Hudson & Rex
6 Seasons
86 Episodes
Detective Charlie Hudson teams up with what he calls his "highly trained law enforcement animal" German Shepherd dog named Rex who he prefers to team up with because he doesn't talk his ear off.
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City Sets Season 6 Premiere of Hudson & Rex for Late 2023

Current Show Status
Hudson & Rex Season 6 officially renewed for Late 2023
Latest Episode Aired Tue 4/25/2023 One for the Road Season 5: Episode 20
Next Episode Airs Wed 10/4/2023 Ghost Ship Season 6: Episode 1
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#HudsonAndRex will return with a new episode March 7th

HUDSON & REX Actors Real-Life Couples, Real Age & Family Lives


Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Ghost Ship Oct 4, 2023
2The Good, the Bad, and the Rex Oct 11, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Lost in the Barrens Sep 25, 2022
2Punch Drunk Glove Oct 2, 2022
3Run, Donovan, Run Oct 9, 2022
4Hand of Cod Oct 16, 2022
5The Good Shepherd Oct 23, 2022
6Den of Snakes Oct 30, 2022
7The Date Escape Nov 6, 2022
8Bury the Lead Nov 13, 2022
9Rexpert Witness Nov 20, 2022
10One Wild Night Nov 27, 2022
11Working for the Weekend Jan 17, 2023
12Lost Lives Club Jan 24, 2023
13The Miranda Act Jan 31, 2023
14Rexit, Stage Left Mar 7, 2023
15Northern Rexposure Mar 21, 2023
16Due North Mar 28, 2023
17Lost and Found Apr 4, 2023
18Jail Break Apr 11, 2023
19The Cook, the Chief, the Cop and His Lover Apr 18, 2023
20One for the Road Apr 25, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Sid and Nancy Oct 7, 2021
2Oops I Bit It Again Oct 14, 2021
3Rex Marks the Spot Oct 21, 2021
4Leader of the Pack Oct 28, 2021
5Rex to Riches Nov 4, 2021
6Dead Man's Bridge Nov 11, 2021
7A Stab in the Dark Web Nov 18, 2021
8Sudden Death Nov 25, 2021
9Impawster Syndrome Jan 6, 2022
10Blood & Diamonds Jan 13, 2022
11Capital Punishment Jan 20, 2022
12No Man Is an Island Mar 22, 2022
13Roses of Signal Hill Mar 29, 2022
14Roll the Bones Apr 5, 2022
15Nightmare on Water St. Apr 12, 2022
16Dog Days Are Over Apr 19, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Origin Story Jan 5, 2021
2Manhunt Jan 12, 2021
3Into the Wild Jan 19, 2021
4Under Pressure Jan 26, 2021
5Prescription-Rex! Feb 2, 2021
6Endless Summer Feb 9, 2021
7All in the Litter Feb 16, 2021
8Sleeping Beauty Feb 23, 2021
9Grave Matters Mar 2, 2021
10Fanning the Flames Mar 9, 2021
11Blood on the Tracks Mar 16, 2021
12Top Dog Mar 23, 2021
13Mansion on a Hill Mar 30, 2021
14The Secret Life of Levi Apr 6, 2021
15Seeing Is Deceiving Apr 13, 2021
16The Art of the Steal Apr 20, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1A Man of Consequence Sep 24, 2019
2Over Ice Oct 1, 2019
3Blind Justice Oct 8, 2019
4Strangers in the Night Oct 15, 2019
5Dead Man Walking Oct 22, 2019
6Under the Influencer Oct 29, 2019
7The Woods Have Eyes Nov 5, 2019
8Game of Bones Nov 12, 2019
9Bullet in the Water Nov 19, 2019
10The French Connection Nov 26, 2019
11Rex Machina Jan 14, 2020
12Rex and the City Jan 21, 2020
13In Pod We Trust Jan 28, 2020
14Tunnel Vision Feb 4, 2020
15Finger Foodie Feb 11, 2020
16Flare of the Dog Feb 18, 2020
17The Graveyard Shift Mar 3, 2020
18Old Dog, New Tricks Mar 17, 2020
19In a Family Way Mar 24, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1The Hunt Mar 25, 2019
2Fearless Freaks Apr 1, 2019
3Haunted by the Past Apr 8, 2019
4School Daze Apr 15, 2019
5The Pet Sitter Apr 22, 2019
6Murder, She Thought Apr 29, 2019
7Trial and Terror Jun 13, 2019
8Fast Eddie's Jun 20, 2019
9The Mourning Show Jun 27, 2019
10Art of Darkness Jul 4, 2019
11Bad Water Rising Jul 11, 2019
12A Cult Education Jul 18, 2019
13The Rex Files Jul 25, 2019

