Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet
Nat Geo Wild
12 Seasons
121 Episodes
Michelle Oakley is the only vet in her part of the Yukon Territory in Canada, so she is responsible for practically all of the animals that get sick in that area.
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Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet Season 12 is yet to be announced by Nat Geo Wild

Current Show Status
Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet Season 12 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Sat 12/9/2023 Your Mother's Footsteps Season 12: Episode 17
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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New season of Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet out this Saturday on Nat Geo Wild! New Disney+ release date is April 19th🤩 Make sure you tune in! What an amazing, adventurous roller coaster of a season.


The girls are back together!🤗 Currently filming season 11 & 12 of Dr Oakley Yukon Vet for you guys!


Season 12 Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Runaway Reindeer Sep 9, 2023
2Stay Wild Sep 16, 2023
3Pura Vida Sep 23, 2023
4Right In The Sniffer Sep 30, 2023
5Last Stitch Effort Oct 7, 2023
6Like Herding Cats Oct 14, 2023
7Not My First Rodeo Oct 21, 2023
8Hold Your Mini Horses Oct 28, 2023
9Silly Filly Nov 4, 2023
10Coyote Slumber Party Nov 11, 2023
11Twinkie Twinkie Little Pig Nov 18, 2023
13Jingle Bells, Reindeer Smells Nov 24, 2023
14Chic's View Nov 24, 2023
15Hold the Cheese, Please Nov 25, 2023
16Cow Cuddles Dec 2, 2023
17Your Mother's Footsteps Dec 9, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Cat Got Your Tongue Apr 8, 2023
2Grandma Knows Best Apr 15, 2023
3The Pug We Love Apr 22, 2023
4Dirty Rotten Chompers Apr 29, 2023
5Boatload of Bull May 6, 2023
6Like Mother, Like Daughter May 13, 2023
7No Moosetakes May 20, 2023
8Just Another Manic Meatball May 27, 2023
9Don't Have a Cow Jun 3, 2023
10Eagles and Beagles Jun 10, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog Oct 9, 2021
2Even if it Quills Me Oct 9, 2021
3Flip the Pig Oct 16, 2021
4Dances with Dachshunds Oct 23, 2021
5Hold Your Horses Oct 30, 2021
6This Little Piggy Had An Ouchie Nov 6, 2021
7I'll Tell you Wattle Want Nov 13, 2021
8Pups in the Oven Nov 20, 2021
9Duck Duck Chicken Nov 27, 2021
10Chicken of the Sea Dec 4, 2021
11Hug for a Pug Dec 11, 2021
12No Pot to Pee In Dec 18, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Don't Be Mean, Wolverine Mar 13, 2021
2Goodnight Musk Ox Mar 20, 2021
3The Very Hungry Reindeer Mar 27, 2021
4Don't Cry She-wolf Apr 3, 2021
5Oh Deer! Apr 10, 2021
6Dr. O And The Three Bears Apr 17, 2021
7Spit And Run Apr 24, 2021
8Lynx Be A Lady May 1, 2021
9If Looks Could Quill May 8, 2021
10Minkus Stinkus May 15, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1The Big Bad Wolf Mar 21, 2020
2Law of the Claw Mar 28, 2020
3The Miracle Dog Apr 4, 2020
4A Hoarse Horse Apr 11, 2020
5Squawk Off! Apr 18, 2020
6I Quill Survive Apr 25, 2020
7At the Cow Wash May 2, 2020
8Porcupine Posse May 9, 2020
9Rescuers Down Under May 16, 2020
10Alaskan Bite Club May 23, 2020
11Double O Oakley May 23, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Blazing Bison Sep 28, 2019
2Foal's Gold Oct 5, 2019
3Bears on a Plane Oct 12, 2019
4No Horsing Around Oct 19, 2019
5Don't Poke A Sleeping Porcupine Oct 26, 2019
6One Clever Bison Nov 2, 2019
7The Stricken Chicken Nov 9, 2019
8Running with Reindeer Nov 16, 2019
9Yukon 911 Nov 23, 2019
10Antlers, Shoulders, Knees, And Hooves Nov 30, 2019
11Under the Yukon Sun Dec 7, 2019
12Wild Things! Dec 14, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1The Riddle of the Lynx Oct 6, 2018
2Bison Business Oct 13, 2018
3Dances with Ibexes Oct 20, 2018
4Mother Mayhem Oct 27, 2018
5Wild Cow Chase Nov 3, 2018
6Swedish Bears Nov 10, 2018
7Up to the Tusk Nov 17, 2018
8Muskox in Arms Dec 8, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Alaska Calling Oct 14, 2017
2Wild Wild Wolverine Oct 21, 2017
3Bear Trapped Oct 28, 2017
4Bovine Intervention Nov 4, 2017
5License to Quill Nov 11, 2017
6Hump Day Nov 18, 2017
7Wily Coyote Nov 25, 2017
8Reindeer Rodeo Dec 2, 2017
9Whoa, Baby! Dec 9, 2017
10Mush! Mush! Dec 16, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1One Mad Mama Oct 1, 2016
2Poking the Bear Oct 8, 2016
3Raging Bison Oct 15, 2016
4When Horses Fly Oct 22, 2016
5No Bull Oct 29, 2016
6When Cows Fight Back Nov 5, 2016
7Bad News Bear Nov 12, 2016
8Bear Brawl Nov 19, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Yak Attack Mar 19, 2016
2Steer Clear Mar 26, 2016
3Baby Boom Apr 2, 2016
4Taming of the Wolverine Apr 9, 2016
5Got Moose Juice? Apr 23, 2016
6Midnight Madness Apr 30, 2016
7Warts and All May 7, 2016
8Cat Out of Hell May 14, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Mush Madness Nov 1, 2014
2Flying Caribou Nov 8, 2014
3When Coyotes Attack Nov 15, 2014
4A Face Full of Quills Nov 22, 2014
5Here Comes Cari-Boo-Boo Nov 29, 2014
6Leopards, Wolf Pups & Grizzlies, Oh My! Dec 6, 2014
7The Missing Lynx Dec 13, 2014
8Bull Steam Ahead Dec 20, 2014
9Moose on the Loose Dec 27, 2014
10Havoc in the Herd Jan 3, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Fly Like an Eagle Apr 12, 2014
2One Angry Muskox Apr 19, 2014
3Caribou Down Apr 26, 2014
4Reindeer Pains May 3, 2014
5Oakley Get Your Blow Gun May 10, 2014
6Winter is Coming May 17, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Meet Dr. Oakley Mar 22, 2014
2Don't Stop Retrievin' Apr 27, 2019
3The Oakley Bunch Nov 27, 2020
4Vetsgiving-Home is Where the Vet Is Nov 26, 2021

