The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch
History Channel
2 Seasons
10 Episodes
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch will feature a team of scientists and experts who will conduct a thorough search of this infamous 512-acre property located in Utah's Uinta Basin.
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The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 3 is yet to be announced by History Channel

Current Show Status
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 3 β€” not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 5/18/2021 Laser Focused Season 2: Episode 3
Next Episode Airs Tue 5/25/2021 There's No Place Like Homestead Two Season 2: Episode 4


Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Breaking Ground May 4, 2021
2Carved In Stone May 11, 2021
3Laser Focused May 18, 2021
4There's No Place Like Homestead Two May 25, 2021
5The Ranch Strikes Back Jun 8, 2021
6Skin Deep Jun 15, 2021
7Can You Dig It? Jun 22, 2021
8Shocking Revelations Jun 29, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Bad Things Happen When You Dig Mar 31, 2020
2Night Visions Apr 7, 2020
3Looking Down Apr 14, 2020
4High Strangeness Apr 21, 2020
5Dangerous Curves May 5, 2020
6Poking The Nest May 12, 2020
7Surveillance May 19, 2020
8Revelations Jun 2, 2020
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1 1 Pat T  May 12, 2021
Can someone out there please tell me when we can watch season 2 in the UK? I believe we pay the same if not more Sky fees than in the USA, so why are we made to wait longer to see this great series.
1 1 Qk  May 12, 2021
Season 2, episode 2, had a new Vet expert look at cow that died last season. It was black cow, the cow on this episode was brown. What a joke.
0 0 Cow??? Qk  May 12, 2021
I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed the amazing color changing cow. A show like this looses all credibility when they make mistakes like this...
0 0 Pam F Qk  May 17, 2021
I was also wondering how a black cow changed to brown? I hoped this show would be credible but the color change has me very skeptical.
0 0 Newman  May 11, 2021
I don't know about the UK, but Skinwalker Ranch premiered in early September in Canada last year.
0 1 Tamsin Jenkins  May 8, 2021
So does anyone know when Skinwalker 2 is going to aired in the UK? Seems odd that History channel advertised it and then nothing here...
0 0 Elizabetha  May 7, 2021
I live in the uk and I thought the new series was starting but it's just a repeat of the first, when are we getting the new series in the uk.
0 2 Michael M  May 6, 2021
i am beyond skeptical when it comes to anything even remotely related to paranormal, alien or spectral. I highly doubt anyone or anything "hacked" that dude's iphone. I do believe the radiatiin sickness experienced that Travis experienced was real. That region of Utah has a high degree of radioactive elements I do believe. It would not be hard to imagine that such high concentrations could build up and quickly effect observers. I respect Travis and think he brings scientific professionalism lending to the credibility of the show. There are so many camera cuts though its very hard to imagine that large amounts of "activity" are nothing more than scripted by producers. Why not open all access to the 24/7 survelliance cameras on the property? Group source the research & observations to the internet. I am almost certain a large number of viewers would like to watch live video feeds to see if collectively we could directly see the suposed incidents unfold, live perhaps on Twitch?
0 1 CHRISTIE Michael M  May 7, 2021
They did a live feed on YouTube at the start of the first season- believe me, it was like watching paint dry - boring as hell! All you saw was security in their ATV's doing the rounds.
0 0 CHRISTIE  May 6, 2021
So glad to see the return of Skinwalker Ranch, and it didn't disappoint . Where is that tinted water going? My only gripe - I wish this show was longer. Can't wait for the next episode. ❀ ❀ ❀ ☺ ☺
0 0 Nick Tatton  May 5, 2021
Weh did not mean to send it thirty times lol computer is slow
0 4 Nick Tatton  May 5, 2021
Hey does anyone know when season 2 will be coming out in Canada, its not on anything!!
0 4 Laura Nick Tatton  May 6, 2021
I second this! I saw the premiere date for May 4th and so bummed its not on for us Canucks!
1 2 DeltaAphaVictorEch  May 4, 2021
How is it that they have some much trouble with batteries holding a charge and broadband EMF radiation spikes yet they are walking around with with short range walkie-talkies and camera equipment yet to reporting any trouble with that stuff.
0 0 Marten  May 3, 2021
I loved the first season very much, and begging for the 2nd to be coming SOON on German History Channel on Amazon prime .de - PLEASE..- Where else could I watch it in Europe, apart from that..?
0 13 Farrrow  May 2, 2021
Love skinwalker ranch when is the season 2 going to be aired in the uk πŸ˜€
0 3 Marten Farrrow  May 3, 2021
Same problem, here..
0 3 Hayduke Marten  May 5, 2021
Tell uneducated unqualified dragon to stick to watching the front gate
0 10 Dr Tom  May 2, 2021
I applaud your further exploration of this fascinating area. HOWEVER I am not an idiot and don't need to be told the guys exchange startled looks, stand and walk around, etc. Lose the editing remarks and directions. You've seriously detracted from Curse of Oak Island with these unnecessary remarks. Don't spoil this as well. Trust our ability to notice what is going on and give us a more professional program.
1 3 DeltaAlphaVictoryEch Dr Tom  May 4, 2021
agreed. Voted thumbs up
0 3 CHRISTIE Dr Tom  May 5, 2021
Totally agree! There's nothing worse than constantly being reminded by the voice-over of what has just happened. They talk to the audience like we're sitting there constantly scratching our heads or our [censored] - not remembering what happened 5 minutes ago.
That's been my bugbear of Curse Of Oak Island. What has taken them 25 episodes to get to in this season - they could've condensed into 12 to 15 episodes. Between the lack of any substantial treasure and these repetitive voice overs - I find my interest waning, sad to say!
0 0 JP CHRISTIE  May 12, 2021
Yeah it is becoming boring to a point that I am asleep half-way through!!! ZZzzzzzzzz
0 1 Don Valley  May 2, 2021
☺ Thank you ! Brian !! For continuing the research on The Ranch..I wish I had the money and time to visit the ranch to see What the heck is going on.. I'm a truck in Ham lake .mn. love the show and the invitation..take care and take it easy..Don
1 1 Don Valley Don Valley  May 2, 2021
1 1 Donvalleyram17@gmail Don Valley  May 2, 2021
Another miss take. Sorry Brandon.. have had a long week..working..
1 1 CrabSandwich  April 16, 2021
Season 2 10 episodes, just like Oak Island.

