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Dr. Phil has a huge pull – even outside of his very own daily talk show – as this show about the beloved host garners very high viewing figures throughout
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CBS Axes Bull – No Season 7

Current Show Status
Bull Season 7 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Thu 5/26/2022 Goodbye Season 6: Episode 22
Next Episode Show ended 125 episodes total
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Is it the end of an era or error? In the wake of CBS’ announcement that Bull‘s current sixth season would be its last, social media appears to be lining up behind the latter sentiment.

“I’ve decided it’s time to pursue new creative challenges and bring his story to a close,” Weatherly announced Tuesday on Twitter. (Source: tvline.com)


Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Gone Oct 7, 2021
2Espionage Oct 14, 2021
3Bull Undone Oct 21, 2021
4Uneasy Lies the Crown Oct 28, 2021
5King Bull Nov 4, 2021
6Better Angels Nov 11, 2021
7Confidence Man Dec 2, 2021
8Snowed In Dec 9, 2021
9False Positive Jan 6, 2022
10Frontotemporal Jan 13, 2022
11Family Matters Jan 20, 2022
12Caliban Feb 24, 2022
13The Hard Right Mar 3, 2022
14Safe Space Mar 10, 2022
15With These Hands Mar 31, 2022
16The Diana Affair Apr 7, 2022
17Dark Horse Apr 14, 2022
18The Other Shoe Apr 21, 2022
19Opening Up Apr 28, 2022
20The Envelope, Please May 12, 2022
21Silent Killer May 19, 2022
22Goodbye May 26, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1My Corona Nov 16, 2020
2The Great Divide Nov 23, 2020
3Prison Break Nov 30, 2020
4The Ex Factor Dec 14, 2020
5Fallen Idols Jan 4, 2021
6To Save a Life Jan 18, 2021
7The Head of the Goat Jan 25, 2021
8Cloak and Beaker Feb 8, 2021
9The Bad Client Feb 22, 2021
10The Boy Who Cried Murder Mar 15, 2021
11Truth and Reconciliation Apr 12, 2021
12Evidence to the Contrary Apr 19, 2021
13Law of the Jungle Apr 26, 2021
14Under the Influence May 3, 2021
15Snatchback May 10, 2021
16A Friend in Need May 17, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Labor Days Sep 23, 2019
2Fantastica Voyage Sep 30, 2019
3Rectify Oct 7, 2019
4Her Own Two Feet Oct 14, 2019
5Billboard Justice Oct 21, 2019
6Into the Mystic Oct 28, 2019
7Doctor Killer Nov 4, 2019
8Safe and Sound Nov 18, 2019
9The Flying Carpet Nov 25, 2019
10Imminent Danger Dec 16, 2019
11Look Back in Anger Jan 6, 2020
12Behind the Ivy Jan 20, 2020
13Child of Mine Feb 3, 2020
14Quid Pro Quo Feb 10, 2020
15Flesh and Blood Feb 17, 2020
16Missing Mar 9, 2020
17The Invisible Woman Mar 16, 2020
18Off the Rails Apr 6, 2020
19The Sovereigns Apr 13, 2020
20Wrecked May 4, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1The Ground Beneath Their Feet Sep 24, 2018
2Jury Duty Oct 1, 2018
3Excessive Force Oct 8, 2018
4Justice for Cable Oct 15, 2018
5The Missing Piece Oct 22, 2018
6Fool Me Twice Oct 29, 2018
7A Girl Without Feelings Nov 5, 2018
8But for the Grace Nov 12, 2018
9Separation Dec 3, 2018
10A Higher Law Dec 10, 2018
11Separate Together Jan 14, 2019
12Split Hairs Jan 21, 2019
13Prior Bad Acts Feb 4, 2019
14Leave It All Behind Feb 11, 2019
15Security Fraud Feb 18, 2019
16Forfeiture Feb 25, 2019
17Parental Guidance Mar 18, 2019
18Don't Say a Word Apr 1, 2019
19Bounty Apr 15, 2019
20The Good One Apr 29, 2019
21When the Rains Came May 6, 2019
22Pillar of Salt May 13, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1School for Scandal Sep 26, 2017
2Already Gone Oct 3, 2017
3A Business of Favors Oct 10, 2017
4The Illusion of Control Oct 17, 2017
5Play the Hand You're Dealt Oct 24, 2017
6The Exception to the Rule Oct 31, 2017
7No Good Deed Nov 7, 2017
8The Devil, The Detail Nov 14, 2017
9Thanksgiving Nov 21, 2017
10Home for the Holidays Dec 12, 2017
11Survival Instincts Jan 2, 2018
12Grey Areas Jan 9, 2018
13Kill Shot Jan 23, 2018
14Keep Your Friends Close Feb 6, 2018
15Witness for the Prosecution Feb 27, 2018
16Absolution Mar 6, 2018
17Gag Order Mar 13, 2018
18Bad Medicine Mar 27, 2018
19A Redemption Apr 3, 2018
20Justified Apr 17, 2018
21Reckless May 1, 2018
22Death Sentence May 8, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1The Necklace Sep 20, 2016
2The Woman in 8D Sep 27, 2016
3Unambiguous Oct 11, 2016
4Callisto Oct 18, 2016
5Just Tell the Truth Oct 25, 2016
6Bedside Manner Nov 15, 2016
7Never Saw the Sign Nov 22, 2016
8Too Perfect Dec 6, 2016
9Light My Fire Dec 13, 2016
10E.J. Jan 3, 2017
11Teacher's Pet Jan 17, 2017
12Stockholm Syndrome Jan 24, 2017
13The Fall Feb 7, 2017
14It's Classified Feb 14, 2017
15What's Your Number? Feb 21, 2017
16Free Fall Mar 7, 2017
17Name Game Mar 28, 2017
18Dressed to Kill Apr 4, 2017
19Bring It On Apr 18, 2017
20Make Me May 2, 2017
21How to Dodge a Bullet May 9, 2017
22Dirty Little Secrets May 16, 2017
23Benevolent Deception May 23, 2017

