I Love A Mama’s Boy
3 Seasons
28 Episodes
Women find their relationships threatened by their boyfriends' mothers.
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I Love A Mama’s Boy Season 4 is yet to be announced by TLC

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I Love A Mama’s Boy Season 4 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Sun 8/7/2022 She's That Evil Season 3: Episode 8
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for I Love A Mama’s Boy. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1He Belongs to Me Jun 19, 2022
2How Do You Feel About Tests? Jun 26, 2022
3Spanky Spanky Jul 3, 2022
4Sneaky Lil' Snake Jul 10, 2022
5Are You Calling Me Fat? Jul 17, 2022
6It's Mama's Day, Honey Jul 24, 2022
7I Made a Huge Mistake Jul 31, 2022
8She's That Evil Aug 7, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Complete Dominion Aug 29, 2021
2Wherever They Go, I'm In Their Suitcase Sep 5, 2021
3Anything For My Son Sep 12, 2021
4Crazy Expectations Sep 19, 2021
5That's Not Devious Is It? Sep 26, 2021
6Is She Coming Too? Oct 3, 2021
7She Finally Won Oct 10, 2021
8Third Wheel in My Own Marriage Oct 17, 2021
9She Failed The Test Oct 24, 2021
10You Don't Deserve My Son Oct 31, 2021
11I Saw None of This Coming Nov 7, 2021
12Watch With Mom Nov 14, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1My Best Girls Oct 25, 2020
2You're Not Invited Nov 1, 2020
3Don't Leave Me This Way Nov 8, 2020
4Mother-Son Tango Nov 15, 2020
5Who's That Girl? Nov 22, 2020
6Mommy's Choice Nov 29, 2020
7Tell What? Dec 6, 2020
8I Need A Man Dec 13, 2020
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0 0 Claudette  August 8, 2022
Emily is o.k. Laila is the problem and I love Tuti the bird.
1 3 Terri  June 6, 2022
I cannot believe matt left Kim for his mom. It is kind of sickening that his mom looks like she is in live with her son.
0 1 Cousinmickey Terri  June 19, 2022
Matt didn't leave kim. Kim dumped HIM!!!! She took a job in Texas and dumped HIM! YOU DIDN'T WATCH THE SEASON FINALE?????!!!!!
0 0 Suz Cousinmickey  August 2, 2022
Kim was ready to try again but with ground rules, however when she saw Kelly that was it! Matt brought his mother when Kim and Matt were trading water. Kim was done, finished.
1 5 SharSharr  March 28, 2022
I really hope that Shakeb finds a good woman. Emily doesn't deserve him at all. That tantrum on the balcony and how she acted when Shakeb got her the promise ring, was just embarrassing and tasteless.
0 1 MamaD79 crown SharSharr  May 16, 2022
I agree 100% . Emily is not a likeable person at all, but in all fairness when Shakeeb funds another woman, HE needs to grow up and keep Mama out of his love life. Understandable to be close to your Mama, but to let her in on every little detail, and tell her the details of every argument, is childish and only adds fuel to the fire, not to mention unfair to the female!!
0 4 CharCharChar  March 28, 2022
I love this show!
0 27 Shery  December 3, 2021
I can’t stand it!!! I want Season 3 NOW!!! [bigsmile]
0 1 Pennie Mathis Shery  December 11, 2021
0 21 Arlene Rodriguez  November 18, 2021
I love a mamas boy great Tv show
0 3 Rachel Torin Arlene Rodriguez  March 1, 2022
I do too. I watched different scenes from the show but haven’t actually watched episodes in order. I’m going to do that. I’m so excited for season 3. ?
3 26 Terzy  November 15, 2021
I think after Lailas behavior towards Emily she has acted out in a very nasty manner . Laila saying it’s my ring now you can’t have it s so wrong . Emily get your act together and get some confidence and either accept Laila or move on . Kim I’m so proud of you for letting Matt go .
2 21 Elizabeth Cullingwot  November 10, 2021
Emily is spoiled brat!!! I hope he isn't with her cause she is not for him! She is a child with a bad temper her temper tantrums make me want to throw her off that balcony and how dare she ripped his mom's flowers she is a psychopath that needs to be hospitalized
0 22 Christina Pertucci Elizabeth Cullingwot  November 10, 2021
In the first season, I was on Team Emily. She seemed so nice and kind.

But the 2nd season, she seemed really entitled, and a gold-digger. Unneccessaily so, because I think Shekab could be a really nice husband to her.

But the way she spit out the champagne and was throwing flowers, it came off as almost violent. She needs to grow up and appreciate money.
0 0 MamaD79 crown Christina Pertucci  May 16, 2022
Same here, then she showed her true colors, and became the most unlikeable female on the show! (Laila comes in tied [bigsmile] )
0 14 Kris satkosky  November 9, 2021
Emily is a spoiled brat whoever she ends up with he better have money and Laila and shekeb was right she is not worthy and good for u Kim dumping Matt who wants to marry his mother
1 0 Katherine L Halvorso Kris satkosky  December 31, 2021
2 28 Candee  November 5, 2021
I dislike Emily immensely.
She has shown her true intentions.
She wants $40,000 ring.
She wants to be flown to Island.
She wants to be supported financially.
She cussed, threw ring down, spit.
A spoiled brat, immature, materialistic.
My hope is Shakeb will dump her and get new girl for Season 3.
I cannot to even see her face or her whiney temper tantrums any more. [angry]
1 10 Leida Candee  November 8, 2021
Emily is a psycho! If my sons girlfriend acted like her I would of thrown her off the balcony. Shekeb deserve a better.
1 5 Janie Candee  November 8, 2021
I agree totally! Emily is self-centered and definitely NOT for Shekeb!
2 17 Alici  November 4, 2021
[thinking] Emily showed a whole different side of herself! Can’t believe she acted so childish

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