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Trying to find answers by investigating the unexplainable and searching beyond our known world boundaries – are we there yet?
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Ancient Aliens Season 19 is yet to be announced by History Channel

Current Show Status
Ancient Aliens Season 19 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Fri 8/5/2022 Ancient Aliens On Location: Mysterious Artifacts Season 18: Episode 15
Next Episode Airs Fri 8/12/2022 Ancient Aliens On Location: Evidence Of Alien Life Season 18: Episode 16


Season 18 Season 17 Season 16 Season 15 Season 14 Season 13 Season 12 Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1The Disclosure Event Jan 7, 2022
2Mystery of the Standing Stones Jan 14, 2022
3Beneath the Sacred Temples Jan 21, 2022
4The World on Alert Jan 28, 2022
5Recovering the Ark of the Covenant Feb 11, 2022
6Secrets of the Star Ancestors Feb 18, 2022
7Alien Air Force Feb 25, 2022
8The Shadow People Mar 4, 2022
9Decoding The Dragon Gods Mar 11, 2022
10The Time Benders Mar 18, 2022
11Ancient Aliens On Location: Incredible Structures Jul 8, 2022
12Ancient Aliens On Location: Extraordinary Encounters Jul 15, 2022
13Ancient Aliens On Location: The Alien Glyphs Jul 22, 2022
14Ancient Aliens On Location: The UFO Investigations Jul 29, 2022
15Ancient Aliens On Location: Mysterious Artifacts Aug 5, 2022
16Ancient Aliens On Location: Evidence Of Alien Life Aug 12, 2022
17The Shining Ones Aug 19, 2022
18The Immortals Aug 26, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1The Lost City of Peru Aug 6, 2021
2Top Ten Mysterious Sites Aug 13, 2021
3Top Ten Alien Cover-Ups Aug 20, 2021
4The Mystery of Mount Shasta Sep 17, 2021
5The Human Experiment Sep 24, 2021
6Top Ten Alien Encounters Oct 1, 2021
7Top Ten Alien Artifacts Oct 8, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1The Divine Number Nov 13, 2020
2The Lost Kingdom Nov 20, 2020
3The Galactic Keyhole Dec 4, 2020
4Giants of the Mediterranean Dec 11, 2020
5The Forbidden Bible Dec 18, 2020
6William Shatner Meets Ancient Aliens Feb 12, 2021
7Impossible Artifacts Feb 19, 2021
8The Space Travelers Feb 26, 2021
9UFO Pioneers Mar 5, 2021
10The Harmonic Code Mar 12, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1The Mystery of Nan Madol Jan 25, 2020
2The Relics of Roswell Feb 1, 2020
3Destination Chile Feb 8, 2020
4The Real Men in Black Feb 15, 2020
5The Mystery of the Stone Giants Feb 22, 2020
6The World Before Time Feb 29, 2020
7They Came from the Pleiades Mar 7, 2020
8The Immortality Machine Mar 14, 2020
9The Shapeshifters Mar 21, 2020
10The Mystery of Skinwalker Ranch Mar 28, 2020
11The Ultimate Guide to UFO's Apr 11, 2020
12Aliens and the Presidents Apr 18, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Return to Antarctica May 31, 2019
2The Badlands Guardian Jun 7, 2019
3Element 115 Jun 14, 2019
4The Star Gods of Sirius Jun 21, 2019
5They Came from the Sea Jun 28, 2019
6Secrets of the Maya Jul 5, 2019
7The Druid Connection Jul 19, 2019
8The Reptilian Agenda Jul 26, 2019
9The Alien Infection Aug 2, 2019
10Project Hybrid Aug 9, 2019
11The Trans-Dimensionals Aug 16, 2019
12Islands of Fire Aug 23, 2019
13The Constellation Code Aug 30, 2019
14The Nuclear Agenda Sep 6, 2019
15The Alien Mountain Oct 4, 2019
16The Alien Brain Oct 11, 2019
17The Secrets of Stonehenge Oct 18, 2019
