Joe Pickett
2 Seasons
20 Episodes
Follows a game warden and his family during a changing political and socioeconomic climate in a small rural town.
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Joe Pickett Season 3 is yet to be announced by Paramount+

Current Show Status
Joe Pickett Season 3 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Sun 7/30/2023 The Third Way Season 2: Episode 10
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Joe Pickett. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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New Season 2 Trailer

Los Angeles, Calif. (February 9, 2022) - Spectrum Originals announced today a second season pickup for the Paramount Television Studios-produced drama, JOE PICKETT.


Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1The Missing and the Dead Jun 4, 2023
2The Question Why Jun 4, 2023
3Stop the Slaughter! Jun 11, 2023
4Buck Wild Jun 18, 2023
5Heads Will Roll Jun 25, 2023
6Ducks and Falcons Jul 2, 2023
7Fair Chase Jul 9, 2023
8A Call for Help Jul 16, 2023
9If This Is Goodbye Jul 23, 2023
10The Third Way Jul 30, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1A Monster at the Gate Dec 6, 2021
2Circling Vultures Dec 6, 2021
3Joey, Get Your Gun Dec 6, 2021
4A Conspiracy of Ravens Dec 13, 2021
5Live and Look Like a Million Dec 13, 2021
6Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up Dec 20, 2021
7The Most Hated Man in Twelve Sleep Dec 20, 2021
8The Killing Fields Dec 27, 2021
9Endangered Dec 27, 2021
10Open Season Dec 27, 2021

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0 0 Wendy Comai  August 3, 2023
Please pickup Joe Pickett for a third season. It is a excellent show, and I can't wait to see more..
0 0 Randy  July 13, 2023
My wife and I enjoy the Episodes Of Joe Pickett, look forward to many More episodes.
0 1 Marsha Williams  June 16, 2023
Absolutely love this show. Please do not cancel Joe Pickett. Watched series over and over. Also checked out merchandise…please add more selections. Thanks.
0 2 Sherry  June 7, 2023
❤ ❤ We love this series we watched it from beginning to the end in a day an a half I was so sadly disappointed to learn there was only 2 episodes to season 2!! I could watch it everyday! PLEASE BRING BACK JOE PICKETT!! I would love to see this series run as long as shows like MASH OR GUNSMOKE!!!
0 2 Carrie  May 8, 2023
We are way past the due date of the premiere of the new season.. I love this show... What is taking so long? When will it premiere?
0 3 James Trapani  August 29, 2022
I read all the books and really liked the series. I'm so happy it has been renewed. All you fans have seen nothing yet. Joe and Marybeth Picket are total badasses in a regular person-type way. Nat too! I'm so looking forward to this.
0 11 Kim Isner  July 19, 2022
Awesome show, I really hope they don’t do what most shows are, 2 seasons and Gone This show deserves a long run. Great story line and lessons in honesty and morals. Joe is a good guy , keep this show coming….
2 13 Janis Wright  July 1, 2022
❤ please air season 2 soon!!
0 8 Linda  June 27, 2022
I have read EVERY ONE of the Joe Pickett novels and currently watching the series on Paramount +. I am overjoyed there will be a Season 2. The books and this incredible show are extremely engaging and I can’t wait til the next episode on Season One. Best show EVER!!!!! Keep it going!
0 2 Mom Linda  July 6, 2022
I have read most and have enjoyed the series. Cannot wait until season 2. I purchased a subscription from Paramount so I could watch the series. I was disappointed that episode 10 is not part of their season. It is kind of important. Not sure why they did this. Found on YouTube if anyone else missed.
0 1 Darcy Mom  July 10, 2022
I just read episode 10... the season finally will air SUnday, July 10th.
0 3 Donnie Stephens  May 25, 2022
2 4 Donnie Srephnes  May 25, 2022
When will season 2 of Joe Picket return? Finally a show kids can watch and enjoy!
0 6 Barbara  May 15, 2022
It was such a pleasure to was the first season of Joe Pickett. It was a story not just swearing and violence. Truly interesting and will inspire me to read the books. Please more.
1 4 Bill Beversdorf  May 10, 2022
Absolutely outstanding series!!!!! I’ve never been an avid reader until I was introduced to the C. J. Box books. I have read every one, watched Season 1 and am very happy that another season is in production. Hope there will be many more seasons produced. The series is extremely well cast. Hats off to a job well done!!!!!
0 1 Lila lavallee  February 16, 2022
How can I watch this from Canada? I’m in Calgary and was on the show and watched it being filmed what a wonderful experience to see the making ❤️ But I can’t watch it ? It’s only being played in the US ?
0 5 Candy Lila lavallee  February 24, 2022
It's on Paramount. We are currently watching it. Love this show and can't wait for Season 2 [love]
0 3 Mom Martin  February 14, 2022
I have read the books and want to see the series so badly, please release it soon on Paramount .
0 4 J. Meget  February 11, 2022
Great show, my wife and I love it
Glad to see it come back.
0 5 J Roman  February 11, 2022
[smile] What an awesome show. Please continue with more Joe Pickett. My wife and I watched the series twice. ?????????
0 4 Sue Knickman  February 10, 2022
So happy to see there will be a Season 2. I suggest reading all the books also- they are great!
0 4 Jesse O’Connor  February 7, 2022
Joe Pickett is a genuine American hero and its showrunners have been, mostly, much more faithful to its author than the makers of “Big Sky” and “Longmire.” It’s also a more uplifting and enjoyable world presented than the one in “Yellowstone.” C.J. Box gets Wyoming — not surprising he’s from here, unlike Longmire’s author. Twelve Sleep County is a place that can inspire a weary, cynical world to rise above darkness. Spectrum would be foolish if they don’t green light many more episodes.
1 7 Angela Ferkens  February 4, 2022
Joe Pickett was a great show can't wait for season 2.
0 11 Marisa  February 3, 2022
I just finished all 10 episodes (in two days!!!): what an amazing show. Splendid cast/music/scenery… everything.
Cannot wait for season 2.
0 10 Linda Trauthwein  February 3, 2022
My husband and I love season one of Joe Pickett. It had a great ensemble cast, intriguing, exciting story. I hope Spectrum brings it back; it's one of the reasons we kept Spectrum as our carrier. Bravo to this great series.
0 9 Renee  February 3, 2022
Can't wait for Season 2!!
1 5 Love it!  January 31, 2022
Just started the series, and am looking forward to a season two already. I have read every JP Book. I love the JP series. Great show!
0 12 Evelyn Arroyo  January 31, 2022
I watched the first episode and was immediately hooked. I just finished all 10 episodes, can’t wait for Season 2. ?????

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