Texas Metal
5 Seasons
49 Episodes
Ekstensive Metal Works is the company featured in this new Velocity project where Bill Carlton and his team bring customizing trucks to a new level
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Texas Metal Season 6 is yet to be announced by MotorTrend

Texas Metal Season 5 Part 2 will return on May 25, 2022Current Show Status
Texas Metal Season 6 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Wed 3/9/2022 H1 Hummer-dinger Season 5: Episode 7
Next Episode Airs Wed 5/25/2022 Mgcena Season 5: Episode 8


Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
2Jeep Splits and Foreign Whips Jan 19, 2022
3Mom-Ster Truck Jan 26, 2022
4From the Ground Up Feb 2, 2022
5Root Beer Cadillac Feb 23, 2022
6Bigger, Badder Wrecker Mar 2, 2022
7H1 Hummer-dinger Mar 9, 2022
8Mgcena May 25, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Tale Of Two Fords Mar 3, 2021
2Imposta To Impala Mar 10, 2021
3Big And Bigger Mar 17, 2021
4Low And Loud Mar 24, 2021
5Show And Go Dually Mar 31, 2021
6Beantown Continental Apr 7, 2021
7The New Old School Suburban Apr 14, 2021
8Texas Square Body Apr 21, 2021
9Rock 'n Bronco May 19, 2021
10Blue Thunder Coupe May 26, 2021
11450 Reasons to Go Bigger Jun 2, 2021
12A Texas-sized Surprise Jun 9, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Cab over Custom Jan 21, 2020
2Cab over Custom Part 2 Jan 28, 2020
3The Family Falcon Feb 4, 2020
4Re-dually Feb 11, 2020
5Bolt-on Is A Dirty Word Feb 18, 2020
6Big Diesel And Drag Truck Feb 25, 2020
7100 And C10 Percent Mar 3, 2020
8Dump Truck To Show Truck Mar 10, 2020
9Earl Campbell's Custom Cadillac Mar 17, 2020
10Earl Campbell's Custom Cadillac Part 2 Mar 24, 2020
11Earl Campbell's Custom Cadillac Part 3 Mar 31, 2020
125500 Lifted, Texas Edition Apr 7, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Denali Drop Nov 7, 2018
2Beyond ZL1, Part 1 Nov 14, 2018
3Beyond ZL1, Part 2 Nov 21, 2018
4International Truck of BBQ Nov 28, 2018
5C10 to a Hundred Dec 5, 2018
6Buckin' Bronco Dec 12, 2018
7Street Rod Milk Truck Dec 19, 2018
8Hauler Back Dec 26, 2018
9Extra Large & Supercharged Jan 2, 2019
10The Grand Finale Jan 9, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Low Down & Dually Nov 7, 2017
2I Can't Drive This '55 Nov 14, 2017
3The Caliente Cadillac Nov 15, 2017
4The Impala Truck Nov 21, 2017
5Fast or Slow We Drop Them Low Dec 5, 2017
6Black on Black on Black Cadillac Dec 12, 2017
7Houston, We Have a Lift Off Dec 19, 2017
8Bill's Baja Truck Dec 26, 2017
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0 0 Harold Watson  May 18, 2022
I love your show, however it is the only show on Motor Trend I care about. Now I have to subscribe to Motor Trend TV for the same price as other streaming program. Just a little expensive for one show. Best of luck to you. Some day maybe you will come back to regular cable.
0 0 Jeremy Sanders  May 18, 2022
I have watch all your seasons and loved them all and can't wait to see more to come I live in Colorado and I would love to have my 2002 f 250 diesel built by all of you thanks
0 1 Stuart  February 25, 2022
I love the show and hope the new season starts soon, and dream of someday, Bill & his crew doing some work on my 63 Ford F1 hundred restored truck.??
0 0 Rob Tanner  January 11, 2022
I don’t know why, but this show starts in the 29th, not the 12th according to my DVR. I checked all airtimes and it shows that date, not the 12th!
0 0 Harold W  January 8, 2022
I love Texas Metal. However, it is the only show I watch on Motor Trend. So will not pay for a subscription to Motor Trend+ to watch one show. Sorry, because I really miss the show.
0 1 Jim c  October 29, 2021
Love the show. Bill you and your crew are awesome. Went to visit the shop this pass summer. It was just like the show . No bull[censored] fluff like the others I went to. Which I really appreciate. Keep up the good work and looking forward to many more seasons.
0 2 Billy Joe Musgrove J  September 25, 2021
I have seen many shows (auto/ wood working) and the way Bill and his crew work is awesome, no bad language, good fun, honest hard work, the attention to detail has inspired me to re look at how I work in my own shop. I have seen every episode and I still watch each re- run and I still see something I missed at other times. Just wish episode 5 would come on soon, however I still have lots more to learn, so keep all the old episodes coming.
Thanks Bill and crew, from Alaska!!!
0 3 Rickey Palmer  September 24, 2021
Awesome work and attention to unbelievable detail and design. Just a bunch of good ole Texas boys and girls!!
Can't wait for a NEW season.
0 4 Frank H  August 26, 2021
Love the show, I seen most of the reruns on motor trend tv. I seen the episode where John Cena dropped off an english car, I know it will be next summer, at best before that is done, can't wait for the new season. Everyone at Extensive, keep up the good work.
0 5 Jose M Garcia  August 21, 2021
One of the best shows on the planet and best city keep doing good work bill Please renew for new seasons I need to know what happened to the GT
0 10 Rhett  June 1, 2021
This show HAS To BE Renewed for a 5th Season. Awesome, realistic, and fun to watch. Please Renew for us.
0 8 ??BOB  March 11, 2021
One of the best shows on television love the way they work together love the way that the owner gives credit to his employees same with [censored]in rides and Iron restoration
0 8 Wayne hare  March 8, 2021
Come on Bill sign on the line . I know making show is a pain but it is a very good show . Really like seeing all of ya ☺️
1 5 chery  August 14, 2018
Love this show. They are intertaining and talented. We need season 2. PLEASE!!!!! ❤
2 3 Matt Herrera  June 30, 2018
I watched all 8 episodes and really liked the the show. I hope they bring it back! Seen Shorty from Shorty's hydraulics in Houston and his son's so it brings other shop on the show as well. The I can't drive this 55 episode was a local business owner Channelview.
1 11 Rocha  April 22, 2018
BEST SHOW ON VELOCITY!!! They need to resign for season 2,3,4,5 etc....
ASAP!! Can’t stand watching these other shows!
15 0 les  February 11, 2018
in I can't drive this '55. I can't believe that they made the '55 chevy truck this p****y ass cream!!! put it back to the tuff looking purple!!! [censored]S!
1 2 Pablo h  February 6, 2018
Love this show hope to see season 2 soon

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