18Food of the Gods Nov 1, 2019
19Human Hieroglyphs Nov 8, 2019
20The Storming of Area 51 Nov 15, 2019
21Countdown to Disclosure Nov 22, 2019
22Secrets of the Exoplanets Nov 29, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1The UFO Conspiracy Apr 27, 2018
2Da Vinci's Forbidden Codes May 4, 2018
3The Alien Protocols May 11, 2018
4Earth's Black Holes May 18, 2018
5The Desert Codes May 25, 2018
6Area 52 Jun 1, 2018
7Earth Station Egypt Jul 20, 2018
8Island of the Giants Jul 27, 2018
9The Taken Aug 3, 2018
10The Sentinels Aug 10, 2018
11Russia Declassified Aug 17, 2018
12They Came from the Sky Aug 24, 2018
13The Artificial Human Aug 31, 2018
14The Alien Phenomenon Jan 4, 2019
15Return to Mars Jan 7, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1The Alien Hunters Apr 28, 2017
2Forged by the Gods May 5, 2017
3The Mystery of Rudloe Manor May 12, 2017
4The Alien Architects May 19, 2017
5The Pharaohs' Curse May 26, 2017
6The Science Wars Jun 2, 2017
7City of the Gods Jun 9, 2017
8The Alien Frequency Jun 16, 2017
9The Majestic Twelve Jul 7, 2017
10The Akashic Record Jul 14, 2017
11Voices of the Gods Jul 21, 2017
12The Animal Agenda Jul 28, 2017
13The Replicants Aug 4, 2017
14A Spaceship Made of Stone Aug 11, 2017
15The Alien Disks Sep 8, 2017
16Return to Gobekli Tepe Sep 15, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Pyramids of Antarctica May 6, 2016
2Destination Mars May 13, 2016
3The Next Humans May 20, 2016
4The New Evidence May 27, 2016
5The Visionaries Jun 10, 2016
6Decoding the Cosmic Egg Jun 17, 2016
7The Wisdom Keepers Jun 24, 2016
8The Mysterious Nine Jul 8, 2016
9The Hidden Empire Jul 15, 2016
10The Prototypes Jul 22, 2016
11Space Station Moon Jul 29, 2016
12Russia's Secret Files Aug 12, 2016
13Beyond Roswell Aug 19, 2016
14The Returned Aug 26, 2016
15Shiva the Destroyer Sep 2, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Aliens B.C. Jul 24, 2015
SThe Ultimate Evidence: Aliens and the Creation of Man Jul 24, 2015
2NASA's Secret Agenda Jul 31, 2015
3Aliens and Robots Aug 7, 2015
4Dark Forces Aug 14, 2015
5The Alien Evolution Aug 21, 2015
6The Other Earth Aug 28, 2015
7Creatures of the Deep Sep 4, 2015
8Circles from the Sky Sep 18, 2015
9The Alien Wars Oct 2, 2015
10The Forbidden Zones Oct 9, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Forbidden Caves Oct 31, 2014
2Mysteries of the Sphinx Nov 7, 2014
3Aliens Among Us Nov 14, 2014
4The Genius Factor Nov 21, 2014
5Secrets of the Mummies Nov 28, 2014
6Alien Resurrections Dec 5, 2014
7Alien Messages Dec 19, 2014
8The Great Flood Dec 23, 2014
9Aliens and the Civil War Apr 10, 2015
10Hidden Pyramids Apr 17, 2015
11The Vanishings Apr 24, 2015
12The Alien Agenda May 1, 2015
SThe Ultimate Evidence: Beyond Nazca May 15, 2015
SThe Ultimate Evidence: The Monoliths May 22, 2015
SThe Ultimate Evidence: The Tesla Experiment May 29, 2015
SThe Ultimate Evidence: Alien Power Plants Jun 5, 2015
SThe Ultimate Evidence: The Mystery of Puma Punku Jun 12, 2015
SThe Ultimate Evidence: Alien Messages Jun 19, 2015
SThe Ultimate Evidence: Aliens and the Lost Ark Jun 26, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Alien Transports Jun 13, 2014
2Mysterious Structures Jun 20, 2014
3Mysterious Devices Jun 27, 2014
4Faces of the Gods Jul 25, 2014
5The Reptilians Jul 25, 2014
6The Tesla Experiment Aug 1, 2014
7The God Particle Aug 8, 2014
