Critter Fixers: Country Vets
Nat Geo Wild
5 Seasons
50 Episodes
Dr. Hodges and Dr. Ferguson are two lifelong friends who own and operate Critter Fixer Veterinary Hospital, located 100 miles south of Atlanta.
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Critter Fixers: Country Vets Season 6 is yet to be announced by Nat Geo Wild

Current Show Status
Critter Fixers: Country Vets Season 6 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Sat 5/27/2023 Turtle Power Season 5: Episode 8
Next Episode Airs Sat 6/3/2023 A Dog's Day Season 5: Episode 0
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Whether it's a dog, a cat, or a snake — Dr. Terrence Ferguson and Dr Vernard Hodges are ready to fix them all 🐍 Catch the all-new season of #CritterFixers, Saturday, April 8 at 9/8c on #NatGeoWild.


Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1That's A Moray! Apr 8, 2023
2Bladder Stone Bonanza Apr 15, 2023
3Ready, Vet, Go! Apr 22, 2023
4Feeling Lucky Apr 29, 2023
5Sherlock Hodges May 6, 2023
6We Fix 'Em All May 13, 2023
7A Key to the City May 20, 2023
8Turtle Power May 27, 2023
9G.O.A.T. Bloat Jun 3, 2023
10Hiss & Make-Up Jun 10, 2023
11Sassy Sassy Goat Jun 17, 2023
12No Bird Left Behind Jun 24, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Goose Bumps Oct 8, 2022
2A Diamond in the Ruff Oct 8, 2022
3Cone of Shame Hall of Fame Oct 15, 2022
4Pugs in a Blanket Oct 22, 2022
5A Wing and a Prayer Oct 29, 2022
6The Three Amigoats Nov 5, 2022
7Nose to Toes Nov 12, 2022
8Vets on Parade Nov 19, 2022
9Blue Ribbon Bunny Nov 26, 2022
10Leaping Lizards Dec 3, 2022
11A Helping Hammy Dec 10, 2022
12Mighty Piglets Dec 17, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Vet for a Day Mar 26, 2022
2The Critter Files Apr 2, 2022
3The Lizard of Hodge Apr 9, 2022
4Choc Full of Puppies Apr 16, 2022
5Fish Out of Water Apr 23, 2022
6Cat-Astrophe Apr 30, 2022
7Some Bunny to Love May 7, 2022
8Hogs and Hisses May 14, 2022
9All Paws on Deck May 21, 2022
10Feline Alright May 28, 2022
11A Ruff Day Jun 4, 2022
12The Chicken and Waffles Jun 11, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Barnyard Frenemies May 22, 2021
2It's Owl Good May 22, 2021
3Life Graft May 29, 2021
4Lucky Ducky Jun 5, 2021
5Lizard Wizard Jun 12, 2021
6Titan's Hero Jun 19, 2021
7Say Hello to My Little Bunny Jun 26, 2021
8Tooth Be Told Jul 3, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Alpacapalooza Mar 7, 2020
2Hump Day Mar 14, 2020
3The Tortoise and the Hair…less Cat Mar 21, 2020
4Captain Hoof Mar 28, 2020
5Goose on the Loose Apr 4, 2020
6A Litter of This, A Litter of That Apr 11, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Southern Family Values Nov 28, 2020
2A Dog's Day Jun 3, 2023

