Mountain Monsters
Travel Channel
8 Seasons
75 Episodes
Even though you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. These men are looking for the unexplainable in the Appalachian Mountains for the fifth time
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Travel Channel Renews Mountain Monsters for Season 9

Current Show Status
Mountain Monsters Season 9 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Sun 3/13/2022 Bigfoot on Camera Season 8: Episode 10
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 9: Episode 1
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Fans of the hit show 'Mountain Monsters' have been eagerly awaiting the release of its highly anticipated Season 9, but the wait seems to be longer than expected. As time passes without any official announcement or premiere date, viewers are left wondering what could be causing the delay. Speculations range from production challenges to unforeseen circumstances, writers strikes, etc. But here is an interesting (and probably accurate) take on things:


Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Bigfoot or Bust Jan 2, 2022
2Cow-Killing Bastard Jan 9, 2022
3Bloodbath in the Woods Jan 16, 2022
4Huckleberry's Monster Jan 23, 2022
5Trapper's Birthday Jan 30, 2022
6World's Biggest Bigfoot Nest Feb 6, 2022
7A Monster Turf War Feb 20, 2022
8Rumble in the Hills Feb 27, 2022
91984 Mar 6, 2022
10Bigfoot on Camera Mar 13, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1The Wolves of West Virginia Jan 10, 2021
2K-9 Tracks by the Grave Jan 17, 2021
3The Red-Eyed Beast Jan 24, 2021
4The Great Skull Wall Jan 31, 2021
5What's a Smoke Wolf? Feb 14, 2021
6The Coyote Killing Massacre Feb 21, 2021
7Day of Wrath Feb 28, 2021
8The Den of the Smoke Wolves Mar 7, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1The Dark Forest Revealed Aug 21, 2019
2The Waya Woman of Jackson County Aug 28, 2019
3The Secret of the Blue House Sep 4, 2019
4The Silver Giant of Boone County Sep 11, 2019
5The Cherokee Death Cat Sep 18, 2019
6The Mystery of the Death Cat Barn Sep 25, 2019
7The Coyote King Oct 30, 2019
8The Return of Trapper Nov 6, 2019
9The Secret of the Red Shed Nov 13, 2019
10The Twisted Torch Nov 20, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1The Rogue Team Rises, Part 1 Apr 8, 2017
2The Rogue Team Rises, Part 2 Apr 15, 2017
3Enter the Dark Forest Apr 22, 2017
4The Black Wolf Apr 29, 2017
5Huckleberry's Predator May 13, 2017
6The Three Rings of the North May 20, 2017
7The Secret of the Little Girl May 27, 2017
8The Blood Skull and Woman of the Woods Jun 3, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Bigfoot of Harrison County: Stonish Giant Jan 23, 2016
2Bigfoot of Central Kentucky: Squalling Savage Jan 30, 2016
3Bigfoot of Blair County: Lightning Man Feb 6, 2016
4Bigfoot of Blair County: Thunder Brothers Feb 13, 2016
5Bigfoot of Pendleton County: Great Fire Ape Feb 27, 2016
6Bigfoot of Wirt County: The Ash Man Mar 5, 2016
8Bifgoot of Lee County: Raven Mocker Mar 12, 2016
9Raven Mocker: Back to Trapper Mar 26, 2016
10Bigfoot of Wood County: The Phantom of the Forest Apr 2, 2016
11Return of the Rogue Team Apr 9, 2016
12AIMS vs the Rogue Team Apr 16, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Bigfoot of Central Kentucky Mar 7, 2015
2Bigfoot of Putnam County Mar 14, 2015
3Bigfoot of Eastern Kentucky Mar 21, 2015
4Bigfoot of Lincoln County Mar 28, 2015
5Bigfoot of Clay County Apr 4, 2015
6Bigfoot of Washington County Apr 11, 2015
7Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Under Attack Apr 18, 2015
8Bigfoot of Ashe County: AIMS Erupts Apr 25, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Kentucky Hellhound of Pike County Apr 4, 2014
2Grafton Monster of Taylor County Apr 11, 2014
3Yahoo of Nicholas County Apr 18, 2014
4Werewolf of Webster County Apr 25, 2014
5Fire Dragon of Pocahontas County May 2, 2014
6Sheepsquatch of Boone County May 9, 2014
7Shadow Creature of Braxton County May 21, 2014
8Wild Bill's Bear Beast May 30, 2014
9Death Cat of Cherokee County Jun 6, 2014
10Snallygaster of Preston County Jun 20, 2014
11Cave Creature of Greenbrier County Jun 27, 2014
12Hogzilla of Hocking Hills Jul 11, 2014
13Bloodless Howler of Harrison County Jul 18, 2014
14Grassman's "Revengeance" Jul 25, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Wolfman of Wolfe County Jun 22, 2013
2Grassman of Perry County Jun 29, 2013
3Devil Dog of Logan County Jul 6, 2013
4Wampus Beast of Pleasants County Jul 13, 2013
5Mothman of Mason County Jul 20, 2013
6Lizard Demon of Wood County Jul 27, 2013
#NameAir Dates
1Scariest Moments Feb 20, 2016
2Best of Bigfoot Mar 19, 2016
3Superfan Edition May 6, 2017
4A Tribute to Trapper Jan 3, 2021

