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Real estate agent Luke Roman is the owner of The Roman Agency, a boutique residential real estate brokerage specializing in "metaphysically engaged" properties, also known as haunted houses.
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SurrealEstate Season 3 Will Be Back on Syfy

Current Show Status
SurrealEstate Season 3 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Wed 12/6/2023 Letting Go Season 2: Episode 10
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 3: Episode 1
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SYFY isn't moving out of the haunted house market anytime soon. The network confirmed Tuesday that it has officially handed down the green-light for a second season of SurrealEstate, which will premiere sometime in 2023. (Source:


Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Trust the Process Oct 4, 2023
2Truth in Advertising Oct 11, 2023
3The Butler Didn't Oct 18, 2023
4I Put a Spell on You Oct 25, 2023
5Art & Science Nov 1, 2023
6Set Your Flag on Fire Nov 8, 2023
7God & Monsters Nov 15, 2023
8Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Nov 22, 2023
9Dearly Departed Nov 29, 2023
10Letting Go Dec 6, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Jul 16, 2021
2The Harvey Jul 23, 2021
3For Sale by Owner Jul 30, 2021
4A House Is Not a Home Aug 6, 2021
5Ft. Ghost Child Aug 13, 2021
6Roman's Six Aug 20, 2021
7Quarantine Aug 27, 2021
8Baba O'Reilly Sep 3, 2021
9White Wedding Sep 10, 2021
10The House Always Wins Sep 17, 2021

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0 0 G. Peebles  January 31, 2024
Missed most of Season 2 ..didn’t know it came back. Anywhere I can see those programs missed. G. Peebles
0 2 raven0526  October 3, 2023
I am thrilled that Surreal Estate is coming back!! Hoping that the same cast from Season 1 is returning, as they worked so well together and complimented each other's characters. Thank you so very much SyFy for bringing this great show back!!!
0 8 RB  March 19, 2023
Absolutely love this show I'm so glad it's coming back could you hurry up with it please
0 1 Roman RB  June 20, 2023
I cannot seem to find a release date? So glad it is coming back. Why keep us guessing. We need to know when season 2 will premier . [thinking]
0 4 Amy  January 30, 2023
Okay it is January 2023 and I just found this show and thought only one season NO WAY! My ADHD self and google and search even more can not find a date for this show to come back on does anyone know?
0 5 Angel  December 13, 2022
[love] one of my favorite sifi shows. Please return it to run season 2 and so on.
0 9 Connie  May 11, 2022
Very happy to see this coming back ! Why is it take you guys SO long to make up your mind?? Looking forward to 2023! Hope I'm still around!
0 9 raven0526 Connie  May 13, 2022
Thank you, thank you Syfy for bringing this show back!!! The characters and story lines were wonderful and interesting!!
0 12 Denise from Trinidad  February 5, 2022
We absolutely loved the show. We really hope they change their minds and do a season 2
0 18 Mike Smalls  January 10, 2022
[sad2] I can't believe the producers of this show, are canceling the Series after only 1 season??? It has a great storyline, great cast & Heavy Positive Fan Review!!!!!!!!! Many of the "[censored]py" Series go on & on beyond reasons I never understand. You finally get a great series & it's then gone after 1 season????? I sure hope this is reconsidered, and then appropriate decision made to continue with a Season Series #2.
0 14 Faith LaPierre  January 8, 2022
Can't believe they cancelled this show. I loved it! It never fails, good show, let's cancel it. Argggh!
0 10 Patricia Garza  January 6, 2022
:(((: what happened? This is a great show and fun, interesting characters. You made a BIG MISTAKE.
I LOOKED FORWARD TO THE SHOW AND I RE-WATCHED THE FIRST SEASON...something I don't do! Please reconsider.
0 8 JennV  December 9, 2021
I sure will be watching if this series if brought back. Great show. Great characters and stories. Just LOVED it. And I don't watch anything but public TV mostly. Please bring this back - what the heck is wrong with TV executives??!! This one is a winner.
0 8 Tshia  November 29, 2021
❤ I love the show and was very excited to see the 2nd episode DONT leave us in suspense
0 14 Stellaje  November 20, 2021
Please renew! Its a great show!! ??????
0 16 L Castle  November 12, 2021
Bring it back, please! I love this series...very inventive and a great watch!!
0 20 Nicki PG  October 17, 2021
This show is unique, engaging, suspenseful, heartwarming, funny, and sometimes downright scary! It has a one-of-a-kind storyline, the writing is sophisticated, but not snobbish. Never weak. And just when you expect a serious piece of dialog - boom! Comedy appears! The characters are all exceptional in different ways, but human as the rest of us at their core, making them easy to relate to. They were developed subtly and at exactly the right pace. They will hopefully continue to evolve with season 2; and if there is good in the universe, season 3 and 4. As far as casting, each actor is absolutely believable in their role. Wouldn't change a single one of them. I also think it's wonderful that this is a Canadian production that doesn't over-try to appear American. In fact, there are moments in several episodes that are unapologetically Canadian. Huzzah!

I think this show, if it continues on its current path, has the potential to become a cult favourite. I'm certainly hooked.
0 14 Gale Knoles  October 13, 2021
This is one of the best shows on TV. It has a one of a kind story line and is very entertaining. I love the characters and the subtle comedy. This one is a winner! Please keep this one around.
0 15 ThaoTr  September 30, 2021
I am not one who stick with any show, I get bored very easily especially shows I can guess what would happen next, or if the show has terrible mismatched cast. Surreal Estates has me hooked. Please let's season 2 begin!!!!
0 17 Sudsy  September 28, 2021
Love this show, hope there is a season 2. The actors alone make it worth a second shot.
0 19 Beryl  September 25, 2021
Sooooo...... I'm the person who doesn't respond to shows in this manner. However, I find myself in very uncharted waters. I don't generally look at episode shows. I like things to be wrapped up in a pretty little bow and finished. This show, Surreal Estate, has messed me up!!! Once I looked at the last episode of the season, I find myself anxious to get to the next season! I enjoy this series immensely! Please, please, bring it back as soon as you possibly, humanly, can!!!!! Thank you!
0 16 Natalie Joiner  September 25, 2021
Please bring back Season 2. Did luke get possessed by his sister? The ending where all the souls went was interesting but it seemed that luke had died, was that his soul or his sister's soul? PLEASE BRING BACK...
0 5 jennjt20 Natalie Joiner  October 13, 2021
I don't think Luke was possessed by his sister. Didn't you remember when Luke went back to the bowling alley to look for his dad. Luke said "why didn't you tell me"? It is an indication that Luke survived and now he couldn't hear/see his dad anymore.
0 15 Maria Valenti  September 25, 2021

0 17 Mercury  September 21, 2021
Love the show, it is entertaining and fun to watch. I do hope it is not cancelled! I cannot wait to see how Luke gets his mojo back. [hands]
0 20 JRG  September 20, 2021
Please bring this back for season 2!!! So sad to see this first season had ended already, I was hoping for more episodes since it was so good. So bring it back for season 2 except with more episodes. [smile] This series was a big favorite for my daughter and I, great actors and a great script week after week!!
0 24 Rod  September 19, 2021
[smile] great concept and very entertaining. Pulls you in with good character plots and subplots. Definitely hope for more seasons to come.
0 20 Richard M.  September 18, 2021
We absolutely love this show! The spectacular concept and VERY entertaining, eclectic cast are beyond entertaining. For the whole week we look forward to this genuinely enjoyable story. Please bring this back for another season

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