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To the casual observer, there's nothing remarkable about Sylvia. An intelligent, confident woman, Sylvia tends to keep quiet about her formidable linguistic abilities, impressive knowledge of weaponry, and skills as a markswoman.
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Signora Volpe Season 2 Confirmed by Acorn TV

Current Show Status
Signora Volpe Season 2 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Mon 5/16/2022 Truffles & Treachery Season 1: Episode 3
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 2: Episode 1
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Season 2 of the series follows a year after the release of three feature-length episodes. Produced by Route 24, a production company supported by ITV Studios and known for Sky's The Midwich Cuckoos, the new season continues the story.

Emilia Fox portrays Sylvia Fox, a former British spy who has developed a deep affection for Italy and the charming medieval town of Panicale. Despite her sister Isabel's expectations, Sylvia seems to have shed her wandering nature and embraced the local community after a year of residing in Panicale. She spends her time reconnecting with her sister and restoring a beautiful yet deteriorating old house nestled in the hills. However, old habits die hard, and while Sylvia may have left her position at MI6, her exceptional skills and penchant for solving mysteries remain unyielding. As Sylvia's relationship with the handsome Carabinieri Captain Giovanni Riva blossoms, Riva finds himself alternatively frustrated and grateful for Sylvia's peculiar involvement in various local investigations.

Similar to the previous season, the upcoming one will consist of three 90-minute episodes. Viewers will witness Fox delving into a murder and blackmail case that implicates prominent members of the Panicale community. She will also assume an undercover role at a perilous house party on the shores of Lake Trasimeno and confront an old adversary seeking revenge, leading to a race against time for her family and Captain Riva to save her life.


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1An Anxious Aunt May 2, 2022
2Secrets & Sacrifices May 9, 2022
3Truffles & Treachery May 16, 2022

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0 2 Salvino  July 24, 2023
Excellent story and character building. Hope to see many more episodes to come, per piacere, fate presto! Non vedo l'ora.
0 4 azanian  June 8, 2023
0 8 Laura Brownlow  June 2, 2023
More Signora Volpe please!! 👏👏👏
0 6 Rachel  May 31, 2023
Please renew for many more seasons!! Everything about this show is amazing ❤ ❤ ❤
0 3 Nathan  May 31, 2023
Bring this back! Excellently done and deserves more series!
0 5 Katzi  May 24, 2023
[love] This show!!! I am not only a Mystery fan, I am an ACORN fan!!! This show far surpasses 98% of the shows out there. Quality!!!
0 6 Anna  May 15, 2023
Love this series. Spectacular acting. Love the Italian scenery. Please bring back more.
0 10 Padraic Flaherty  April 1, 2023
We got season one on dvd and have watched it twice now...Loved the intelligent script and acting and gorgeous cinematography and beautiful music. I hope there are multiple seasons to come!
0 7 Lany Herrera  March 24, 2023
Emilia Fox is an outstanding actress. I enjoyed her role in "Silent Witness". ( I am still waiting to view season 26 in USA) The scenery, ofcourse, I'd breathtaking. Who doesn't love Italy? The story and characters are believable and entertaining. I hope they continue woth more seasons in the future.
Thank you!
0 12 Tracey R  March 17, 2023
Great series. Everything about it is enjoyable, good story lines, the acting and absolutely the scenery. It's not fast paced and action packed but to be honest it works perfectly as it is. It really makes a change to watch something where half of the programme isn't taken up by car chases and violent fight scene's. I really hope several more seasons of this delightful series are filmed.
0 8 Curt B  March 11, 2023
One of the nicest new shows even if it is a of cop show genre. It's low key, not in your face like Law and Order and others. Have watched the first 2 and they're like mini movies. Please make more. I like the story lines and Italy. [smile]
0 8 Paula  March 3, 2023
My husband and seriously love the show. Please have more seasons. They need more like this. Humor, drama, leaves you wanting to watch more
0 10 Sandra Thurman  February 5, 2023
My husband & I just started watching this a few nights ago. it was over way to soon!!! Pleeese film another season!! All the characters are great!! Closest I will ever get to Italy. Love the scenery & background music!
Sandra & Joe
Sachse, Texas
0 17 Karen  February 4, 2023
Love love love Signora Volpe. Please, please, please, do more series, it is excellent!
0 16 Chris Archer  February 4, 2023
Absolutely enjoyed this series Classy storyline mesmerising scenery and relatable characters Please continue with future seasons
0 6 Beth  January 14, 2023
My husband and I live in South Carolina USA. We have subscriptions to Acorn and Brit Box. We love the Detective/ Mystery Genre! We also watch the comedy’s. We are Relieved to know several of our favs will be coming back for new seasons!Please hurry and release the new shows! We Binged so many of the shows during Covid! Continue making quality and thought provoking TV!
0 12 Debbie  January 12, 2023
Love this show! Please please bring it back for more seasons. It’s way better than some series that have gone on for double digit seasons. All the characters are perfectly casted and immensely talented. I’m a murder mystery fanatic and this one is at the top of list. Right up there with Sherlock.
0 17 MaryAnn  January 6, 2023
So many fans including myself would love to see a second and third and 4th +++ seasons of this really great show! Please bring it back really, really soon!! Thank you!
0 14 Cindy Moore  January 6, 2023
Very well done show….writing, production values, characters— everything. Please renew!!
0 12 Ellen  January 2, 2023
This an excellent show. Great stories and good actors. And a fantastic setting. I have several friends who did not know about ACORN TV. I have told them about it and invited them to watch some of the shows. They now also have Acorn as well. I would love to see more seasons. I love mysteries that are NOT routine police shows and not terribly violent. More brain, less brawn.
0 11 Charles  December 28, 2022
Loved it make more please
0 19 Carol Ann O  November 29, 2022
Signora Volpe Season 1 is one of the most intelligent, well acted and entertaining programs which has come along in some time. And the setting is magnificent!
We implore you to renew, extend this series. Please!
0 14 Margaret Kortas  November 23, 2022
Loved Signora Volpe and my husband and I watched the three episodes in one evening. Please keep it going....thank you.
0 17 Anna Olson  November 2, 2022
Please, please, please make more seasons! I love everything about this series!
0 21 Kathy angus  October 9, 2022
We loved this very short series. Please renew

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