Paranormal Caught on Camera
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5 Seasons
114 Episodes
Some of the most amazing, eye-opening and downright scary paranormal videos from around the world are featured as a panel of experts break down the footage and analyze what exactly the eyewitnesses captured.
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Paranormal Caught on Camera Season 6 is yet to be announced by Travel Channel

Current Show Status
Paranormal Caught on Camera Season 6 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Sun 10/2/2022 Utah Sasquatch and More Season 5: Episode 17
Next Episode Airs Sun 10/9/2022 Santa Fe UFO and More Season 5: Episode 18


Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Black-Eyed Child Apparition in Reno and More Mar 31, 2022
2Philadelphia UFOs and More Apr 7, 2022
3GoPro Captures Bigfoot in Ontario and More Apr 14, 2022
4Haunted Texas Hotel and More Apr 21, 2022
5Alabama Glitch in the Matrix and More Apr 28, 2022
6Mysterious Mountainside Lights in North Carolina and More May 5, 2022
7Haunted Connecticut Thrift Store and More May 12, 2022
8Shadow Figure in a New Jersey Backyard and More May 19, 2022
9Virginia Civil War Ghost and More May 26, 2022
10Will-o-Wisps at an Arizona Campground and More Jun 2, 2022
11Gnome Visits a Phoenix Garden and More Jun 9, 2022
12The Great Gatsby Ghost and More Jun 16, 2022
13The Haunted Hill House in Texas and More Jun 23, 2022
14Light Beings Hover Over Colorado and More Sep 11, 2022
15Haunted Tennessee Crypt and More Sep 18, 2022
16Grim Reaper in Massachusetts and More Sep 25, 2022
17Utah Sasquatch and More Oct 2, 2022
18Santa Fe UFO and More Oct 9, 2022
19Ghostly Figure Haunts an Indiana Museum and More Oct 16, 2022
20Colorado Gugwe and More Oct 23, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Kentucky Poltergeist and More Feb 26, 2021
2Haunted Goldfield and More Mar 5, 2021
3Rainbow Portal and More Mar 12, 2021
4Bronx UFO and More Mar 19, 2021
5Dog vs. Poltergeist and More Mar 26, 2021
6Greek Ghost and More Apr 2, 2021
7Bio UFO and More Apr 9, 2021
8Long Island Ghosts and More Apr 16, 2021
9Utah Apparition and More Apr 23, 2021
10Minnesota UFOs and More Apr 30, 2021
11Skinwalker Stalker and More May 7, 2021
12Georgia Ghost and More May 14, 2021
13Shadow Figure 911 and More May 21, 2021
14Haunted Pinata and More Sep 9, 2021
15Demon Looms Over a Baby in Las Vegas and More Sep 16, 2021
16Montana Nightcrawler and More Sep 23, 2021
17A Spirit Wanders Through Kentucky and More Sep 30, 2021
18West Virginia Slenderman and More Oct 7, 2021
19Witch on a Broomstick Soars Over Chile and More Oct 14, 2021
20Death Valley UFO and More Oct 21, 2021
21Moose Walks on Water in Alaska and More Oct 28, 2021
22Florida Dinosaur and More Nov 4, 2021
23An Angel Appears in Michigan and More Nov 11, 2021
24East River Dog Rescue and More Nov 18, 2021
25Rabid Bobcat Attack in North Carolina and More Nov 25, 2021
26Mississippi Car Explosion and More Dec 2, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Flying Cryptid Over Chicago and More Jul 12, 2020
2Hawaiian UFOs and More Jul 19, 2020
3A Haunted Gift and More Jul 26, 2020
4Alaskan Sea Serpent and More Aug 2, 2020
5Haunted by a Rock Legend and More Aug 9, 2020
6Las Vegas UFOs and More Aug 16, 2020
7Pennhurst Asylum and More Aug 23, 2020
8An Ogopogo Sighting and More Aug 30, 2020
9Haunted Dam and More Sep 7, 2020
10Seance Possession and More Sep 13, 2020
11Stonehenge UFOs and More Sep 20, 2020
12New York UFO and More Nov 1, 2020
13Ghost Kitty and More Nov 8, 2020
14Haunted Teddy Bear and More Nov 15, 2020
15Teen Vampire and More Nov 22, 2020
16A Wave From the Grave and More Nov 27, 2020
17High School Shadow Figure and More Dec 4, 2020
18Supermarket Ghost and More Dec 11, 2020
19A Jellyfish in the Sky and More Dec 18, 2020
20OMG Caught On Camera Dec 25, 2020
21Banff Bigfoot and More Jan 8, 2021
22Cajun Skunk Ape and More Jan 15, 2021
23Arizona Dorm Room Ghost and More Jan 22, 2021
24Brazilian Werewolf and More Jan 29, 2021
25Mermaid in Nashville and More Feb 5, 2021
26Canadian Lake Monster and More Feb 12, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Modern-day Cyclops and More Dec 18, 2019
2A Basket Full of Ghosts and More Jan 1, 2020
3Pushy Poltergeists and More Jan 1, 2020
4Arkansas Bigfoot Stalks a Father and Son and More Jan 8, 2020
5A Texas Ghost Attack Draws Blood and More Jan 15, 2020
6Insanely Haunted Hospital in Michigan and More Jan 22, 2020
7A Colossal Lake Creature in Chile and More Jan 29, 2020
8Uninvited English House Ghoul and More Feb 5, 2020
9A Shadow Creature in Maine and More Feb 12, 2020
10Jinn on the Prowl and More Feb 19, 2020
11Beware the Doll at the Haunted Inn and More Feb 26, 2020
12The Ghost of Al Capone and More Mar 4, 2020
13A Sasquatch Spotted in Siberia and More Mar 11, 2020
14Roadside Ghost Bride and More Mar 18, 2020
15Ghost Dogs and More Mar 25, 2020
16A Haunted Bar and More Apr 5, 2020
17A Frightening Ghost Attack and More Apr 12, 2020
18An Arsonist Ghost and More Apr 19, 2020
19A Ventriloquist Dummy Comes to Life and More Apr 26, 2020
20Ghostly Abandoned Prisons and More May 3, 2020
21A Fire Smokes Out a Cryptid in Oklahoma and More May 10, 2020
22Chased by a Bigfoot and More May 22, 2020
23A Haunted Farmhouse in Maine and More May 24, 2020
24Mysterious Mesa Lights and More May 31, 2020
25Ghost Hunt in a Haunted Prison and More Jun 7, 2020
26Reptilian Creature in Thailand and More Jun 14, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1The Seedy Texas Motel Poltergeist and More Feb 13, 2019
2The World's Most Haunted School and More Feb 20, 2019
3The Montauk Monster and More Feb 27, 2019
4Gettysburg Ghosts and More Mar 6, 2019
5Haunted Antique Store and More Mar 13, 2019
6Infamous Oregon Bigfoot Footage and More Mar 20, 2019
7A UFO Spotted Over the Pentagon and More Mar 27, 2019
8Ghostly Regulars at Haunted Pubs and More Apr 3, 2019
9Encounter at an Abandoned Asylum and More Apr 10, 2019
10A Highly Haunted Hotel in Arkansas and More Apr 17, 2019
11Florida Sea Monster Attack and More May 1, 2019
12Utah Bigfoot Hunt and More May 8, 2019
13Dire Wolf Attack, Dog vs. Ghost, Gollum-Like Cryptid and More May 15, 2019
14Pennsylvania Shadow Person and More May 22, 2019
15Delaware Ghost Bridge and More May 29, 2019
16Demonic Doll and More Jun 9, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Top 100: 100-81 Sep 27, 2020
2Top 100: 80-61 Oct 4, 2020
3Top 100: 60-41 Oct 11, 2020
4Top 100: 40-21 Oct 18, 2020
5Top 100: 20-1 Oct 25, 2020
6Top 40 Countdown Oct 28, 2020
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Comments 18

