The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch
History Channel
3 Seasons
29 Episodes
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch will feature a team of scientists and experts who will conduct a thorough search of this infamous 512-acre property located in Utah's Uinta Basin.
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The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 4 is yet to be announced by History Channel

Current Show Status
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 4 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 6/28/2022 Dome of the Rock Season 3: Episode 8
Next Episode Airs Tue 7/5/2022 Closer Encounters Season 3: Episode 9


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Above and Beyond Explanation May 3, 2022
2Tic Tac 2 May 10, 2022
3Inner Fear-ence May 17, 2022
4Scoped Out May 24, 2022
5Digging Up The Past Jun 7, 2022
6Where There's Smoke... Jun 14, 2022
7Full Metal Mesa Jun 21, 2022
8Dome of the Rock Jun 28, 2022
9Closer Encounters Jul 5, 2022
10Photo Finish Jul 12, 2022
11The Strangest Things So Far Jul 19, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Breaking Ground May 4, 2021
2Carved In Stone May 11, 2021
3Laser Focused May 18, 2021
4There's No Place Like Homestead Two May 25, 2021
5The Ranch Strikes Back Jun 8, 2021
6Skin Deep Jun 15, 2021
7Can You Dig It? Jun 22, 2021
8Shocking Revelations Jun 29, 2021
9Look, Up in the Sky Jul 6, 2021
10It Follows Jul 13, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Bad Things Happen When You Dig Mar 31, 2020
2Night Visions Apr 7, 2020
3Looking Down Apr 14, 2020
4High Strangeness Apr 21, 2020
5Dangerous Curves May 5, 2020
6Poking The Nest May 12, 2020
7Surveillance May 19, 2020
8Revelations Jun 2, 2020
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0 1 farm life channel Y T  June 26, 2022
I love this show and have from the beginning. It's a little torturous to wait from one episode to the next. I could watch it for hours. And I wish I could. I vote for 2 hour episodes! I love Travis, especially that he proves Southerners are smart, we just talk a little slower and are a lot more polite. He's definitely easy on the eyes. Dragon used to get on my nerves, but I think he really has everyone's best interest in mind. He doesn't want to throw caution to the wind and try to find out what's going on at any costs. Being that he has a security job, his wants to protect everyone and I can respect that. Even though I want to go barreling in there myself and get to the bottom of everything. This may sound stupid, and maybe it is, but wouldn't old satellite photos of the property, before Bigelow, show where this cave or caves are? They may have had it off limits to people peeking at what was going on while they were there, but they can't do anything about older photos, right?
0 0 Linda  June 15, 2022
Fifty years ago, my teacher talked about seeing ball of light out her window. The light moved and bounced around in land next door . This reminds me of what she talked about. I think the lights seems like a being out exploring. What if the lights are thought beings, created by whatever under ranch? Maybe rushes communicate?
0 0 Sandra Grady  June 14, 2022
I also think they just might have made Contact!!!
0 2 Sandra Grady  June 14, 2022
[smile] i so love this show, i hope the government doesn't shut it down. I think if there left to really explore this than we could b on the edge of a great discovery. On the other hand if the government puts there nose in it again it will b 20 yrs. B4 we find out a answer. Dr. Taylor is great scientist and will get to the bottom of it.
0 4 Brenda Witham  June 6, 2022
This has become my favorite show. Factual, precise,informative viewing of something happening on our planet in real time. I can't imagine why everyone isn't watching this important series. Thank you!
0 2 Jared Cook  June 2, 2022
I love this show and I'm very interested I. The subject (and have a great live recording of a UAP),I just hope you are allowed to show everything that you discover and that the government doesn't try to make you cover things up.
I also think it would be pretty awesome to see you guys and the guys from Blind Frog Ranch collaborate and see what both ranches have going on as a whole instead of looking at ot as two separate pieces of land..P.S..I'd love to come and help you guys out anyway you need.I have become so interested in this topic and want to learn more,cause way more is going on then we know or are being told (especially if the government really is collaborating with another species...thanks love this show
4 3 Glen  May 30, 2022
I have to keep shutting it off. I feel like I'm being had. And that's because I am.
0 7 Joe Fournet  May 3, 2022
I am so glad that we NOW have been allowed to SEE what is going on at this ranch. I have been following the Skinwalker Ranch experience since George Knapp started releasing videos and written historical happenings there. Thank you Mr Brandon Fugal for your generosity and good nature to bring this information to the public. History will do[censored]ent you as one of the most important person's in our time for doing this!!!
I cannot say enough Good things about the team he has assembled and their capacity to investigate this phenomena. Many thanks for what y'all are doing and hope the series continues for many years to come.

