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FollowPrepare for the ultimate showdown between the fiercest women in the home renovation and design business in Rock the Block.
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Rock the Block Season 4 is yet to be announced by HGTV

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Rock the Block Season 4 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Mon 4/11/2022 Behind the Block Season 3: Episode 7
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Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Kitchen Showdown Feb 28, 2022
2Living Room Showdown Mar 7, 2022
3Main Suites Showdown Mar 14, 2022
4F.R.O.G. Showdown Mar 21, 2022
5Exterior Showdown Mar 28, 2022
6Finale Showdown Apr 4, 2022
7Behind the Block Apr 11, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Rock the Kitchens Mar 8, 2021
2Rock the Living Rooms Mar 15, 2021
3Rock the Main Bedrooms Mar 22, 2021
4Rock the Basements Mar 29, 2021
5Rock the Exteriors Apr 5, 2021
6Rock the Finale Apr 12, 2021
7Beyond the Block Apr 19, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Master Suite Masters Oct 21, 2019
2The Kitchens Oct 28, 2019
3The Great Room War Nov 4, 2019
4The Decision Nov 11, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Round 1 Winner's Choice: Master Suite Oct 21, 2019
2Round 2 Winner's Choice: Ultimate Kitchen Oct 28, 2019
3Round 3 Winner's Choice: Indoor-Outdoor Oasis Nov 4, 2019
4The Winner's Choice: Best of the Best Nov 11, 2019
5Beyond The Block Apr 19, 2021
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0 0 Vega  April 4, 2022
I think some contestants make a mockery of the project. Season 2 and 3 each have a contestant group that doesn't design for the best sale, but for their own horrid tastes.. and they are horrid! Season 2 had David and Tiffany's house sit on the market a long time and if you go to various national real estate sites you'll see before the house sold they repainted the hideous black wall in the hallway, stripped the hideous wallpaper, and repainted the pink ba[censored]t white and removed all the pink design. What a joke. Some contestants I like some I don't. Glad about season 2 winner (ecstatic actually). was indifferent about season 1 winner and hope Egypt and Mike win season 3. As for the house/location choices I think they are horrid. No backyards in season 2 is a disgrace.. kids? pets? where exactly do you put them? .. the layout design was bad for season 2 but you can't blame the contestants for that. Also thought some judges were a joke. I wouldn't live in SC or Ga but lets do seas4
0 4 Kit  May 2, 2021
I love Rock the Block. I hope there are many more seasons to come!!
0 3 Brenda L.  April 13, 2021
ROCK THE BLOCK! It rocks. So glad the winners won! ( No spoiker here!)We would buy that house if we were in the market for a new house and wanted to move to GA! So much functionality and fun! ❤ Congratulations!!!
2 0 Sm  April 6, 2021
Nate and jeremiah should have won theckitchen challenge. They were better yhan mike and Alison by far. The judges need to think about value not personal choice.
3 2 Pryn  March 23, 2021
In my opinion Nate & Jeremiah should have won for the kitchen and Alison & Mike should have won for the living room areas. I also agree with their Bedroom and bathroom win. That bathroom is breathtaking!! Also, They were the only team that really put a true effort in the bedroom although I did like the seating area in David and Tiffany’s. I thought Meka and Brian did a nice job in their kitchen and bathroom but not enough. Plus her responses to how the others decorate or to them losing is not a good look at all.
1 4 Mo  March 16, 2021
Meka and Brian should have won the kitchen design. Their kitchen was beautiful and functional. I think they were robbed because they are the underdogs and Allison and Mike won because of their fame.
3 1 empgasp  March 14, 2021
Mike and Allison's kitchen was the only one that I found boring or run of the mill. Any of the others should have won for their own reasons, but in my opinion, I would have chosen Nate and Jeremiah. I guess the judging standard is going to be what is the safest.
0 0 Vega empgasp  April 4, 2022
I think Nate and Jermiah are completely out of touch with what a middle American family wants and needs.
0 0 Vega empgasp  April 4, 2022
I think Nate and Jeremiah are completely out of touch with what a middle American family wants and needs. They don't design for families they design for a magazine layout.
0 0 Christopher Vega  April 18, 2022

They are an American family bringing their own brand of design, Not all teams can design for the reclaimed barn doors set!
Try to find the good in all and appreciate. International viewers found them quite relatable as thier aesthetic design is very of the moment and adventurous.
Some episodes featured designs from the 90's winning... middle America has bad taste...
Shouldn't punish those of us who stay in the now!
2 4 Shanta  March 9, 2021
I think Meka's team deserve the the kitchen design win despite the dinning was a bit on the smaller side,she had way more convenients and looks really rich and I think they did not hold back with there spending. Overall it's a well laid-out kitchen l really wish the judges could have considered her design,I personally would grab Meka's kitchen ?
0 8 Tbony  March 9, 2021
Why do these people never change their clothes?
0 0 Vega Tbony  April 4, 2022
I noticed that too. I think on the days they come back to air the show they ask them to re wear the same outfits so you (we viewers) can't tell when the day changes that they are filming.
0 0 voyds9b5  August 23, 2020
When is HELP! I Wrecked my House premiering? Thanks

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