3 Seasons
26 Episodes
Coroner is a one-hour drama about Jenny Cooper, a coroner who investigates unexplained or sudden deaths in the city of Toronto.
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Season 4 of Coroner to Be Released in Winter 2022

Current Show Status
Coroner season 4 officially renewed for Winter 2022
Latest Episode Aired Wed 4/7/2021 Christmas Day Season 3: Episode 10
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 4: Episode 1

Coroner is getting ready to air its third season on The CW this summer, but fans of the series had some good news ahead of that premiere. CBC has just renewed Coroner for a fourth season of 12 episodes which will air in Canada in early 2022. No word yet on whether The CW will pick up season four but it seems likely. (Source:


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Bobby Feb 3, 2021
2In Bloom Feb 10, 2021
3Spirits Feb 17, 2021
4Eyes Up Feb 24, 2021
5Back to the Future Mar 3, 2021
6No Justice, No Peace Mar 10, 2021
7Round and Round Mar 17, 2021
8Blue Flock Mar 24, 2021
9Christmas Eve Mar 31, 2021
10Christmas Day Apr 7, 2021
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2Borders Jan 13, 2020
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7Monster in the House Feb 17, 2020
8Fire Part 2 Feb 24, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Black Dog Jan 7, 2019
2Bunny Jan 14, 2019
3Scattered Jan 21, 2019
4Quick or Dead Jan 28, 2019
5All's Well Feb 4, 2019
6Confetti Heart Feb 11, 2019
7The Suburbs Feb 18, 2019
8Bridges Feb 25, 2019
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0 0 Melanie Cole  June 10, 2021
❤ Love Coroner! Can’t wait for the next Season! Also love that it’s Canadian too! The actors are great and nice to see Toronto sites. Lol
0 0 Kc  June 2, 2021
Omg Liam is he dead or alive agghhhh you can’t leave it like this....I need to know 😱
0 0 Izabella  May 17, 2021
I tried watching season 3 episode 9, I could hear the background noise but not anyone talking. I wondered if there was a purpose for that. Episode ten was well done! I hope the character of Liam didn’t die. I have the feeling he did. If one can describe a male character as a breath of fresh air, even a troubled soul as Liam, it would be him! Coroner has touched on a lot of real life situations! Very well done! ❤️
0 3 Gary Rivers  April 18, 2021
great show - great content and lead actors are wonderful.
0 0 Gary Rivers  April 18, 2021
Great show - great content,nice characters.
1 4 Rita Walzak  April 12, 2021
This show is awesome every season has had me on the edge of my seat great acting well written
These writers have talent ❤ I pray there will be many more seasons
2 11 Paget  April 8, 2021
I love this show! And everyone on it. Praying for season 4
0 7 Catherine Paget  April 8, 2021
I absolutely love "Coroner". I watched Season 3: Episode 10
Christmas Day and I was on stitches the entire show...
Did Liam die in the end? What do you think? I sure hope
not...I pray there is a Season 4 and so on. I found this show is educational, compassionate, biting your lip in suspense.
Great show well done to cast and everyone involved with the show. KUDOS ❤
0 2 Billie denise Catherine  April 9, 2021
I was just wondering the same thing about Liam?💔😭 it seems like he may have 💔😭😭. I have looked everywhere 2 find out and cant find anything🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️, but did find that a 4th season is coming not sure when but it's in the works 🎉😍❤ love this show !
0 2 DebbyH Catherine  May 1, 2021
I've just watched the last episode ... please tell me that Liam doesn't die.
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0 0 Arbc  April 1, 2021
Is season 3 episode 9 supposed to have no talking in it? I can only find the episode that has no talking in it even after trying several sites. Odd.
0 5 knozzers  March 8, 2021
It's a quiet show. Not much action, more insightful to peoples' lives and deaths. A bit mysterious, sometimes. But not depressing or sad. Some melancholia. I think we need such shows off the big fates and adventorous marvels. It is just wonderful. I hold it very dear and I am thankful that it got three seasons. Hopefully, someone makes the right decision give it a fourth.
1 1 Troy  March 7, 2021
I recently binged season 1and 2 Serina is a breath of fresh air to crime shows I really love this series and easy on the eyes an awesome actress
0 4 Dejan Milenkovic  February 18, 2020
Serinda Swan ❤

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