The Curse of Oak Island
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History’s hit reality documentary series featuring 220-year old legends and the two Lagina brothers in search for the unclaimed treasure are back for the fifth time
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The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 is yet to be announced by History Channel

Current Show Status
The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 1/31/2023 Oh, Well! Season 10: Episode 11
Next Episode Airs Tue 2/7/2023 Beware The Blob Season 10: Episode 12


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2Across The Pond Nov 22, 2022
3Bubbling Over Nov 29, 2022
4Wharf And Pieces Dec 6, 2022
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6Over The Muon Dec 20, 2022
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14Premier of the Dig Feb 8, 2022
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17Blast From The Past Mar 8, 2022
18Playing the Dunfield Mar 15, 2022
19Shoal Me the Money Mar 22, 2022
20The Hedden Truth Mar 29, 2022
21A Lot of Secrets Apr 5, 2022
22Yes We Can Apr 12, 2022
23Follow the Cobblestone Road Apr 19, 2022
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1The Journey So Far Nov 7, 2017
2The Curse of Oak Island: The Top 25 Finds Oct 8, 2019
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4The Curse of Oak Island: The Top 25 Moments Oct 22, 2019
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0 0 Roger Gulick  January 19, 2023
I hope season 11 begins soon
2 5 Leigh  December 13, 2022
I have been watching this for the past couple of years. And even though its really interesting, and l have learned some history. It's getting pretty old, same old same old every week. I wish something would happen soon. That's just my opinion and thoughts.
1 9 Lorraine  November 16, 2022
Have long been awaiting series 10 starting, states starting on Sky History 9pm November 15th 2022. In UK. Wrote it on my calendar so wouldn't miss it! So have scrolled from tonight through the whole of History Channel to next week and no Oak island? What is going on? Why no premiere? Why does the UK have to wait so long to get the series? And why has it not started? Fed up having to avoid fb page so no spoilers then when saying premiering it doesn't! Really fed up being the back water and being left behind from a brilliant series, where there's no point in contributing a comment, hello but if I'm not mistaken, Europe has had the biggest contribution so far to your island and yet we're the last to have the series aired! When are we going to see series 10 please?0
0 0 Paul Lorraine  November 27, 2022
4th January its back on
2 15 rolo  November 15, 2022
when does it start in the uk
0 13 Briagha  November 15, 2022
Why can't the UK start on the same date as the US? It's frustrating to have to spend 2 months avoiding any mentions of it on social media, etc. just to try and prevent spoilers.
1 1 Liz Briagha  December 2, 2022
For the same reason the US has to wait for Call The Midwife long after Britain saw it.
0 2 Peggy  November 14, 2022
I can’t wait for the new season. I just love all the history that is uncovered. I hope at some point someone writes a book on everything that has been found and the possible history of all of the items.
2 2 Prince  November 14, 2022
Oak Island was turned into a vast complex of military industrial and economic complex since the times of the Templars up to the 1700s. All existence of wooden buildings, shipping, port, smelters, kilns, ... gone ... except for the existence of mines and tunnels that remain buried and hidden under Lot 32 and oldest Lots 15/16 ... and the more modern Lots 17/18.

Manmade Lots 15/16 earthen mound of current 35 foot elevation from digging out the swamp estuary in the 1200s and later re-excavations of the inter-island portage, covering over the original mines on the eastern island.
0 3 Prince Prince  November 14, 2022
Tin, lead, zinc, blue clay, gypsum, sulfur, saltpeter, powdered carbon, gunpowder, glassware, salt/lead glazed stoneware pottery and dishware, tinware, wooden barrels, beers, imported sugar, silver, copper, and iron for silver and tin pewterware, copperware, copper brass and bronze firearms and cannons and shipboard falconettes, stones/copper/lead/iron shot and ammo, glass and charcoal kilns, metal smeltries, blacksmithy, wood carvers, barrel makers,
0 2 Prince Prince  November 14, 2022
ship builders, construction crews, miners, smelters, kilners, blacksmiths, mess hall cooks, farmers and livestock, grain and silage harvesting, meadow herbs and chemical fabric dyes, weavers, tailors, growing flax (linen), mallow, hemp, and some wool for fabrics, clothing, sails, rope, fish nets, ..., a complete island economic powerhouse of sailing and military ships, coastal and deep sea fishing, dried/smoked fish, kiln-dried sea salt, brewing alcohols, cork tree shoes and bottle closures, leather working, pine tar pitch/oils, human then wind-powered windmill sawmills eventually up to making clapboard lumber for houses, buildings, and ships, ...
0 3 Prince  November 14, 2022
510-530s - (Norse-Irish) Saint Brendanand 15 monks in 60 foot ship come to Nova Scotia and southwards area - settling up monastics in Canadian Maritimes down to American East Coast

