Animal Control
1 Season
12 Episodes
A group of Animal Control workers begin to see their lives complicated by humans and not so much by animals.
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Animal Control Season 2 on FOX Scheduled to Premiere in Late 2023

Current Show Status
Animal Control Season 2 officially renewed for Late 2023
Latest Episode Aired Thu 5/4/2023 Unicorns and Mountain Lions Season 1: Episode 12
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 2: Episode 1
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"The network has renewed its comedy series Animal Control, about a group of municipal animal control officers who work better with the creatures they handle than other humans. The show, starring Joel McHale, is Fox’s first wholly owned live-action comedy." - Hollywood Reporter


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Weasels and Ostriches Feb 16, 2023
2Rabbits and Pythons Feb 23, 2023
3Cougars and Kangaroos Mar 2, 2023
4Dogs and Bears and Minks Mar 9, 2023
5Cows and Raccoons Mar 16, 2023
6Skunks and Llamas Mar 23, 2023
7Peacocks and Pumas Mar 30, 2023
8Hellhounds and Sturgeons Apr 6, 2023
9Dogs and Geese Apr 13, 2023
10Pigs and Minks Apr 20, 2023
11Birds and Foxes Apr 27, 2023
12Unicorns and Mountain Lions May 4, 2023

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0 0 Galaxy217  May 10, 2023
Wasn't sure to start with but definitely got better as it went on imo, I hope it gets renewed.
0 4 Mary Biscuso  April 29, 2023
Love this show. Funny, funny dialog, love the casting and the chemistry between the characters. Especially McHale and Rowland.
Really hoping this show is renewed for season two. I think a lot of folks don’t know about it.
0 5 C. Taylor  April 8, 2023
I am an animal control officer in Texas, and I love the show! A lot of the stuff on the show is done pretty well, while I ride alone, we will group up on calls a lot and the way they interact with each other is pretty funny but seems close to reality at times. I came from the Texas department of criminal justice to this and it’s a different experience. I had the same reaction like in the episode with the snake, but mine was a gator, and I had the same response, “I was under the impression I would be dealing with mostly dogs”. I love it cause cops have their show and this one is ours, most of the depictions I remember seeing of animal control was as the “bad guy dog catcher”, this does a good job at showing how interesting the profession and the people can be and make it funny. I am also willing to bet almost every animal control officer watches this show and try to figure out who matches up with the characters on tv. I hope we get many more episodes. Love it!
5 0 Dan Novak  January 17, 2023
[angry] It’s bad enough for people in this profession to be put down about this business. They’ve already have been humiliated enough by the names and many city’s treatment of them is totally disgusting as it is. Just add more fuel to the fire and make them look even more worse than the public has envisions of already. After your first airing and hopefully it doesn’t last, people will think of your portrayal of them as hilarious when they see them. I should know because I went through some terrible incidents involving some of these hard working people. Mchale wouldn’t last long on the real job and you tell him I said that. I hope this show goes as fast as it comes in. You don’t find police shows that put down a dangerous profession. Bad choice .
0 7 Matthew Dan Novak  March 30, 2023
I think animal control should be renewed for a second season

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