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The riveting story of a woman named Ruth who kidnaps her young daughter to join her in the dark underworld of a fanatical religious cult.
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BET+ Schedules "Ruthless" Season 5 Release Date for Early 2024

Current Show Status
Ruthless Season 5 officially renewed for Early 2024
Latest Episode Aired Thu 4/4/2024 Fistful of Greed Season 4: Episode 22
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 5: Episode 1
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BET+ Schedules “Ruthless” Season 5 Release Date for First Half of2024

Tyler Perry has decided to pause the $800 million expansion of his studio after witnessing OpenAI's Sora in action, expressing concerns about potential job losses. The actor, filmmaker, and studio proprietor has sounded the alarm regarding the tech's impact, stating, "I sense that everyone in the industry is scrambling to keep pace, to implement safeguards."

Expect Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless” Season 5 To Premiere in April

Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless” Season 5 has been announced with a yet-unconfirmed air date. Based on previous seasons, the show should be expected to premiere sometime between April and June and may have been impacted by the Hollywood writer strikes. The show is a spin-off of another Tyler Perry Show, “The Oval.” The show follows a group of cult members who escape from a religious compound called the Rakudushis. As they try to adapt to the outside world, they face challenges and dangers associated with their past and the cult's influence.

”Ruthless” deals with racial and sexual discrimination and organized crime issues in the Gulf of Mexico area, with locations ranging from Memphis to Atlanta and beyond. Melissa L Williams stars as Ruth Truesdale, who the show is titled after. Ruth is a mother caught up in the underworld of the southeast United States which ranges from cults to organized crime to being involved with the FBI.

Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless” Season 5 should pick up where Season 4 left off, which continues Bishop Love’s rise to power. Love is a powerful preacher that is gaining popularity in Memphis. Jayson Waters, thought to be dead, returned at the end of Season 4 and will prove an interesting plot point for the other characters. At the end of Season 4, no major characters were killed and Tyler Perry, BET nor Paramount confirmed any casting changes.

”Ruthless - Season 4 trailer” from BET+ - YouTube

How to Watch Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless” Season 5 and Previous Seasons

”Ruthless” Season 5 will premiere on-demand on BET+ first, with a few episodes appearing in the first premiere week and one episode appearing weekly after that. The show will then be syndicated on BET’s cable-access channel some 6-8 months later, if the previous four seasons offer any pattern.

Ruthless is available for streaming on BET+, but otherwise requires an additional premium subscription when using Sling TV, The Roku Channel, or Amazon Prime Video.

Updates on the Cast And What to Expect From Season 5 of “Ruthless”

Melissa L. Williams, the main star of “Ruthless,” has an active Instagram with more than 140,000 followers. Williams is a newer actress, only receiving her first screen credits starting in 2011. She previously appeared on “The Game,” “Rosewood,” and “If Loving You Is Wrong.” According to her IMDB, she is scheduled to receive screen credits for “Beggarman” and “Hidden Springs.”

Starring opposite Melissa L. Williams in a generally antagonistic world, Matt Cedeno, Blue Kimble and Michelle Nunez also have active Instagram accounts. All three have made appearances in upcoming independent film projects but have young careers.


Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1A Matter Of Time Apr 20, 2023
2What's Done In The Dark Apr 20, 2023
3Behind Closed Doors Apr 27, 2023
4Eager Little Flower May 4, 2023
5Close Call May 11, 2023
6Disappearing Act May 18, 2023
7You Have to Play the Game May 25, 2023
8Eye for an Eye Jun 1, 2023
9Wicked Intentions Jun 8, 2023
10Tonight Is the Night Jun 15, 2023
11State of Emergency Feb 1, 2024
12The Art of Secrecy Feb 1, 2024
13Keep Fighting Feb 1, 2024
14Now You See Me Feb 8, 2024
15Do or Die Feb 15, 2024
16Plan In Action Feb 22, 2024
17Crossing the Lines Feb 29, 2024
18Hot on Their Tail Mar 7, 2024
19The Ticking Clock Mar 14, 2024
20Lamb to the Slaughter Mar 21, 2024
21Make or Break Mar 28, 2024
22Fistful of Greed Apr 4, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1The Calming Mar 10, 2022
2Uncharted Territory Mar 10, 2022
3Prepare the Throne Mar 10, 2022
4The Highest to Be Mar 17, 2022
5Proving Grounds Mar 24, 2022
6Punishment and Games Mar 31, 2022
7The Strangers Apr 7, 2022
8A Masterful Plan Apr 14, 2022
9Does The Highest Know Apr 21, 2022
10The Law of Obedience Apr 28, 2022
11Late Supper May 5, 2022
12Troubling Revelations Dec 8, 2022
13The Great Escape Dec 8, 2022
14Dilapidated Dec 8, 2022
15The Pencil Sharpener Dec 15, 2022
16Lesson Learned Dec 22, 2022
17Just Keep Breathing Dec 29, 2022
18No Mercy Jan 5, 2023
19When the Tables Turn Jan 12, 2023
20Dance and Punishment Jan 19, 2023
21Just One More Time Jan 26, 2023
22Enough Is Enough Feb 2, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1The Outhouse Mar 11, 2021
2Over the Barrel Mar 11, 2021
3Holding On by a Thread Mar 11, 2021
4Duplicity Mar 18, 2021
5Agitators Mar 25, 2021
6Trust No One Apr 1, 2021
7The Code Apr 8, 2021
8Small Little Lies Apr 15, 2021
9The Ritual Bath Apr 22, 2021
10My Brother's Keeper Nov 25, 2021
11Secrets Of The Garden Nov 25, 2021
12Masquerade Nov 25, 2021
13Evil Deeds Dec 2, 2021
14Prophecy Dec 9, 2021
15Caged Birds Dec 16, 2021
16Retribution Dec 23, 2021
17Into The Woods Dec 30, 2021
18Precious Armor Jan 6, 2022
19The Raku Way Jan 13, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Mar 19, 2020
2The Precious Jewel Mar 19, 2020
3The Holy Ground Mar 19, 2020
4Waiting for Tomorrow Mar 26, 2020
5The Chosen Apr 2, 2020
6Lost Apr 9, 2020
7The Outsiders Apr 30, 2020
8Heaven on Earth May 7, 2020
9To Be Chosen May 14, 2020
10The Closer May 21, 2020
11The Devil's Brew May 28, 2020
12Wicked Acts Jun 4, 2020
13An Angel From Heaven Nov 26, 2020
14The Restful Sleep Nov 26, 2020
15On Assignment Nov 26, 2020
16Quid Pro Quo Dec 3, 2020
17Unnatural Acts Dec 10, 2020
18Drinking My Scotch Dec 17, 2020
19The Purge Dec 24, 2020
20The Dark Walkers Dec 31, 2020
21Two Days Jan 7, 2021
22Into the Woods Jan 14, 2021
23Live Bait Jan 21, 2021
24Out Of Time Jan 28, 2021

