The Curse of Oak Island
History Channel
9 Seasons
157 Episodes
History’s hit reality documentary series featuring 220-year old legends and the two Lagina brothers in search for the unclaimed treasure are back for the fifth time
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The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 is yet to be announced by History Channel

Current Show Status
The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 5/3/2022 Treasure Island Season 9: Episode 25
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for The Curse of Oak Island. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


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1The Journey So Far Nov 7, 2017
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0 2 Carol Hardin  May 26, 2022
[wink] My hubby and I are in our 70's and have been watching this show for years. It's our weekly date night! The history and artifacts uncovered and so scientifically examined is very interesting and exciting. We love all the guys and their great teamwork and passion to discover the true history of the area! Can't wait for the next series! [bigsmile]
0 3 Tracy Pearson  May 8, 2022
We love this show!!! It does not take to much brain matter to figure out that something “OBVIOUSLY” was going on here!!! Why on earth would there be tunnels etc. So far under the ground? Seems like an awful lot of work for nothing. Therefore, must have been something!!!
I feel the frustration, this is a huge puzzle. I’m sure the brothers and all involved will get to the bottom of it!
I wait in anti[censored]tion!!! I must say, I hate the seasonal breaks!
Great success to all involved.
Sincerely, Tracy Pearson
2 0 CHRISTIE crown  May 4, 2022
Season 9 just finished, an I'm finished watching!
I've had enough of this boredom!
Nine long years of history lessons and mediocre debris found, for the millions of dollars poured into the effort!
Open cast mining is the only way ahead!
The reason they call it the Money Pit - treasure hunters can throw millions of bucks at it, for diddly squat in return!
The island and any potential treasure it may contain, will always have the last laugh!!!
1 0 DoGa CHRISTIE  May 9, 2022
The only curse about this island is actually watching this show. I watched all 9 seasons, btw, I know the names of ALL of these people, no need to repeat their names every 2 minutes. Half of the show is about repeating what happened in the last days, weeks or seasons. Why don’t they look for the entrance of the tunnels and approach it with a mining point of view? Find the water source of the 5 fingers drain, cut it off, follow the clues about the entrance of the tunnels and dig horizontally not vertically. Anyway, pretty sure there is no more treasure to be found. Someone found it or somebody else retrieved it…
1 0 CHRISTIE crown DoGa  May 11, 2022
How true - it's like watching paint drying!
As for the repetition of what happened or was found before - that's the most annoying part, they keep treating us like we all have bad memories!
9 3 William Wright  April 9, 2022
The popularity of this show has always been an amazing phenomenon to me. Nine years running and millions of dollars spent, and all they have to show for it is a couple of rusty items and worm eaten wood that anyone could probably find in their own back yard, should they put their minds and backs to it. The narrative always ends in every show with some simpleton saying, "Could this be the secret they have been looking for..." ad nauseum. Thank God the show is finally being cancelled.
0 4 William Green William Wright  April 27, 2022
I share your frustration with this show, but you don't have to watch.
0 0 Shirley Pisani  February 13, 2022
History Channel started showing series 9 and got up to episode 6 and then it disappeared with no explanation! they are now showing an older series (7). I know that the new episodes are out there so what happened? are they coming back?
0 0 BarbH64 Shirley Pisani  February 17, 2022
Try YouTube.
0 0 RGS Shirley Pisani  February 23, 2022
Try using beetv or teayv....they stream n8cely there
0 1 Patrichmond  February 7, 2022
I'm in the UK, when can we see Oak Island, I've missed it so much and can't wait for the new season..
0 11 Tina McWatch  November 8, 2021
[angry] waited for the new season and its not on. It said November 7th but its not even the show on thst channel.
2 12 Tom Semeniuk Tina McWatch  November 8, 2021
What happened?
Can anyone at Shaw explain why Oak Island is not on?
It is in the menu but other shows are on.
0 4 J.M. Peddle Tom Semeniuk  November 8, 2021
You will never get a response from Bell Aliant as to what happened. Obviously there is either a legal issue or the techs at History/Bell Aliant need to be replaced with competent people. Canadian Pickers is a dud at the best of times!
0 1 georges marcel brune J.M. Peddle  November 11, 2021
You are so right, these guys are idiots. Waited 5n hours for Oak Island for nothing.
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1 19 Terry peebles  November 8, 2021
not on replaced with canadian pickers must be copy right issues in canada [sad] [sad]
0 14 Shane Duggan Terry peebles  November 8, 2021
[sad] I know it completely sucked!!! [angry]
1 21 Crag Board Terry peebles  November 8, 2021
Where the hell is season 9 that’s to be airing right now on History channel ?? Canadian pickers old repeat is on ???? WTF .?
