So Help Me Todd
2 Seasons
31 Episodes
A talented P.I. agrees to work as the in-house investigator for his mother, who is reeling from the recent dissolution of her marriage.
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So Help Me Todd Season 3 is yet to be announced by CBS

Current Show Status
So Help Me Todd Season 3 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Thu 4/18/2024 Is The Jury Out? Season 2: Episode 6
Next Episode Airs Thu 4/25/2024 Faux-Bituary Season 2: Episode 7
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So Help Me Todd

"So Help Me Todd" is a captivating comedy-drama series that follows the life of Todd Johnson, a struggling actor navigating the ups and downs of both his professional and personal life in Los Angeles. The series delves into Todd's daily struggles as he tries to make a name for himself in the cutthroat entertainment industry while dealing with eccentric colleagues, demanding auditions, and the constant pressure to succeed. Amidst the chaos of auditions and odd jobs, Todd finds solace in his close-knit group of friends who support him through thick and thin. With humor and heart, "So Help Me Todd" offers a unique glimpse into the life of a struggling artist in the City of Angels.

The show expertly blends humor with moments of genuine emotion, offering viewers a relatable and entertaining portrayal of the challenges many face in pursuit of their dreams. Todd's journey is filled with hilarious misadventures, unexpected opportunities, and heartfelt moments of triumph, making "So Help Me Todd" a must-watch for anyone who has ever dared to chase their dreams against all odds.

Where to Watch So Help Me Todd

"So Help Me Todd" is available for streaming on several platforms, catering to audiences worldwide eager to follow Todd's entertaining journey. Fans can catch all the episodes of the series on popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Additionally, the show may be available for purchase or rental on digital platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu, allowing viewers to enjoy Todd's adventures at their convenience. With its availability across multiple platforms, "So Help Me Todd" ensures that audiences can easily access and enjoy the series from the comfort of their own homes, making it a convenient and binge-worthy option for entertainment seekers everywhere.

Whether you prefer to stream on your favorite subscription service or purchase episodes individually, "So Help Me Todd" offers flexibility in how viewers can access its engaging content. With just a few clicks, audiences can immerse themselves in Todd's hilarious escapades and heartfelt moments, making it the perfect choice for a cozy night in or a weekend binge-watching session with friends.

So Help Me Todd Cast

Marcia Gay Harden, known for her Oscar-winning performance in "Pollock" and her portrayal of the tough lawyer Rebecca Halliday in "The Newsroom," embodies Margaret, the sharp-tongued yet endearing matriarch in "So Help Me Todd."

Skylar Astin, recognized for his role as Jesse in the "Pitch Perfect" series and as Max in "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist," brings his charm and wit to the character of Todd, a lovable yet bumbling assistant navigating life's ups and downs in "So Help Me Todd."

Madeline Wise, acclaimed for her role as Kat in "Crashing" and as Sarah in "The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel," captures the essence of Allison, Todd's supportive and insightful girlfriend, who juggles her own ambitions while standing by Todd's side in "So Help Me Todd."

Tristen J. Winger, known for his portrayal of Cash Mooney in "Grown-ish," embodies Lyle, Todd's quirky and loyal best friend, whose offbeat antics often provide comic relief and heartfelt moments in "So Help Me Todd."

So Help Me Todd Season 3 Renewal Not Yet Confirmed

As eager fans await news of a potential third season, the future of "So Help Me Todd" remains uncertain. Despite its dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim, the series has yet to receive an official renewal for another season. While this may be disappointing news for fans hoping to see more of Todd's adventures, it's not uncommon for television shows to face uncertainty regarding their future, particularly in the competitive landscape of the entertainment industry.

However, fans can take solace in the fact that the cast and crew of "So Help Me Todd" have expressed enthusiasm for the possibility of continuing the series, and discussions regarding a potential renewal are ongoing. With its loyal fanbase and compelling storytelling, there's certainly hope that "So Help Me Todd" will return for a third season, allowing audiences to continue following Todd's journey as he navigates the highs and lows of life in Los Angeles. Until then, fans can relive their favorite moments from the series and keep their fingers crossed for news of a renewal in the near future.

