Fantasy Island
2 Seasons
19 Episodes
Emotional, provocative stories about people who arrive a luxury resort with dreams and desires and depart enlightened and transformed.
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Fantasy Island Season 3 is yet to be announced by FOX

Current Show Status
Fantasy Island Season 3 β€” not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Mon 3/6/2023 Walk a Country Mile Season 2: Episode 8
Next Episode Airs Mon 4/10/2023 Gwenivere of Glendale Season 2: Episode 9


Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Tara and Jessica's High School Reunion; Cat Lady Jan 2, 2023
2Hurricane Helene; The Bachelor Party Jan 9, 2023
3Paymer vs. Paymer Jan 16, 2023
4Mystery in Miami Jan 23, 2023
5The Urn Feb 6, 2023
6Forever and a Day Feb 13, 2023
7#Happy Feb 20, 2023
8Walk a Country Mile Mar 6, 2023
9Gwenivere of Glendale Apr 10, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Hungry Christine; Mel Loves Ruby Aug 10, 2021
2His and Hers; The Heartbreak Hotel Aug 17, 2021
3Quantum Entanglement Aug 24, 2021
4Once Upon a Time in Havana Aug 31, 2021
5Twice in a Lifetime Sep 7, 2021
6The Big Five Oh Sep 12, 2021
7The Romance and the Bromance Sep 14, 2021
8DΓ­a de los Vivos Sep 19, 2021
9Welcome to the Snow Globe Part One Dec 23, 2021
10Welcome to the Snow Globe Part Two Dec 23, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Welcome to the New Fantasy Island Aug 8, 2021
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0 0 Jen  March 25, 2023
Is it just me but I could have sworn I watched episode 9 season two on Hulu last week. I went back to see if episode 10 is available and then episode 9 disappeared. However I can detail all of episode 9. I assume Hulu made a mistake and aired it on Hulu Live TV
0 2 K Starr  March 22, 2023
❀ I love the new Fantasy Island, I watched the first version with my grandparents.
It's a perfect escape. It's unlike anything else on TV. Perfect balance of love-romance- mystery-adventure and thrillers without the overkill that's on other shows.
I look forward to every episode. The characters are perfect, We love Elena,Ruby,Javier,Helene and the "uncle" that makes rare appearances. Looking forward to finding out what was knocking on the door- waiting for the next episode on April 10th, and hopefully a 10th episode Ike before to end the season and keeping hopes high and fingers crossed for season 3!!! Please, thank you, more please πŸ™πŸ½ ❀️ KStarr
0 3 Joe  March 16, 2023
Love the show... just a wonderful break from all of the "drama" elsewhere. It is just a fun escape from the day!
I hope they renew it for season 3. And what about s2 e9??? come on... run it.
0 5 MadoDanse  March 13, 2023
Hoping Fantasy Island will be back for a Season 3! What an entertainming, beautiful and wholesome show!
0 3 Bill  February 22, 2023
This is an amazing show, way better than the original.
Season's should be a lot longer (8 is not enough) and HAS to be renewed for many more seasons.
0 0 Matthew Pereira  November 10, 2022
The actual 1st episode date will be on Jan 2nd, 2023.
0 0 Matthew Pereira  August 29, 2022
It is now being said the show will premier on Jan 2023....
0 0 Admin crown Matthew Pereira  October 9, 2022
I apologize for the delay. Thanks for the news!
0 5 Vannie Flakes  June 4, 2022
[love] [love] i totally binged watched the whole show, i even think that its better than the original, but thats just my opinion. Ruby is my fav, i laughed and cried. Simply amazing.
1 1 Matthew Pereira  May 30, 2022
The date has been changed and delayed. It's no longer premiering on May 31. Its been changed to the fall.
0 1 Admin crown Matthew Pereira  May 30, 2022
Thanks you!
1 10 Jacqueline W.  September 30, 2021
I love Fantasy Island.. I think it needs more advertisement so people know about it. Give it another season. [smile]

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