Looks up The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Wiki on Fandom for the latest about #Skinwalker Ranch and #Oak Island!
0 4 Storm1993 CrabSandwich  April 29, 2021
Is season 2 9nky being shown in the US for now or can I watch in the UK????
1 3 Ray kudlak  April 14, 2021
Love the show. Travis lends credulity ---- BUT what about BLIND FROG RANCH, a sister enigma! Needs to be coordinated. Agree that we are being TEASED about other side of the mountain and the below the ground object. Looking for answers. Ps: there is today atypeof HF radiation broadcast called Wide Band Propagation which means output on ALL frequencies ( channels ) Travis knowsthis exists! So, is this part of the explanation for the Trifold readings? What if, in expanding the commercialuses of wide band maybe the Military is also using it but at very high RF Wattage, causing focal points like the Ranch to exhibit phenominon like radiation burns, UFO sitings, etc? Ray
1 2 Elizabeth Bliss  April 14, 2021
Love anything SKINWALKER RANCH and am stoked about the new season! I hope they can show us some EVIDENCE this season. The evidence is what will make this all legitimate for the doubters.
1 1 Don Valley  April 14, 2021
Just can't wait to see the new season.. they are factual on their testing on the Ranch..that's all I have to say...
1 5 DaTuneman  April 13, 2021
Hope this doesn't turn into another Curse of Oak Island. Liked season 1 looking forward to season 2.
0 0 DeltaAlphaVictoryEch DaTuneman  May 4, 2021
Agreed. Lost interest in Oak Island many seasons ago. Season 1 wasnt any better than the Oak Island Monetization scam. This appears to be on the same path. 1 hour of content stretched across 4 episode to make room for commercial time. Poorly scripted, obvious scene setups. corny reactions shots and previous scenes replayed to stretch out time....and what has any of this got to do with History?
0 0 TBr DeltaAlphaVictoryEch  May 5, 2021
Yes, repeated content can be quite annoying. However, it seems you don't know about the Oak Island discoveries made since then, which have allowed Canada to allocate more support, resources and archeologists. The dated stone walkways, ship materials, and the silver found in the groundwater have been tested/verified and documented. Whereas the Skinwalker Ranch show, is purely speculative entertainment regarding paranormal themes; the new season kicked off with ridiculous attributions for a Utah underground cavity with fissures for a diverted, flowing water intake that goes unseen hours later - a common, natural occurrence.
0 0 TBr TBr  May 5, 2021
They didn't even bother to divert the same amount of water into the now cleared space/hole, which would have shown the natural phenomenon...but that would've been neither exciting for a mystery-seeking audience, nor a safeguard of an its investment in that viewership. For some of the History Channel audience, the rather serious archeology on The Curse of Oak Island was always going to be a long, painstaking process that isn't going to seem very exciting for many prime-time TV least, not until a 4-12 hour series is finally aired after all the cumulative discoveries are categorized within the next few years+. The answers to its mysteries are likely more appealing to the very patient, history & science-minded types.
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9 6 Ryan  April 11, 2021
Great show but whatever is there, will not expose itself... it’s way more intelligent, it seems to know the future, it seems to be god-like. You will get no answers from the show. Read the Bible because angels and demons are real. Just not as we imagined. Jesus is our hope.
It makes me giggle when our scientists talk science, like it’s real. No clue. Laws and time break down at this other dimension that over rules us.
