Double Cross
4 Seasons
24 Episodes
Erica & Eric Cross are the "Wonder Twins" that decide to take matters into their own hands after a sudden rise of sex trafficking in their neighborhood.
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Double Cross Season 5 is yet to be announced by ALLBLK

Current Show Status
Double Cross Season 5 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Thu 3/23/2023 Not Over Yet Season 4: Episode 6
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Double Cross. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Love Over Hate Feb 16, 2023
2Family Over Everything Feb 23, 2023
3All Over Again Mar 2, 2023
4Good Over Evil Mar 9, 2023
5Bend Over Backwards Mar 16, 2023
6Not Over Yet Mar 23, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Take It Or Leave It Feb 3, 2022
2Yes Or No Feb 10, 2022
3All Or Nothing Feb 17, 2022
4Rain Or Shine Feb 24, 2022
5Sooner Or Later Mar 3, 2022
6Dead Or Alive Mar 10, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Alive and Kicking Jan 14, 2021
2High and Dry Jan 14, 2021
3Beck and Call Jan 21, 2021
4Rough and Ready Jan 28, 2021
5Lock and Key Feb 4, 2021
6Far and Away Feb 11, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Jilted & Justified May 21, 2020
2My Brother's Keeper May 28, 2020
3Dr. Epps & Mr. Hyde Jun 4, 2020
4Duplicitous Nature Jun 11, 2020
5Ambiguous Heroes Jun 18, 2020
6Twin Peaks Jun 25, 2020

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0 2 Roshonda  April 11, 2023
Please I need a season 5
0 6 Victoria Dada  April 6, 2023
I need more of double cross amazing story line please bring it bag Netflix please do your thing Jeff Logan so so hot zaddy more of the crew
0 9 Ivey Tucker  March 30, 2023
I really need more than 6 episodes of D ❤ uble Cr ❤ ss! I absolutely love this show! Come on baby sister, you should've f@@k up Cain/Cabe- the creeper
Detective detective my my smh
0 3 Tip  March 30, 2023
I love this show is 6 of 6 the last one I went to all black this morning and double cross was not on there what's going on please bring more
0 2 Renay Allen  March 26, 2023
I’m looking forward to more seasons please I watch each episode then I do the whole season so you must keep this going……………. On and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0 7 Jo  March 26, 2023
Yes Please.Season 5,6, and7
0 8 Nana  March 26, 2023
Just finished season 4…… SEASON 5 ME PLZZZZ [hands] [hands]
0 6 Erica Bailey  March 25, 2023
Please let there be a season 5 Double Cross ❤ ❤
0 8 Gail  March 18, 2023
This show is 🔥🔥🔥please come back with season 5
0 5 Jazz Williams  March 16, 2023
I really want the Cade or whatever his name is that’s over the sex trafficking dead , I really hope they kill his ass
0 6 Lasandra Ross  March 12, 2023
0 2 Naketta lymon  February 25, 2023
I love double cross its the best show I spotted since I watched house divided can't wait til episode 3 of season 4 come on I wish all the episode was on there all at once [love]
0 5 Adrienne  December 20, 2022
I figured out it was the chief when he killed Michelle it’s a damn shame that the he has been doing this to his own community for over 40+years. Eric is not dead Erica will get there in time to save her brother, I also think Detective Candice stumbled on the truth that night they went to arrest the twins and for that reason alone the Chief told mother to send Robin and the other girls and that is why she died and the other two were just injured
0 1 Aaliyah McDonald Muh Adrienne  January 17, 2023
Feb 3 2023 I was told Season 4 of the wonder twins Double Cross
0 8 Ms.  December 12, 2022
I dont think Eric is going to end up dead. Remember they have twintuition... They feel each other pain. So I'm thinking Erica felt something has happened and in some kind of way she is going to save him by doing something to herself. At least that's what I'm hoping for to happen
0 3 Samantha  August 9, 2022
This is gonna be like Power when they killed Ghost and people stop watching…. Nobody said y’all couldn’t kill him at this time it’s stupid. Y’all just did this to get people to continue watch but how you gonna kill the star this early
0 5 Valarie  June 10, 2022
Please don't let Eric be dead. I love him so much. I hope Erica find out and make her pay. And when is season 4 coming out. Please don't end it at season 3.
0 5 Pattie Agee  May 10, 2022
If u think bringing in an imitation Eric Cross [angry] will work nope ?? nope nope I’ll stop watching it, the wonder twins need to be 2gether they got to much more saving to do
Besides they got yo put an end to Tiffany m Brian
0 6 Latoya  April 6, 2022
OMG, PLEASE DON'T LET ERIC BE DEAD!!!! I love this show and we need him to help Erica take Tiffany out. PLEASE RENEW it for Season 4??????
0 8 Catherine nelson  March 25, 2022
Please don't kill Eric off in please let it be a season 4 this is so so good you guys do not get enough waiting for this movie it's very very good again please don't let Eric. Let him come back and season for and stay in until there's no more double cross thank you
0 8 Monilv7  March 20, 2022
❤ [kissed] [kiss] when I say I love this show the whole concept this show is not getting the attention or notoriety it deserves I got almost half my job, ppl at church, the salon I go 2 watching I asked ppl 2 watch it and now ppl hooked and junkies if they take this off im gonna be so [censored]ed this the best damn show ever.. they can't go without them getting that damn captain of the force... muthasucka
0 7 T  March 20, 2022
I love that series God i hope it comes back on
0 31 Shamikia  March 10, 2022
I hope Eric is not died! I need him and Ericka to kill Tiffany
2 1 Queen mara Shamikia  March 23, 2022
I hope it not true that they are killing him off .To replace him with a smaller all tatted up dude. Their seems to be talk in the feed about another cross. Joining the cast named Daniel.
0 7 ashley1990 Shamikia  March 25, 2022
tiffany and brian needs to go
0 4 Ceforah Shamikia  March 27, 2022
OMG, u feel sis. I was over here crying and sh*t ? cause I don’t want him to died or replace by some other dude like ugghhh ? I need another season ASAP ?❤️‍? Cause I just can’t wait to see what happened next..
0 14 Shaqura Hennix  March 10, 2022
Not the chief, Season 4 wya ???
0 15 Tyieshia Gardner  March 10, 2022
I hope Eric cross ain’t dead I hope he still alive on season 4 please let him be on season 4 come on with it already this just y’all teasing me with all his episodes
0 8 Tamika1  February 27, 2022
[kiss] I LOVE ❤ THE ?TV?SHOW PLEASE let there be a SEASON4 YOU HEAR??THAT AMC Spectrum on demand

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