The Brokenwood Mysteries
Acorn TV
10 Seasons
48 Episodes
DescriptionDetective Inspector Mike Shepherd probes murder mysteries in a New Zealand country town.
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The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 11 is yet to be announced by Acorn TV

Current Show Status
The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 11 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Mon 6/3/2024 Three Gold Leaves of Jesus Season 10: Episode 6
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for The Brokenwood Mysteries. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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Season 10 of “The Brokenwood Mysteries” Confirmed for Early 2024

“The Brokenwood Mysteries”

Set in Brokenwood, New Zealand, “The Brokenwood Mysteries” is a fictional mystery series that initially premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2014 and gained a following across the nine seasons that have aired. The show is not syndicated in the United States, meaning the only two platforms available to watch it on are Acorn TV (a British content-focused streaming service) and Amazon Prime Video. Double check with your internet or cable service provider to see if the show is available for streaming.

Confirmed by South Pacific Pictures in April of 2023 on their X/Twitter page, Season 10 of “The Brokenwood Mysteries” began production in late 2023. There have been no updates on the state of production, although there is a strong chance that Season 10 will air in the first half of 2024. The social media page is also a great way to interact with the producers of the show, as they frequently retweet updates and respond to fans. The Facebook page for “The Brokenwood Mysteries” is also a great place to get updates and behind-the-scenes looks of the show.

”The Brokenwood Mysteries” has been hailed for its tone and approach towards crime shows, focusing on an element of humor. The show is hosted by two detectives, Neill Rea and Fern Sutherland, who are opposites and foils to each other and cause for a dysfunctional working relationship sometimes. Since the show is in New Zealand. The show takes place entirely within the town of Brokenwood, New Zealand.

How to watch “The Brokenwood Mysteries”

As mentioned above, Acorn TV and Amazon Prime Video are the two main homes for “The Brokenwood Mysteries” on-demand. However, the show is available for digital ownership on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, certain cable providers (those with British content or access to BBC may have access, like Sling TV). PBS in the United States rotates episodes available for viewing.

Season 9 trailer of “The Brokenwood Mysteries”

”The Brokenwood Mysteries” is also available as a seasonal DVD/Blu-Ray box set, which can be found either on online marketplaces or at a local media seller. Since starting in September of 2014, the show has aired 42 total episodes with an average of four to six episodes per season.

More about “The Brokenwood Mysteries”

The two stars of “The Brokenwood Mysteries” are Neill Rea and Fern Sutherland, playing Detective Mike Shepherd and Detective Kristin Sims respectively. The two combined talents have only 27 total credits for appearances, all for New Zealand-based productions.

”The Brokenwood Mysteries” has not received any attention from mainstream critics, but it does have a 93% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The show has received positive reception from the New Zealand audience, and the refreshing format with short seasons and measured storytelling seems to have caught on enough to keep the show going strong for 10 seasons and possibly more.


Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Brokenwood-o-saurus Apr 29, 2024
2Day of the Dead May 6, 2024
3Publish or Be Damned May 13, 2024
4Love You to Death May 20, 2024
5House of Screams May 27, 2024
6Three Gold Leaves of Jesus Jun 3, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Brokenwood: The Musical Apr 10, 2023
2Old Blood Money Apr 17, 2023
3Nun of the Above Apr 24, 2023
4Going to the Dogs May 1, 2023
5Shot of Love May 8, 2023
6Motorcycle Mamas May 15, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1From The Cradle To The Grave Jul 1, 2022
2Death n' Bass Jul 4, 2022
3Spark to a Flame Jul 11, 2022
4Three Coins in a Fountain Jul 18, 2022
5Good as Gold Jul 25, 2022
6Four Fires and a Funeral Aug 1, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1The Garotte and the Vinklebraun Mar 29, 2021
2The Witches of Brokenwood Apr 5, 2021
3Dog Day Morning Apr 12, 2021
4Something Nasty at the Market Apr 19, 2021
5Exposed to the Light Apr 26, 2021
6Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson May 3, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1The Power of Steam Nov 10, 2019
2A Real Page Turner Nov 17, 2019
3Dead Men Don't Shoot Ducks Nov 24, 2019
4Dead and Buried Dec 1, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Scared to Death Oct 28, 2018
2Bride Not to Be Nov 4, 2018
3Tontine Nov 11, 2018
4The Dark Angel Nov 18, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Fall from Grace Oct 29, 2017
2Stone Cold Dead Nov 5, 2017
3The Scarecrow Nov 12, 2017
4As If Nothing Had Happened Nov 19, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Black Widower Oct 30, 2016
2Over Her Dead Body Nov 6, 2016
3The Killing Machine Nov 13, 2016
4A Merry Bloody Christmas Nov 20, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Leather & Lace Sep 27, 2015
2To Die or Not to Die Oct 4, 2015
3Catch of the Day Oct 10, 2015
4Blood Pink Oct 18, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Blood and Water Sep 28, 2014
2Sour Grapes Oct 5, 2014
3Playing the Lie Oct 12, 2014
4Hunting the Stag Oct 19, 2014

