Fear the Walking Dead
8 Seasons
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Fear the Walking Dead is an American series that is a prequel to the horror drama series The Walking Dead and also airs on the network AMC.
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Fear the Walking Dead Will Not Be Back with Season 9

Current Show Status
Fear the Walking Dead Season 9 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Thu 6/15/2023 All I See Is Red Season 8: Episode 6
Next Episode Airs Sun 10/22/2023 Anton Season 8: Episode 7
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Isha Blaaker, known for her roles in "Run The World" and "A Madea Homecoming," has been cast in a significant recurring role for the final season of "Fear The Walking Dead." Blaaker will be portraying a character named Frank, but specific details about his role have been kept under wraps for now.

The current season takes place seven years after the events of the previous season, where Morgan (Lennie James) and Madison (Kim Dickens) had failed to rescue Mo from Padre as they had hoped. Now, Morgan, Madison, and the others who were brought to the island must endure the oppressive rule of Padre. The characters find themselves demoralized and disheartened, and the responsibility of rekindling hope for a better world lies with Mo, the person Morgan and Madison initially set out to save — Morgan's own daughter.

Fear The Walking Dead will end with the upcoming season, AMC revealed today. The series’ eighth and final season will roll out in two six-episode parts, the first of which begins May 14 at 9 ET/PT on AMC and AMC+ and return for its final six episodes later this year. (Source: deadline.com)

First Look At The Final Season Of Fear The Walking Dead


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#NameAir Dates
1Remember What They Took From You May 11, 2023
2Blue Jay May 18, 2023
3Odessa May 25, 2023
4King County Jun 1, 2023
5More Time Than You Know Jun 8, 2023
6All I See Is Red Jun 15, 2023
7Anton Oct 22, 2023
8Iron Tiger Oct 29, 2023
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6Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg Nov 15, 2020
7Damage from the Inside Nov 22, 2020
8The Door Apr 11, 2021
9Things Left to Do Apr 18, 2021
10Handle with Care Apr 25, 2021
11The Holding May 2, 2021
12In Dreams May 9, 2021
13J.D. May 16, 2021
14Mother May 23, 2021
15USS Pennsylvania Jun 6, 2021
16The Beginning Jun 13, 2021
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1Here to Help Jun 2, 2019
2The Hurt That Will Happen Jun 9, 2019
3Humbug's Gulch Jun 16, 2019
4Skidmark Jun 23, 2019
5The End of Everything Jun 30, 2019
6The Little Prince Jul 7, 2019
7Still Standing Jul 14, 2019
8Is Anybody Out There? Jul 21, 2019
9Channel 4 Aug 11, 2019
10210 Words Per Minute Aug 18, 2019
11You're Still Here Aug 25, 2019
12Ner Tamid Sep 1, 2019
13Leave What You Don't Sep 8, 2019
14Today and Tomorrow Sep 15, 2019
15Channel 5 Sep 22, 2019
16End of the Line Sep 29, 2019
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1What's Your Story? Apr 15, 2018
2Another Day in the Diamond Apr 22, 2018
3Good Out Here Apr 29, 2018
4Buried May 6, 2018
5Laura May 13, 2018
6Just in Case May 20, 2018
7The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now Jun 3, 2018
8No One's Gone Jun 10, 2018
9People Like Us Aug 12, 2018
10Close Your Eyes Aug 19, 2018
11The Code Aug 26, 2018
12Weak Sep 2, 2018
13Blackjack Sep 9, 2018
14MM 54 Sep 16, 2018
15I Lose People... Sep 23, 2018
16... I Lose Myself Sep 30, 2018
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1Eye of the Beholder Jun 4, 2017
2The New Frontier Jun 4, 2017
3TEOTWAWKI Jun 11, 2017
4100 Jun 18, 2017
5Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame Jun 25, 2017
6Red Dirt Jul 2, 2017
7The Unveiling Jul 9, 2017
8Children of Wrath Jul 9, 2017
9Minotaur Sep 10, 2017
10The Diviner Sep 10, 2017
11La Serpiente Sep 17, 2017
12Brother's Keeper Sep 24, 2017
13This Land is Your Land Oct 1, 2017
14El Matadero Oct 8, 2017
15Things Bad Begun Oct 15, 2017
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10Do Not Disturb Sep 4, 2016
11Pablo & Jessica Sep 11, 2016
12Pillar of Salt Sep 18, 2016
13Date of Death Sep 25, 2016
14Wrath Oct 2, 2016
15North Oct 2, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Aug 23, 2015
2So Close, Yet So Far Aug 30, 2015
3The Dog Sep 13, 2015
4Not Fade Away Sep 20, 2015
5Cobalt Sep 27, 2015
6The Good Man Oct 4, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Episode Diaries Mar 25, 2021

