The Curse of Oak Island
History Channel
11 Seasons
207 Episodes
History’s hit reality documentary series featuring 220-year old legends and the two Lagina brothers in search for the unclaimed treasure are back for the fifth time
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The Curse of Oak Island Season 12 is yet to be announced by History Channel

Current Show Status
The Curse of Oak Island Season 12 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 4/30/2024 Worth the Weight Season 11: Episode 25
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for The Curse of Oak Island. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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The Curse of Oak Island to Be Commissioned for Season 12 by History Channel?

Will there be a “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 12?

While “The Curse of Oak Island Season 12” has not yet been confirmed yet in early 2024, there’s a strong chance that Season 12 will be announced and aired just shortly after Season 11 finishes airing. Season 11 of “The Curse of Oak Island” began airing on November 7, 2023 and should finish airing on January 30, 2024 assuming there are no network delays with History or broadcasting issues with the show.

”The Curse of Oak Island” has been airing for 11 seasons, beginning in January of 2014. Across those 11 seasons, the show has broadcasted 181 episodes and is one of the top rated programs on History Channel and across History Channel’s owner, A&E. The show has pulled strong Nielsen demographics and is among the top three viewed shows of History. With the data, there’s a very strong chance that the show will continue for Season 12 as the titular mysteries behind “The Curse of Oak Island” have yet to be solved.

”The Curse of Oak Island” follows two core hosts, Marty and Rick Lagina, as they spelunk and dig through the titular Oak Island in search of history, artifacts and lore. Oak Island itself is located on the coast of southern Nova Scotia while the hosts hail from all over North America. The revolving team amplifies their efforts each season including the use of industrial digging tools and contracting out construction work for “megaprojects.” The prime goal is to excavate the entirety of “The Money Pit,” an area that has been host to numerous failed attempts for excavation.

The Curse of Oak Island Updates

The two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, don’t intend to post much on social media although Rick has an X/Twitter page where he’ll frequently post updates on the television shows and a tiny amount about his personal life. Marty runs a winery out of Traverse City, Michigan, so it can be expected that the winery takes up much of his free time.

”The Curse of Oak Island” has an Instagram account with 140,000 followers that posts frequent updates on the show and behind-the-scenes looks at the show’s production. There is also a Facebook account with just under a million followers that posts live episode announcements, discussions and is a great place to engage while watching the show!

The Curse of Oak Island: Uncovering Aladdin's Cave of Wonders from Season 11 - History’s Youtube

Shows Similar to “Curse of Oak Island”

While waiting for Season 12 of “The Curse of Oak Island” to be confirmed and in between Tuesday nights, History has other television channels in the same vein. Consider checking out “Expedition Unknown,” “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,” and “Lost Gold of World War II.” These are History Channel programs that tend to focus on discovery of artifacts, a hint of archaeology and an effort to focus on history more than supernatural.

How to Watch the Curse of Oak Island

”The Curse of Oak Island” is available to stream on the History Channel app, Discovery Plus and Disney+. It may also be available for streaming on-demand from your television or internet provider, as well. Season 11 of “The Curse of Oak Island” is currently airing on History Channel every Tuesday at 9:00 PM EST/8:00 CST.


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23The Top Ten Finds from Season Ten Oct 31, 2023

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0 0 Prince  April 14, 2024
One of these days, these peeps will admit and recognize all of the 8+ years of consulting I have done about Oak Island, ... and where the real treasure must lie under the eastern drumlin.

