Seal Team
6 Seasons
104 Episodes
The brand new adventure American war action drama Seal Team debuted on September 27th, 2017
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Fans Can Enjoy Season 7 of Seal Team on Paramount+ in 2024

Current Show Status
Seal Team Season 7 officially renewed for 2024
Latest Episode Aired Sun 11/20/2022 Fair Winds and Following Seas Season 6: Episode 10
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 7: Episode 1
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‘SEAL Team’: Beau Knapp Joins 7th & Final Season As New Series Regular -Source ‘SEAL Team’ To End With Season 7 On Paramount+ -Source

Paramount+ has renewed SEAL Team, headlined by David Boreanaz, for a seventh season. The pickup comes two months after the popular military drama’s Season 6 finale, which ended with a cliffhanger. The delay, compared to the Season 6 renewal which came a week after the Season 5 finale, prompted fans to launch a #RenewSEALTeam social media campaign, which sent the show’s title trending multiple times over the last few weeks. (Source:


Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Low-Impact Sep 18, 2022
2Crawl, Walk, Run Sep 25, 2022
3Growing Pains Oct 2, 2022
4Phantom Pattern Oct 9, 2022
5Thunderstruck Oct 16, 2022
6Watch Your 6 Oct 23, 2022
7Strange Bedfellows Oct 30, 2022
8Aces and Eights Nov 6, 2022
9Damage Assessment Nov 13, 2022
10Fair Winds and Following Seas Nov 20, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Trust, But Verify: Part 1 Oct 10, 2021
2Trust, But Verify: Part 2 Oct 17, 2021
3Nine Ten Oct 24, 2021
4Need to Know Oct 31, 2021
5Frog on the Tracks Oct 31, 2021
6Man on Fire Nov 7, 2021
7What's Past Is Prologue Nov 14, 2021
8Conspicuous Gallantry Nov 21, 2021
9Close to Home Nov 28, 2021
10Head On Dec 5, 2021
11Violence of Action Jan 2, 2022
12Keys to Heaven Jan 9, 2022
13Pillar of Strength Jan 16, 2022
14All Bravo Stations Jan 23, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1God of War Dec 2, 2020
2Forever War Dec 2, 2020
3The New Normal Dec 9, 2020
4Shockwave Dec 16, 2020
5The Carrot or The Stick Jan 13, 2021
6Horror Has a Face Jan 27, 2021
7All In Feb 17, 2021
8Cover for Action Mar 3, 2021
9Reckoning Mar 10, 2021
10A Question of Honor Mar 24, 2021
11Limits of Loyalty Apr 7, 2021
12Rearview Mirror Apr 21, 2021
13Do No Harm May 5, 2021
14Hollow at the Core May 12, 2021
15Nightmare of My Choice May 19, 2021
16One Life to Live May 26, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Welcome to the Refuge Oct 2, 2019
2Ignore and Override Oct 9, 2019
3Theory and Methodology Oct 16, 2019
4The Strength of the Wolf Oct 23, 2019
5All Along the Watchtower: Part 1 Oct 30, 2019
6All Along the Watchtower: Part 2 Nov 6, 2019
7The Ones You Can't See Nov 20, 2019
8Danger Crossing Nov 27, 2019
9Kill or Cure Dec 4, 2019
10Unbecoming an Officer Dec 11, 2019
11Siege Protocol: Part 1 Feb 26, 2020
12Siege Protocol: Part 2 Feb 26, 2020
13Fog of War Mar 4, 2020
14Objects in Mirror Mar 11, 2020
15Rules of Engagement Mar 18, 2020
16Last Known Location Mar 25, 2020
17Drawdown Apr 8, 2020
18Edge of Nowhere Apr 22, 2020
19In the Blind Apr 29, 2020
20No Choice in Duty May 6, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Fracture Oct 3, 2018
2Never Say Die Oct 10, 2018
3The Worst of Conditions Oct 17, 2018
4All That Matters Oct 24, 2018
5Say Again Your Last Oct 31, 2018
6Hold What You Got Nov 7, 2018
7Outside the Wire Nov 14, 2018
8Parallax Nov 21, 2018
9Santa Muerte Dec 5, 2018
10Prisoner's Dilemma Dec 12, 2018
11Backwards in High Heels Jan 2, 2019
12Things Not Seen Jan 9, 2019
13Time to Shine Jan 23, 2019
14What Appears to Be Mar 20, 2019
15You Only Die Once Mar 27, 2019
16Dirt, Dirt, Gucci Apr 3, 2019
17Paradise Lost Apr 10, 2019
18Payback Apr 17, 2019
19Medicate and Isolate Apr 24, 2019
20Rock Bottom May 1, 2019
21My Life for Yours May 8, 2019
22Never Out of the Fight May 22, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Tip of the Spear Sep 27, 2017
2Other Lives Oct 4, 2017
3Boarding Party Oct 11, 2017
4Ghosts of Christmas Future Oct 18, 2017
5Collapse Oct 25, 2017
6The Spinning Wheel Nov 8, 2017
7Borderlines Nov 15, 2017
8The Exchange Nov 22, 2017
9Rolling Dark Dec 6, 2017
10Pattern of Life Jan 3, 2018
11Containment Jan 10, 2018
12The Upside Down Jan 17, 2018
13Getaway Day Jan 31, 2018
14Call Out Feb 28, 2018
15No Man's Land Mar 7, 2018
16Never Get Out of the Boat Mar 21, 2018
17In Name Only Mar 28, 2018
18Credible Threat Apr 11, 2018
19Takedown Apr 25, 2018
20Enemy of My Enemy May 2, 2018
21The Graveyard of Empires May 9, 2018
22The Cost of Doing Business May 16, 2018