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0 3  April 17, 2024
My favorite [smile] [smile] show is almost here, again. I'm so excited. I started watching again from the first episode, the first season, and I will hopefully finish just in time to start the first episode of the 10th season right on time. This program makes my heart sing and my soul hopeful that one day we will all be able to accept each other with good grace and dignity despite our differences. I love this show because it goes beyond just a comedic look at murder. It has a message that no matter who you are, or how you live your life, everybody gets the same treatment. No one is above the law and no one is any more important because of the way they live, be it different or not. I love this show. [love] ❤ [kissed] [kiss] [love] . Its message is far greater than I believe the creator intended. And maybe I'm just an Optimist with a dream.
10 0 Paula Fox  March 16, 2024
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0 7 Marilyn Hay  February 7, 2024
YAY! Great news that the next season begins streaming on 29 April. I LOVE this show and I'm so glad it has been renewed - and I hope they soon start filming season 11!
0 11 Debra  January 23, 2024
I too love this wonderful cozy mystery. Love all the cast , great acting and humor is just the right amount. I’ve even watched episodes over again from beginning. Please keep them coming.
0 4 Jim  January 11, 2024
Love the series and just has an interesting experience. I love shows detailing actual crimes. While watching an episode of a true crime show called "Does Murder Sleep" on the ID channel here in the U.S. the case involved a death at the Elegante Hotel in Beaumont, Texas in 2010. Upon hearing of the autopsy results, I knew what had happened. And of course, it obviously inspired the story line of the episode of the Brokenwood Mysteries titled "Shot of Love", episode 9 in May 2023. The entire true story is at the Vanity Fair website of May 2013 titled The Body in Room 348. To check it out, go to the Vanity Fair website, click on Archive and search for The Body in Room 348.

