Fixer to Fabulous
3 Seasons
40 Episodes
FollowDave and Jenny Marrs embrace small-town America by renovating classic homes in and around their hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas.
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Fixer to Fabulous Season 4 is yet to be announced by HGTV

Current Show Status
Fixer to Fabulous Season 4 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 3/8/2022 Small Rancher Gets the Biggest Addition Season 3: Episode 17
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Fixer to Fabulous. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Lakeside Retreat Gets Kid-Friendly Upgrade Nov 16, 2021
2Modern Lodge Chalet at Long Last Nov 23, 2021
3From Boring 90s House to Stylish Family Home Nov 30, 2021
4Lakehouse Dreams Do Come True Dec 7, 2021
5Holiday Surprise Dec 14, 2021
6Victorian Turned Storybook Cottage Dec 21, 2021
7Rough Rancher Made Modern Farmhouse Dec 28, 2021
8Boring Rancher to Beautiful Bungalow Jan 4, 2022
9New Tudor Home in Time for a Newborn Jan 11, 2022
10Funky, Modern Home With a Pool Jan 18, 2022
11Home Dreams Live On Jan 25, 2022
12Storm Chaser Tracks Down Forever Home Feb 1, 2022
14Midcentury Party House Feb 15, 2022
15City Family Returns to Country Roots Feb 22, 2022
16Newlywed Dream Home Mar 1, 2022
17Small Rancher Gets the Biggest Addition Mar 8, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1A New Lease on Life Oct 27, 2020
2She Said "Yes!" Nov 3, 2020
3A Home to Love Nov 10, 2020
4Rustic Cabin to Contemporary Retreat Nov 17, 2020
5Family House with History Nov 24, 2020
6Old Dojo to Modern Mojo Dec 1, 2020
7An Old Rancher Gets a Chef-Inspired Facelift Dec 15, 2020
8A Life-Changing, Marrs Family Renovation Dec 22, 2020
9A Boring House Turns Into a Boho-Chic Rental Dec 29, 2020
10Dysfunctional Rancher Becomes a Family-Friendly Home Jan 5, 2021
11Victorian Hodgepodge Gets Modern Makeover Jan 12, 2021
12A Closed-Off House Turns Character-Filled Home Jan 19, 2021
13Historic House Gets Pretty Pink Overhaul Jan 26, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1From Craftsman to Creole Cottage Oct 22, 2019
2Classic Colonial Meets Modern-Day Makeover Oct 29, 2019
3Outdated to Modern Nov 5, 2019
4Century-Old Farmhouse Becomes New Forever Home Nov 12, 2019
5A Drab Victorian Gets a Fab Facelift Nov 19, 2019
6From Nightmare Cabin to Family Dream Home Nov 26, 2019
7A Bigger Kitchen for a Growing Family Dec 3, 2019
8Entertaining Oasis Dec 10, 2019
9Surprise Renovation for First-Time Homeowner Dec 17, 2019
10Dreary Home Gets Bright Update Jan 7, 2020
11Historic Home Overhaul Jan 14, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Fixer to Fabulous Holiday Surprise Dec 14, 2021
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0 0 Dona  May 15, 2022
Love, love the show. Waiting and hoping for season 4, please. Even watch repeats.
0 1 Ann Brown  May 12, 2022
0 4 Sharon Fuller  May 2, 2022
Love, love, love Fixer to Fabulous. It's the best show on HGTV. Jenny & Dave are wonderful!! ❤
0 7 Betty June  April 6, 2022
I love this show. I think Dave is so funny and complements Jenny. I hope this show continues into a 4th season and beyond. I like how they interact with all the community. Jenny’s creative mind just always be right on point. Please keep the episodes coming [tasty] [love] [smile] [tasty] [wink] ☺ [tasty] [smile] [smile]
0 3 Karen Schumacher  April 2, 2022
I enjoy Jenny and Dave. They need to put railings on front steps for those with handicaps.
0 6 Leila  March 30, 2022
My first time to comment on tv show.This show is awesome ,jenny,dave and the group are all so good this too are so humble.
