Sure, Says Amy Bruni

Despite its popularity and dedicated fanbase, the renewal of "Kindred Spirits" for an eighth season remains uncertain, according to statements from Amy Bruni. While the show has garnered critical acclaim and maintained a loyal following throughout its previous seasons, factors such as network decisions and production logistics can influence the future of the series. Bruni's comments suggest that discussions regarding the show's renewal are ongoing, with no definitive announcement made at this time.

The uncertainty surrounding the renewal of "Kindred Spirits" reflects the complexities of the television industry and the challenges faced by producers and networks in determining the fate of a show. Factors such as ratings, viewer demographics, and production costs all play a role in decision-making processes, making it difficult to predict the future of any given series. While fans of "Kindred Spirits" may hope for another season of thrilling investigations and heartfelt moments, they must await further updates from network executives and production teams regarding the show's continuation.

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Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Broken Spirits Jan 20, 2023
2What Lies Below Jan 27, 2023
3Beware the Occult Feb 3, 2023
4Ghost Ships Feb 10, 2023
5The Angry Ghost Feb 17, 2023
6Ghost Wars Feb 24, 2023
7Living with the Dead Mar 3, 2023
8Shadow in the Night Mar 10, 2023
9The Undertaker's Return Mar 17, 2023
10The Country Club Murders Mar 24, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1The Undertaker's Secret Dec 18, 2021
2Watch Over Me Dec 25, 2021
3The Lurker Jan 1, 2022
4Tripwire Jan 8, 2022
5Toxic Relations Jan 15, 2022
6Carriage House Creeper Jan 22, 2022
7Tradition Dies Hard Jan 29, 2022
8Disorderly Conduct Feb 5, 2022
9Death Alley Feb 12, 2022
10Death Interrupted Feb 19, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Devil in Salem Jan 2, 2021
2Zombie Boy Jan 9, 2021
3False Witness Jan 16, 2021
4Shadowed Jan 23, 2021
5Fright Train Jan 30, 2021
6Dead Stop Feb 6, 2021
7Sea Witch Feb 13, 2021
8Buried Alone Feb 20, 2021
9The Haunting Of Graestone Manor Feb 27, 2021
10Hidden Passage Mar 6, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1School Spirit Jan 3, 2020
2Hell House Jan 10, 2020
3Silent Fear Jan 17, 2020
4Dead Men Tell Tales Jan 24, 2020
5Vaulted Secrets Jan 31, 2020
6Nowhere to Run Feb 7, 2020
7The Trunk Feb 14, 2020
8Etched in Evil Feb 21, 2020
9What Lies Beneath Feb 28, 2020
10Blackout Mar 6, 2020
11Keeper of the Light Mar 13, 2020
12The Body Box Mar 20, 2020
13Stage Fright Mar 27, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1No Salvation Jan 24, 2019
2Satanic Panic Jan 31, 2019
3A Haunting in Gettysburg Feb 7, 2019
4Terror in the Woods Feb 14, 2019
5The Shadow of Death Feb 21, 2019
6Blood in the Water Feb 28, 2019
7Dying Regrets Mar 7, 2019
8Ghost Train Mar 14, 2019
9The Villisca Axe Murders Mar 21, 2019
10The Search for Lizzie Borden Mar 28, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1The Legacy of Lizzie Borden Sep 15, 2017
2The Executioner Sep 22, 2017
3Home Sweet Holmes Sep 29, 2017
4Uninvited Guests Oct 6, 2017
5The Strangler Oct 13, 2017
6Native Roots Oct 20, 2017
7The Neighbor Oct 20, 2017
8Fire Starter Oct 27, 2017
9Shadow of a Doubt Oct 27, 2017
10Don't Go Into the Attic Jan 1, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Cabin in the Woods Oct 21, 2016
2Shoebox Murder Oct 28, 2016
3Lost Amy Nov 4, 2016
4The Basement Nov 11, 2016
5Breaking and Entering Nov 18, 2016
6Trapped in the Attic Nov 25, 2016
7Shadows Dec 2, 2016
8Buried Alive Dec 9, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Back From the Dead Jun 25, 2020
2Most Terrifying Jan 3, 2021