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145 fans have subscribed

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0 0 Kathy Bean  May 31, 2023
I live in Dover New Hampshire and I was wondering if Critter Fixers season 7 will be airing soon?
0 1 Cathy VanStone  April 17, 2023
Love the show. I subscribe ro Disney Plus but for some reason I cant get it, No idea why. It said it started apr 8 but I cant get it . Bummers. Any ideas?
0 2 Sandra Mitchell  April 6, 2023
I found the critters fixers quite by accident you see myself as a a big child of 65 years young loves Disney and there is where I found the critters fixers so I binge watch all four seasons they are so down to Earth it's nothing that they won't treat looking forward to the fifth season and many many more . God be with you and bless you 💯🤗
0 1 HeatherPos*  March 29, 2023
I found this show about a year + ago. I love it. Can't wait for the new season. Anyone know if the previous seasons are available anywhere?
0 0 Johnna HeatherPos*  April 6, 2023
All of the seasons of Critter Fixers is found on Disney+. I hope this helps!
0 0 HeatherPos* Johnna  April 7, 2023
It does. Thank you.
0 3 read216  March 5, 2023
I don’t have much to say, but a big thank you Nat Geo, for renewing my favorite show in the whole wide word. Thank you!!!!!
0 0 Kathy Bean read216  May 31, 2023
I am 70 years old and if I were 20 years younger I'd want to become a vet just by watching the show! I talk to people complete strangers sometime about this show and stress that if you have a child and nephew a grandchild whatever and they want to be a vet they need to watch the show! It is quite impressive and I enjoy it immensely.
0 2 Ironmike  February 23, 2023
Absolutely the best show. I'm an old Georgia boy from Alpharetta. Raised in the country on grandfather's farm until my dad took me to SC. This show is the most down to earth program I have ever seen. Both of these wonderful vets show compassion and great pride with their profession. The citizens of that county are very lucky to have these two wonderful gentlemen taking care of their animals. When it's not on a regular basis I watch reruns and everything else is just fodder. Being from Georgia I can say first hand that's the way the country people are. Caring and serious about their profession. Love you guys and love the humor also. I appreciate your dedication to bringing awareness about a lack of African American vets and farmers. I miss home but at my age I guess I'm stuck here in SC. On my next trip to Warner Robin's I will do my best to visit ya'll.
God bless each of ya'll and your staff too. You all are the greatest.
0 1 read216 Ironmike  March 5, 2023
Your comment is dead on! I love this show.
0 4 Sonya  February 23, 2023
I am so glad the Critter Fixers were renewed for season 5. This show is one of the best on television. It's educational, humorous and gives new insight into animal and human behavior. The whole family can watch this show and enjoy it! Thank you, Thank you!
0 2 Sonya  February 23, 2023
I am so glad the Critter Fixers are coming back on T.V. for season 5, April 8, 2023. This put a big smile on my face! [smile]
0 1 Michael  February 17, 2023
My wife and I are so excited!! I wish we would have known for our little Yorkie Teagan. I would have brought her from Ohio. We loved the axolotle episode. That is our youngest daughter's favorite animal.
0 1 jill reich  February 13, 2023
Great show. Needs to come back on for 2023. You finally have a good decent show and there is a hold up or possibly cancelled. These men are the best, down to earth decent folk as vets. No diversity just great guys doing a great job. Awesome show, please bring it back
0 1 AB  February 12, 2023
I hope this show comes back with season 5! Love The Critter Fixers!! I even watch the older episodes over and over lol [smile]
0 1 Michelle  December 31, 2022
I loooove that show. I pray Critter Fiers!never ends. Those dudes rock!!!!!!
0 3 Kym Michelle  January 8, 2023
I loooove Dr. Hodges and Dr. Ferguson and their team. I’m praying for their show Critter Fixers to go for another 100 seasons. Please National Geographic, renew it and renew very soon. I thank you so much and for listening to your audience.
0 1 Michelle Sonya  December 31, 2022
I looooooove that show. I pray it never end. Those dudes rock
0 2 Sonya  December 30, 2022
I really wish Disney renew Critter Fixers for 2023. I simply love this show. Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Hodges are great in bringing deeper understanding of animals and empathy towards animals in very humorous ways.! Since they have been off the air, I've been binging on their prior seasons on Disney+. This is one of the few "feel good" shows on TV!
0 5 Sheree  December 14, 2022
PLEASE renew for SEASON 5!! We love CRITTER FIXERS!!!!

Fort Worth, Texas
0 7 Annette Julio  September 15, 2022
I love this show. Glad to see they are coming back. I only wish I had known about them before my little girl went to doggie heaven.
0 8  August 5, 2022
Love drs Ferguson and Hodges. ❤ Wish they were in my area. Seem to be great doctors and caring human beings.
0 10 Great show  June 30, 2022
Great animal show. Really really really good family tv with the young kids and adults.
Looking forward to next season.
The grand kids love the show!!!
0 7 Kathy  June 26, 2022
Best show ever. Dr Hodges and Dr Ferguson are the best. Love them to pieces. Wish they were here in San Diego…..wish they were on year round. Great family show.
0 7 Belinda  June 14, 2022
This is my new favorite show and can't wait for season four!
0 6 Kathleen Gray  June 6, 2022
❤️❤️❤️❤️LOVE THIS SHOW! Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Hodges and the staff are the best
0 2 Randy  May 14, 2022
Love the show but turn down the music! It's hard to hear what is being said with the music drowning them out. Other than that, great work!
0 9 Karin Damiani  January 18, 2022
Really looking forward to the next season of Critter Fixers! (Philly, PA)
0 4 TAA  January 9, 2022
Yeah!!! Love this show cannot wait for season 3
0 6 Tiffani Gay  January 4, 2022
Great show!! I wish I had vets like them in California

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