Lopez vs. Lopez
2 Seasons
32 Episodes
A working-class family comedy about dysfunction, reconnection and all the pain and joy in between.
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NBC Announced Season 2 Release Date for Lopez vs. Lopez – April 2, 2024

Current Show Status
The release date for Lopez vs. Lopez Season 2 — April 2, 2024
Countdown to premiere date (EST)
Latest Episode Aired Tue 4/30/2024 Lopez vs George Season 2: Episode 10
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Lopez vs. Lopez. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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NBC has decided to renew Lopez vs. Lopez for a second season, ensuring that the eponymous family will continue to entertain audiences. Initially airing on Friday nights, the show garnered impressive ratings for its time slot. Later, in April, NBC shifted the final three episodes of the season to Tuesday nights, taking over American Auto's time slot after it concluded its second season.

This move allowed Lopez vs. Lopez to benefit from Night Court's lead-in, increasing the show's visibility and drawing more viewers as NBC planned for its upcoming 2023/24 season.


Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Lopez vs Sobriety Apr 2, 2024
2Lopez vs Moving On Apr 2, 2024
3Lopez vs Swap Meet Apr 9, 2024
4Lopez vs Pizza Apr 9, 2024
5Lopez vs Let It Go Apr 16, 2024
6Lopez vs Raider Nation Apr 16, 2024
7Lopez vs Dreams Apr 23, 2024
8Lopez vs Lisa Apr 23, 2024
9Lopez vs Confessions Apr 30, 2024
10Lopez vs George Apr 30, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Nov 4, 2022
2Lopez vs Anxiety Nov 11, 2022
3Lopez vs Español Nov 18, 2022
4Lopez vs Birthdays Dec 2, 2022
5Lopez vs Gaslighting Dec 9, 2022
6Lopez vs Christmas Dec 16, 2022
7Lopez vs Ghosts Jan 6, 2023
8Lopez vs Pride Jan 13, 2023
9Lopez vs Van Bryan Jan 20, 2023
10Lopez vs Los Doyers Feb 3, 2023
11Lopez vs Neighbors Feb 10, 2023
12Lopez vs Appropriation Feb 17, 2023
13Lopez vs Second Chances Mar 3, 2023
14Lopez vs Work Mar 10, 2023
15Lopez vs Primos Mar 17, 2023
16Lopez vs Cheating Mar 24, 2023
17Lopez vs Dog Quinces Mar 31, 2023
18Lopez vs Goosey Apr 7, 2023
19Lopez vs Godfather Apr 21, 2023
20Lopez vs Corte Caliente Apr 25, 2023
21Lopez vs Bucket Crabs May 2, 2023
22Lopez vs Last Call May 9, 2023

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0 0 Samar Hattar  October 10, 2022
So excited and looking forward to watching The Great George Lopez back on television. After everything we have been thru and still going thru we need to forget our problems, even for a moment. What a good way to laugh. Lopez verses Lopez
0 0 Carol Lopez  June 2, 2022
Can’t wait for Nov. sooo happy George is coming back, We ALL need a good laugh and I know George Lopez will bring it,????????

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