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0 1 Terry  April 25, 2024
Please bring back. Kindred spirits. It’s a show everyone can watch.
Unlike ghost adventures which somehow has gone crazy.
0 4 R hufford  February 21, 2024
Waiting for season 8, I enjoy the show a great deal best paranormal show out there!
0 4 Anthony Peterson  January 29, 2024
Please please please bring another series back, the best paranormal programme there is, love it
0 4 Jenn  January 16, 2024
There needs to be a season 8 bring back the show
0 8 Katie  August 25, 2023
Please please please bring back kindred spirits for a season eight. I love, love, love the show. Its one of the best paranormal shows out there. I love kindled and Adam.

Bring back the show.
0 2 Katie Katie  August 25, 2023
Amy and Adam. Typo lol.
0 0 Jenn Katie  January 16, 2024
There needs to be a season 8 bring back the show
2 20 Rebecca “TruthSeeker”  June 30, 2023
Please don't let Zack Beggan get rid of this one to. Kindred Spirits is the best. Ghost Adventures is too FAKE!!!
0 3 LogicalSchizoidintp Rebecca “TruthSeeker”  July 14, 2023
Zak Bagans isn't part of KS, so wdym? too*
0 0 cheryl Rebecca “TruthSeeker”  May 9, 2024
Zak had nothing to do with any of the shows bei8ng cancelled . discovery who owns the travel channnel merged with warner brothers april 2022 .
0 19 Terri ButlerBamonte  May 20, 2023
I love this show, especially when they bring Chip. He is amazing. Best show on tv.
0 18 Samuel simmons  April 27, 2023
Renew for 10 years.
0 18 Deesemple  March 14, 2023
Love this show please please please renew for another year.
0 7 Mark Perreault Deesemple  June 1, 2023
My thoughts exactly. Renew this show!!!
10 2 Eyvie Wyn  March 9, 2023
:(((: I started watching Ghost Hunters when they started and many others. The platforms have definitely improved. Last season, Kindred Spirit started out okay but then more and more a defense attitude towards "amateur" investigator began to surface from Amy & Adam. They started to come of as arrogant to the point that it overshadowed there good intentions. Which is ridiculous because there is no general "rule" book on the proper way to help ghost or an association every has to pay dues for in order to gain permission to investigate. This season has truly left something to be desired...closure. The locations so far, aired episodes, have felt inconclusive. At times it difficult to understand the logic of their findings, something that was occurring in previous episodes. The remote view is another disturbing trend. It implies Chip can remotely sense any location he views on any TV.
1 12 Sharon Eyvie Wyn  May 29, 2023
So I'm kinda blown away at your rudeness. The only defense attitude I've ever seen from Adam and Amy are that there are investigators , yes amateurs, not knowing how to approach their targets, " ghost". Being disrespectful or taunting is NOT their style and they only thing I hear from that is education to the amateur hunters. I've never thought of them as being arrogant. I love them all except Ghost Adventures. They each have their own unique way of investigating. I have watched Ghost Hunters since day one and now Kindred Spirits from day one. So if you don't like them, simply don't watch. Simple as that. Ghost Hunters, Kindred Spirits... All you guys are awesome!!
0 11 Duncan  December 15, 2022
According to Adam Berry season 7 has been filmed, so... Where are the goods?! Kindred Spirits is literally the only reason travel channel/discovery+/whatever will get a subscription out of me; its the best paranormal show by a country mile.
1 19 Troy  December 15, 2022
Come on! This is one of the best ghost shows there are! What's the [censored] hold up? Man! Sign a contract for a few season so we don't have to go through this nonsense every single year. It's getting to be very ridiculous!
0 14 Kathi  December 8, 2022
We need many more drawings of Kindred Spirits! What a great show. The techniques used by Amy and Adam are intriguing and we need more!
1 15 Jim  December 5, 2022
Totally agree. These two are fearless and seek the truth about who and why.these spirits are there. It’s a fantastic way to introduce “spirit existence” to those that haven’t had a paranormal experience of their own. Great creativity from Amy and Adam. Keep it up guys. The world needs to understand the reality and truth of Spirit Existence.
0 27 Tonya  November 1, 2022