6 1 Sarah Bailey  February 27, 2022
I like this show but I have a concern. One of Jenny and Dave’s children is an adopted little African girl. While their other children get face-time on camera, this little girl is often background or caught as the camera scans! I don’t know why they are choosing to allow this discrepancy but it is becoming very noticeable. That the choose to adopt a black child is admirable, not giving her the same face-time as the other children looks discriminatory and that does not appear to be who they are.
0 1 Jamie Sarah Bailey  May 11, 2022
I kind of disagree with the comment on Dave & Jennys adopted African girl. I don't feel any of the kids get that much show time and she is in almost all of the shots of the kids. Maybe she doesn't want to talk in the camera - could be shy!!!! Let's not make everything about race.
0 2 Judy Lemke  January 5, 2022
❤ We love the show. I have a question, which bugs me and I'm always mentioning it to my husband & he's tired of it. So please answer. "Why are the books backwards when you put them on a shelf?" It seems to be my new pet peeve! Thanks!
0 9 JamiP  December 15, 2021
Please don’t cancel this show- it’s the only one we watch and we feel like we know Jenny and Dave. They have amazing talent and range, and this is unlike any show in the renovation reality space on TV. The rest are all drama and BS. Dave does so much from scratch, and Jenny is magic. They are what we need to bring us back to what small town life feels like in America. They embody family with their kiddos, their animals, their land, and their love for each other. I tell everyone I know about this show, and people always call me to say YES!! They love it too.
0 12 Kay Walker  November 17, 2021
Favorite show!
1 10 mike crooks  November 12, 2021
Love the chemistry between Dave and Jenny Marrs, was looking forward to more episodes with the rest of the cast.
Thank You for reinstating the series its the "ONLY" Do it yourself show I really Love.
0 11 Valle Ingram  October 8, 2021
This show, by far, is my favorite HGTV series. Cannot wait for season 3. Jenny and Dave are very engaging, down to earth and talented and are a pleasure to watch. Also enjoy the middle America atmosphere of rural Arkansas. Thanks for airing this show.
0 11 Sharon Regan  August 8, 2021
Love the Fixer to Fabulous show. Jenny and Dave are so sweet together and down to earth, unlike the Gaines where Chip always had to be the center of attention. Here everyone works together with love and cooperation. Love Jenny's designs. Hope this show will continue for a long time.
0 11 Carmine  August 4, 2021
Best show on HGTV. Love the way they banter back and forth. Love the whole crew, chase and his dad.
0 10 Carolanne1016  July 26, 2021
Love Fixer to Fabulous. Please renew! ❤
0 12 Sue Sutak  July 21, 2021
Love fixer to fabulous! They are fun and entertaining to watch. Please do another season!!!!?
3 1 Patricia Smith  July 11, 2021
I like the show Fixer to Fabulous very much. I was watching the show this morning, I don't understand why you think the person telling you everything that is happening on the show is necessary. I think it is VERY ANNOYING. IT'S ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU CHANGE THE CHANNEL! It said Jenny is smiling then Jenny is driving her SUV... are you serious!
0 13 Yvette  July 10, 2021
Me and my family love the show. We need more episodes. And also Home Town. Always looking forward to the following seasons.
0 11 Gary Cardwell  July 3, 2021
Really enjoying Fixer to Fabulous Sessions 1& 2! Really hoping for a Session 3 renewal! Fave & Jenny are “the real deal”!
1 12 Dana Orians  July 1, 2021
Anxiously awaiting for Fixer to Fabulous to come back on. One of HGTV’s best! When is season 3 starting? Why is this show not renewed yet?
0 13 Sondra  June 26, 2021
I love Fixer to Fabulous and watch every show. The entire cast is great and I especially enjoy the relationship between Jenny and Dave.
Please renew!
0 16 Kelly Ingram  June 21, 2021
More Fixer to Fabulous PLEASE! ME AND
2 0 Phyllis Poe  May 17, 2021
Looking for decor items like the ceramic lambs head wreath over a fireplace in back Ground
0 15 Deb Neighbors  March 16, 2021
New fixer to fabulous please
0 15 Deb Neighbors  March 16, 2021
Ready for new fixer to fabulous. Also love home town

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