The Old Man
1 Season
7 Episodes
A former CIA officer, who's living off the grid, finds himself on the run from people who want to kill him.
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The Old Man Season 2 on FX Scheduled to Premiere in Early 2024

Current Show Status
The Old Man Season 2 officially renewed for Early 2024
Latest Episode Aired Thu 7/21/2022 VII Season 1: Episode 7
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 2: Episode 1
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The Old Man

"The Old Man" follows the story of Dan Chase, a retired CIA operative living off the grid in the Pacific Northwest. When his past catches up with him, he's forced back into the world of espionage to confront old enemies and protect his loved ones. As Dan navigates the dangerous landscape of his former life, he must grapple with betrayal, trust, and the ghosts that haunt him from his days in the intelligence community.

The series delves into themes of redemption, sacrifice, and the complexities of morality in the shadowy realm of espionage. With intense action sequences, intricate plot twists, and compelling character dynamics, "The Old Man" offers a gripping exploration of one man's journey to confront his past and secure his future.

Where to Watch The Old Man

"The Old Man" is available for streaming on various platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, where subscribers can access all episodes of the series. Additionally, viewers can purchase or rent individual episodes or seasons through digital platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. For those who prefer traditional television viewing, the series may also be available on select cable or satellite providers, depending on regional availability.

With its availability on multiple streaming and digital platforms, "The Old Man" offers audiences the flexibility to enjoy the thrilling espionage drama at their convenience, whether at home or on the go. Its accessibility ensures that fans of the genre can immerse themselves in the intrigue and suspense of Dan Chase's journey wherever and whenever they choose.

The Old Man Cast

"The Old Man" boasts an impressive ensemble cast, led by veteran actor Jeff Bridges(Instagram, Website, Facebook, X) in the role of Dan Chase. Bridges is renowned for his diverse body of work, including iconic roles such as The Dude in "The Big Lebowski" and Rooster Cogburn in "True Grit." His portrayal of Dan Chase brings depth and gravitas to the character, capturing the complexities of a retired spy haunted by his past.

Alongside Bridges, the series features John Lithgow(Instagram, Website, Facebook, X), known for his memorable performances in "3rd Rock from the Sun" and "The Crown," among others. In "The Old Man," Lithgow portrays Harold Harper, a former colleague of Dan Chase with his own secrets to protect. His nuanced portrayal adds layers to the intricate web of relationships and intrigue that define the world of the series.

"The Old Man" Season 2

Fans of "The Old Man" can rejoice, as the highly anticipated second season of the series has been confirmed and is set to release in late 2024. Building on the momentum of its acclaimed debut season, the upcoming installment promises to deliver more twists, turns, and pulse-pounding action as Dan Chase's journey continues.

With the groundwork laid in the first season, viewers can look forward to delving deeper into the mysteries of Dan's past and the challenges he faces in his quest for redemption. As tensions escalate and alliances are tested, the stage is set for an electrifying new chapter in the saga of "The Old Man," ensuring that fans will be on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1I Jun 16, 2022
2II Jun 16, 2022
3III Jun 23, 2022
4IV Jun 30, 2022
5V Jul 7, 2022
6VI Jul 14, 2022
7VII Jul 21, 2022

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0 1 Michael Cavanaugh  March 31, 2023
Great show, all around. The characters that plays a young John Lithgow and Jeff bridges spot on. Hope we see more of them
0 1 Sandra  March 22, 2023
Loved season 1 and was really happy to hear about season 2. I also enjoyed all of Thomas Perry’s books
0 1 Karen Crawford  February 3, 2023
Absolutely awesome show! I can’t wait for Season 2!
0 2 Glenn Cornelius  January 20, 2023
Outstanding show! Have turned all my friends on to it. Can't wait for Season 2!
0 1 Marquitta Boyd  January 18, 2023
I absolutely enjoyed season 1; always been a fan of Jeff Bridges. I definitely will be watching season 2. GREAT SHOW
1 1 Amanda Bahma  November 23, 2022
I really do hope that the old man comes back on for a season 2. My dad and I watched the season 1 series and we were totally bummed to learn that it might not come back on. I really really hope that they do make a season 2.
0 0 JoAnne Joe  July 9, 2023
Love the first season and looking forward to the second season.

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