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0 1 Linda  July 23, 2023
we love this show but you show the same few reruns over and over, with all the episodes that have happened, can you please run some different reruns.
0 2 Crystal  June 25, 2023
What streaming apps are all five seasons on in the U.S.???????
0 0 Moore Crystal  June 28, 2023
In the US you can watch Hudson and Rex on the Roku channel, Direct TV, Amazon Prime Video, Tik Tok. I'm not sure about YouTube
0 0 Moore Crystal  June 28, 2023
I Just checked again you can rent or purchase Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, ITunes or Google Play and TV shows
0 2 Emma  May 22, 2023
when is hudson & rex season 6 returns ?
1 3 Moore Emma  May 25, 2023
Season 6 will air in September or October
0 0 P moore Emma  August 22, 2023
A fan on Facebook said Hudson and Rex is coming back on Wednesday October 4th. I hope it's on at 8:00pm not 9,:00pm
0 12 Nicole  April 5, 2023
Please, please bring back season 6. There is so little to enjoy on the networks that are enjoyable anymore. This show means so much to us dog lovers and senior citizens as I would be called!😂
Love the whole cast! 🙏🏻
0 5 Moore Nicole  April 14, 2023
According to Variety on Google Hudson and Rex has been renewed for season 6
0 3 Moore Nicole  April 14, 2023
According to Variety on Google Hudson and Rex has been renewed for season 6
0 4 Nicole Moore  April 14, 2023
Thanks Moore!
So enjoy a fun police mystery with a beautiful dog partner. 😊
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0 7 Shirley MacKay  April 5, 2023
Has Jesse not seen his optometrist since losing his glasses in the plane crash or has he taken up wearing contact lenses?
Great show, Diesal is amazing .
Everyone has their own ideas, I like the shows that involve the whole team working together.
0 3 Moore Shirley MacKay  April 5, 2023
In some of the scenes last night Jesse was still wearing he's glasses and in some scenes he Iwasn't. interesting to see if he's wearing glasses in the next episode. I didn't notice that he wasn't wearing he's glasses until he met the man in the park.
0 1 Shirley MacKay  April 5, 2023
Has Jesse not seen his optometrist since losing his glasses in the plane crash or has he taken up wearing contact lenses?
Great show, Diesal is amazing .
Everyone has their own ideas, I like the shows that involve the whole team working together.
7 5 Sandy  March 29, 2023
Love the show but way to much of the love interest n
Between Sarah and Charlie , they need to put out good stories Like the last few episodes with the airplane crash etc . Enough of the love story is getting a bit much and one loses interest when it’s every episode ..,
Focus on actual drama (missing child etc all good )
Definitely hope for season 6 with some great story lines …,
1 4 HattiesrGrandaughte  March 22, 2023
Last nights cliff hanger was terrific (except the part where Jessie was flying an airplane with no prior training or experience . . . . . . )
Can hardly wait for the conclusion next week.
I appreciated the heavyweights too - Megan Follows is and has always been one of my favorite Canadian actors and as usual, she was perfect in her role last night.
I was so impressed when I read the complete cast list on IMDB web site back to episode one. Almost exclusively Canadian actors - dozens of them - well done. The other star with whom I am totally impressed is Rex. His wrangler is amazing (Rex too) with the things she is able to coach him to do. Lastly, I would like to comment on the beautiful scenery we get to see every week. I've been to most of Canada but not NewFoundland or much of Northern Ontario. Last nights episode gave us a look at more of Canada at her best. Thank you.
0 8 Melody  March 21, 2023
Love Hudson and Rex. Please have a 6th season. You can't leave Rex hanging not knowing what's going to happen to him. This show is great for all ages especially dog lovers ❤
10 2 Nino  March 17, 2023
I don't actualy mind if they don't renew it although I'd like to see more. If they don't renew it at least they should finish the series somehow because so far it feels unfinished.
0 1 Laura  March 13, 2023
Sou do Brasil e estou terminado a 5 temporada , por favor renovem para 6 temporada e uma série gostosa de assistir , leve , graciosa e ainda mais temos o REX um programa show de assistir todo o elenco e maravilhoso não nos deixe na mão sem está série que é maravilhosa
É mágica
0 0 Dianne Laura  August 12, 2023
[confused] translation would be good, please. Can’t understand a word you said.
0 0 Nathalie Dianne  August 24, 2023
she said ... .I'm from Brazil and I'm finishing the 5th season, please renew for the 6th season and it's a nice series to watch, light, graceful and even more so we have Rex, a show to watch the whole cast is wonderful, don't let us down without this series which is wonderful and magicak
0 3 Daniela  February 15, 2023
ANY Updates? DH & I have been loyal viewers for ages. We saw the next Episode has an ominous Title - Rexit Stage Left. Feels like this season has been cut short. I wonder if it's because Pope passed away? We saw the memorial come up at the closing credits of one of the shows. We love the dynamics of the relationships, LOVE Rex most of all, usually solid acting from the non-main line-up from episode to episode, and the setting is so different from other programs. A refreshing premise! It isn't the overdone tortured detective storyline with "demons".
0 3 P moore Daniela  February 17, 2023
There are 20 episodes this season instead of 16. There's a new episode on Tuesday March 7th
0 8 Carroll Fohey Daniela  March 2, 2023
I have followed the show all the seasons and I absolutely love the show. Please bring it back again and again.
0 5 Darryll Allen Devine  January 16, 2023
While much older than most; this wonderful show typically reminds me of the days of The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin and Lassie with the family wholesomeness, it unfortunately has those "woke" moments being pushed rather than skirted. What once was grandchild any age friendly I have to now preview for the younger ones as questions would arise that is is up to their parents to address. While some will take issue with my comments, I am a child of the 40's, I have family members who identify now as part of the LBGTQ group and I certainly have not disowned them. Minority views expressed as majority opinions for acceptance just isn't my cup of tea. Looking forward to the rest of the season starting 17 January and hoping CITY will again renew this great series. (Though a Chow Chow Family, German Shepherds are fine)
1 17 Maureen Nolan  January 14, 2023
Love this show. Faithful viewer since episode one.

