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9 Episodes
Life, death, and drama at 20,000 feet, SKYMED is a drama wrapped in high-stakes medical adventure
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Season 2 of Skymed is Slated for Early 2024 on CBC

Current Show Status
Skymed Season 2 officially renewed for Early 2024
Latest Episode Aired Sun 7/10/2022 Leave It All on the Ice Season 1: Episode 9
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 2: Episode 1
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Pre-production for SkyMed season two is underway in North Bay!

Host to a star-studded, diverse, and predominantly Canadian cast and crew, SkyMed is produced by Piazza Entertainment in association with CBC and CBS Studios.

Cameras roll on March 1, 2023!


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Pilots and Nurses and Bears, Oh My! Jul 10, 2022
2Line Indoc Jul 10, 2022
3The Kids Are Alright Jul 10, 2022
4Where There's Smoke Jul 10, 2022
5Bushwhacked Jul 10, 2022
6Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Jul 10, 2022
7Daj Mi Buzi Jul 10, 2022
8Frozen Jul 10, 2022
9Leave It All on the Ice Jul 10, 2022

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0 2 Ashley  February 20, 2023
I can wait for season 2 says camera ro on March 1st I can't find out about what happens with whats her name with her surgery she was going into on the last episode
0 2 Mel Yeaton  December 28, 2022
I enjoyed this series. Hoping they pick it up for a second season
0 2 Hugh Mac Donald  November 22, 2022
I really liked the series and I want to see more.
0 1 Pam LL  September 30, 2022
Really enjoyed watching this new show.Paramount +,take a chance.
Why do they keep asking me to change my comment,Really???
0 3 Pam L  September 30, 2022
I got hooked on sky Ed and truly hope a second season comes⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
0 0 Phillip  August 24, 2022
I enjoy the show. Hoping for a second series
3 0 Gigi  July 29, 2022
If you compare this to Chicago Med you'd be greatly disappointed. In comparison this is at best a 4 star rating. Sadly, I can't give it the rating I feel it deserves. When I try, the site jumps it up automatically. I knowxevery series now has to have s gay couple. No problem, I have gay friends. However this show is overboard on the Gay theme. This might disturb some.
0 3 Mick Gigi  October 19, 2022
Really curious what you mean by it goes overboard on gay themes? There was one gay couple and showed the progression of their relationship. Just really curious what you meant by that and how it might be disturbing to others.
1 0 Dan  June 28, 2022
I look forward to the episode where the flight crew take turns swapping between the FBO and the airport ramp keeping the patient and paramedic company waiting 6 hours inside the aircraft without ground air in January for the land ambulance to pick the patient up only to discover nobody has a number nine
0 1 Dan Dan  June 28, 2022
I'm just joking around, I'm really looking forward to seeing this show
0 4 Jack Mehoff  February 26, 2022
I worked on this tv series......viewers are ìn for a roller coaster of a series!!

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