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0 0 Val L  February 14, 2022
[confused] I am sorry (but not surprised!) that BULL will not be continued. The series is/was grown up/ decent/ well-acted/ superb scripts and challenging ..... therefore the TV audience dropped off without guns and violence to watch - just well acted drama. The TV viewing public does not have enough good, properly written, and interesting scripts on commercial stations - sadly there goes another one. I will follow the cast to watch them act elsewhere - I hope !
1 1 Molly  January 8, 2022
Bring back Benny! He was “Bull”, the heart and soul, the decency. Great acting by Freddy Gonzalez. Totally believable.
1 1 Margaret Leman  November 21, 2021
[smile] My husband and I love Bull, especially the episode that continues in season 6. We were getting weary of all the happy endings so welcomed the latest storylines about his bribery charges. A story with meat in it . Excited to see where it will end. 2 thumbs up ??
1 4 Dawn Muse  October 8, 2021
As a long time fan of "BULL," I found the Season 6 opening show to be a huge disappointment. With the "Benny" character gone, the show is going nowhere. Freddie Rodriguez' role was indeed the heart of this show. I really have no interest in watching it now. My husband, a lawyer, found Benny's role believable and I learned something from it.
1 3 Jimh  October 8, 2021
I read where Benny’s real life actor was involved in some serious me too issues and was fired because of those issues
2 6 Chris Burton Jimh  October 9, 2021
For me, what's important is an actor giving the best performance he can. His personal life doesn't concern me. I hope "Benny" returns.
0 9 Chuck  October 5, 2021
Big, big BIG mistake letting Freddie Rodriguez go. Michael Weatherly's character is the brains, Freddie was the heart and Chris Jackson the muscle. Great combination. Can't figure out the reason for the change. Big mistake. Why mess with something that's working!
1 3 Mary Anne  September 28, 2021
Get any trace of pompous Phil McGraw out of the show; bring back the Bull that reminded us all of Tony DeNozzo before you lose your audience. Tony was a good guy, remember?
1 3 keepmeintheloop  July 19, 2021
Why was the nite of this series changed from Mondays to Thursdays???
I didn't like when Bull was pre-emptied for specials- but - Thursdays are another night
that seems the network cancels regular scheduled shows for specials...PLEASE go back
to Monday nites to airing "BULL"!!!PLEASE!!
0 2 Mildred keepmeintheloop  October 4, 2021
It will interfere with my Thursday night line ups..Svu
2 2 BEVERLY  July 13, 2021
I understand BULL has released the two most important character actors and is replacing them with two women. That is not going to work. They had a winning combination with the original cast why in the world would they mess with that. The networks are filled with these manly women now It was refreshing to see male testosterone at work in the court room. They should reconsider and bring back the two men they let go.
5 4 joe bezotsky BEVERLY  July 15, 2021
i know that freddie is gone, why?
who is the other guy?
3 4 Maan  June 27, 2021
I really love Bull. The episodes were riveting, informative, and witty as well. The actors/actresses totally imbibe their characters that it felt so real. The writer always came up with an interesting story and plot that makes me glued to my seat 'coz I don't want to miss anything from the story at all. So, I am ecstatic that CBS renewed Bull for season 6, they made a good decision. I can't wait to watch the upcoming season ☺ ❤
0 1 Yvonne Schlichting  April 29, 2021
I love Bull--needs more romance!!!
1 5 Denise Erica Yvonne Schlichting  May 13, 2021
I absolutely love the entire cast!!!?. The Costume Designers deserve an award, their sense of style is on a whole other level. ?Thank Wardrobe crew!!! There will be even a 20th season - the producers have to continue to hire great writers. Looking forward to season six. ??
0 1 Dan Demorest  April 17, 2021
I'm the guy that makes a post when one of my CBS shows is a rerun or
doesn't come on as scheduled~ F.B.I, Bull, Sunday Morning, 60 minutes
and Equalizer are the reason I subscribe to Paramount +, formally CBS
All Access.
Is Spielberg and Co. going to pick back up Bull? There's a difference in
Bull, since Dreamworks bowed out. I'm guessing it's in the writing! And
one more thing .. in the last show 4.12.21 Truth and Reconciliation, no
one had good makeup (not what I'm used too).