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0 0 kavitha22  March 28, 2024
Just now saw the S4 E21. Anymore episodes in this season? or its gonna be season 5?
0 2 Jamesetta Moore  January 6, 2024
I have a subscription with Bet+, and I would like to get all the TV series, I wanted like Ruthless,Sistas, Family Business, Fatrina, Kingdom Business, The Black Hampton, and a few others that I watch on Bet+. If any of these shows stop coming on , I will cancel my subscription. Thank You Jamesetta Moore
0 2 Ladii T  October 29, 2023
News just came in, episodes 11-22 are supposed to start November 2! I’m still waiting for my fix when they didn’t tell us they was gonna pause after episode 10. I only have a few requests for the show, let Lacey die, give me a compound wedding & let Ruth be really pregnant and give the Highest a son! Having the Prince of the compound would really eat Dikahn & the women up and they would either bow down or hate Ruth more. She would really fall in to the power of that! It seems weird but Ruth n the highest need each other they both power sick n twisted, they need to grow into a Bonnie and Clyde type relationship. I love their toxic chemistry. That would be great tv! I’m just hoping the storylines pick back up to that season 1-2 level. It’s been a little sluggish lately but I still love my Ruthless!💙
0 1 Mz.Tuda  September 19, 2023
[confused] 😕. People, who has Philo accounts with BET⭐,I don't think it's fare how they change Ruthless, The Oval and Sista's from BET⭐to BET➕ with a extra charge, Ruthless and The Oval price is $9.99 on BET➕ but in order to watch Sista's it's $26.99, now people would you agree with me on these Outrageous prices to watch our favorite shows that we already have to wait a whole week to watch it again... well I guess I will be looking at it over and over again and get my money worth 😊
4 1 Cup  July 12, 2023
The writers for ruthless are on strike
1 2 Ladii T Cup  October 29, 2023
[bigsmile] I’ll write for them. They need help anyway and I got some great stories to share!
2 0 Evelyn  July 7, 2023
Everyone you can watch the rest of the season from season 1 to 4 on Bet plus and prime but you have to subscribe I did it take long time to come on regular BET you would have wait. Bet plus with prime have all the seasons from season 1 to season 4 is on now for you to watch hope that help.
0 24 LR077  June 29, 2023
Why hasn't BET announced Ruthless will be continued at a later date. Poor management! I was ready to watch episode 11 & NOTHING! STILL NO NEWS on when eps 11 will air BET get it together. The only reason I have a subscription is because of Ruthless & The Oval, so guess I'll be canceling ít if we have to wait mos for eps to continue. These shows taking breaks mid season just SUCKS azz! GIVE US SOME ANSWERS ON AIR DATES BET!!
0 6 Mad Woman LR077  July 7, 2023
Exactly! I feel the same way. I was looking forward to episode 11 and NOTHING! Thought this season would give 20+ episodes like the other seasons did. You’re right! This is “POOR MANAGEMENT.”
0 6 Dr G LR077  July 13, 2023
Exactly! They could have at least given us a warning. Ruthless and The Oval are also the only reason I have BET +
0 0 HoneyB LR077  January 19, 2024
I'm certain the recent writers' strike has something to do with the abrupt ending to season 4. For the sake of the diehard fans, BET could have been more open with their communication on the issue and not left everyone wondering. Do they hire scab writers? I need to know for next time. I could use some side money. [wink] I have some twisted ideas for all the characters! The current conflict between them seems superficial. I think Talley is in witness protection. She has to come back. lol
1 26 vrkimb61 crown  June 23, 2023
What happened to episode 11 Tyler? Thanks for ruining my Thursday night. [sad]
1 8 Rosalind vrkimb61  June 23, 2023
Exactly! I can’t watch til Friday. I rushed home all set and ready…NOTHING [angry]
1 9 Tammy Woodworth  June 6, 2023
I want to know when the new Season of Ruthless is coming back I really like that show
2 9 Michele h  April 9, 2023
I love Ruthless can’t wait for it to come back on I want to know what happened to Andrew wife that Oliver shot and killed when she was in the shower haven’t seen nothing else about that part looks like the highest is losing control of the compound awesome show keep it coming
0 10 Belinda Michele h  April 10, 2023
I think the highest is losing it and Ruth's going to end up running the whole show
1 22 Kenneth  March 31, 2023
Please don’t cancel Ruthless, this has been the best show on BET this season plus I have to know what happens to the compound! Anyway Ruthless gets my families vote, we are patiently waiting for the next new episode please don’t leave us hanging lol! Thanks for all the great entertainment that is on BET.
8 8 Teezy Kenneth  May 13, 2023
Nope cancel it , it’s too much . It needs to be done it’s just too much and gone too far lol I need them all gone
1 10 Tee Teezy  June 10, 2023
Then maybe YOU should just stop watching it if it’s too much for you!