If people know the entire timeline, not snippets of history and/or bull-story, they would know more than what is currently admitted. Knowing this, one can then properly look for the treasure.
0 0 Paula Fox  March 16, 2024
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0 1 StevenDorey  February 12, 2024
I love the show and have watched every episode. I'm from Nova Scotia and growing up in the 50's, 60's and 70's I heard numerous rumors about the treasure of Oak Island. I wish they would find someone less annoying as a narrator Robert Clotworthy (Could it be?) and goes on and on about previously discovered artifacts. He does the same thing on other shows as well such as Ancient Aliens etc. I wish History channel Would find someone else that isn't so annoying.
0 0 Ed StevenDorey  April 14, 2024
[confused] I totally agree. They keep rehashing the old information that everyone already knows! We all know about what went on in all the previous episodes with the “finds”! Get on with the show! Also, why when the do bore holes anywhere, there’s water? If the water in the Garden shaft is salty, guess where it’s coming from? DUH? FLOOD TUNNEL? Stop it at its source!
0 0 Bud Ed  June 13, 2024
"Oak Island lies on a glacial tumulus system and is underlain by a series of water-filled anhydrite cavities which may be responsible for the repeated flooding of the pit. This type of limestone easily dissolves when exposed to water, forming caves and natural voids."
0 1 Joseph Terstegge  February 9, 2024
Will somebody Please ask the announcer to stop starting the first sentence in a question form?
Its driving me so nuts, I sometimes mute the sound and use captions instead.
0 1 Renae  February 9, 2024
I love the show. I've been watching since Ep 1 Season 1.
That said, I feel like each season we get less new content and far too much repetition of previous theories. I recall a recent episode Where I heard about William Phipps at least 4, but maybe as many as 5 times!
That is what the first three episodes were for, now it's just a time waster.
0 0 watchtv Renae  February 12, 2024
so true it feels like less and less new content, getting very boring
0 0 Renae  February 9, 2024
I love the show. I've been watching since Ep 1 Season 1.
That said, I feel like each season we get less new content and far too much repetition of previous theories. I recall a recent episode Where I heard about William Phipps at least 4, but maybe as many as 5 times!
That is what the first three episodes were for, now it's just a time waster.
0 1 Linda Schnare  November 2, 2023
Been watching since first episode. Have personal connection as knew Bobby Restall, relatives in Western Shore good friends with Restall family, so seeing their work validated would be wonderful. About water levels, traps, etc. Oak Island was probably much bigger when it was discovered & populated. Has shrunk considerably in my lifetime & I’m only 76.
0 1 raven0526  October 3, 2023
I remember reading the Oak Island story that appeared in The Reader's Digest at the dentist's office back in the 70's. When i saw they were making a TV show about it, I was thrilled, and have watched the show the past 10 seasons. Looking forward to Season 11. I've been wondering if Hurricane Lee had any effect on the Oak Island dig site, but I guess we'll have to wait for Season 12 to find out.
1 0 maxmoto raven0526  October 11, 2023
I too read the same article in a doctors office. I was only 10 years old but became fascinated by the story. I have watched every episode of every season and cannot wait until they find the answers to the mystery.
0 1 robin penberthy  September 18, 2023
Can't wait love the show
0 3 Dave E  September 13, 2023
Enjoy the show, best wishes for locating the treasures, and uncovering the facts.
0 1 Penny  September 11, 2023
What did cabbage sell for in Samuel Ball's lifetime? Has anyone ever calculates how much cabbage he would have sold to purchase all the land amassed during his lifetime? I'd check out the well that doesn't freeze very carefully.
0 0 Aldo Penny  September 24, 2023
Assuming that he was actually growing cabbages, cabbage may be referring to something else more profitable.
0 1 wade  September 7, 2023
I've followed Oak island since the 1960,s and I'd love to see a treasure containing some long lost gold items and presevered writings. I think the real value is finding out how it could have been done with all the traps built in. To have done this over 200 years ago by hand and keep water out while digging on a small island and so deep to me is the real problem. The team now searching makes an effort to obey the rules, record and use all modern tech to show us origins of the finds they have made. I hope they find the arc, the holy grail, maps and scrolls from before the templars downfall.
1 2 Dot Robinson  September 5, 2023
