The Equalizer
4 Seasons
56 Episodes
A reimagining of the classic series, The Equalizer centers on enigmatic woman with a mysterious background who uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn.
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The Equalizer Season 5 is yet to be announced by CBS

Current Show Status
The Equalizer Season 5 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Sun 3/31/2024 The Whistleblower Season 4: Episode 5
Next Episode Airs Sun 4/21/2024 DOA Season 4: Episode 6
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CBS Announced Season 4 Release Date for “The Equalizer” – February 18, 2024

”The Equalizer” Season 4 Set to Premiere on February 18, 2024

Confirmed by TV Guide, “The Equalizer” Season 4 will debut on CBS on February 18, 2024 at 8:00 PM/7:00 PM CST. Starring Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall, also known as the titular Equalizer, the show is a reboot of the 1985 series and plotline of the television show. McCall acts as a sort of ‘guardian angel’ to those that require her skillset, but otherwise is a divorced single mother. She does, however, have experience with the CIA.

Season 4 will pick up where Season 3’s cliffhanger ended, with two main characters being held captive in a predicament that could cost them, and their loved ones, their lives. No characters or actors are yet confirmed to be written out, although that could change drastically following the premiere of “The Equalizer” Season 4.

The ensemble cast of “The Equalizer” stars Queen Latifah in the titular role; it also stars Tory Kittles as Marcus Dante, Adam Goldberg as Harry Keshegian, and Liza Lapira as Mel Bayani. CBS has not officially announced any casting changes, which could prove interesting as Season 4 develops.

The length of “The Equalizer” Season 4 has not yet been confirmed by CBS.

How to Watch “The Equalizer” Season 4 and Previous Seasons

”The Equalizer” will air on CBS on the premiere date of February 18, 2024 at 8:00 PM/7:00 PM CST. Episodes may be aired in syndication at random times like the previous three seasons have.

”It's About Power | The Equalizer” from CBS - YouTube

”The Equalizer” Season 4 will be available for next-day viewing on Paramount+. Individual episodes and entire seasons can be purchased on Prime Video, Apple TV and Google Play. Check with your internet or cable service provider to see if episodes are available for viewing on-demand.

Updates on the Cast and Crew of “The Equalizer” Season 4

Queen Latifah (born as Dana Elaine Owens) is a long-tenured actor, singer and performer. She has had numerous hits on the Billboard Hot 100 list and has 115 actress credits to her name, and more than 45 producing credits to her name. According to her IMDB, she is set to continue producing “From The Bottom Up,” “Paper Chase” and a yet-untitled movie with Solvan Naim.

She has more than 8 million followers on her Instagram, and just under 8 million followers on her X/Twitter account.

Adam Goldberg, Liza Lapira and Tory Kittles, co-stars alongside Queen Latifah, also have active Instagram accounts.


Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Truth for a Truth Feb 18, 2024
2Full Throttle Feb 25, 2024
3Blind Justice Mar 3, 2024
4All Bets Are Off Mar 17, 2024
5The Whistleblower Mar 31, 2024
6DOA Apr 21, 2024
7Legendary Apr 28, 2024
8Condemned May 5, 2024
9TBA May 12, 2024
10TBA May 19, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Boom Oct 2, 2022
2Where There's Smoke Oct 9, 2022
3Gaslight Oct 16, 2022
4One Percenters Oct 23, 2022
5Blowback Nov 13, 2022
6A Time to Kill Nov 20, 2022
7Paradise Lost Nov 27, 2022
8He Ain't Heavy Feb 19, 2023
9Second Chance Feb 26, 2023
10Do No Harm Mar 5, 2023
11Never Again Mar 12, 2023
12Lost and Found Mar 19, 2023
13Patriot Game Mar 26, 2023
14No Good Deed Apr 16, 2023
15No Way Out Apr 23, 2023
16Love Hurts May 7, 2023
17Justified May 14, 2023
18Eye for an Eye May 21, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Aftermath Oct 10, 2021
2The Kingdom Oct 17, 2021
3Leverage Oct 24, 2021
4The People Aren't Ready Oct 31, 2021
5Followers Nov 7, 2021
6Shooter Nov 21, 2021
7When Worlds Collide Nov 28, 2021
8Separated Jan 2, 2022
9Bout That Life Jan 9, 2022
10Legacy Feb 27, 2022
11Chinatown Mar 6, 2022
12Somewhere Over the Hudson Mar 13, 2022
13D.W.B. Mar 20, 2022
14Pulse Apr 10, 2022
15Hard Money Apr 17, 2022
16Vox Populi Apr 24, 2022
17What Dreams May Come May 8, 2022
18Exposed May 15, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1The Equalizer Feb 7, 2021
2Glory Feb 14, 2021
3Judgement Day Feb 21, 2021
4It Takes a Village Feb 28, 2021
5The Milk Run Mar 28, 2021
6The Room Where It Happens Apr 4, 2021
7Hunting Grounds May 2, 2021
8Lifeline May 9, 2021
9True Believer May 16, 2021
10Reckoning May 23, 2021