6 4 AlwaysRight Tee  June 14, 2023
No YOU should realize everyone has an opinion different from yours, so deal with it. The show needs to be cancelled because it's running its course.
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14 2 Michelle  March 25, 2023
I don’t like any character on this show. They are all crazy and stupid and making me mad.
1 19 Belinda Michelle  April 10, 2023
Stop watching it I love it
3 5 Jay Michelle  April 23, 2023
Exactly my sentiments
12 0 Michelle  March 25, 2023
I don’t like any character on this show. They are all crazy and stupid and making me mad.
3 16 JerryisaQueen101 Michelle  March 31, 2023
Gurl [censored] well stop watching it it’s people like you that make the shows ratings bad I hope you get stuck in a cult and Tyler perry comes to rescue you
1 10 Bridget K Michelle  April 3, 2023
Then don't watch it.
0 2 Dscott161 JerryisaQueen101  April 10, 2023
You funny!!
Show 2 more replies
7 1 Michelle  March 25, 2023
I don’t like any character on this show. They are all crazy and stupid and making me mad.
5 1 Michelle  March 25, 2023
I don’t like any character on this show. They are all crazy and stupid and making me mad.
0 11 Kenneth Michelle  March 31, 2023
Ha ha ha Don’t watch it lol! Simple fix.
0 4 Sugafoot  March 16, 2023
I want to see if the Highest overdosed and what happens next?
0 5 Shay D Shay Sugafoot  April 9, 2023
The Highest is too cool to overdose. If anything, he will take a long nap, wake up and beat up River. He may pull the alarm and lead everybody to the Raku (commit mass suicide). There is no telling what the Highest may do once he realizes River tried to overdose him. He kept asking for more drugs to be shot in his vein, but if anything goes wrong, he’ll take it out on River!😳😳😳😳
0 1 Teezy Shay D Shay  May 13, 2023
Oh please he ain’t nothing and he was only brought beck cause of Ruth
0 13 Buffy Gorsuch Kilbury  March 16, 2023
I love Ruthless totally addicted to this show! I hope it has at least one more season and is not one we have to pay for like Oval. I loved that show as well, already pay for prime don't want to pay for a season I've been watching free . Frustrating to say the least! [confused]
0 4 Shay D Shay Buffy Gorsuch Kilbury  April 9, 2023
I waiting for the outcome of The Oval. Is that POTUS overdosed? He was snorting that fentanyl like forty going north. And the First Lady and Second Lady were fighting and went over the banister. And I cannot wait to see what Kyle’s reaction is when he finds out that the Chief of Staff is dead! I hope Tyler Perry releases the new season soon because there are too many loose ends that needs to be addressed!
1 2 Darlene  March 15, 2023
I need to start Season 3. When will Sling pick it up? I can watch it on here available to me.
0 0 Darlene  March 15, 2023
I need to start Season 3. When will Sling pick it up? This is where I can get a chance to watch it available to me.
0 11 Carmen  March 4, 2023
Tyler cannot leave it as is. I'll be so mad. There are questions that need resolving. Who did Andrew shoot? Did the pregnancy test come out positive. PLEASE get us season 4. Cruel to addict me and then leave it at
2 2 Lela Carmen  March 12, 2023
Tyler is a genius at writing and usually has a strong message..I love it.. Ruthless had me hooked at first sight..i couldn't get enough..I could help Tyler with writing that.. it's that deep for me..See our generation is blind to the cult's but they've been around since Jones Town which sadden me because it was majority black's who was easily influenced, vurnable, and brain washed... There's been a few Noted take down of them over the years..
1 0 michelle Carmen  March 14, 2023
Andrew, shoot Malcolm he is dead in ruthless season three episode 22 I heard a body drop that is Malcolm body that dropped he is gun down Bryant is alive
0 3 Carmen michelle  March 14, 2023
I watched it twice and didn't see that. Lol. Thank you!
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1 10 Mary Taylor  March 2, 2023
Come on Tyler you got to write a season 4 with it being the last season. They got to close this camp down and Dycon & the highest got to be punished for all their crimes. My husband and I has watched all seasons and we both are seniors and can’t wait to see some help come to that camp. We thought the last 2 that joined was their to shut the camp down (wrong). Let the secret service men from Oval end their show help ending Ruthless. Don’t leave us hanging & Dycon, the highest, and that evil Mother get away with all their S—-.
Waiting on SEASON 4. Let it go out with a BANG!!!!!!
0 5 Lela Mary Taylor  March 12, 2023
No I hope this ain't the last season..I want some more its too addicting to have it end..No way..i see many plot twist..
0 2 tanya leon Mary Taylor  April 4, 2023
Love it! I absolutely agree with you 100%
0 1 Chetkiel Mary Taylor  April 8, 2023
Show 3 more replies
3 1 Aman  February 4, 2023
I like the concept of male nudity on the show. But there seems to be a reluctance to actually show the nudity being shown. You know, the cut-aways, weird angles, etc.