~1000 - Leif Ericsson makes 4 settlements in Nova Scotia Canadian Maritimes - now relocated and accurated Liefsbudir (Halifax fjord Benson Bay), Stormsfuror (St Margarets Bay), Wonderstrands (wonderful beaches, 300 islands of Mahone Bay - and OAK ISLAND), and Hop (Bay of Fundy, Port Royal area.

1000-1300s+ - Vinlandia Norwegian empire of the Canadian Maritimes and down into northern New England. Norwegian population occupation. Referenced even on Dutch and Venetian maps.

1100-1400s - Knights Templars with Portuguese/French Basques come to Oak Island area. 1220s creation of the swamp rock road. 1st wave of Templar warrior and Templar family community occupations.
0 3 Prince Prince  November 14, 2022
1170 - Welsh Prince Madog sails to America. Welsh population occupation.

1297 - Fall of Acre and the Golden Tower of the Templars - 10th Crusade, Crusader Lord Robert V de Brus of Annandale and Carrick Scotland, father of King Robert I Bruce of Scotland, comes home with successive waves of Templars in tow to Scotland and last treasuries of Outremer withdrawn along the way with Mediterranean Templar communities into France, England, Scotland, ... and Americas.

1300s-1600s - expat Old World Templars of France, England go into Scotland during Inquisition and Persecution era. Eventually, all would locate to Scotland under the protection and guidance of King Robert I Bruce. Successive 2nd waves of Templar warriors and Templar family community occupations to the Americas.
1 2 Prince Prince  November 14, 2022
June 1398 - Scottish Prince Henry Sinclair lands on Nova Scotia. Scottish population occupation after the Templars.

1430s - Portuguese Prince Henry the Navigator finances sailing expeditions to Africa and points west.

In 1498, just one year after (1497) Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) rediscovered North America and six years after (1492) fellow Italian Christopher Columbus “discovered” the New World, Portuguese explorers João Fernandes Lavrador and Pêro de Barcelos were the first modern explorers of much of northeastern North America, including the Labrador Peninsula. They were followed (1500-02) by Portuguese explorers Gaspar and Miguel Corte Real. Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish occupations.
2 2 Prince Prince  November 14, 2022
1513 - Spanich conquest of the Aztecs - Aztec gold smuggled out of (Mexico City) by the refugees before the conquest. Walking around and sailing up East Coast (away from the Spanish) by the Templar fleet to ... Nova Scotia. Aztecs were originally from the ancestral Aztlan Canadian Maritimes and New England area in the 1200s, failure of the former Mayan empire (800-1200). Reclaiming and restoring even larger and landed economic empire (1200-1513). Both Mayan and Aztec groups of people in direct contact with the Templar fleets of 1100s-1500s sailing up and down the East Coast (and Oak Island). Aztec refugees came home to the greater Aztlan area, becoming the modern Native Peoples tribes of the area in post-1500 period.
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4 3 Marty  November 11, 2022
I think it should be renamed: JOKE ISLAND!
1 4 John Mumford  November 10, 2022
When will it be on sky channel 123 history HD in the uk please
0 0 Prince John Mumford  December 14, 2022
Why do you want late episodes - when you can have it the next day on eztv dot re !!!
1 0 Spandy  November 10, 2022
There was gold there, and then the English took it.
1 1 Direwolf  November 10, 2022
Ok, I more year this, I keep watching and it does have some kind of draw to it whether that be historical or financial or just the thrill of hunting for something, With all the clues and information they have gotten I personally believe there have been at least two different past operations at the island, I think that the original deposit on the Island must have been in probably the 1300s. this is when the French or Portuguese (templars) sank their ship and made the walkway (path heading out of the southern part of the swamp to probably all the way to the original money pit. , Whether there is still something buried is a big question because I believe there was a second operation that happened in 1671 and they did a lot more work at the cove. . So it's very plausible to me that most of the original deposit has already been found, I know most all the artifacts only point to 1671 . But I believe this wasn't the first time somebody deposited a treasure, 1671 could have been a search.?
0 2 Brickie  November 7, 2022
They will definitely get wood! Also pretty sure they will hit gold this time. Good luck guys wish i could be there helping!
1 2 Barbara  November 2, 2022
Well, here comes a new 2022 season --
Same as last 9X ... they didn't find anything!!
But we'll watch anyway!!
Anyone in favor of getting some fortune tellers/ESP people in?
Zina's information stands as very important -- a Goddess?
and Templars as Goddess worshippeers?