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0 0 Pablodejes  July 27, 2023
How can AMC even allow shows like this to air is BEYOND ME.
0 1 JLAR crown  June 8, 2023
Fear the Walking Dead Midseason Finale to Air After Dead City premiere

Fear the Walking Dead's midseason finale will not air in its typical 9 p.m. ET Sunday time slot on AMC. That's because the episode, which airs June 18th on the network, is now scheduled to premiere at 10:12 p.m. ET after the series premiere of The Walking Dead: Dead City. AMC has confirmed the new Maggie and Negan Walking Dead spin-off will take Fear's current time slot on June 18th (with subsequent episodes airing Sundays at 9 p.m. through the first season finale on July 23rd). Fear will then wrap up the first half of its two-part eighth and final season and return with its remaining six episodes later in 2023.

Source: comicbook.com/.../...
0 0 JLAR crown  January 11, 2023
‘Fear The Walking Dead’ To End With Season 8 On AMC; ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff ‘Dead City’ Set For June, Andrew Lincoln & Danai Gurira Spinoff To Bow in 2024

Fear The Walking Dead will end with the upcoming season, AMC revealed today. The series’ eighth and final season will roll out in two six-episode parts, the first of which begins May 14 at 9 ET/PT on AMC and AMC+ and return for its final six episodes later this year.

Source: deadline.com/.../...
1 0 ZeroCool JLAR  January 11, 2023
Finally some good news!
Thank God that they are ending this one aswell. Loved TWD and FTWD but they really went south in last seasons. TWD lost his charm after season 9 and FTWD after season 4 or 5, something like that.
0 0 Admin crown JLAR  January 23, 2023
JLAR, thanks!
0 0 JLAR crown ZeroCool  January 23, 2023
I enjoyed FTWD season 6, but season 7 was nearly unwatchable. Yeah, it's time for it to end.
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0 0 Cheryl Lore  November 27, 2022
Fear The Walking Dead season 8 will premiere on AMC in 2023. While the cable network hasn’t decided on a premiere month just yet, 2022 was ruled out when a new teaser confirmed that it was in production and would return next year.
0 0 Ronderaline N Peggy Allen  November 20, 2022
When is World beyond Season 3 Return
0 0 Caroline Brown Ronderaline N Peggy Allen  November 20, 2022
there isnt going to be Season 3 of World Beyond
0 2 Ed torres  October 31, 2022
Yeah bro, “the walking dead” and “fear the walking dead”. Dopest shows ever. All the spin off are dope too. Cant wait for the negan and maggie in new york. TWD. Needs to start filling in the holes on the rest of the apocalyptic world! I mean!, whats up with Italy and the germany? Or puerto rico?. I would love to see j-lo as a zombie or atleast get eaten by one:)
1 1 Frédéric  October 22, 2022
Sur cette page tous les épisodes de la saison 7 oxtorrent
0 2 Sandy  October 9, 2022
Hope some of TWD cast survive and continue ON through FEAR like Rosita and Carol it would help the series and allow us fans to keep some of our favorites like Jerry? A DEAD HEAD FAN from the beginning.. Hoping some of our TWD characters run into the FEAR like Morgan, Dwight and Linda this would be Epic.
0 1 Amy C Fairchild Sandy  December 2, 2022
I completely agree. [hands]
19 1 ZeroCool  May 7, 2022
Jesus Christ, why they just dont end it... become so horrible and boring. Just do what TWD did, and just let it die.. is already boring and dead anyway. Story became boring, acting is weak, lots of monologues and dull conversations between actors...
I saw tv shows with 15-20 seasons and never got bored as I got starting with season 5 of FTWD.
1 13 IDGAF ZeroCool  August 14, 2022
Lol, Someone has some kind of issues that aren’t normal over a show “they don’t like”!! You do know that you can easily turn the channel. Shows will still run if theyhave enough viewers Maybe some people can’t handle full dialogue in a show but I appreciate it having some substances, characters, etc. What I don’t get is how anyone can be so angry over A SHOW!!
1 14 Karla IDGAF  August 28, 2022
Everyone seems to have a short attention span nowadays.... I truly love this show and the buildup of it has me anxiouly waiting to for next season.
2 0 ZeroCool Karla  January 11, 2023
Attention span have nothing to do, show is horrible.
I watched shows that have 15-20 seasons and still love watching them, but not this trashy one.
0 4 JLAR crown  March 23, 2022
Fear the Walking Dead Spinoff Special Sets Premiere Date on AMC+

