The Curse of Oak Island
History Channel
7 Seasons
107 Episodes
History’s hit reality documentary series featuring 220-year old legends and the two Lagina brothers in search for the unclaimed treasure are back for the fifth time
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The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 is yet to be announced by History Channel

Current Show Status
The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 4/28/2020 Timeline Season 7: Episode 23
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for The Curse of Oak Island. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


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1Oak Island: The Journey So Far Nov 7, 2017
2The Curse of Oak Island: The Top 25 Finds Oct 8, 2019
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4The Curse of Oak Island: The Top 25 Moments Oct 22, 2019
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7The Top Finds & Moments You Never Saw Apr 26, 2020
8The Top Theories & Moments Apr 27, 2020
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0 26 rnntx2254  May 10, 2019
Oak Island has been RENEWED for season 7!
0 3 rsimmons rnntx2254  September 20, 2019
Thank you that is fantastic news. Love, Love the show
0 15 Michael j Kondor  March 12, 2019
I love this show a friend of mine many years ago visited oak island and took pictures before Marty and rick got there her name is Connie haven she was also fascinated and talked about it and the possible treasure. I hope that they are able to solve the mystery and fiqure out what really happened on the island and who build the money pit . I also want to order a bottle of wine from Marty’s winery so I can open it to toast them all when the treasure is found then my wife Linda and all my friends can stop telling me that I’m wasting my time watching the show. Remember I love this show and have never missed one episode. I also bought season 1-2-3 on dvd and wish season 4-5 and 6 should come out so I can buy the rest of the seasons.
0 4 gary gammon  November 16, 2018
any one now when it is starting on history channel in uk
0 1 Calvin  November 13, 2018
Can’t wait for Sunday the 18th. Cause here in Canada we have to wait 5 extra days to see it. (Even though Oak Island is in Canada)
0 8 Happy  November 10, 2018
I am so glad the show is back. I have it on the calendar. Nothing will prevent me from watching on Tuesday nights at 9pm. My prayers have been answered. Ann
0 8 Southerngent  October 11, 2018
This site is a bit behind. Not only did History renew Oak Island, it was for 30 hours, not the usual 10-15. Must be a lot of good stuff going on.
Also, Curse for Civil War Gold was renewed - 10 hours.
0 1 Westfield Southerngent  October 27, 2018
Happy to see Oak Island returning and wondering what they've been exploring and thinking during the recess? The explorations of what has happened in the past have been interesting; but then the "what if?" where it might not be gold or royal jewels but the Ark or something potentially dangerous? Are there connections to the "alien presence"?
0 5 Dean watson Westfield  October 27, 2018
There’s no treasure it’s all gone.The only thing they will find again is wood but it won’t stop me watching it.
9 1 Ron Taylor  September 17, 2018
This show had little credibility - but now linking it with the crazy from Ancient Aliens really is scraping bottom of barrel.
2 10 Don Vinson Ron Taylor  September 18, 2018
1 2 Len Hunt  November 8, 2017
I live in Niagara Falls Canada. There was NO show on tonight (Tuesday Nov. 7th) on the History Channel. Only Forged in Fire. What a huge disappointment! ?
0 1 Elizabeth Shivel  November 6, 2017
I'm in California and the show is Tuesday, Nov 7. Check YouTube for the show and watch the season 5 trailer. I see that through the Amazon Firestick internet access on my tv, so if you have a streaming device to your tv you should see that too, or on your computer. The actual tv show will probably be uploaded to YouTube a bit after it airs. Good luck!
0 1 JEAN ARCHER  November 6, 2017
I live in the UK and cannot find any reference to November 7th 2017 start of season 5 and I am an avid follower of the programme, can you help please
0 1 Agonyandxtasy JEAN ARCHER  November 6, 2017
Www tvguide co uk