Please announce the new season - can't wait!
0 1 Moore Maureen Nolan  January 15, 2023
New episodes of Hudson and Rex start TUESDAY JANUARY 17th on Citytv
4 1 Moore Maureen Nolan  January 15, 2023
They won't announce if Hudson and Rex has been renewed for season 6 until April, after they've shown all 20 episodes
0 0 Pmoore Maureen Nolan  August 24, 2023
Hudson and Rex has been renewed for season six. According to a fan on Facebook the new episodes are suppose to start on Wednesday October 4th. I hope they have it on at 8:00pm not 9:00pm
0 14 Sangster  December 18, 2022
Love the show and the actors! Could have have had a longer lead in to the development of the Charlie/Sarah relationship storyline but it does work. Let the primary focus remain on investigation with "Rex" and his nose continuing to be an invaluable asset to police work and a star of the show, helping "Charlie" and team solve crimes. Keep it real with exciting new content and I will continue to enjoy a great show with fantastic scenery.
0 17 Tony  December 17, 2022
We are both in our 70's love the cast and especially Rex please give us more ❤ [kiss] [kiss] ❤ [kiss] [kiss] [kiss] [kiss] ❤ ❤ ❤
1 14 Jonathan  December 6, 2022
Absolutely love Rex and Diesel ❤
0 0 Birgit Kroon  December 3, 2022
Why don’t you run some reruns until the new season starts?
1 1 P moore Birgit Kroon  December 4, 2022
They are showing reruns for the next two weeks. They might show more reruns until January when the new episodes start. Sometimes they might show a Christmas movie
1 1 susan P moore  December 10, 2022
sometimes they might show a christmas movie, that's all they're showing right now

so not until next month, at least we know it will be back

and i can live with 20 eppies this year...

