NCIS: Hawaiʻi
3 Seasons
54 Episodes
The world’s most successful television series continues on the seductive shores of Hawai'i as the first female Special Agent in Charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor takes command.
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NCIS: Hawaiʻi Cancelled — No Season 4 on CBS

Current Show Status
NCIS: Hawaiʻi Season 4 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Mon 5/6/2024 Divided We Conquer Season 3: Episode 10
Next Episode Show ended 54 episodes total
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LL Cool J, who recently concluded his 14-year run as Sam Hanna on NCIS: Los Angeles, surprised fans by making a cameo appearance on the Season 2 finale of NCIS: Hawa’i’i just 24 hours later. Now, in an exciting development, he will be joining the cast of the island-set spinoff for Season 3 as a recurring guest star.

During the thrilling NCIS: Hawai’i finale, Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant, portrayed by Vanessa Lachey, found herself in a tense situation while trying to escape two henchmen of the supposedly deceased Adrian Creel. Just as she was cornered, a sniper shot echoed from a nearby hill, taking down the second adversary of both Tennant and Whistler, played by Tori Anderson.

Jane and her team will be back at work in paradise for the 2023-24 TV season. CBS has renewed NCIS: Hawai’i for a third season.


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Run and Gun Feb 12, 2024
2Crash and Burn Feb 19, 2024
3License to Thrill Feb 26, 2024
4Dead on Arrival Mar 4, 2024
5Serve and Protect Mar 25, 2024
6Operation Red Rabbit Apr 1, 2024
7The Next Thousand Apr 15, 2024
8Into Thin Air Apr 22, 2024
9Spill the Tea Apr 29, 2024
10Divided We Conquer May 6, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Prisoner's Dilemma Sep 19, 2022
2Blind Curves Sep 26, 2022
3Stolen Valor Oct 3, 2022
4Primal Fear Oct 10, 2022
5Sudden Death Oct 17, 2022
6Changing Tides Oct 24, 2022
7Vanishing Act Nov 14, 2022
8Curtain Call Nov 21, 2022
9Desperate Measures Dec 5, 2022
10Deep Fake Jan 9, 2023
11Rising Sun Jan 16, 2023
12Shields Up Jan 23, 2023
13Misplaced Targets Feb 6, 2023
14Silent Invasion Feb 13, 2023
15Good Samaritan Feb 27, 2023
16Family Ties Mar 13, 2023
17Money Honey Mar 20, 2023
18Bread Crumbs Apr 10, 2023
19Cabin Fever May 1, 2023
20Nightwatch Two May 8, 2023
21Past Due May 15, 2023
22Dies Irae May 22, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Sep 20, 2021
2Boom Sep 27, 2021
3Recruiter Oct 4, 2021
4Paniolo Oct 11, 2021
5Gaijin Oct 18, 2021
6The Tourist Nov 1, 2021
7Rescuers Nov 8, 2021
8Legacy Nov 29, 2021
9Impostor Dec 6, 2021
10Lost Jan 3, 2022
11The Game Jan 17, 2022
12Spies, Part 1 Jan 23, 2022
13Spies, Part 2 Jan 24, 2022
14Broken Feb 28, 2022
15Pirates Mar 7, 2022
16Monster Mar 14, 2022
17Breach Mar 21, 2022
18T'N'T Mar 28, 2022
19Nurture Apr 18, 2022
20Nightwatch May 2, 2022
21Switchback May 16, 2022
22Ohana May 23, 2022

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0 1 Michael Reinhart  May 22, 2024
I totally agree that CBS is clueless. You renew Elsbeth and NCIS Sydney, but cancel NCIS Hawaii. What gives??????? Then CBS comes out with NCIS Origins????? Why????? We already know Gibbs' past and NIS' past. Why waste money on that show????
0 0 Littlejonah Michael Reinhart  May 24, 2024
Totally with you on this, why dig up the past we all know it what a trun off. I wouldn't watch one episode. They always get rid of the good and keep so much rubbish. They seem to forget a lot of these series are watched outside of the USA.
0 1 Wilmer1701  May 11, 2024
You keep cancelling the good ones and have no respect for the audience.
And the worst is you ended the 3rd season in a clifthanger.
Do it right and keep NCIS Hawai'i on the air.
0 1 Rachel  April 29, 2024
If there is a room for doing a U-turn, changing your mind about this, please do so.
This is a much better show than NCIS: Sydney. I somewhat enjoy that show; but if something has to go make it that one, not NCIS: Hawaii.
0 0 Littlejonah Rachel  April 29, 2024
Fully agree, they always remove the good ones and leave utter rubbish. I'm sure they can cancel something from another genre if it is a budget issue. They seem to forget a lot of these series are watched outside the USA through varying platforms. So the viewing stats are not wholly accurate.
0 0 Littlejonah  April 29, 2024
Why is it they have to cancel the good shows and the pointless just run and run. Even if the viewing figures don't reach their expectation, surely their aim should be to be produce shows that provide a variety of entertainment to a wider audience. They should remember that is not only the audience in the USA that watch this bit many worldwide via many different media outputs.
KEEP NCIS Hawai'i please and ditch things like the Equalizer.
0 1 Donna Gatlin  April 29, 2024
H U G E mistake to cancel NCIS Hawaii. It is a great show and I look forward to each episode.
0 1 Cathleen  February 8, 2023
Please renew NCIS Hawaii. I look forward to it every Monday evening and do not miss. It is a wonderful show and so many viewers will be so disappointed if this is not given a third season.

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