Waiting patiently for the new season to arrive.
1 1  December 6, 2023
[love] I'm still watching daily, I watch at least two or three of the shows every day, and it's because they are such fun to watch and I learn something new every time. This is without a doubt my all time favorite show. I love that it evolves, and the all of a sudden will bring back an old character. It pitches the problems of the day, bullying, hatred, delinquency difficulties and the violence associated with women's issues and other important events, and it does it with sensitivity and care, It leaves one thinking of more than the one they caught and put in jail; there is also an element of forgiveness, and how paying the price for a mistake can lead to being accepted again. Something we all need to learn how to do. There is something very different about this show, it isn't like any other, and I like it that way. So please, don't change it. And my thanks again to everyone involved in the making of this film. Thank you Thank you Thank you. ❤
0 16 Christina Wallen  September 17, 2023
FREAKING LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the next season. Hubby and I have to make ourselves not watch them all at once. LOL.. drag out the pleasure. Best show I've seen in ages.
0 9 Dave  September 14, 2023
Love this show; please keep ‘em coming. Missy a great new addition, but please also bring back Jared and Kahu! Daniel Chalmers a slow start, but getting more interesting. And I, too, miss Mrs Marlowe. I understand why Elizabeth Macrae wanted to stop, but she’s a big loss…as are Jared & Kahu (did I mention this…?)
0 12 Loretta Bailey  September 7, 2023
Love love Brokenwood! Please keep 'em coming!
0 5 Lyn  September 3, 2023
My partner anx I came across this on UK TVplay and we have just binge watcvhed all 9 series roll on number 10
0 1 Verity Lyn  September 7, 2023
So have we!! 9 series over about a month. We love them and can't wait for series 10.
2 12 Linda Blackmore  August 14, 2023
I love brokenwood cannot wait for its come back on hope it's not too long and hope it carries on after season 10 love it from the UK [love] [kiss] [kiss]
0 11 Annie Scott  August 14, 2023
I love this series so much. Such a great cast. ❤
0 20 User 683  July 10, 2023
[smile] I love love, love this show!
0 29 Diane Bean  July 1, 2023
I absolutely love Brokenwood. The characters are awesome the story lines are fantastic I can't get enough of it. I can't wait for season 10 to come out:-)
1 33 Dave S  June 26, 2023
I'll watch Brokenwood before watching NCIS any day! Great show. Don't stop.
2 1 Jean  May 29, 2023
This is a question relating to season 5 episode 2, "Bride Not to Be". Who portrayed Captain Cook standing on the bow of the boat and who found the floating body at the beginning of the episode? Appeared to be an uncredited cameo appearance by someone who looks familiar to me but I cannot identify him. Drove me a bit crazy during the original release of that episode and again while watching reruns.
0 4 Frank Baldy  May 20, 2023
Love this show previously drama channel, but i can't get acorn tv.
Where else will i be able to watch the new series?
0 2 MartyM Frank Baldy  July 14, 2023
Brokenwood is still shown on Drama channel in the UK. Season 9 coming towards the end of July.
0 0 Jj Frank Baldy  August 3, 2023
Uktv play can watch all season 9
1 23  May 20, 2023
I am happy, happy, happy that season 10 has been okayed for Brokenwood Mysteries.This show is incredibly complex, funny, satirical, ironic and comedic, a little like the bard himself. And it is constantly raising questions for me The characters are so real, and the actors play them so well, I have to keep watching the stories over and over, they are the best thing on television. Frodo is more Yoda than he thinks...he can be very deep without coming out of the shallows. I love that. Everyone on that show plays a part, technicians, film crew, writers, coffee makers, and everyone else that makes it a great show. So thank you for giving us all another season. Can't wait to see if some of the new old ones come back for more. And kudos for Missy for standing up for her cultural rights, and shame on those who wanted to take them away. Everyone deserves their own humanity and cultural history, so let's try getting their history right more often. [love] [kiss] ❤
0 6 Deborah  May 22, 2023
Great series and the best actors😊😊
0 40 Pirate Steve  May 18, 2023
LOVE Brokenwood Mysteries!! PLEASE, PLEASE do season 10, 11, 12, 13... [hands]
0 1 faxeholm1234 crown  May 5, 2023
Acorn TV is yet to renew The Brokenwood Mysteries for Season 10
2 12 Terry White faxeholm1234  May 14, 2023
all I can say is get on with it and start series 10 and just keep going [hands] [hands] [bigsmile] [bigsmile]
5 3 BROKENWOOD THE MUSIC  April 27, 2023
Nun of the Above -- ugh...nuns do not wear eye makeup. Makeup (dept) needs a shakeup.
0 1 Rue Hayes BROKENWOOD THE MUSIC  May 20, 2023
Regardless of your views on the makeup, at least you’ve been able to watch season 9. In the UK it looks like being months before we will get the chance 🙄😫
0 3 Molly BROKENWOOD THE MUSIC  July 30, 2023
Reading your comment makes me wonder if you actually watched the episode. If so, you would already know why they were wearing makeup...
5 5 Gila  April 18, 2023
Some of us cannot afford stations like Acorn, & Brit Box but rely on PBS or Ovation to pick the British mysteries like Midsomer Murders, Vera, & all we can do is wait. Some of us are light-years away from Hulu, Paramount+, & the like. But you'd never know it because we are, for the most part, invisible. [sad]
2 4 suzy Gila  May 13, 2023
True and there are those of us on a very, very fixed retirement income that cannot afford all those high-priced monthly streaming networks. Not even a Senior Discount????
2 1 Gila  May 20, 2023
It makes me sad, for I too am on limited income. All I an do is pay for Amazon prime and the extra for Acorn, and do without other things. It's not fair, and perhaps it will change. I hope so, because I hate thinking that people are missing out on great shows just because of money problems. I am very lucky to be in the States where Amazon is available. Without it I'd have no television at all. You have my heart, for what that's worth.
7 3 Charlotte Gila  June 2, 2023
Wow. Sounds like your attention should be on more important matters than boo-hooing about how unfair it is you can't afford a $6.99 a month streaming app. If I was that hard up, surfing the net and pining away for TV shows wouldn't even cross my mind. There are ppl living on the street, homeless, and vets who can't get good medical and mental health treatment and ya'lls big go to for deprivation and unfairness is not being able to get a streaming app. Sounds more like you think you're entitled to free stuff. And a senior discount???? If an app is only $6 or $7 a month, I'm pretty sure a dollar or 2 discount isn't going to be life altering. Go ahead and be offended. But someone needs to call you out for thinking just because something exists you should be able to have it. Be grateful for what you do have. If you're seniors then you know life isn't fair. Grow up.
Show 7 more replies
1 2 Janet Hooper  April 16, 2023
Many thanks moonbeam but unfortunately I am in the UK. And although I am sure there must be a technical way for me to receive Acorn TV, at my age of 75 the technology is beyond my grasp.
0 1 Sarah Janet Hooper  May 21, 2023
I'm in the UK. I watch all Brokenwood including Srason 8 on UKTV Play. Free App on my phone and Kibdle firestick and via my Virgin box
0 4 Janet  April 12, 2023
I absolutely love Brokenwood Mysteries. Loved it so much recommended it to my brother and all members of my family. Only problem I have is have i missed season 8? - I have season 1-7 and now we are at 9? Can you help with when 8 was aired and where? Thank you for a really terrific programme, keep up the good work
0 6 marmeebean Janet  April 16, 2023
I've been able to watch all seasons of Brokenwood in the US on ACORN.
0 0 Andrew Branthwaite Janet  April 17, 2023
S 8 is on UKTV play
1 2 Sharren Thompson  April 11, 2023
I loved from the very first season and just saw first episode of season 9.. terrific.
6 episodes is not gonna be enough😊
Story was fun and I didnt know who dunit till the end.
Great seeing most everyone..
I did miss the old gal Miss Marlowe
who quotes the Bible to The Rolling Stones 😁
0 0 Adrienne Moriarty Sharren Thompson  September 1, 2023
Agree and Jerad

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