but will sure hope for a season six come september

and beyond...

want it to end up being like murdoch or heartland which are both on season 17
0 4 Paulinemoore Birgit Kroon  December 11, 2022
New episodes of Hudson and Rex start TUESDAY JANUARY 17th 2023
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1 18 Carol Ohlers  November 28, 2022
Loved the last show on Nov. 27. It shows a truly loving loving relationship between Charlie and Sarah. Nothing mushy, just a deep commitment. Thanks to the writers for keeping that going. And Rex loves them both. And Sarah is now with Charlie solving crimes in the field. Great storyline. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
1 2 Mandy Jayne Brodie Carol Ohlers  November 28, 2022
Hi, what channel r these on. & I’m in England too.?
0 1 P moore Mandy Jayne Brodie  November 29, 2022
In the UK you can watch season 1 to 4 on Amazon Prime Video. Season 1 to 3 on Alibi
1 22 Corie  November 14, 2022
Hudson and Rex is truly a watchable show and look forward to new episodes ! Hoping for a season 6 !!!
All the characters are continually being developed and was so looking forward to the start of this season which is excellent ! They are all such a good team and Rex is such a smart doggo !
0 8 susan Corie  December 10, 2022
All the characters are continually being developed

love the way that they are making jessie grow

and all that
16 9 Volare  October 31, 2022
I used to love this show but I feel that Sarah and Charlie have NO chemistry and the writers have ruined it for me. I am torn as to whether or not to continue watching. I love the Newfoundland setting and like eveyone else, I love Rex.

I am sad that the writers felt the need to add romance into the equation.
0 0 Randy Volare  November 27, 2022
You dont have to worry, episode 10 of season 5 isw the show finale. Heard it on the equipment lease web. They are breaking down the equipment and returning leased . Too bad. Doesn't leave cityTV with much, except American reruns and reality tv shows.
0 0 Carol Ohlers Randy  November 27, 2022
Are you sure? they are going on hiatus until January , They said they will have 20 episodes this year.
They would be crazy to not finish Season 5. They have not renewed for season 6 yet though.
0 1 P moore Carol Ohlers  November 28, 2022
They did the same thing a year ago. They go on hiatus until after the new year. In January they come back with new episodes
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1 3 val ruczenczyn  October 19, 2022
When will series 4 and 5 be shown in England and what sky station, great series love chemistry between Charlie and Rex.
0 2 Terri Tripp  October 19, 2022
Please when Is Hudson and Rex coming on. Day Daye and time. I love that show. Please Please put it on.
0 16 Lisa Pilo  October 7, 2022
[hands] love the show never take it away big fan
0 9 Moore Lisa Pilo  October 17, 2022
I agree with you. This is the best show
2 4 bigshots  September 27, 2022
We live in the US and season 2 just started. I hope they continue with these new seasons here. Does anyone know if we can see this station in the US? This is one of our favorite shows and I can’t get over just how smart dogs are.
0 1 Pmoore bigshots  October 8, 2022
I just checked there is a streaming service in the US called Up Faith and Family.It started a year ago. I'm not sure what season their showing now. I don't know how much it costs.
1 1 Pmoore Pmoore  October 8, 2022
There's something called YouTube TV. It says you can get 100 channels. I just Google it and it says it's in the US.
0 2 bigshots Pmoore  October 8, 2022
Yes we have UP but only on season 2. I just wanted to cry when I saw how many seasons they’re actually up to. That’s why I’ve been trying to find citytv. I’m hoping UP will continue to add the other seasons but who knows. Just a great show.
Thanks for taking the time to respond
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