Wicked City
2 Seasons
7 Episodes
Wicked City follows five urban witches who push their supernatural powers to new heights after uncovering dark secrets and accidentally entering the world of the forbidden
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Wicked City Season 2 Will Be Released on October 19, 2023

Current Show Status
The release date for Wicked City Season 2 — October 19, 2023
Countdown to premiere date (EST)
Latest Episode Aired Thu 1/5/2023 A Debt Owed Season 1: Episode 6
Next Episode Airs Thu 10/19/2023 Episode 1 Season 2: Episode 1
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The thrilling urban fantasy series, "Wicked City," has been granted a second season renewal by ALLBLK, the streaming service from AMC Networks. In its highly anticipated sophomore season, the show takes viewers on an exhilarating journey as five formidable Black witches harness their extraordinary powers to unprecedented levels. As they delve deeper into the mystical realm, the witches stumble upon hidden truths that not only unlock ancient secrets but also draw the attention of perilous adversaries. Season 2 of "Wicked City" is scheduled to premiere in October 2023, promising an enthralling continuation of the spellbinding narrative.


Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Episode 1 Oct 19, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1A Spell Too Far Dec 1, 2022
2On the Other Side Dec 8, 2022
3Hitchhiker for the Damned Dec 15, 2022
4Every Time I Lose Control Dec 22, 2022
5Family Secrets Dec 29, 2022
6A Debt Owed Jan 5, 2023

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0 0 Jacqlyn  July 17, 2023
There will be a 2nd Season it will premiere this year sometime in October I'm excited for the 2nd season I just started watching it last night early morning and I literally just finished the 1st season a few mins ago I absolutely love that the cast is all black and females and I'm equally happy Colombus Short is back in the 2nd season I love he's an African American Man from Kansas City MO My hometown and he's been representing us so well in all his movies but even more so in this Series that's why I hope to see him back in the 2nd season.
0 0 Bossup  June 13, 2023
as a TV critic and a large social media influencer and a spiritual practitioner, the show is amazing you should continue it and we shouldn’t be waiting on season two there should be 12 episodes per season and this should just be the break right now for us waiting on episode seven through 12 I suggest you start the show back quickly and it’s all black doesn’t give it the attention it’s supposed to please net work with shudder TV. or starz the show must go on
0 1 Anahs Martin  May 22, 2023
I will start a petition for a season two. I mean I just miss the girls. ❤️🫂🥰😭
0 5 Lisa  March 21, 2023
Love .. Love .. Love 💕 this show .. cast is amazing .. acting superb and none of the characters have to buck dance . Coon or take a less than role. The writers/ creators of this show respects and values our narrative on screen . Please allow this show to flourish and promote .. A++ Jem worthy of discovery ... I also want to say that when it comes to our shows that are on code...going to take some time for the numbers to get higher since this doesn't play into the proverbial stereotypes ,, such a liberating show .. keep 👏🏾going 👏🏾
0 5 Bree  March 19, 2023
[love] this show please bring a second season make it a series would be nice to see it on BET+ as well
0 8 Lakeen  February 25, 2023
[love] This show is great... I hope it doesn't get canceled...This show was incredible to watch ... I hope they make a second season ❤
0 7 Osuremi  February 12, 2023
Amazing series, please don't let this series get canceled. I've watched the 1 season twice already, need more Áse
0 6 Kristy  February 12, 2023
I love this show Vanessa acts and produces great shows. Hopefully allblk isn't foolish and let this show fall by the way side. Can't wait for season 2. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
0 4 Kalandra  February 7, 2023
This was spiritual to watch.. I loved every bit of it.. and I shared with friends.. we are all hoping you come with more..
0 7 NOLA GORL  February 2, 2023
Please stop canceling black shows! This particular show has great potential. It’s absurd to cancel after one season when it was really getting good.. besides, I can think of a BUNCH of shows with predominantly all white cast that should’ve been canceled bust hasn’t 😡
0 5 Mo  January 29, 2023
❤ Yes keep this show what happens next
0 8 India  January 23, 2023
Please continue the show, I was so hooked to see a diverse group of black men women working together
0 5 Jasmine Foster  January 21, 2023
They cancelled it because it’s a bunch of black witches. Wouldn’t want to remind the masses of anything I suppose.
0 6 Letrese  January 16, 2023
Great show! Hope there's a season 2.
0 4 Sylk  January 15, 2023
Refreshing to watch!!!!
0 5 Paris  January 10, 2023
I like the concept and do hope for a season 2, the acting could be a little better and realistic.
0 12 John P  January 10, 2023
Season ended to soon not enough episodes. Please add more episodes. Show is banging.
0 6 Ashley  January 10, 2023
Excellent series. Please renew and advertise more. We need a second series. We need more episodes showing them using there powers.
0 12 Ck  January 3, 2023
Please let there be a season 2. Season 1 was too short we need more episodes like yesterday.
0 10 Kateisha Menefield  December 31, 2022
Love this show! Praying it gets renewed!
0 9 Destiny Hague  December 30, 2022
❤ live this series and wish there was more publicity for it.
0 15 Laen  December 28, 2022
Hell yes... There should be more episodes of this series... I [censored]ing Love this series...❤️

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