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A young couple who are desperately trying to save up for their first home are shocked to learn that they are entitled to inherit a grand country house from a distant relative.
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Ghosts Axed by BBC iPlayer – No Series 6

Current Show Status
Ghosts Series 6 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Mon 12/25/2023 A Christmas Gift Season 5: Episode 0
Next Episode Series ended 35 episodes total
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Ghosts series 5 cast tease "very meaningful and emotional" final series -Source

Ghosts is returning for a fifth series British Comedy Guide can exclusively reveal.

Ahead of a third Christmas special airing next month, the creators are currently polishing the scripts for further episodes BCG understands, with a desire to make more if the BBC wants them.

Rumours of the fifth series order emerged as early as a year ago and BCG has now confirmed the recommission. A BBC spooksperson declined to comment on the return of the hit sitcom, which is made by Monumental Pictures. (Source:


Hit BBC comedy Ghosts is to end after the upcoming fifth season, bringing to a close one of the BBC’s most successful family comedies of the past generation. (Source:


Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Fools Oct 6, 2023
2Home Oct 6, 2023
3Pineapple Day Oct 6, 2023
4En Francais Oct 6, 2023
5Carpe Diem Oct 6, 2023
6Last Resort Oct 6, 2023
SA Christmas Gift Dec 25, 2023
#NameAir Dates
2Speak as ye choose Sep 23, 2022
1Happy Holiday Sep 23, 2022
3The Hardest Word Sep 23, 2022
4Gone Gone Sep 23, 2022
5Poached Guests Sep 23, 2022
6Not Again Sep 23, 2022
SIt's Behind You Dec 25, 2022
#NameAir Dates
2A Lot to Take In Aug 9, 2021
3The Woodworm Men Aug 9, 2021
4I Love Lucy Aug 9, 2021
5Something to Share? Aug 9, 2021
6Part of the Family Aug 9, 2021
1The Bone Plot Aug 9, 2021
SHe Came! Dec 23, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1The Grey Lady Sep 21, 2020
2About Last Night Sep 21, 2020
3Redding Weddy Sep 21, 2020
4The Thomas Thorne Affair Sep 21, 2020
5Bump in the Night Sep 21, 2020
6Perfect Day Sep 21, 2020
SThe Ghost of Christmas Dec 23, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Who Do You Think You Are? Apr 15, 2019
2Gorilla War Apr 22, 2019
3Happy Death Day Apr 29, 2019
4Free Pass May 6, 2019
5Moonah Ston May 13, 2019
6Getting Out May 20, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Red Nose Day special feat. Kylie Minogue Mar 17, 2023

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0 0 grumbles crown  October 6, 2023
It appears that series 5 -all episodes -are available on BBC iPlayer to stream now in the UK.
I know what I’ll be watching tonight.
It will be bittersweet though…as it’s the final series.
0 0 grumbles crown grumbles  October 31, 2023
[hands] [hands] [hands] Ok- it wasn’t what I was expecting- but it seems to me the door has been left ajar for possible further episodes
0 0 grumbles crown grumbles  November 28, 2023
Or if not further episodes- might they have some xmas specials?🤞
0 0 Ne  July 8, 2023
Love this show, absolutely brilliant. Delighted to know that there’ll be season 5! Prefer the British version to the US because the cast seems more diverse age wise, which makes it more interesting imo.
0 7 Jill Ward  November 19, 2022
I too am looking forward to a 5th season of Ghosts. We have never had The Ghosts Christmas Special aired in Australia, please please show it on ABC television
0 5 James  November 8, 2022
❤ just love this show,especially Robin, remember the clip see you Tuesday, nearly died laughing hurry up season 5
2 1 grumbles crown James  November 21, 2022
While you’re waiting for series 5- the US version of ghosts is available to download now on Sky. It is a wonderful delight-and our ‘Ghosts’ are part of the production team. It’s SO good.
0 0 Tasha Bouvia grumbles  December 24, 2022
How can I watch season 4 I live in the states
1 1 grumbles crown Tasha Bouvia  December 25, 2022
Do you have Acorn TV in the states? It might be there? Or BBC iplayer?
Or any UK streaming service?