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Comments 41

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0 0 Purplepebbles  June 4, 2023
I love Dr oakly she is my hero. My dream is to be a veterinarian ❤ ❤ ❤
0 2 Chris  February 16, 2023
Per Dr. Oakley herself. They have been renewed for seasons 11 and 12. A premiere date has not yet been announced. She announced renewel in July on her Instagram account.
0 2 Admin crown Chris  February 18, 2023
Thank you very much!
0 0 Joan Zerante Chris  February 18, 2023
Yay! Can't wait! 😁
0 2 Shiloh  October 4, 2022
Anxiously anticipating 11th Season!
0 2 J  July 23, 2022
Impatiently waiting for the next season.
0 1 James Rhodes  July 3, 2022
Please Dr. Oakley bck. i get depressed and it really cheers me up.
0 2 G Kimmel  June 22, 2022
❤ Yukon Vet, was new for 2022
Then it was gone. Now old show is on Wednesday for hours. I WANT The new ones please.
0 3 Priscilla  June 7, 2022
I love this show. Dr. Oakley is brilliant and hilarious. That's not a common combo. I love watching this with my daughter. It is so great that she gets to share her passion with her daughters. We are doing the same.
0 5 MamaD79 crown  May 16, 2022
I hope Dr Oakley comes back, I miss her shows. I watch all the animal and vet shows, and she is one of the best!
0 6 Gary Paquin  May 14, 2022
Dr. Oakley is the best reality show going. Multi-layered with animals, medicine, family, community and much more. Michelle Oakley has the most diverse caseload and is far and away the most gifted clinician of all the vets on television. The audience can only watch so many cows and pigs with farmyard ailments. The shows that treat exotics are just not that interesting.
0 4 Laura Brown  April 18, 2022
I love all the animal shows show, I have been to Alaska and the AWCC. Sarah is a hoot! The comedic banter between dr Oakley and her reminds me of my days working in the emergency room! I learn so much about the animals and have even been able to help with friends who have farm animals and don’t have a large vet close by. Give me Dr Oakley over any other human reality show! Please renew her!!!!!
0 10 Rhonda  March 3, 2022
I have really loved watching all 10 seasons of Dr. Oakley! Please add more seasons!
1 18 Mary Mary  January 24, 2022
My husband and I are both senior citizens my husband is getting ready to battle his third bout of cancer I myself have chronic severe pain and we can't travel or do much of anything. Dr. Oakley is one of the warmest most wonderful shows that could be on it's interesting it shows a loving family there should be more shows like it please please bring it back on for another season thank you
0 7 MamaD79 crown Mary Mary  February 20, 2022
Same here, I am a disabled and retired nurse. I broke my back 22 years ago, and it killed my career, so I live my dreams through my shows like Dr Oakley, Dr Pol, Critter Fixers and the rest lol
Back when I was in high school, I was accepted in our state vet program, but ended up being stupid and not going, (being an old hippie here...yes stupid!) so nursing was the closest thing I "thought" I could do at the time (and yes, I could have gone back to vet school, but thought I was too old at 30! SMH)
But I have no reason to think our beloved Dr Oakley will not be back. She's young and so vibrant, loves to explain everything she does, and most importantly, loves what she does...it's a hurry up and wait game! (I do think I remember on the last episodes, hearing that season 11 will be back!
1 13 larry crisp  January 5, 2022
Would you please bring Dr Oakley back. She has the best series on your network. My whole family enjoys watching her so very much.
0 16 Cindy Anthony  November 14, 2021
[smile] Please Please renew Dr Oakley. She is the best. The show has so much variety. I am 79 and can’t travel anymore and this allows me to see things I will never see. It is such a wholesome show. There is so much [censored] on tv today please keep this she is wonderful. I love animals and love to see her and her girls at work. Very entertaining!
0 11 Rolanda Nash  September 23, 2021
Love me some dr Oakley Yukon vet. She is great
0 19 Billie Sandoval  May 2, 2021
I love Dr. Oakley’s show.