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0 0 Bev rosser  August 27, 2022
Is These Woods are Haunted returning for a new season this year?
0 0 Shawn Hopkins  August 19, 2022
Why are there no new episodes on, It says On my channel guide that there is a new episode coming on and it ends up being a repeat. Love this show. More Is paranormal card on camera please........
0 2 Killshot305  August 14, 2022
0 0 Latisha Dillon  August 13, 2022
I’m so addicted to this show I cannot wait til the next series comes out
0 2 YoMya  July 24, 2022
This series has me captivated! I’ve watched every episode.. some more than once. I have even sent my own clip in, it was an unexplained shadow on the beach in NorCal … hopefully I have my 2nd interview soon! Strange and unusual things in our world- I’m so glad this show gives watching crowds to share footage captured around the world. Can’t wait for season 6!!!
0 0 Buck  March 20, 2022
Correction to my last emai….first episode is MARCH 31st…not March 30th…
1 0 Admin crown Buck  March 29, 2022
Thanks you
0 0 Buck  March 20, 2022
My cable provider has indicated that the first episode of season 5 is to start on March 30th @ 9PM on the travel channel …Possible?
0 1 Gypsyraingoddess  March 18, 2022
I love Paranormal Caught on Camera! Watched it since day one! We’ve lost a lot of great paranormal shows the last couple of years, but Paranormal Caught on Camera has the potential to last because each new capture is amazing and it’s all real! I can’t wait till season 5
2 0 Beaner67  March 12, 2022
I watch every week. The commentary gets annoying. We don’t need a word for word and play by play of EVERY single clip. The viewers can see it for ourselves but nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable show even with the ridiculous clips.
I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts BUT in my home I have experienced some very eerie tbh fa that can’t be explained AND 2 things happened, one when my husband was sitting with me in the living room and the other when my sons X GF was sitting on my bed. My husband was baffled, and my sons X girlfriend was terrified.
0 4 Jawon  February 21, 2022
Its been one of top shows since it first came out CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL SEASON 5 COMES OUT
0 3 Buck  February 2, 2022
My wife and I are both in our 70’s…..perfectly normal,active, alert, sensible people……paranormal activity has been around for many generations….I experienced very minor paranormal activity as a teenager while exploring old deserted houses (alone) around our town….kept quiet about it….back in those days it was just not discussed or else you would be ridiculed…today’s technology advances in cameras has reassured my self that what I saw or heard back then was real…

Keep up the good videos (demonic or friendly)…….great to have have season 5 starting soon….
2 1 Carolyn M  January 28, 2022
Great show but wish the team commenting on the videos would be a little less accepting of clips that are clearly… questionable. But most of the videos are outstanding. Great conversation starters.

Special shout out for Rachel Evans. The show needs to bring her back. And rest In Peace Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Both of these women elevated the quality of the show.
0 6 Lenny  January 1, 2022
Only Paranormal show worth watching imo
0 3 Randall Amundson  November 6, 2021
Great show! I watch it every week.
0 0 Mike G  August 27, 2021
Great show! I watch it all the time! I enjoy the amazing footage captured as well as the terrific [censored]ysis and commentaries by the great team the show has! Hard to have a favorite single capture but the Banff Bigfoot in Season 3 was alarming for sure! So glad to see it back for Season 5!!!
0 4 Shannon Stiles  August 20, 2021
I can't wait for season 5. So glad to hear its a go. Paranormal caught on camera is my favorite show. Its intriguing, suspenseful, mind opening and entertaining all at once.

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