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0 0 calebsimonson  April 2, 2024
Season 7 is its final season
0 1 Billie Joe Zander  October 6, 2023
Why does it show that seal team started on October 3rd 2023 and it's still not yet on Paramount Plus I love the show and there's a few others I love too but they haven't started yet either and they were already supposed to start ❤ ❤ ❤
0 0 Wanetta  October 2, 2023
Unfortunately the earliest expected time for Seal Team season 7 on Paramount is Jan 2024.
0 1 kapil  March 4, 2023
I am a crazy huge fan of seal team.I am not lying you gies but I had a dream and I was with jason Hayes and asked him when is the 7 th seasons will come out??? that was one of the best dream i ever had….please seal team come out fast…
0 5 Deborah  February 18, 2023
As another fan mentioned the only reason we initially subscribed to Paramount Plus was to continue to watch 'Seal Team'. Absolutely sick of all the stupid 'reality' TV shows that air on regular network TV these days. Recently when 'Criminal Minds Evolution' found a home on Paramount Plus we started watching that one as well. (Was a long term fan of this show until they ended in a couple years ago.) With the direction TV programing is going we may just drop network TV and rely on Netflix and Paramount Plus.
0 2 Martyn Harmon  February 9, 2023
At $4 million a episode it better be damn good and it is!!!
0 5 Bennie  January 23, 2023
[smile] Well I decided to go ahead and switch to Paramount+ so I can watch Seal Team and I can say I was not disappointed. Seal Team on Paramount+ is so much better and I can't wait for the next season.
0 6 Linda Huffstetler  January 23, 2023
Love Seal Team. My favorite on CBS and now my favorite on Paramount! It gives us a small window
Into what our special forces go through everyday. I am so addicted to it. The Actors are excellent and it is just my favorite of all TV shows. I just wish there were more than 10 shows each season. I know 3 Seals but never knew what they went through till I watched Seal Team. Can’t get more American than Seal Team!🇺🇸
0 20 Frank Devane  November 20, 2022
I have enjoyed SEAL Team since the first episode aired, and was very disappointed when CBS decided to move it to Paramount+. However, I have found the show on Paramount+ to be more realistic as the bonds of network TV have been released.

The ONLY REASON I subscribed to Paramount+ is because of SEAL Team, and if there are no further seasons, I will seriously consider cancelling my subscription.

There are enough FBI and cop shows on network TV, and painfully few patriotic ones. SEAL Team, and The Unit before it, revealed the heroism and dedication of the special operations community to the protection of our country.

The final episode of SEAL Team Season 6 was, to say the least, a powerful testament to our war fighters and the invisible injuries they carry with them. I hope there are many other fans of SEAL Team who feel the same way. I respectfully request that SEAL Team be renewed for multiple
0 15 Td Frank Devane  December 27, 2022
I completely agree with this post! This show is the BEST show on tv!!
0 0 Karen Kelly Frank Devane  May 13, 2023
I just found out why I’ve not been able to see / find the Seal Team as it was moved to Paramount . I don’t get it but now will have my kids help me find it .
2 3 Bennie  September 18, 2022
I loved the show when it was on CBS but when the powers at be decided to switch it to Paramount+ I haven't been able to watch it. Wished it would have stayed where it was. Always about the money 💰 [angry].
0 1 Chris Bennie  March 11, 2023
You can watch the episodes on
I Watch a lot of movies and shows on there. No commercials. I have done away with cable, prime,and hulu.
1 16  October 9, 2021
Love this show. Can't wait for the next season; however, I wish it would keep it also on CBS. Love all the Bravo characters. But Sonny is my favorite since he's supposedly from Texas.
1 18 Dava  July 15, 2019
great show keep it going ❤
0 10 Oliver Barratt  June 20, 2019
Great Series, good pacy story line backed by some amazing music! I’d never heard of Mad Season but am now hooked! The darker, sadder, human side of life in an elite team served with reality relish! Faith, Money issue, Personal Relationships & Suicide.
I have never binge watched before but have happily lost a few hours at a time! Can’t wait for series 3 and what that brings
1 5 Rab  June 11, 2019
Great News that "Seal Team" has secured a 3rd Season..... Not just a must watch Series, it has great characters and story lines, but some great music that adds to the drama. Can't wait for Sky Tv in the UK too start screening. Keep up the good work "Cerberus" lol...
0 0 Season 5 Rab  July 25, 2021
It will be season 5
0 3 Darren  May 28, 2019
Love this show and so glad it’s been renewed for series 3! Covers brilliant story lines and refreshing to see series with so many episodes rather than 5-6 which is commonplace now.
0 3 rnntx2254  May 10, 2019
SEAL Team has been RENEWED for a 3rd season! OOH-RAH!
1 5 Lloyd  March 4, 2019
Where is Seal Team? One of the best dramas on TV. It was supposed to be back on March 20 but can't find it. Please don't drop this patriotic show. Thank you.
0 8 Ed  January 18, 2019
By far the best show on tv today!!! Seal Team needs to be renewed for season 3 Definitely!!
0 2 Curtis Keating Ed  February 22, 2019
Hurry up and bring back season 3 of seal team. Blue bloods, hawaii 50 are my favorite programs on CBS. Seat is awesome too
0 3 Netanel  November 29, 2018
i really don't get it why they put on the poster only these 3 characters! it's not all about them! there is a whole TF in this series.

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