1 10 BT Crag Board  November 8, 2021
[angry] bull[censored] just saw a commercial saying new episode tonight and it's 25min past the scheduled air time. Atleast give a reason
0 1 Susan Williams  October 30, 2021
1 4 Susan Williams  October 30, 2021
I was SO EXCITED to hear of the return for Season 9 !!!! I’m facinated by watching & seeing all of the historic finds! Watching them add to the pieces of the Oak Island puzzle is soooo interesting & exciting! I can’t wait to see what the Island will reveal next!
Thank you for seeing what all of us loyal viewers see in this AWESOME show & for renewing it for another season!!
0 0 Annie Perris Susan Williams  November 7, 2021
Susan are you in the UK? I CANNOT find it anywhere to watch. We have sky so the History channel :(((:
1 13 james E lower  October 2, 2021
When we saw it was coming on again it made our day, our month, and year! It is like no other show and we can't live without it!!!!! Jim & Jill
1 9 Dennis Wollard james E lower  October 6, 2021
Being from Michigan, I was curious when it first came out. So, I watched the first episode and haven't stopped. This is my favorite show.
0 14 Patricia E. Williams  September 24, 2021
My husband and I are retired and have been watching Oak Island since it started! I am a big fan of all the people who are on the show (especially Gary!) I'm so glad the show will be back on in November 2, 2021! Thanks for the head's up and the reminder!
Pat & Daryl in Kansas
3 9 John McNeese  July 30, 2021
I believe they should look at the foot of Nollans Cross,, Where do you go to get help at the Cross? At the foot of the cross. I have a lot of relics from the CW and have found some very unique items. The best one was a Sutler Token with the Regiments name on it.. It was about 6 inches deep by a little creek. And on the bottom of the back,, it has written , 21st KY. V.I. in very small writing , there has only been 1 or 2 of these ever found, I've been told it could be worth as much as $5000. But I don't sell my finds. But I did sale one piece several years ago to pay my house payment. It was a Confederate [censored]on, Very Rare, It's a small [censored]on and was only made in this size, It is a CS of an A in the fancy scroll. It's a "Confederate States Artillery [censored]on." Super rare. Worth between 1 and 2000. Tell them to look at the foot of the Cross. That's where you find help.
1 14 lisa trenorden  July 15, 2021
I'm from Australia, and i can tell you my husband and i buy the dvd's, we watch oak on Netflix and on SBS on demand, and through these platforms the episodes are all over the place. but not one day goes by when we are not discussing oak, the members of the search or reading the book that we purchased, My husband and i love the show because it may be truly one of the last mysteries undiscovered and we cannot wait to see what unfolds. Dinner around the table involves war room like discussions of what the "treasure" may be.... I love the voice over guy, but cannot stand the host of drilling down. Anyway keep up the amazing work guys and thanks Zena Halpern and Dan Blankenship and all the other searchers for your belief, and hard work and for getting us all this far. i cannot believe how much i am invested in this show. Love it.
0 20 Bob v  May 20, 2021
Without a doubt the best show on tv. I hope that the History Channel will be renewing it
for a season 9.
I've been following this mystery ever since it aired on the " In search of " show in the 1970's.
Great stuff !. What they mind find could be history changing.
0 4 Douglas Prestidge  May 13, 2021
Great show, suspense mystery, I read readers digest article in 1972 , I was doing reading improvement, article came up to read, I have followed since, history there 1200 on that is significant on own, I wish they would drill deeper tunnel could start below water level going up into dry area in solid clay or bedrock tunneling tools found, to keep things from damage silver in water changes things maybe two treasures here enough digging and artifacts, military stuff like smiths cove bumpout good to protect bay a lot going on to research as I have excellent motivation I am war combat wounded veteran usaf combat controller, born Michigan, like bridge Mackinaw Bridge near traverse city military history there, thanks so much for show and inspiration, I’m an Engineer I’d love to work on that island but being paralyzed by Artillery Shellexplosion both feet ankles would limit me but I’m willing got stand on scooter to go all over island would be nice.
0 1 RustyB Douglas Prestidge  December 1, 2021
I think you are on the right track with going down, over then up! However Vera's map showed the "hatch" and the "valve" and OF COURSE they want to go straight to the "hatch" I think the TRICK to this whole mystery is to figure out the flooding system! HOW you ask? The TRICK to this whole mystery is figuring out the "VALVE"!!!!
15 3 CHRISTIE crown  May 6, 2021
This season of Curse Of Oak Island has been 25 episodes of anti-climax. They came to Oak Island initially to find some possible amazing treasure - instead they've found a lot of debris left by the previous occupiers of the island - whoopdie do!
Will they ever get anything substantial???