She is a great role-model of a superwoman balancing her very busy vet practice while being a caring wife and mother.

Please renew this wonderful show giving us an intimate look of the diversity of the wild-life in the Yukon and Alaska.

Billie Sandoval
0 0 Geez1958  March 15, 2021
We have DisneyPlus and I can't seem to find season 9 episodes for Doctor Oakley. Any advice? I've been dying to watch the new season!
1 1 Rhonda Geez1958  March 21, 2021
I read it will be shown later on the season! I too am very disappointed!
0 0 Jo  March 14, 2021
Why does Willow look so young in Season 9? She is in high school, but in Episode 1 she looks 8 or 10.
1 10 Marshall  March 7, 2021
Love Dr Oakley and family, been watching since the beginning, wonderful to see the girls grow up and see the family doing things together. Great program! Entertaining and Interesting, you always learn something too!

0 8 Jaimie Hadley  February 23, 2021
We LOVE Dr. Oakley and her family❤️. Awesome vet!
0 16 Donna Sutton  February 16, 2021
We absolutely love Dr. Oakley! Her passion for her profession is fierce and it shows. The conditions she has to work around are amazing. We also love how the whole family is involved and have watched her daughters grow up on the show. So glad it was renewed!
0 11 Finn and Piper Lang  February 16, 2021
WE LOVE Dr. Oakley! It is our favorite show to watch. We really hope that Dr.Oakley Yukon Vet continues to program, we are not sure what we would watch without it! We love her sense of humor.
1 14 Nanabush1  February 13, 2021
I have watched and admired Dr. Oakley for several years now and wonder why older episodes are not shown more often? We are inundate with Dr. Pol, a respected vet I suppose, shows which are mostly all the same with little variety. Although somewhat entertaining, his shows are mostly about animals (cows) which are having birthing problems. Dr. Oakley has some of these, but her shows and presentations are way more interesting.
1 9 Raquel Burnett Nanabush1  February 14, 2021
❤ I agree with nana bush. Dr Oakley is far more interesting and how do I admire her bravery!
0 2 Mary Kortas Nanabush1  March 17, 2022
Agree, Dr pol is on hour after hour, day after day. Dr Oakley is much more interesting. LOVE THAT SHOW, PRAY IT COMES BACK 2022 AND BEYOND. Frankly get tired of Dr. Pol
0 2 Viree Cabral Nanabush1  May 9, 2022
❤ I have watched since the beginning and even bought a season! I love her and her wit! I’ve watched the girls grow up! I watch reruns every night! It relaxes me! Please bring it back!
10 1 floydthepink  September 26, 2019
Go get the Supervet from Cottage Life. Please get rid of Dr K.
0 4 floydthepink  September 26, 2019
get of your ass & renew

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