Put a . Where the spaces are
0 0 JEAN ARCHER Agonyandxtasy  November 6, 2017
I'm sorry but I still can't find the answer, I have been following it on the history channel but I can't find series 5 listed - I'm 77 so I'm not au fait with technology to stream I just want to know when it will be shown on UK tv
2 0 Paul Man JEAN ARCHER  November 6, 2017
Jean, I am also in the UK and I can’t find it either and would like to think I am quite tech savvy. ?
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1 2 Pat S.  October 13, 2017
I've had family and friends on the alert for any Oak Island news for months. I came home from a week at the beach and a neighbor came running over with a note for me about Oak Island starting date. A perfect end to an enjoyable week. My next few months are all set. No phone calls on Tuesday nites. Thank You. I do have a suggestion-- Someone in the know should write a book, cronologically,(sp?) about this adventure. I'd be first on the list to get one.
0 4 Joanne Hammond  October 7, 2017
Oh thank the lucky stars!! MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE FOR THIS YEAR! ?
0 3 Francisco Coutinho  October 6, 2017
As a Descendent of Portuguese Templars , one of them Master-Prior of Convento de Cristo (order of Christ) , I have some documents that tell a lot about those times. In fact even Hitler was in Portugal trying to explore the tunnels and hidden places in city of Tomar, and its Convent lead by theory that something very important was or is hidden here, it was supposed to be after the arch of alliance , Holy Graal, etc. The Templars after the 1300/1400 years, only remained active in Portugal , now called Cavaliers of Christ .Documents, from 1400+ refer Some Secret Ships were in Terra-Nova in the 1400's and in some maps already are islands and a massive territory behind.
Logic thoughts are that they build so perfect , elaborated , trap systems, with the French ducts (with stones, Coconut fibers and Woods , dated from the 1400/1500- It was NOT done for nothing. Just ask how long they had to take in order to build such a "Thing" for nothing.
1 4 Francisco Coutinho Francisco Coutinho  October 6, 2017
Finely , I love the serie ,i watched every single one and i only think that Rick and Marty should explore at the same time (2 or 3 teams) The Hatch ,The Swamp (Is was very frequent for Pirates when they Capture a Damaged Ship to Sink them under water .The [censored] was made for it, and later covered it with Dirt, plants , Debris and even dead threes in order to create a SWAMP !
Finally the Money Pit . No One will SEE what is down below. There is to much sediments killing the Clear vision of that space. Only a small Robot /Sub can do it without affecting visibility, and after that they have just to suck it with a similar Pump the Gold Catchers in Alaska do.They suck the sea floor for Gold ,You suck the Dirt so you can see bellow :)
The Island is named OAK there were a lot of Oaks in the passed and NOW , OAK WOOD can now only be found down earth dated some centuries ago. Just Think and the treasure will be found. Sempre Avanti , Ragazzi.... :)
0 8 TyroneShoelaces  October 6, 2017
I've never looked at this show in terms of anyone actually finding the treasure, but more so about two really interesting guys who are completely invested in their quest and so respectful of those who have gone before them. Add to this the fascinating history associated with the early traverses of the North Atlantic, the Knights Templar et al and you have a multi-faceted formula for successful and engaging television.
0 4 Rob Hoffman  October 6, 2017
Yes , Yes,Yes .....Finally the best high quality ;deepest plot line real show on TV is back!!!!?????
Wow....with these characters invested for life...we have all we need as viewers...! I hope the curse is lifted without Dan B. Passing...He ,I believe should see it through.Great adventure and intrigue have come to them all...some treasure??? Oh Yea !!!!!!
0 3 Carl Ceragno  October 6, 2017
WOW I can breath again! Thank You and looking forward to another great year!
0 3 Mark D.  October 6, 2017
I for one am a happy camper that the show is back...Hands down the best show on TV...Well done History Channel. ?
0 4 Marko87  October 4, 2017
Love the show an absolute excellent watch and keeps me and friends glued to the screen Brilliant job by everyone involved. Hope the elderly treasure hunters who live on island ( Dan & Fred ) get some joy in the future as that is the reason I am keep tuning in, hoping they get a break. I feel invested in the Legina brothers and enjoy watching their efforts on Oak Island.
0 1 ken mcleod Marko87  October 6, 2017
If you mean Fred Nolan, unfortunatley he passed away last year if I am not mistaken.
0 1 Don Vinson ken mcleod  November 7, 2017
I think he meant Dan Blankenship.
0 10 Marie6071  August 20, 2017
I truly enjoy the show. It is the best show on TV today. There is so much hate and violence on TV it is a nice refreshing change.
Keep up the great work guys. Looking forward to the next season.
Love the show and you guys.
0 6 Joanne Hammond  August 1, 2017
I hope to see the Lagina brothers and everyone else involved to continue. If not treasure then history which is also so valuable!!
I hope to see this exploration through with them!! To the discovery!!!
0 3 Southerngent  August 1, 2017
I'm in favor of more seasons. As previously stated in other articles, this is very expensive for the Laguna brothers. I wonder if they would accept the help if the viewers started a Gofundme page. If they don't already, the History Channel should put up should put in some money. Top rated show...maybe get a little skin in the game.
0 1 jeff  May 11, 2017
for what its worth the producer of the show said" If I was to bet on it, Id say there is a 100% chance there will be a season 5" A somewhat odd way of phrasing it, but I assume he is in the know!
0 2 Lea jeff  May 11, 2017
If the bothers are "in" and can get all the permits and permissions to continue and they can afford to keep financing this endeavour, then the History Channel will run the next season.

Its the highest watched program they have but it all depends on the Lagina Brothers - they could decide to pull out at any time and invest the money in their winery

Mind, if they did that I'd probably be going round asking for donations to keep it running. : D
0 1 Cecilia  May 8, 2017
There is something there, but is not only money, is much more than that, something very important to someone, sacred, and is very well guarded by some thing that we can not see
very powerfully strength there, I would say very Holy. And only greed will not take you there, need more than that. History is all there , can you not see, many hiding secrets and protection, still is so much beauty the OAK ISLAND
1 5 Deb Sterling  April 28, 2017
Our entire family watches Mystery of Oak Island together and we find ourselves hoping Rick and Marty will fulfil their dream of finding a treasure....Not only for themselves but for the rest of us who will benefit from just the knowledge alone....Season 5 has to happen and 6 if at all possible and like the Lagina boys have said before "We want to keep going".

We're 110% for you in this positive, fulfilling and magical experience.....You guys affect us all in a wonderful way.....Please stay the course....
0 1 David Brodie  April 28, 2017
I really would like to find out when the new season for Oak Island will start. I think it was the best show on TV. I really looked forward to watching this every week. Please run another season this year.

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