I love this show and I hope they renew it. I can't stand ghost adventures and every other one out there besides ghost hunters try to provoke or something stupid instead of trying to come up with answers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK!! We don't have any really good paranormal shows anymore.
0 6 Troy Tonya  December 15, 2022
You're right! Since they kicked The Tennessee Wraith Chasers to the curb, there are none left but Kindred Spirits! Why have they this to us? Absolutely terrible! [angry]
0 19 Tracy Edwards  October 29, 2022
Kindred Spirits is a unique and different way of ghost hunting.
Amy and Adam's gentle but also a no-nonsense way of gathering information to help either their customer or the spirits is wonderful. Bringing in translators if Spirit speaks a different language is brilliant. So refreshing to watch a show that is not filled with silly Shenanigans or unneeded gadgets. It surely would be a loss if the show was discontinued. The only other show I watch is Ghost Hunters and this one. Please don't discontinue this wonderful show.
1 19 Maree  October 21, 2022
Absolutely believe that Amy, Adam and Chip are the most knowledgeable, experienced and non-ego driven paranormal experts on TV. If they had a show 7 nights a week I would watch it faithfully. Travel Channel....bring the show back!
0 13 Grady Houck  October 12, 2022
Bring it back real good show
0 18 Bruce Coffman  September 12, 2022
I found this and binge watched all available episodes in less than a week. I absolutely fell in love with this show. PLEASE bring it back. Soon!
0 25 Sheryl  August 3, 2022
Hands down this is the BEST paranormal show out there. Amy, Adam and Chip are the trifecta when it comes to ghost hunting and showing love to those on the other side. They speak to those who have passed and try to understand and help in any way that they can. This show gets an A+++++++++++ from me. Please announce Season 7! I need something to get excited about! ❤ [smile]
2 29 Johnny Mac  July 11, 2022
This is - hands down - the most sincere and the smartest of ALL of the "ghost hunting" shows. We rank it equal to, or perhaps better than the original Ghost Hunters series. Amy and Adam bring a natural compassion and intelligence to a field sorely in need of both. We love this show, and support these investigators. Renew this much needed, well grounded look into the hereafter, please.
1 31 Christina Snezek  June 19, 2022
❤ I absolutely LOVE this show!!!!!! My daughter and I watch this show together and we love catching up on episodes with dicovery +! Please please please renew this show! Love Amy, Adam, and Chip! I always look forward to Chip's reading of the spaces Amy and Adam go into!
1 39 Leza Wade  April 29, 2022
We need a season 7,8,9,10 etc... Come on , renew this show asap [smile] !
1 14 Mary Thomas Leza Wade  August 17, 2022
❤ I agree completely. This is an amazing show. Adam and Amy are terrific!
1 5 Lorraine Gayga  March 22, 2022
Is it possible to view the following, on Travel Channel, that was aired in January 2022?

Kindred Spirits, Tradition Dies Hard.
12 8 Gary Saint  February 6, 2022
You know I've always liked "kindred spirits". Its not like others. For instance, I dont believe anything on ghost adventures at all! Unfortunatly I'm starting to feel the same on this show. You always say you see or hear something but very very rarely is anything on camera. You say oh someone just touched me. Well how do I know they did? You go through the location and the people tell you everything they perceive is going on and so anything that you find falls into what they've said. How do I know anything on the recorder isnt prerecorded. I used to believe chip, but i don't believe he can actually do anything from that far away - i feel his readings are scripted based on what you're looking for. It is getting very difficult to watch an entire episode.
0 8 Austin Jones Gary Saint  May 17, 2022
Do you believe in god ? If so you believe in spirit. If you don’t then that’s your belief. They have also captured stuff on more compelling scientific instruments. That scientist themself would authenticate. Also they have taken film into professional to see if they doctored anything they have recorded, to see if the edited it. Being a computer nerd. If you were to sayyy add anything to your film. It creates code and what is called layers. You can’t hid those thangs, From true professionals. Now you can go well they paid them off. At that point you sound more like the conspiracy guy then them ?‍♂️. Though that’s my thoughts though. Maybe got you to think outside the box a little if not to each there own.

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