All the Queen's Men
3 Seasons
46 Episodes
Centers around the life of "Marilyn 'Madam' DeVille,". Madam is a fierce businesswoman who is at the top of her game in the nightclub industry and surrounded by a band of trusted employees who are down to make sure that she is successful.
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All the Queen's Men Season 4 Coming to BET+

All the Queen's Men Season 3 Part 2 will return in Early 2024Current Show Status
All the Queen's Men Season 4 — officially renewed
The release date for All the Queen's Men Season 3 Part 2 — PENDING
Latest Episode Aired Thu 2/22/2024 Check Mate Season 3: Episode 16
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 4: Episode 1
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Tyler Perry Studios is moving further into the unscripted TV world. -Source

Tyler Perry announces new show to come to BET+, Route 187. Track it here.

Tyler Perry has decided to pause the $800 million expansion of his studio after witnessing OpenAI's Sora in action, expressing concerns about potential job losses. The actor, filmmaker, and studio proprietor has sounded the alarm regarding the tech's impact, stating, "I sense that everyone in the industry is scrambling to keep pace, to implement safeguards."

The announcement of a new season for All the Queen's Men seems imminent given the show's popularity on BET Plus and Tyler Perry's role as an executive producer with a minority stake in the streaming platform. If there are further developments in Marilyn's story beyond Season 3, a fourth season seems highly probable. It's anticipated that Season 4 will be exclusively available on BET+, continuing the trend set by the previous three seasons released on the same platform.


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Deep Cover Jul 20, 2023
2Daddy's Girl Jul 20, 2023
3No Way Out Jul 27, 2023
4The Choice Is Yours Aug 3, 2023
5Lost and Found Aug 10, 2023
6Never Scared Aug 17, 2023
7Weakness Aug 24, 2023
8Never Bluff Aug 31, 2023
9Eye to Eye Jan 11, 2024
10Nowhere to Hide Jan 11, 2024
11The Ultimate Price Jan 18, 2024
12The Crossroads Jan 25, 2024
13I Got Five On It Feb 1, 2024
14Déjà Vu Feb 8, 2024
15Caught Slippin Feb 15, 2024
16Check Mate Feb 22, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Amplified Jul 14, 2022
2True Blue Jul 14, 2022
3Cash of the Titans Jul 21, 2022
4Mr. and Mrs. Money/Kill Bill Jul 21, 2022
5Bait and Switch Jul 28, 2022
6A Million Ways to Die Jul 28, 2022
7Pimpin' Ain't Easy Aug 4, 2022
8Big Momma Thang Aug 4, 2022
9C.R.E.A.M. Aug 11, 2022
10Bombs Over Buckhead Aug 11, 2022
11Consequences and Repercussions Jan 12, 2023
12Cloak and Dagger Jan 12, 2023
13The Target Jan 19, 2023
14Retribution Jan 19, 2023
15Good Cop, Bad Cop Jan 26, 2023
16Can You Keep A Secret? Jan 26, 2023
17Deal or No Deal Feb 2, 2023
18The Sit Down Feb 2, 2023
19Danger, Danger Feb 9, 2023
20Never Get Too Comfortable Feb 9, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1The Pilot Sep 9, 2021
2Silent Partner Sep 9, 2021
3Blackmail Baby Sep 9, 2021
4Looking at Trouble Sep 9, 2021
5Dirty Dancing Sep 9, 2021
6When the Family Feuds Sep 9, 2021
7Kryptonite Sep 9, 2021
8The Ringmaster Sep 9, 2021
9Balls to the Wall Sep 9, 2021
10Everybody vs. Madam Sep 9, 2021

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1452 fans have subscribed

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0 0 Paula Fox  March 16, 2024
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0 1 mslater  December 31, 2023
Eva Marcille is Ruthless!💯
0 0 ATQM  December 29, 2023
can't waiting for see. Joining this Facebook group