0 0 wtf Ryan  May 18, 2021
makes me giggle when crazy talks crazy
2 4 LARRY W. WELLER  April 10, 2021
I really like the mystery involved. the show seems to be genuine, so Iam always keenly interested in what they come up with at the ranch. Saying all that-- I was really DISAPPOINTED in the last episode where they sit around and hash out events. MORE of that and you can kiss my grits good bye!!!!
1 3 Cameron  April 8, 2021
If yude rather watch [censored] like cardasions.........I've known about swr for a long time. I'd move a bunch of people in like mediums and sykiks and remote viewers like engo swan to get a better and different perspective. Of course we aren't alone, like there's only one fish in the sea. Science is starting to realize all the crazy people who see things aren't so crazy. yes it still has to be a TV show. I hate how every time they find something they don't find out the bottom of it. Like the beam of light pointing up. I'd be camping shifts of people to wait for it to happen again and see where it's coming from. Is it like a night rainbow or is it magnetic field concentration pointing up? What is it and how the hell does it happen?
0 4 Megan Kalu Cameron  April 12, 2021
I'd like to see a video of the other side of the mountain like they should take a helicopter to the backside of that mountain and see if there's an opening or crack in the rocks that could possibly mean some kind of ship whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial can go through. Certain videos we've seen have been some kind of light or orb that disappears on the backside. So what does it look like back there? Are there homesteads there, maybe a private airport, or a military facility, etc. or just empty vast lands? Just curious.
0 4 Tammy H  April 7, 2021
OMG I can't wait to see the new season love this show really makes you think πŸ€” what could be out there I have always loved the idea of ufos bigfoots anything strange and weird 😊😊😊😊😊😊
0 0 J. T. Tammy H  April 30, 2021
You won't have to wonder if you go outside and start snooping around. Don't sit inside and watch it go outside and experience it.
9 7 Christopher Jarram  April 1, 2021
Won't make any difference - they'll just drag out the same old [censored] so Brandon Fugal can keep making money from his business asset... at least when Bigalow owned it he wasn't in it for those reasons!
1 12 Joe Parker Christopher Jarram  April 2, 2021
Seriously? I thought they did a great job of not dragging things out. This is the best show of this type that I've seen that hasn't been dragging things out. Things are always happening in the show. What you described is more like the show that has reeeeaaaalllly dragged things out- about a certain island in Canada where they've been chasing pirate treasure and sunk millions into it. I mean of course Fugal odd in it for the money. He's not running a charity. But I think he really cares about what's there and wants to expose it.
Didn't mean to sound argumentative or rude. And I apologize if my comments appeared that way.

And Bigalow was exactly in itt for that reason. On a much larger scale. He was purely after Allen tech for his private flights to inner space. I mean of course
1 0 Joe Parker Joe Parker  April 2, 2021
He's not running a charity.
1 6 Lia Joe Parker  April 3, 2021
I agree with you. Bigalow did it for getting a contract with the U. S. And It appeared that Fugal is more interested in finding out what is exactly going on at that ranch. He, (Fugal), seems more interested in the scientific aspect of it and letting the world know so people will stop wanting to go out to it and get injured or destroy the property.
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0 10 Alycia  March 28, 2021
I can't wait!

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