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32 Episodes
Barry is an American dark comedy television series created by Alec Berg and Bill Hader.
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Barry Completed — No Season 5 on HBO

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Barry Season 5 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Sun 5/28/2023 wow Season 4: Episode 8
Next Episode Show ended 32 episodes total
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Bill Hader Breaks Down the ‘Barry’ Series Finale

The primary objective for Bill Hader and the writers of his HBO series "Barry" was not to achieve specific outcomes or neatly tie up loose ends in the final episode. Instead, their focus was solely on crafting a compelling narrative. Hader clarifies that their approach to concluding the series was centered on telling a captivating story.

This story unfolded with the unexpected yet somehow unsurprising assassination of Hader's character, Barry, by Henry Winkler's Gene Cousineau.

Remarkably, this narrative had been brewing in Hader's mind for many years, waiting to be brought to life. Read The Full Interview

Sarah Goldberg on the ‘Barry’ Finale and Bad Decisions -Source

Official Trailer


Bill Hader’s Barry is coming to an end.

HBO has confirmed that season four of the dark comedy will be its last. It’s not a huge surprise given that many of the actors, including Anthony Corrigan and Henry Winkler, have been alluding to the fact that season four is the last in recent interviews.

Season four is premiering April 16 and will be eight episodes, with the series finale slated for May 28. Watch a teaser above.


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1Chapter One: Make Your Mark Mar 25, 2018
2Chapter Two: Use It Apr 1, 2018
3Chapter Three: Make The Unsafe Choice Apr 8, 2018
4Chapter Four: Commit...To YOU Apr 15, 2018
5Chapter Five: Do Your Job Apr 22, 2018
6Chapter Six: Listen with Your Ears, React with Your Face Apr 29, 2018
7Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast, and Keep Going May 6, 2018
8Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth May 13, 2018

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0 0  May 28, 2023
ahhhh, too bad is cancelled, got a kick out this show lol
0 1 BobEspam  April 20, 2023
Season 3 of Barry started on April 16th. The May date as posted is in error.
0 0 BobEspam BobEspam  April 20, 2023
Correction: Season 4!
0 1 rferster  February 28, 2022
the way the bald headed character says BARRY is just fn hilarious!! what an accent [bigsmile]
0 0 rferster rferster  February 28, 2022 I LOVE the show.. sorry forgot to mention that LOL [kiss]
0 0 rferster  May 28, 2023
when it gets close to Sundays new show I find myself say oh NO, BARRRRRRy [bigsmile] [bigsmile]
0 0 Yankydoodle  February 19, 2022
Season 3 of Barry to premiere 24 April according to Variety.

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