My wife and I just love the way a southern accented intellectual gent like Travis explains everything and it makes us Cajuns feel proud about dat!!! ☺
0 2 Louis  May 2, 2022
So glad it’s here! I wonder if they excavate any caves
0 6 ingrid fries--de ley  April 29, 2022
when is this on uk tv--sky --its v annoying that online says may 3rd but no its not-as in jan when USA gets curse of oak island first and sky uk waits and waits
0 2 Cy Sisquehon  April 6, 2022
Excited that Season ? 3 is coming! I'm not sure if there's anything actually going on at Skinwalker Ranch or not but it is extremely entertaining! When I watch I'm a believer. Best episode was on the first season, 2nd episode when they stayed up all night and ran experiments like shining the lite on the Mesa.
0 3 mary48  March 30, 2022
i truly am fascinated by this series, the best i've ever seen. if this comes out on cd, i'm wondering if they will remove all the already seen scenes and the coming scenes and just have a clean time line of actual events. i'd pay good money for that.
i still question where the dna results are from the items found in the closed chamber in the ba[censored]t. surely they checked them out. i'm also very surprised the government hasn't taken this over and shut the public out. seems like there is a lot of strange stuff going on that they might not like to share with the general public... altho, of ocurse, i hopt that doesn't happen. this is simply the best of the best and i can't wait for series 3 to start... well done, everyone!!
0 5 Sherri Lynn Bishop  March 30, 2022
Thank you Lord, I have been waiting on this show to return. NOTHING CAN measure up to this show , I'd rather take time off from work just to stay home and watch it. Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for bringing this back to the History channel.!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait !!!!
0 5 Davidhighbe  March 30, 2022
I absolutely can't get enough of this show. I find it truly fascinating . As a civil engineer I appreciate all the science and methodology that is employed to try and find reasonable explanations to completely unexplained phenomenon. Keep it up guys,can't wait for the new season to start.
0 2 Buster B  March 17, 2022
May 3, 2022, and the trailer is out soon!
0 0 Admin crown Buster B  March 19, 2022
1 11 Dale Niland  February 13, 2022
Season 3 is a go! From Brandon Fugal and I’ve got proof! They are just finishing editing there will be 10 episodes, don’t know when the date is for the new season 3, I had it on my Twitter I asked the question is there going to be a season 4 on Twitter and he has said, It is - and there is so much to be revealed.I’ve got screenshots of the conversation!
0 4 Linda Boggetti  February 12, 2022
I really enjoy this program! I have lived in Idaho and spent a lot of time in Utah and I am delighted that these scientists are trying to solve the mysteries that seem to c[censored]er around Skinwalker Ranch. (Also, the intense sun on the cow bleached the hide color.) Hope there is a season 3!
0 3 Brocolli  February 5, 2022
The phones going crazy appears to be an issue with the digitizer.
2 0 John Bee Brocolli  February 20, 2022
Yes it is a down load of data.
The creature in tree the farm shot at was a Reptilian.
Laser light that was focused from house and they thought is was a flashlight was a worm hole opening, they should of not shut the laser down.
0 0 MSP  January 30, 2022
Near beginning of S2 E9, Ward Hicks visit the Ranch and during his time seated on sofa-in front of a window-a weird Creature can be seen in corner- What is it?
0 7 TomyG.  January 29, 2022
I enjoyed this show immensely!!! I really was interested in all of the testing the scientists did in the show.The land has a lot of magnetic materials,that I believe attract UFO's,also the radiation is interesting. I can understand why the government is involved, to see if they can harvest any of these energy that is at the Ranch,also they are interested in the UFO activity at the Ranch. I sure hope they have a new season this Spring I can not get enough of the show!!!
1 0 Ruediger Petersen TomyG.  February 8, 2022
Ich sehe mir jede Folge an und Frage mich was da eigentlich passiert. Woher kommen diese Erscheinungen ? Das müsste doch ein Ursprung haben.
0 3 Crystal Ship Ruediger Petersen  March 29, 2022
[thinking] [thinking] What???
1 0 Joe Bob Crystal Ship  April 8, 2022
It says: I watch every episode and wonder what is happening. Where do these phenomena come from? That should have an origin.
2 4 Troy Trone  January 22, 2022
It’s my belief are these are in dimensional beings attention at once add ceremonies I could open up portal to each dimension and will find out one day
0 1 Bleh Troy Trone  May 10, 2022
0 2 Linda Stanley  January 7, 2022
In the 1970s, a physicist who believed in UFOs told one of my cl[censored] that the way UFOs have this phenomenal ability to travel (disappear) at great speed could be explained by their ability to take advantage of the Earth's magnet poles to propel. On Skinwalker, it was surmised that a METEOR may have landed in the area which could affect the ground, UFOs, with radiation and magnetism.So, could a meteor's intrinsic 'power' be used by the UFOs above that area where the Meteor may be buried by centuries of dirt? THOUGHTS?
4 1 Todd Mansfield  December 21, 2021
One of the things I believe are happening with the UFO being seen around is there trying to figure out what it is on skinwalker ranch I believe there there to protect the guys from the evil of the ranch and are just as curious about the skinwalker as we are someone opened a door and I say the boys better be careful.the reason I think this is because I watch the sky and video lots of UFOs and one night of filming I watched about 5 different UFOs put something out of the sky it was very creepy looking and you could tell the were trying to hurt it by taming it and make it tumble it was very shocking to see I shock for a hour after seeing it well hope you like my comment till next time peace.
2 11 DEBORAH RIDDLE  October 14, 2021
Wonder when they do come close to disclosure the government will take over.
2 4 Roy  August 17, 2021
I wonder, are there any ley lines located at the ranch?
0 3 JD Roy  September 25, 2021
There is a whole group of key lines that converge on the ranch. This could account for some of the anomalies in the ground. That might also why there are portals on the land. And why ufo are attracted to that land as it could be a source of energy they can use.
0 2 Roy JD  September 28, 2021
Why aren't ley lines mentioned in de episodes. And these are a world wilde fenomena. Just asking
2 2 JD Roy  September 28, 2021
I'm not sure why they haven't been mentioned, I wrote last season on one of their sites as I'm sure Travis has heard of them. I know they have an effect especially if something is on the line itself. And there is a c[censored]er of lines there.
There is also the fact that the 37th parallel runs across the bottom part of the land. The 37th is know as UFO parallel. I know that it runs across the US and the effects of it go, I think 10 miles on either side of the parallel. If you research it, you'll find that many Indian reservations and US Military bases are close by.
And if the meteor hit the land as was stated, that can change the properties of the land itself. That might be why UFO's and portals seem to manifest there easily.
It will be interesting when they find the answers.
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