8Alien Encounters Aug 15, 2014
9Aliens & Superheroes Aug 22, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Aliens and Stargates Jan 24, 2014
2Aliens in America Jan 31, 2014
3The Star Children Feb 7, 2014
4Treasures of the Gods Feb 14, 2014
5Aliens and the Red Planet Feb 21, 2014
6The Shamans Feb 28, 2014
7Aliens and Insects Mar 7, 2014
8Alien Breeders Mar 14, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1The Power of Three Sep 30, 2013
2The Crystal Skulls Oct 7, 2013
3The Anunnaki Connection Oct 14, 2013
4Magic of the Gods Oct 21, 2013
5The Satan Conspiracy Oct 28, 2013
6Alien Operations Nov 1, 2013
7Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs Nov 8, 2013
8Mysterious Relics Nov 15, 2013
9Aliens and Forbidden Islands Nov 29, 2013
10Aliens and the Lost Ark Dec 6, 2013
11Aliens and Mysterious Mountains Dec 13, 2013
#NameAir Dates
1Secrets of the Pyramids Dec 21, 2012
2Aliens and Cover-Ups Dec 28, 2012
3Alien Power Plants Jan 4, 2013
4Destination Orion Jan 11, 2013
5The Einstein Factor Jan 18, 2013
6Secrets of the Tombs Jan 25, 2013
7Prophets and Prophecies Feb 8, 2013
8Beyond Nazca Feb 15, 2013
9Strange Abductions Feb 22, 2013
10The von Däniken Legacy Apr 5, 2013
11The Viking Gods Apr 12, 2013
12The Monoliths Apr 19, 2013
#NameAir Dates
1The Mayan Conspiracy Feb 17, 2012
2The Doomsday Prophecies Feb 17, 2012
3The Greys Feb 24, 2012
4Aliens and Mega-Disasters Mar 2, 2012
5The NASA Connection Mar 9, 2012
6The Mystery of Puma Punku Mar 16, 2012
7Aliens and Bigfoot Mar 23, 2012
8The Da Vinci Conspiracy Apr 6, 2012
9The Time Travelers Apr 27, 2012
10Aliens and Dinosaurs May 4, 2012
#NameAir Dates
1Aliens and the Old West Jul 28, 2011
2Aliens and Monsters Aug 4, 2011
3Aliens and Sacred Places Aug 11, 2011
4Aliens and Temples of Gold Aug 18, 2011
5Aliens and Mysterious Rituals Aug 25, 2011
6Aliens and Ancient Engineers Sep 1, 2011
7Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics Sep 8, 2011
8Aliens and Lost Worlds Sep 15, 2011
9Aliens and Deadly Weapons Sep 22, 2011
10Aliens and Evil Places Sep 28, 2011
11Aliens and the Founding Fathers Oct 5, 2011
12Aliens and Deadly Cults Oct 12, 2011
13Aliens and the Secret Code Oct 19, 2011
14Aliens and the Undead Oct 26, 2011
15Aliens, Gods and Heroes Nov 16, 2011
16Aliens and the Creation of Man Nov 23, 2011
#NameAir Dates
1Mysterious Places Oct 28, 2010
2Gods & Aliens Nov 4, 2010
3Underwater Worlds Nov 11, 2010
4Underground Aliens Nov 18, 2010
5Aliens and the Third Reich Nov 25, 2010
6Alien Tech Dec 2, 2010
7Angels and Aliens Dec 9, 2010
8Unexplained Structures Dec 16, 2010
9Alien Devastations Dec 23, 2010
10Alien Contacts Dec 30, 2010
#NameAir Dates
SChariots, Gods & Beyond Mar 8, 2009
1The Evidence Apr 20, 2010
2The Visitors Apr 27, 2010
3The Mission May 4, 2010
4Closer Encounters May 18, 2010
5The Return May 25, 2010
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0 0 Adrienne  July 14, 2022
I’ve seen every episode of AA. I wasn’t ❤ even interested in history until I started watching. The show has been mind bending, mind opening and I REALLY HOPE for a season 19. There is so much disclosure happening in the UAP area. With that and LiDAR discoveries happening regularly there with probably be much more content to explore. The world is more interested than ever about the new discoveries / disclosures it would be a crime to sign off at this time in history.