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0 0 Ian Lumgair crown  January 20, 2024
I watched several episodes and did not find her as believable as McCall. I love Queen as an actress. I don't like her in this role! :(((:
0 1 Ernithia Jn Baptiste  May 22, 2023
Love the show can’t wait for the next season 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
3 0 mary ciolli  April 17, 2023
The April 16th episode was offensive. It was very stilted to the progressive mindset of asylum seekers- a real tear jerker . The beginning was the transport of the "illegals" to Boston but somehow ended up in NYC , once again, telling the half- truths of the immigrant crisis . How about the cartels that are killing our youth with fentanyl @ a 2000% rate? NO. The writers have to go the party line that all are welcome, even illegally, even though the health, judicial , and educational system are at a default position.
My parents were Italian immigrants that came through Ellis IS. I Know this is not a possibility now; however the one-sided story line is wearing on more than 60% of the American populace.
I will never be viewing this once stellar series. Go woke, and lose your viewership! :(((:
0 9 Linda Stevenson mary ciolli  May 1, 2023
Easy solution - don't watch shows that offend your mindset.
0 3 Alicia nichols mary ciolli  June 1, 2023
The article above was as racist and is respectful as you can get. But that wasn't restricted from viewer comment. Love Equalizer and cannot wait until next episode. Get over your personal feelings, it is a written story and watch the entertainment. Queen Latifah and the other actors and actresses are brilliant and talented. Truly appreciate that this show is entertaining those of us that can distinguish fantasy from reality and enjoy Equalizer shows.
0 0 Andrew McKinley mary ciolli  December 4, 2023
The show is just a show isn't real ure looking at it like a non fiction show which it isn't its fiction look up fiction in the dictionary
0 1 Barbara B.  October 31, 2022
1 5 Barbara B.  October 31, 2022
I love this show and can’t wait to watch it every Sunday. The show is formidable. Can’t wait for season 4.
1 6 P. Mullen  October 2, 2022
Thank you so much for renewing seasons 3 and 4! Queen Latifah and the rest of the amazing cast, are so amazing! They truly draw the audience into every show and you literally can not move. I can’t wait for tonight’s season 3, episode 1!👏🏾👏🏾 👏🏾
1 5 William s Marshall  June 24, 2022
0 1 Michelle burk William s Marshall  December 14, 2022
Paramount +
0 3 Tammy Haines  March 22, 2022
Jersey City New Jersey born in raise in booker t projects please release equalizer season 3 I love this show please Season 3me please
1 3 M Soda  March 21, 2022
CBS needs to renew this show for season 3. This is the only redeeming show on network TV these days.
1 6 LA  January 16, 2022
My husband and I loved this show. We watched season 1 and season 2 of the show and was always at the edge of our seats. We were a little hurt that there weren't any more episodes. Please bring additional seasons. [love] [love] [love]
2 9 Brenda Dash  December 19, 2021
I love the Equalizer and want to see it come back. Why is it being canceled?
2 8 E  December 5, 2021
Please renew this show

0 2 Michel Senna  December 1, 2021
Adorei a série, sou super fã da Rainha Queen Latifah, ela encaixou perfeitamente no papel, como sempre [smile] [love] ...
Esperando a terceira temporada ansioso [love]
1 8 Richard Robinson  November 29, 2021
I really enjoy and look forward to the EQUALIZER. I feel that this role fits Queen Latifah, and she is witty and down to earth. I really wish that there was more episodes in the 16. l think the cast is amazing blend well in their roles. The last episode, WHEN WORLD COLLIDES, has my mind spinning on how Queen is going to get her friend Harry out of this situation....
1 8 Mrs. C.  November 29, 2021
WE LOVE THIS SHOW!! My husband and I look forward to seeing Queen Latifah truly involved in helping folks. The situations are really involved and well written. It is one of the few shows that keeps you interested. We can’t wait to see what Season 3 will bring. Thanks CBS.
0 6 Renee L Miller  November 29, 2021
I can't wait to find out why harry and his wife were arrested at the end can't wait to see what happens in the next episode when it airs
2 5 D L  November 29, 2021
Why are seasons so short? I feel cheated. I love this show and all the characters. It is getting harder and harder to find a show you can depend on.
1 6 Jacquelyn Daniels  October 24, 2021
[hands] I would like to know why does sixty minute always go over it's time and the Equalizer starts 15mins. late and it never finish the ending
0 16 Margie Sims  June 6, 2021
My VERY Favorite show. I am a very senior adult I like it when the good guys win. I like the interaction she has as a mother dealing with a teenaged daughter. It shows that they both make mistakes, how they handle them and their love and respect for each other. Love the unique way she goes about hunting down the bad guys. Her computer friend and wife are fantastic. I don’t like blood, guts and gore and she takes care of things without all of this. I have waited 2 weeks now and just decided to check why it wasn’t on. HURRY BACK with the only really good show, in so many ways.
0 12 K. Regan  May 27, 2021
This show is a weekly addiction and keeps me on the edge of my seat. Very well written
and all the cast does an exceptional job to make this one of the best dramas on tv.
I can’t wait for next season. Hopefully the advertisers won’t mess up the future of this great show like they did with Grimm.
1 5 Donna  May 26, 2021
Love this show, can’t wait for season 2.
2 10 P miliotti  May 24, 2021
I liked the original series years ago. But this new one is so much better!! Queen Latifah is incredible, as always. The entire cast is wonderful! This is my favorite show of the week. I hope they do more episodes next year. This needs a full season of 21.
2 6 Steven Shirly  May 23, 2021
I was a fan of the original equalizer and im a true fan of this one Queen Latifah as Robin McCall and the rest of the cast make this a must watch show
1 8 Laura J Bartlett  May 17, 2021
queen Latifah does an excellent job. everyone does. love her show.thank youfor a wonderful show.
0 1 Denise Itelan Laura J Bartlett  February 1, 2022
I love this show and can't wait till Sunday so watch it if they cancel it IAM done with CBS only good show they have please keep it coming

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