All the Queen's Men: Season 3, Episode 9
0 1 Brenda  December 10, 2023
I love the show All the Queens Men. I give the show 10 stars. I am looking forward to part 2 of season 3.
0 1 vrkimb61 crown  September 18, 2023
Love All the Queen's Men. Madam is the baddest character on TV. Didn't like that it only had 11 episodes in this season. I guess it was because of the writer's strike. Please bring it back on soon before I forget everything that happened and have to go back and re-watch the last season all over again. ☺
0 2 Laurie  September 18, 2023
I Love All The Queens Men & I can't wait for the next series to begin especially with the way the last show went off & left us hanging. I wish it did not take them so long to decide whether they're going to continue a series or not. I also wish that they wouldn't start shows that have series then decide they're no longer going to continue them because then it just leaves people hanging not knowing what would've happened. At least if you're going to not continue the show at least give some kind of ending to all of it, come up with something & end the show to give some closure to the customers that are paying for the service to watch these shows. I love this show & would hate for it to ever be canceled until it's finally completed & the whole thing is played out. But I have watched another show that they did pull the plug on it wasn't finished so it left everybody hanging never knowing what happened & it's not fair to the viewers.
0 1 Calii  August 10, 2023
Why is season 3 episode 5 only 24 minutes long like it literally cut off in the middle of midnight in VIP and madam walking in
0 8 DLOC  August 10, 2023
Why isn't All The Queen's Men up for a gang of emmys? The first rate production, the action packed & often hilarious scripts, a terrific supporting cast and most of all the incomparable Eva Marsalis as Madam. SHE is just phenomenal, the best anti-hero on TV since TLhe Sopronos. Why am I rooting for this shocking character who yo yo's between being a loving daughter & ride-or-die best friend to an ace vicious killer in a heartbeat? Cuz Eva is just so sensational and she been deserves to win the Emmy for fiercest bad ass on television. When she good, I'm good! PLEASE keep this outstanding show on for a few more seasons cuz it's one of the best programs on in this new age of golden television.
0 3 Christine Hardin  August 2, 2023
I absolutely love ATQM! The writing & characters are beyond excellent.
1 0 Hattie B  July 26, 2023
All I can say is I love lovelove.. sistas and all the kings men ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I look forward to seeing them every wrek and hate when they go on break😂
0 1 Engir crown  July 24, 2023
another show that has come out and the site had failed to notify us?!!
0 3 KKay  June 26, 2023
What in the entire world is taking so long to air season 3 All the Queen’s Men!!???! Sometimes I really wonder about BET. It’s ridiculous. At least give fans an explanation.
0 1 Cee Carter KKay  June 28, 2023
Hahahahha it’s only been 5 months I love that you guys love it… but season 3 is JULY 20th 2023!! Mark your calendars lol [bigsmile]
0 2 William KKay  July 9, 2023
Season 3 starts on July 20. Two episodes
0 1 Goldie Cee Carter  July 29, 2023
Why can't I see season 3 on bet+. Am I doing something wrong. Only has season 1...
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0 2 King  April 30, 2023
Tyler Perry your next leading man. I want to star in one of your shows personally All The Queen’s Men but any show would be great. Please. I don’t have the money to pay for billboards but I’m willing to go thru the necessary acting and auditions to be part of your cast
0 2 Lani King  May 31, 2023
When is season 3 starting omg it's been wayyyy to long
2 3 Justice Hood  April 20, 2023
I love this show at first In the beginning I was like oh hell no but once I got into it I fell in love with it. Madam well Eva marciell she is a real boss like she don’t play games at all she played the hell out of that character . Once I found out Christian Keyes was playing in this show that made everything even more better and interesting I loved every second of it . If I could just get one date with him that would make apart of my dream come true I’ve been in love with Christian Keyes wayy before this show and still is omg. God could i just meet him once in my life.