Q: Have they been allowed yet to go back into the Swamp?

Meanwhile, the shows are starting -- they're looking into other treasury hunts!
2 2 Imogene Jackson  October 28, 2022
I also think the treasure has a biblical, buried where no one could find it, all the clues suggest something they don't want someone to find it. Maybe something from the church that Has been lost to the world
1 4 Imogene Jackson  October 28, 2022
I love this show, I can't wait for season to start. I so excited to see they finally find out just where the treasure is , I think it under ground, but also something on the buried ship in the swamp, but whoever, whatever I think they will uncover something, good luck y'all from Dallas Texas go Marty an rick an your team
0 2 Edmund  October 24, 2022
I think this is the best yet. Not frankly, but truly. Monumental indeed. Can’t wait for you to see it.
1 5 Jack  October 21, 2022
i think the treasure is buried with the ship in the swamp....................the tunnels are a smoke screen......
1 3 Bob  October 10, 2022
Is this a uk date?
0 2 Bob Bob  October 27, 2022
No USA mate.Uk normally starts in Jan
0 0 Prince Bob  December 14, 2022
Look at eztv dot re for episodes
2 12 Greg Deible.  October 8, 2022
i cant wait two see season 10 in november. i sure wish Marty and Rick and the rest of the crew
the best of luck in finding the treasure. i am a big fan. Greg.
1 9 Kelli  October 6, 2022
Put the date on my calendar! Too early to start microwaving popcorn but anxious to start a new season of discoveries! [wink]
2 14 Jack  October 5, 2022
I have been watching this series since the very beginning and am old enough to remember the original article in Reader’s Digest back in the 1960’s that described the potential for a a great treasure being buried on Oak Island long ago. I really like the Laguna brothers respectful style of history and the previous diggers who came up short and hope they are rewarded with a major major find that also reveals who deposited the treasure. The coconut fibers, flood tunnels and manufactured cove all suggest that the treasure is of great historical, biblical or financial value. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this series is how the original builders of the Treasure vault and defensive systems have outsmarted all the treasure hunters including the Latina’s who thought modern technology would make it pretty easy to find and remove the treasure.
2 7 Sylvia Baago Jack  October 5, 2022
Yippee! I am so happy that Oak Island will be on again. It seems to me that there are three great triangle mysteries out there that may involve mysterious energies - The Oak Island Swamp, the triangle at Skin Walker ranch, and the Bermuda Triangle - I think an exploration needs to be undertaken to see if these three famous triangles are connected in any way.
1 12 Theresa Perri  October 5, 2022
Can't wait! We have been checking every month after the last episode in the summer.
1 4 Barbara  October 5, 2022
What are the hopes or fears about getting into the EYE of the Swamp --
and when will you know if there is a ship buried there?

Good to see more women working on the project with you --
Have you ever thought of trying someone connected to concept of "remote viewing"
or simply someone with some ability to "see" into the past?
Though it looks like you have a number of different periods/ages of activity there.

We like the regular re-runs of past shows as there are always interruptions in our viewing!
1 1 Loki Barbara  November 2, 2022
[hands] wondering why they don't just start at the edge and dig down deep into the swamp . I know water is a historical issue but they completely dried the culvert fort area with those huge iron posts. I'm pretty sure they could dry the swamp and dig. I think they buried any treasure in the ship by sinking it. Avid oak island watcher. Love this series ❤
0 5 Barbara  October 5, 2022
Good news -- watching a few years now.
Why can't you knock out flow from ocean into tunnels?
Religion is one of the great historical landmines in almost every nation --
it involved turning the world upside down and oppression of women.
That's why Zena's/? studies of the Templar's and the goddess are so interesting.
There is also thinking that the Vatican actually invented Islamic religion to gain control
over Arabs and Holy Land.
Perhaps the Templars were seeking Hebrew treasures and religious artifacts to turn over
to the Vatican but finding of the treasure may have moved them in a new direction.
What is the connection between religious artifacts, gold/royalty and Francis Bacon?
What new information might the Templars found of "religion/god" that they might have
wanted to hide -- or protect?
Keep working on it guys -- we hope to be watching!
Take care --

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