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1041 fans have subscribed

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0 4 Jme Jimenez  September 18, 2023
We ❤ mountain monsters. We keep watching every season over and over and over. It’s never boring. Can’t wait for season 9. YES!!! We watch seasons 1-4 on Roku channel. And 6-8 on demand spectrum. And bought season 5 on prime video.
0 7 jon  September 11, 2023
mountain monsters is my top favorite show i have seen every episode dozens of times and there is never a dull moment i really want this show back
1 15 Kathy Reising  August 18, 2023
I’ve watched every episode over and over. These guys are full of backwoods wisdom and humor. Please bring them back. Tired of every other show being something with ghost adventures. Mountain monsters is different and unique.
1 19 VicH  July 30, 2023
Come on guys!!! Let's get this aired! I don't understand why shows that are as good as this are kept waiting! [wink]
0 11 elizabeth VicH  August 8, 2023
I love this show and have binged watched over and over again. I need a new fix please hurry up and make some new adventures. Love all the characters and now feel like I am an expert on big foot hunting. Well hell there is no other series that live up to this. Love all you crazy dangerous guys. xx
0 7 Brenda  July 28, 2023
My husband and I have watched season 1 thru 6 and looked high and low for 7 and 8. We were prepared to pay $15 per season then found it on UTube tv under travel channel. However, 7 and 8 were the same shows that season 5 and 6 were. What the heck??? The last show we saw was the last episode of season 6 where they found the stone Trapper left with the pattern from his book and his initials and they saw a big foot on the computer screen. We were excited to see season 7 and 8 and extremely disappointed to find out they were the shows we already watched.
0 1 Lori Brenda  August 14, 2023
Hi Brenda, My family and I are big fans of this show too. I don't know how you're watching/streaming the show but if you're using Discovery+ like I am whoever listed the episodes doubled up two seasons and listed it as one season. They did that a couple of times with that show. That's the reason for the discrepancy in seasons. All the episodes are there they're just very mismarked. If you do a search for IMDB and search for mountain monsters they will list all the episodes correctly under their episode guide section. I do this regularly with this show when I'm checking to see if new episodes have come out because of Discovery+ having mismarked it. Hope this helps😊
0 19 Laurie  July 6, 2023
Can’t wait for them to come back. I’ve watched the previous seasons over and over. We need some new ones. My husband and I love this show. PLEASE!!
2 23 MJ  June 24, 2023
I've been checking for some time now on season 9. I've never gone this long on checking status of a tv series, but my oldest grandson is a die hard fan and he would be thrilled if another season comes out.
Please put out a statement if there will be another season or not. At least all the fans would have an answer.
Mountain Monsters is a very good show to watch. I hope for the fans sake another season will happen soon.
0 14 Melanie Shrum  June 22, 2023
Hopefully awaiting Mountain Monsters. When they took them off Discovery I actually sent a message to Travel Channel asking them to pick up the show. To my delight and I am sure the delight of others as well they ended up picking up the show. Then they left us hanging with spear finger when Trapper past God Rest him, but now they are leaving us hanging wondering when and/or if they will bring them back. Please for all the die hard fans out there bring them back. I never laughed so hard at a TV show in all my life.
0 13 Brad  June 11, 2023
I sure do hope that Mountain Monsters gets renewed. My son is 14 yrs old and me and him don't see eye to eye on a lot b of things anymore (being he is 14 and I am 48) but one of the things we always liked and enjoyed together was watching Mountain Monsters together. 0
0 20 LInda  June 4, 2023
Please bring the boys back for 2023!!!!!
0 20 Kim McIntosh  June 1, 2023
These 6 men gave me something to laugh at again. My life was stale and I was not interested in living another day. Then while channel surfing I discovered Mountain Monsters. I started laughing, and I was happy to watch these men chase monsters all over. I am a believer in Bigfoot, but, the others were funny to watch, being sneaky and yelling at each other across a holler was hilarious!! If I could reach through my TV, I'd give each one of them a hug and say Thank you for giving me a reason to smile again.
0 13 Mike A  May 31, 2023
We love this show, My wife and I watch it all the time.
Please bring it back as we need our fix of the gang.
We make new Mountain Monsters followers every day
1 13 jeff  May 25, 2023
im adopting a autistic boy, and one his favorite family time thing sis to watch mountain monsters and by the fire. we seen each season probably a hundred times. The first time he learnt and understood death was when trapper passed away. We truly miss seeing the adventures and hijinks the guys get into and would love to see a 9th season even if it was to end the show. Leaving fans hanging is kind of a dirty thing to do to us. Please bring the show back for at least one more season
0 19 Beth Klatzkin  May 19, 2023
Please bring back Mountain Monsters. Me and my granddaughter love the show. [love]
1 10 Inez  May 18, 2023
How long is it that we have to keep begging for you to bring this group back there? Exciting and fun to watch and you learn a lot about the words from them. I love the group as they enjoy what they do. I know that they have a great Fanbase and you need to keep this going. You need to remember trapper would never want them to stop until they find it for sure.
2 5 Melvin Ruppert Inez  May 23, 2023
They did find him lots of times that probably why they don't want to show it cuss the gov don't want us to no the truth and that's why they didn't continue were they left off there was no way they could say he doesn't exist you no wat I mean right guys
0 18 Mike S  April 27, 2023
Really enjoyed this show. Please consider to release the 2023 shows ( no. 9 )
0 26 Denice Jetton  April 19, 2023
Please bring mountain monsters back I just love this show it's the best thing on the travel channel outside of the haunting

