Pretty Hard Cases
3 Seasons
32 Episodes
The action-packed series follows Guns and Gangs detective Sam Wazowski and Drug Squad detective Kelly Duff.
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CBC’s Pretty Hard Cases Won’t Get Renewed for Season 4

Current Show Status
Pretty Hard Cases Season 4 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Wed 3/8/2023 Creatures of Habit Season 3: Episode 10
Next Episode Show ended 32 episodes total

Pretty Hard Cases has closed its final case.

The show, and its production company, Cameron Pictures, made the announcement via social media on Wednesday afternoon.

“We’re very sad to share that #Season3 of #PrettyHardCases will be our final season,” the series tweeted. “Thank you to all of the amazing cast and crew who have worked with us these last three years and made the show possible.”


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8Badge Bitch Party Feb 22, 2023
9Right Hand Red Mar 1, 2023
10Creatures of Habit Mar 8, 2023
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0 2 Kathy  March 19, 2023
This is the 2nd of our favorite shows to be cancelled after receiving numerous nominations and awards the other is The Porter. I hope they change their minds and bring them back- there are a lot of poor quality shows out there the could cancel instead.
0 4 Sharon Gardner  March 16, 2023
I loved watching Pretty Hard Cases and I would love another season. I am so sorry that you decided not to have a season 4. I hope that you would reconsider and renew!! 🥲
0 6 Andrea  March 15, 2023
Honestly I am baffled why CBC is canceling this show Pretty Hard Cases . There is great chemistry amongst the actors and great acting .The great writing and Canadian Content is fabulous .It speaks to current issues in our life .
My husband and I are very disappointed with this decision.
0 5 Heather Andrea  March 15, 2023
So sad! An amazing distraction in these troublesome times. I hope they reconsider and produce another season.
0 1 Heather Andrea  March 15, 2023
So sad! An amazing distraction in these troublesome times. I hope they reconsider and produce another season.
0 10 Mags  March 9, 2023
I LOVE this show , no other ones like it out there !!! It's sad it's been cancelled. PLEASE PLEASE hope someone else can pick it up again!
0 12 Marlene K  March 3, 2023
Once again, CBC cancels a show that everybody loves. It's plots are intriguing, the actors are real
life, and it's both funny and heart felt. It even won the Writers Guild of Canada award for best drama series in 2022.
Apparently, viewer loyalty and awards mean nothing to CBC. They have canceled so many very
well written shows, with very interesting characters that are too numerous to mention.
We can just hope that some other station (with taste and common sense) will pick it up. Shame, Shame CBC. :(((: [angry]
0 0 Kathy Marlene K  March 19, 2023
Totally agree!!! Loved this show- fresh and engaging- They also cancelled The Porter which we also loved.
3 1 Lou  February 8, 2023
👋👋 it's cancelled. 😢
0 4 Graeme  January 26, 2023
Love this show good family show my teenagers watch it with us great characters very entertaining hope it goes forever
0 7 Gloria Taylor  June 10, 2022
I am extremely happy that this show is returning for a 3rd season. It brings so many different emotions that make it the show that it is. It's serious in a different way, has comedy and love interest. [love]
0 4 Kate Merriman  June 10, 2022
Great news! This show features clever plots and consistently great acting. I can hardly wait!

0 5 gmail  June 4, 2022
pretty hard cases has already been renewed for season 3 by CBC
0 1 Admin crown gmail  June 11, 2022
0 12 Victoria Presley  May 18, 2022
Love this show!!! I hope we will have more!!! Fresh material, great actors, good plots. Not vulgar or too gory disgusting.
0 16 Rondalee  May 1, 2022
Love it, so funny [bigsmile] [bigsmile]
0 18 DebbieB  April 24, 2022
Love this show - I hope it will be renewed for season 3, with more episodes. We waited so long for season 2, and it ended so quickly.
0 15 Ivy p  April 23, 2022
Excellent series please bring on Season 3.
0 18 Karrie  April 14, 2022
☺ ❤ Absolutely FANTASTIC television. The Acting, Story, Drama & hilarious Comedy.
Smart Funny Quality
0 18 Don Gill  April 14, 2022
Yes, please renew!
0 16 Lgilbe3  March 19, 2022
Love this show. Really hoping it's renewed for season 3
0 16 Kate M  March 9, 2022
Fingers crossed that this show will be renewed for a third season. Wonderful acting, good plot lines, humour. And it's set in Toronto!
0 13 Chrissie  February 10, 2022
I really enjoyed this show. The humor, the crime sprinkled with a little drama, creates this amazing series. [hands]
1 8 Armeta Morrisey  January 4, 2022
Can’t wait live the show ❤
0 8 Lissa  October 25, 2021
I love this show!! It is quirky, hilarious and relatable....BUT...winter 2022 ?!@#!%$?!
0 13 Pernitha  September 24, 2021
I loved this show.The characters are funny and believable.I binged watched this show until the end. So happy there will be a season 2 can't hardly wait.
0 19 MaryM  September 17, 2021
Loved the quirky quick relentless humor….along with some seriously talented actors….binged the whole series and want MORE
0 18 Joann Whitehead  September 16, 2021
This show is amazing! And I am not a TV watcher at all, this show I couldn't stop watching, it makes me happy and laugh so much, love ?? this show!!!!!
0 13 ingrid  June 11, 2021
I love the show!!!! I started binge watching it after I heard about it on CBC- the show is so addictive- love the characters and I can NOT wait for season 2. The leads are incredibly funny and REAL. Looking forward to SEASON 2 ❤ ☺

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