Fear the Walking Dead's zombie submarine spinoff Dead in the Water is surfacing at AMC+. Announced by AMC Networks last spring, the digital original scripted special set aboard the USS Pennsylvania flashes back to before Season 6 of Fear on the eve of the walker apocalypse. Nick Stahl, who recurred in the second half of last season as Riley, reprises his role as the submarine weapons officer who helped Teddy (John Glover) fire the warheads that turned Texas into ground zero of the nuclear-zombie apocalypse.

Dead in the Water rewinds to the eve of the apocalypse, where a conflicted officer and new father (Stahl) fights for survival just as the apocalypse hits. Shipmates turn one-by-one with no explanation, and the USS Pennsylvania becomes a nuclear-fueled and walker-filled death trap with no way out.
0 0 JLAR crown JLAR  March 23, 2022
The new streaming special premieres Sunday, April 10, exclusively on AMC+. Part 2 of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 premieres with the first two episodes exclusively on AMC+ on Sunday, April 17, with subsequent episodes available one week ahead of AMC beginning April 24.

(Source: Comicbook. com)
0 0 Admin crown JLAR  March 29, 2022
Thanks you, JLAR!
0 0 JLAR crown Admin  March 29, 2022
You're welcome! [smile]
0 1 JLAR crown  March 16, 2022
The trailer for season 7b is now available! Check it out on the official The Walking Dead YouTube channel. Madison!!!!?
0 1 Admin crown JLAR  March 19, 2022
Thank you! [hands]
0 1 JLAR crown Admin  March 19, 2022
You're welcome! [smile]
0 1 JLAR crown  December 6, 2021
AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead has been picked up for an eighth season, the network announced Sunday night on Talking Dead following the Season 7 fall finale of The Walking Dead spinoff. Popular former cast member Kim Di ckens, who played Madison Clark in Seasons 1 through 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, is set to return. She will make her first appearance in the second half of Season 7, which debuts April 17, and will continue as a series regular in Season 8.

(Source: Deadline)
0 1 JLAR crown  December 6, 2021
That World Beyond post-credit scene!!!?
0 1 whatever  November 19, 2021
whoever survives twd season 11 show will prob end up in fear season 8 negan vs strand please and with dwight and sherry in fear it has to happen negan now the good guy strand the bad guy and negan and a dwight reunion ☺
1 0 JLAR crown  November 15, 2021
Fear the Walking Dead Production Leaving Texas for Georgia:

Fear the Walking Dead is leaving the Lone Star State: The Walking Dead spinoff is exiting Texas and relocating production to Savannah, Georgia, for Season 8. Early seasons of the AMC zombie drama filmed in California, Canada, and Mexico before moving to Texas​ for Season 4 in 2017. Now the ATX Studios and Austin-based Fear the Walking Dead, currently airing its seventh season set in a post-nuclear zombie apocalypse​ Texas, will wrap its time in the state on December 17, according to the Austin Chronicle. Fear's new home in Savannah is about four hours away from Senoia, Georgia, the longtime filming home of The Walking Dead. The flagship reached the midway point of production in August and will wrap in 2022. (Source: Comicbook. com)
0 1 Admin crown JLAR  November 15, 2021
Thanks you! [wink]
0 1 JLAR crown Admin  November 15, 2021
[smile] Though FTWD hasn't been officially renewed yet, this is a good indication that AMC plans to continue the series for season 8.
0 0 Admin crown JLAR  November 16, 2021
Yes. It's ok!)
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0 1 JLAR crown  October 13, 2021
AMC officially gives greenlight for Tales of The Walking Dead. The six episode anthology series is expected to air sometime next summer.

Source: Deadline
0 0 JLAR crown Admin  October 13, 2021
You're welcome [smile] !
0 0 Janice Reynolds  July 21, 2021
Since Fear the Walking Dead is leaving AMC+ please advise how I will be able to watch season 7. I only watch it streaming on AMAZON and HULU now . Give me an idea of how to find it.
0 4 Dejan Milenkovic crown  October 31, 2018
Morgan serves as a bridge character between FTWD and TWD. THose two series will inevitably collide and blend into one.
0 3 Bubba  December 12, 2016
The second season was amazing! Almost better than the walking dead original. Can't wait for season 3!

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