love these shows, though!!
0 3 peter G  April 2, 2021
I like Bull. I think it's a good show, well written, good plot, excellent acting. They could leave out
the booze emphasis.
4 2 Colleen  September 22, 2018
I would trip him and beat him to the floor!
6 7 shanbam  July 11, 2017
he need to go back to ncis cos they need to bring back tony and ziva that what got me watching is ziva and tony
0 2 Mike Caruso shanbam  April 13, 2021
NCIA has lost a lot of my interest. It has totally changed from the original show. It has lost a lot since the departure of Tony and Ziva but Bull, Tony's new series is exceptional.
0 0 BEVERLY Mike Caruso  July 13, 2021
I agree. With the loss of Ziva and Tony I'm leaning toward not even watching. I've had my fill of the "I am woman see me roar" group and they have apparently replaced them with two women. Let's see. That pretty much leave BULL the only main character that's a guy doesn't it. YUCK!
6 6 andiy  May 28, 2017
I love Bull but I was disappointed at the end of the season, the last few eps went off. Also the simpering faces and hitting on every women he sees (generally much younger than him) is getting a bit old. He doesn’t need to hit on women every episode, it is cringy!
0 0 BEVERLY andiy  July 13, 2021
I think him hitting on women is the writers idea of adding romance to the series but it is a huge turn off for me and I'm guessing other women as well.
0 0 Tobeon andiy  November 15, 2021
Huh? who is hitting on every woman? am I missing something? agreed Benny was the heart of the show.. dont think chunk will ever be.
is there any truth that Freddy was involved in some serious me too issues?
If so then he should be nailed to the cross....sorry but i have daughters n that is just plain wrong. and whats with that sissy hairdo Bull dons now!

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