2 42 Davet CHRISTIE  May 7, 2021
So, I hear this a lot. My 2 cents is this. First they are in Nova Scotia. Google the weather there. The window of search is really only a few months a year. Divide that by the number of seasons and what’s that equate to? And when they see working it could be in rain.... lots of rain. It’s not Florida where it’s sunny and 70 every day. There is also the permits... lots of permits. They also take time. They just can’t start up the earth movers and dig until they hit something. Lastly it’s a tv show. Don’t like it? Change the channel. Seriously. It’s more than the treasure. It’s the hunt, the history, the camaraderie.
6 5 CHRISTIE crown Davet  May 7, 2021
I would love to see them achieve their goal for all their hard work and time spent on the island: I am also well aware they have a short Summer window, permits and Covid allowing, but those 25 shows could've been condensed into 15. I have watched from the start, and probably will continue to, but I now find myself fast forwarding thru repetitive parts of the show.
1 21 Ray Davet  May 10, 2021
I am firmly from Cape Breton home of Fortress Louisberg. Treasure is not on gold, silver or jewel. A ton of treasure was found this year but some Americans does not consider canon [censored], pieces of a ship in the swamp or all those pieces of ancient iron some back to the 1400's as treasure. I do. Buy some of the books that explain where it really started. I worked in a few towns in that are close to Oak Island and the scuttle but 45 years ago was when will something be found. This season proves how much was found and how much history was changed by the lads from Traverse City, Mi. I hope they continue the search and as Dr. Spooner found there is silver in the water of C1 take that to the bank. By the way Nova Scotia will have first dibs on any real treasure found just like they will have from the wrecks off Louisberg.
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1 29 RCuster  April 30, 2021
I love this show. I hope it takes another 3 years or more for them to find everything! I look forward to Tuesday nights and record and watch again the next day. Thanks for good television. It's beginning to be a thing of the past. How can people not find it interesting. History in everything they find.
0 20 Dot Robinson  April 28, 2021
I have followed the show from the beginning. I feel part of the "team" since I read the RD article the same time as Rick. I just wish I could be part of the search...even tho I am now 71. I'd love to work with the archeologists- I can handle a trowel!!! My blood pressure goes up every Tuesday nite. I just know the next show will the one! Seems like Rick and Marty are friends...I've been by the office in Traverse City several times. I live in the area so maybe one day I'll get to meet the boys.
0 0 Peter P Dot Robinson  October 31, 2021
Yes I am hooked, but only because I have watched so many episodes that with my luck the finale will be shown the week after I give up. In Britain we would use a trowel but the Americans believe that a JCB will get the job done quicker, which includes ruining the site quicker. Patience and carefull planning is required on archaeological sites. Pumping dyed water in was a bad idea. Drilling holes into a void is not a bright idea either as you could just chew up the contents. Suppose any possible treasure is not gold and jewels. Waiting for the giant bucket machine from a reduntant coal quarry to turn up to dig up the whole island. The laugh might be worth the wait.
0 23 David Perry  April 23, 2021
best family show on tv cant wait for next find its amazing the things they have uncovered. Please please keep it coming for as long as the brothers are there
0 23 CrabSandwich  April 22, 2021
This show is THE best show on History. I see it going until at least season 12.
0 23 Jameson  April 20, 2021
Curse of oak island best show on t.v. Period.true treasure hunters continue search despite setbacks because they know something has to be found...based upon the one true fact that a shroud of secrecy exists prior to the money pit.Why is there no historical record pin-pointing exactly what was going on?whether European countries or pirates hiding the truth the intrigue of the unknown is the draw of the show coupled with a whole troupe of grown adults spending their lives hunting for the truth...curse of oak island g-rated great entertainment which I will continue to watch so please continue going!!
11 6 CHRISTIE crown  April 18, 2021
I've watched this show from the very start, all those years ago, hoping the next show will be the one where they find the treasure; some treasure, any treasure - to no avail. If you ask me - the reason they call it the 'Money Pit' - is they keep throwing money into it, but there's very little coming out of it. The only certifiable thing is - how much older everyone is getting.
If they had been able to do open-cast mining on the island in the first place, they would've found any treasure by now, and heaven knows - it probably would've cost a lot less.
I still watch the show in the hope they find something amazing: But more and more, each show consists of the same information told and retold over and over again - boring!
60 5 Jeff the skeptic  February 17, 2021
When will Rick and Gary come out as a couple? The sexual tension between them is palpable. It’s the only reason I watch. I realize the only treasure is the money the treasure hunters get paid.
1 19 Dot Robinson Jeff the skeptic  April 28, 2021
Jeff the skeptic
You are a real downer. who cares about any sexual tension - the show is terrific!! I will be there in spirit til the end.
0 5 Levi Jeff the skeptic  October 6, 2021
[angry] That was a low blow comment. I highly doubt Rick is interested in Gary in any other way than a partner in the treasure hunt on the island.
2 11 Rickard Dahlstedt  October 4, 2020

"The Fellowship returns for a new season on Tuesday, November 10th at 9/8c on HISTORY!"

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