I’ve been told if you use a VPN-(Virtual Private Network)-and set your home country to UK- you can watch it like that. BBC will treat you as being in the UK-and you can watch it. I have never actually tried this -but people who know more than me advised me to try it.
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0 6 Munday  November 8, 2022
I am totally invested in ‘Ghosts’. I love the characters and I look forward to learning about their past in Button House. This is definitely the best TV the BBC has produced in years. If they are crazy enough to cancel it then I hope it gets picked up by another platform (Apple, Prime etc). Keep the ghosts on TV!! ❤
0 9 Laura  November 6, 2022
[smile] my husband and I have really enjoyed watching this series - lovely humour, no swearing or sex. Something to easily chill and watch!
0 12 Jools  October 30, 2022
One of the best BBC productions ever… swearing, no sex, just amazing storylines and an incredible cast & crew.
Keep this gem going guys.
0 12 Colin  October 23, 2022
Come on season 5 please. We want more we want more we want more and we pay for it so get it done. Many thanks
0 2 Lorraine Colin  November 12, 2022
Absolutely Love Ghosts. It’s the best series in a very long time. I have enjoyed watching it and even binge watched again on iplayer can’t get enough. Come on BBC let’s have more and more. Thank you so much for the great entertainment this series has provided. Keep it up.
0 10 Katie  October 6, 2022
Best show! Fantastic writing and acting ❤
0 15 Fords  October 5, 2022
Whole family love this show. Please please to series 5 and a Christmas episode for 2022 💕
0 20 grumbles crown  September 25, 2022
I binged watched all of series 4- and now I want them to announce a Christmas Special- and notification of series 5! 😁😁😁
0 12 Dejan Milenkovic crown  September 5, 2022
I love this tv-series *so much*!!!!! ❤ [hands]
0 4 grumbles crown  August 11, 2022
[smile] [smile] [smile] [smile] September for the broadcast of series 4-YAY
0 9 grumbles crown  November 16, 2021
[bigsmile] I feel an unexpected huge surge of relief that there will be series 4! I’m more invested in the characters than I realised. I wonder if we’ll get a Xmas Special again? Last years with Julian thinking of his own child was so sweet-and unmistakably Christmassy without laying it on with a trowel. ?
0 18 Sapphire  September 6, 2021
I absolutely cannot wait for a forth series of Ghosts, it is totally addictive, the characters are VERY well acted and the plot lines are imaginative and funny. A superb cast.
0 10 Cassie  September 5, 2021
Please let there be a season four of Ghosts! It is clever and funny, we need more shows like this on TV.
0 11 Pen  August 30, 2021
Such a brillaint show, I’m so excited for another series, it’s got so much more to the story and the cast are hilarious. It’s something that me and my 10 year old son watch together.
0 13 grumbles crown  August 20, 2021
I started watching Ghosts because of the Horrible Histories cast. Just like HH- it is funny, moving and has HEART by the bucketfull. More please!
0 3 Edie grumbles  October 28, 2022
Brilliant. Hadn't seen it before series4, so binged watched on iplayer. Definitely need series 5. Asap!!!!
0 0 grumbles crown Edie  October 29, 2022
I love it- the characters seem real to me. The Xmas specials have been great too. I’m looking forward to this year’s.
0 1 grumbles crown Edie  October 30, 2022
Have you ever watched Horrible Histories? The whole team are excellent in that too. Fun with History lessons!
0 12 Tam  August 18, 2021
Please please please please let there be a series 4 of Ghosts, I can't get enough of it!
❤ ❤
0 12 Zoe Gibson  August 15, 2021
Please please please let there be a christmas special 2021!!
0 17 Jaz  May 5, 2021
Can't wait for the next series of ghosts ❤

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