9 0 D  April 16, 2023
It's a good show I like it but the sex scene and showing of the guys private parts is way to much it's to vulgar and baby face rat looking whining jealous ass makes me sick tommy can't act worth [censored] sexy but can't act worth a damn bolo can't either trouble needs to be dismissed from the show ASAP and the light skin kid can't stand to look at him other than that the show is good to watch Eve is doing an amazing job would have never none coming from antm to real housewives she has out did every house wive on a show it's about time someone other than Kandi is talked about because I'm sick of here too Tyler and Kim fields GOOD JOB More season
1 11 Bklyneyes D  April 23, 2023
You sound crazy and emotionally everywhere with this show. You obviously don’t have any street connection bc you would know that’s it’s the lifestyle these ppl live. You may need to stay on housewives for your tv needs
0 1 Niki George Bklyneyes  April 24, 2023
[bigsmile] [bigsmile] 🤣
1 0 T Bklyneyes  April 24, 2023
[censored] you ok I commented on whatever I want too who are u to tell me what I can say or not say it's not that serious to say anything to me everybody comments ok And that's it I say what I want too say and that's all leave your comment to yourself because it's a damn show it's not real damn
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0 12 KDL  April 16, 2023
Best series ever! Can’t wait for the next season!
0 12 Sheba  April 11, 2023
Please hurry and realize the date for Season 3 !!! I’m so ready to see the men of Eden . Eva is playing the he’ll out of this role . Me. Perry you are so talented and very beautiful person all around , I love what you do for people . Love ya , signed Happy Fan [smile]
0 0 King Sheba  April 30, 2023
Yes please hurry up because I’m ready to see what happens with Blue and Marilyn and I really want Dime and Amp to get back together. Amp is an amazing actor and he reminds me a whole lot of myself. So I guess I’m saying me and Dime need to get back together 😂
1 8 Ray  April 10, 2023
I love the show. I watch both seasons in 7days. I’m watching again now! The Queen’s side piece, is too sexy! Mr. Perry, this is a great one!
0 13 Monica  April 9, 2023
I need season three to start ASAP. It seem like I have been waiting forever for season three of All The Queen‘s Men to start. I need it in my life. Don’t keep me waiting any longer. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️, What’s Taken You Guys So Long 🤔🫡😱? I am ready for it All Let The Show Begin 🤩🥰👍🏽🙏🏽 THANK YOU
0 13 caperj  April 9, 2023
Let's go for season 3 of ATQM!!
0 8 Cara  April 4, 2023
Need you all to release the date ASAP with sistas the oval and ruthless as well
0 5 Monica  April 2, 2023
I absolutely love Ms. Eva. I watched her and voted for her and was estatic when she won America's Next Top Model. 😍 Now, moving from that to All the Queens Men.....damn this girl is good EEEEVVVVAAA!!!! I also love the tie-in with Sistas, that was genius keep that going as well. Mr. Perry, I love you too so much. I am a super fan and love ALL of your work. I've watched everything, plays and movies. You are amazing. Can you find me something to do to work for you?? I would love to be in the presence of greatness and excellence. You can email me. 😉 I know, I Crack my own self up. Anyway keep up the amazing body of work your doing!!!! SEASON 3 LETS GOOOOO!
0 19 Jo jo  April 2, 2023
Please release a season 3,4, and 5
1 7 Lena White  April 1, 2023
Hi Mr. Tyler Perry,
Please bring the queen back alive. I appreciate you are talent and intelligence that you bring to the entertainment industry.

Thank you so much for all that you do and know that we, your fans, appreciate you.
3 6 Nia  April 1, 2023
This is very disappointing. I waited all week long for new episodes to upload on BETPLUS. After the March 28th 2023 release date was advertised. I'm not waiting for it. I'm canceling my subscription for false advertising. If I see it I see it, and if not oh well.
0 5 Tonya Nia  April 5, 2023
Me too
0 1 Kee Nia  April 20, 2023
I feel the same way I brought the subscription so I am able to watch it at my convince and still not on there so we pay to watch old stuff ok but wat about the new episodes really disappoint

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