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Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Iceland Was Horrible Feb 15, 2024
2Your Day In Court Feb 22, 2024
3The Queen of Courts Feb 29, 2024
4Dial Margaret for Murder Mar 14, 2024
5End On A High Note Apr 11, 2024
6Is The Jury Out? Apr 18, 2024
7Faux-Bituary Apr 25, 2024
8P.I.'s Wide Shut May 2, 2024
9The Broker May 9, 2024
10TBA May 16, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Sep 29, 2022
2Co-Pilot Oct 6, 2022
3Second Second Chance Oct 13, 2022
4Corduroy Briefs Oct 20, 2022
5Let the Wright One In Oct 27, 2022
6So Help Me Pod Nov 3, 2022
7Long Lost Lawrence Nov 10, 2022
8Big Bang Theories Dec 8, 2022
9Swipe Wright Dec 15, 2022
10The Devil You Know Jan 5, 2023
11Side Effects May Include Murder Jan 12, 2023
12Psilo-Sibling Feb 2, 2023
13Wall of Fire Feb 9, 2023
14Against All Todds Mar 2, 2023
15Ivan the Terrible Mar 9, 2023
16Twelve Worried Persons Mar 30, 2023
17The First Date is the Deepest Apr 13, 2023
18Gloom and Boom Apr 27, 2023
1986'd May 4, 2023
20More Fang for Your Chuck May 11, 2023
21Are You There Todd? It's Me, Margaret May 18, 2023

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Comments 19

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Collapsed Expanded
0 0 Dawn  September 21, 2023
I am excited this show is coming back it is a great show I look forward to watching every Thursday
0 0 Michelle  July 23, 2023
This MUST win awards - from a lawyer who despises lawyer shows... THIS ONE IS TRULY THE PERFECT BALANCE OF HEART AND BRAINS. When the writing and acting are BOTH outstanding, it sticks to your soul. Thank you to all the teams - may you all win!!
0 0 Julie  July 18, 2023
I've always loved the actor, Marcia Gay Harden. She is a delight to watch in this show!
0 2 Rebecca H  June 27, 2023
LOVE LOVE this show. Every time I fall in love with a show it's gets discontinued. I'm so excited they continued for another season and can't wait to see it again!
0 2 Christiane Lussier  June 20, 2023
Looking forward for the fall season of so help me Todd ❤
0 2 Sylvia  June 9, 2023
We love the series, So Help Me Todd! It is refreshing and so hilariously funny!
0 2 Linda  May 24, 2023
We love this show! So entertaining. The casting is just incredible and we are so looking forward to Season 2. Did I mention the cast is fabulous?!
0 2 Nawach crown  May 19, 2023
Weirdly, it does work...
The whacky dynamic between Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin drives the show, right from episode 1.
Very entertaining and doesn't require too many brain cells (perfect for me who's got only 2 left...).
0 3 Katie McDermott  March 11, 2023

Watched the entire first season in a couple of days. Excited to watch season 2.
0 5 Bob & Linda Southard  February 11, 2023
Best show on TV.
Whole cast excellent.
Not many shows we both agree to watch together.
The writing is Top Notch.
0 6 Gina Lasley  February 10, 2023
0 7 Judith Challenger  January 27, 2023
PLEASE RENEW So Help Me Todd!!!!
0 12 TAS  January 15, 2023
This is absolutely the best show on TV right now!
The characters are phenomenal, love the story lines, it's funny and heartwarming!
Please, please, please, do not cancel this show!!!
0 12 N L Ward  January 14, 2023
This is the most refreshing, clever, well written show on TV. The storylines are unpredictable with character development delightfully subtle. Sophistically funny and touching. Everyone who has discovered it has become a loyal fan. We all are holding our collective breath that it is not cancelled.
0 12 rsb  January 13, 2023
So Help Me Todd was officially renewed for a full second season by CBS on Oct 19, 2022, as reported by United Press International

Where's Todd when you need him?
0 11 Waddene Hall  January 10, 2023
I love So help me Todd. It’s funny, refreshing and a very good show. Please renew for 2nd season.
0 13 Love the show!  January 8, 2023
Love the show! It needs to be renewed!!
0 10 GAIL NOLEN  January 5, 2023
0 12 Jacque Wagner  December 9, 2022
you owe it to the viewers to renew So Help Me Todd for another season. It is the best show on TV, canceling it will not
be a good decision. It is really refreshing
given all the chaos in this world,to watch a really entertaining show.

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