0 23 Tina  April 10, 2023
I love this show. The guys are awesome. Please keep it on [kissed]
2 17 Miggui Serrano  April 9, 2023
Trvl Channel and Discovery+, I've been watching mountain monsters since 2015 when they still have full episodes on Youtube and TVZION, I watched all episodes from season 1 to season 8. My favorite is season 4 to 8. Me, my mom, my cousin, and my friend watch season 8 last year. Right now I'm watching old episodes on discovery+ just patiently waiting for season 9! I hope and pray that Trvl Chanel will announce season 9 this month! HORAHH!
1 10 Grasshopper  April 8, 2023
At my nephews birthday party he turned 1 today and I’m still wanting mountain monsters season 9 to get rebooted and go after the Bigfoot’s and spear finger and all of the other creatures of the night my wife and I are counting the days for it to come back on
1 3 Lala Grasshopper  June 10, 2023
I AGREE THEY NEED TO COME BACK AS THEY HAVE LEFT US HANGING WITH THIER HUNTS SPearhead and now taygert valley. Don't stop this TV show because it is great my grandkids would come over and watch each episode and season. They laugh so hard and sometimes they would jump and spill the popcorn. But ro watch thier faces during the show. Please bring it back it is 1 of few shows for the whole can watch
0 1 Liv Grasshopper  August 28, 2023
Yes I agree. I need a bunch of episodes for this and a bunch of episodes for Tygart Valley. Because ugh I need answers. Did they find anything? Did they figure out the cloaked figures? We need answers. I have a few go to shows that I rewatch because I absolutely love them. Mountain Monsters, Ghost Hunters, Kindred Spirits, Dead Files, Ghost Brothers, and Duck Dynasty.
0 1 Liv Grasshopper  August 28, 2023
Yes I agree. I need a bunch of episodes for this and a bunch of episodes for Tygart Valley. Because ugh I need answers. Did they find anything? Did they figure out the cloaked figures? We need answers. I have a few go to shows that I rewatch because I absolutely love them. Mountain Monsters, Ghost Hunters, Kindred Spirits, Dead Files, Ghost Brothers, and Duck Dynasty.
1 9 Lealion  April 5, 2023
I love this show it was one of the best! Even my mom would watch it and she doesn't believe in anything
1 17 Amz  April 5, 2023
Please don't cancel mountain monsters I love the show and if you cancel it I will cancel every subscription that I have with you guys. That means that you will lose a lot of money and I bet every one that loves the show will agree with me because they have probably invested $100 of dollars into buying the subscriptions and episodes so if you cancel the show you will lose a lot of money. I have watched this show from 2014 and I love the shoe I love the aims team and trapper. RIP TRAPPER.
0 20 Mark Rutherford  March 30, 2023
Please do not cancel Mountain Monsters, already cancelled Destination fear, not sure why, but if Mountain Monsters is cancelled I will cancel my Discovery+ subscription, tired of watching 7 days of Paranormal caught on camera, Unexplained. bring back mountain monsters and destination fear, to many good shows on travel channel get people hooked and then cancel.
3 8 Sophie Poe Mark Rutherford  March 30, 2023
Zak Bagans had Destination Fear canceled and a few other shows. Destination Fear Team Launches Project Fear on youtube.
1 24 Migs02  March 22, 2023
Dear Trvl Channel and Discovery+, I'm a big fan of mountain monsters since 2015. I watched all episodes on discovery plus. All fans of mountain monsters are waiting for season 9 to be announce. Best show on tv! I love watching all episodes and I love the AIMS team! RIP Trapper!
2 25 Tameria S Sirk  March 19, 2023
Please bring Mountain Monsters back. I love watching it, they know how to be serious and have fun while doing their investigations. I really do miss watching it. can't get enough of it, I am hooked on it.

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