Fastest Cars in the Dirty South
3 Seasons
24 Episodes
This is the series driving hard into the world of grudge racing, a form of closed track drag racing emerging now as a new standard in this "big engine" sport.
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Fastest Cars in the Dirty South Season 4 is yet to be announced by MotorTrend

Current Show Status
Fastest Cars in the Dirty South Season 4 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Fri 3/18/2022 Grudge In Motor City Season 3: Episode 8
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Fastest Cars in the Dirty South. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Build Back Badder Jan 28, 2022
2Grudge of Thrones Feb 4, 2022
3All Torqued Up Feb 11, 2022
4Faster Disaster Feb 18, 2022
5No Fast Redemption Feb 25, 2022
6Pull It Together Mar 4, 2022
7Kings of Grudge Mar 11, 2022
8Grudge In Motor City Mar 18, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1The Wrecking Bull Feb 9, 2021
2Fast Focus Feb 16, 2021
3Triple F Rated Feb 23, 2021
4Building a Legend Mar 2, 2021
5What a Nightmaro Mar 9, 2021
6The Family Impala Mar 16, 2021
7Back on Track Mar 23, 2021
8No Race No Glory Mar 30, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1The Gold Camaro Jul 12, 2019
2The First 48 Mustang Jul 19, 2019
3The Grand Prix Storey Jul 26, 2019
4Dirty Dodge Dart Swinger Aug 2, 2019
5Malibu Twins Aug 9, 2019
6A Mustang's Second Chance Aug 16, 2019
7Making Up Takes a Braveheart Camaro Aug 23, 2019
8The Vega's Swan Song Aug 30, 2019
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0 0 Gary Taylor  May 15, 2022
Fastest Cars is the only drag racing show that common people can identify with. The cars aren't six figure builds with exotic motors and drives. They're 10-20k and more, which is expensive enough, but they get a lot for the money. It's a good show! My vote would be to bring it back!
0 0 Danny Green  April 5, 2022
Show started out by picking the slowest cars on a race team and beating them with it. Seems like it should come full circle. Let Eric rebuild Malcolm's car again. It's been running like [censored] for awhile now
0 2 Dwight Perkins Sr  March 30, 2022
[hands] great show. I hope it will come back.
0 4 Griff  March 15, 2022
This show is what Street Outlaws started out as. To me it’s more real, and I feel like I could actually race with them. No way does the average racer have the kind of money to be competitive in the Street Outlaws world.
Definitely a fan of this series, I hope it stays around for awhile.
0 1 Dude  January 29, 2022
I heard they kicked Malcolm Storey off Fastest Cars. Did they do that?
1 2 Malcolm Storey Dude  March 10, 2022
Yessir. Eric Malone told me to go kick rocks ... so I left . I also started my own team .
0 1 Elijah Malcolm Storey  March 25, 2022
How many more episodes left ???
0 3 Nick Wayne  January 28, 2022
I agree Ronnie Lester!!! Looking forward to It
0 5 Ronnie Lester  January 6, 2022
I hope they bring it back! It's one of the if not best drag racing shows out there. The crew are a great bunch who seem to be more about helping than anything.

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