It would be better if they either show it as it is or don’t show it at all. It’s a show about a sex crazed cult but they’re shy? I think even Elder Mother Supreme should have to do a nude scene.

And why no mention of other pre Abrahamic Gods like Asherah? The show is apparently based on her since sex and pregnancy are so constantly mentioned. The highest would be a human begotten son of Asherah and Jehovah which makes him Jesus’s brother.
0 6 Money Aman  February 21, 2023
0 8 Carmen Aman  March 4, 2023
You do realize it's about a cult with fake religion right?
0 4 Meka Aman  March 9, 2023
Come on now give Tyler Perry a break he make good shows and good movies geesh. Please get you a life and find you something to complain about because this is just action on TV that we need. [censored] you..
Show 1 more replies
0 4 Shuga  February 3, 2023
I’m just wondering are the people in ruthless ever going to be free because there are so many seasons but nobody ever gets away. Nobody ever goes free everybody gets tortured I don’t like that like these FBI agents they’re locked up in a trailer getting tortured butt naked are you serious? Are they ever going to get out I’m getting really tired of this, so this is my opinion only because nothings happening good. Everything is so evil in life and in TV OMG I barely watch the show anymore. This is why, because nobody ever goes free
0 6 Missdee Shuga  February 9, 2023
Fine by me! I love the show! So the longer they remain held captive the longer the show will go on! 🤗
0 3 Lela Shuga  March 12, 2023
Two women has supposedly escape.Talley and Paula.. wonder what happened??? There's a lot of ways this could possibly go..I like how it gets you to peculate but if you're a true fan; You've watched each episode and seasons at least Twice if not more.. I've definitely have looking for clues or did I miss something...i definitely could help write some of this..
0 5 Terry Lela  March 31, 2023
Remember Tally killed herself at the Butler’s house try to find money that Ruth left there. That scene was on the Oval months before she escaped, therefore Tyler is trying to sync the episodes from then to now. I only pay for BET+ for the Ruthless series, Miss Pat and All the Queens men. If Tyler’s finish I’m finish with BET+.
0 0 Love  January 27, 2023
In the latest Oval episode the butler’s wife is taken by the cult on Ruthless. It seems like a merge of the shows. I’m hoping it is since Ruthless hasn’t came back with any new episodes. I hope she isn’t going to just go missing off the Oval like their son.
1 2 Char Love  January 28, 2023
That’s how ruthless began from the oval Ruth is their granddaughters mother
0 2 vrkimb61 crown Love  February 12, 2023
Ruthless and the Oval were merged a long time ago but the timelines are off. Ruth was Barry's girlfriend and has a daughter by him who is at the cult with her. She was on the Oval in the first season. Barry is dead. He's on another BET show, "The Game" so I guess that's why he was killed off.
0 2 Lela Love  March 12, 2023
Yes.. Love that what I've been saying..i think people forget it's a spin off of the oval and I love it.
That's why I know this is not the end there's a lot that could happen..Im ready
Show 2 more replies
6 7 Staci  December 15, 2022
Please end with Season 3. It's drawn out and getting unreal.
0 2 Lolita Maxwell Staci  January 11, 2023
Hey you guys!! I don't know if my way of thinking is a little late but it seems that The Oval and Ruthless is combined.So basically you have to watch them both..
0 1 Shan Lolita Maxwell  January 13, 2023
[thinking] umm...yeah...
0 7 Jacque Staci  January 18, 2023
I suggest that if you don’t like the show just don’t watch it!!
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