Like so many, have been watching since the beginning- I have learned so much in 10 years. I'm 74, have always been an aspiring archeologist. Waiting for season 11, but also discouraged by too many commercials and repetition. Let's get on with it- or the world will end before the show can!
This has been going on since we all read that Reader's Digest article in the 60s. (Nearly 60 years now! ) I feel like I am part of the crew. Let's get a move on.
0 8 Lynn  September 1, 2023
I feel a kindred spirit with Rick Lagina. I read that same Reader's Digest article about Oak Island & it fascinated me with thoughts of hidden treasure, intrigue, tall sailing ships & swashbuckling pirates. Then, of course, there was the sadness of all of the lives lost attempting to solve the mystery. To me, the program is as much about the searchers as it is about the search. I feel as though I know each of them personally & I share in their disappointment when things don't go as planned & in their exuberant celebrations when they find something unexpected. For me, this program combines all of my favorite things....mystery, history, great personalities, science & an opportunity to learn things about diverse subjects like metallurgy, blacksmithing, geology, deep well drilling, construction techniques, ancient clothing, jewelry & coins, British slang (bobbydazzler!)....I could go on forever. I'm eager to stick with watching the search for as long as the boys are eager to DO the search!
0 3 Dan Petrick  August 26, 2023
Great show havent missed a show, Iwant to see more what this can do to change history if it can then the price of the treasure,How wounderful to be able to read some of the past to maybe change our future, doing great you all keep us going but something big has to happen sone so you can keep us watching. Great show thank's.
0 1 Mary lou  August 21, 2023
Love it. Its the joy of finding something
0 0 Mary lou  August 21, 2023
1 2 Mary lou  August 21, 2023
Enjoy watchi [tasty] ng this show more than anything else on TV. What they are doing on Oak Island is a lot of back breaking work but as one can see they are enjoying themselves. Every find is exciting. Being a metal detectorist for many years i know how they must feel. Applause to all of them for keeping the show going even when things are difficult.
0 1 Shelia  August 19, 2023
I watched all the previous shows until they went to the History Channel only. I think they need to be on a regular channel for all to see. Not every one who watched faithfully can get the history channel and it is not right to keep them from seeing the rest of the search.
2 1 Robin Shelia  September 9, 2023
You can watch for free on The History Channel online. That's what I do.
2 5 Jason Hessler  August 18, 2023
I think the real treasure is The History Channel contract they receive. To heck with the gold and silver the money is in TV production! They’ve got the gold, we’re just the suckers holding out hope they find something. I hope the show goes 15-20 seasons. Love the show!!!
0 7 jeff  August 18, 2023
I like the historical artifacts that they find, regardless whether they find a jackpot. My feeling about oak island is that it served as a ship service station and possibly a bank for centuries.
0 4 Rita  August 15, 2023
I love the show. And have watched it all. Looking foreword to the 2023 season
1 14 Preacher  August 15, 2023
I have watched the show since the beginning. Most of us probably have. My only issue I have had since probably halfway through the first season. All of the repeating of names and what has already happened. I don't mean just once, but over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I'm going to sit down one day and see how much of my time has been wasted on it. I can almost bet, if I gambled, that it's far in excess of 50%. I say there's more repeated content than true original. I understand they're trying to extend the show for as many episodes as possible for money, but cone on. Show more of something else or less if it all. Anyway, I hope they actually find something and all of our time hasn't been wasted.
0 1 Preacher Also Preacher  September 8, 2023
I agree. Let’s let the rubber hit the road and get it done!
4 0 Timothy Leary Preacher Also  October 4, 2023
Let the rubber up your Mom
5 0 Timothy Leary Preacher  October 4, 2023
Xenia Halpen was a lap dancer. The treasure is her [censored]ing old box
1 3 Gary Miller  August 14, 2023
I hope it’s true that people have been looking in the wrong place for over a hundred years. I’m getting a bit tired of watching and not seeing any gold. My patience is running out because I have been watching since the beginning. This probably will be my last season watching if no gold or silver is discovered, but I’m not promising. Good luck Rick and Marty!

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