0 1 Neal  July 9, 2022
Started watching the new episode for July 8th 2022, what’s ‘new’ about old episodes rehashed, please show us something we haven’t seen yet. That would be NEW!
0 0 Gerry Dixon Cummings  June 17, 2022
It's all up to date...there's nothing new to show us or talk about, and it's not the producers of Ancient Aliens that's to blame for this, it's the Extraterrestrials in the UAP's that needs to take the blame. They have to show themselves about make every weapons grade nuclear device 100% inoperable. Why? Why not? First of all, violence & destruction on a planetary scale does not equate high intelligence, in fact, it's beyond primitive. So come on all you aliens, show yourselves in mass.
1 15 ScoBro  April 29, 2022
We need more seasons of Ancient Aliens! It's a thought provoking series, will full disclosure just around the corner, this show will ease the shock for those still in the dark on the fact we are not alone, WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ALONE!
1 25 Will stanley  April 16, 2022
Why hasn't the history chanel renewed ancient aliens for season 19 yet ? This is my all time favorite show and I binge watch at least 3 times a month. I wait anxiously ever year for the new season to arrive. History Chanel , if your reading or listening do all of the fans a favor a renew ancient aliens with a quickness !!!!!
1 15 Dave Schnicker  April 3, 2022
I love this series and the information it presents about our past. It opens up endless possibilities about our past history and gives insight into why certain events might be different than we have been led to believe. I have always believed our government is not as truthful about aliens as they should be. Please keep the episodes coming it would be a big loss to believers and the non believers if it is canceled.
1 11 Windshadow  January 16, 2022
Please Renew Ancient Aliens for Season 18!, #1 show on my List!! All my family & kids watch......saddly 17 is too short, Sad everything we t off track with Covid. The show addresses history & subjects that are important to be finally brough out in the open. AA is helping remove the bad stigma & taboos surrounding, truths & history of our past has been ignored or buried & hushed. Archeological history, artifacts & Ufo's, & Alien artifacts, etc. are a major subject of interest and conversation today, AA is opening peoples eyes & minds to a new way to think about these things...More people are becomming interested & have woken up starting to think for themself!
Thanks for the space to leave my opinion, Windshadow, California
1 9 Mercedes Windshadow  January 17, 2022
1 11 VeraV  January 6, 2022
Please bring back AA. THERE ARE SO MANY NEW DISCOVERIES !!!! We need this show!
1 11 Leigh Ann V  December 21, 2021
I love watching this show! It really gets your mind thinking about all of the possibilities that we are not alone in this very vast universe. So...I really hope that you bring back a new season of AA and continue to create many many more seasons!!! [smile]
1 18 Bill Harris  December 7, 2021
Please being back Ancient Aliens for season 18 and beyond!! I don't watch TV; it's mosrly garbage "reality, wink, wink" shows. At least Ancient Aliens gets you thinking about things. I can't imagine a world where a show like Ancient Aliens isn't on TV.
1 6 Jared Shaw  November 14, 2021
It's complete suddenly science but non the less very entertaining, it's a brilliant Sunday show and should continue aslong as possible imo.
41 2 Glen  September 26, 2021
Sure, if they want to continue to be a joke and embarrassment. This is shameful, deceitful [censored] that insults its viewer on about 100 different levels. Think we should just call it The Trump Channel, and continue to produce lies, rubbish, and embarrassing [censored] like this show. I'll stick with programming on channels that value facts and science and not the kooky ramblings of conspiracy [censored]. Channel should be run by Alex Jones
5 19 Alvin Glen  October 4, 2021
I'll be honest, I really don't have a horse in this race but your reply annoys me because it's completely biased and does nothing to convince me of its own veracity. You argue with fruitless and baseless accusation. Specifically, you hurl accusations but provide nothing in the way of counter argument to any theory the show produces. Just; blah, blah, blah, blah. Thus your argument is a fallacy based emotional diatribe and no better than any unfounded discussion you indict on the show. You will stick with a channel that values facts? Like the channel and science that completely identified and explained what the Tic Tac video shows? Yeah, didn't think so, because its "unexplained" though proven to exist so sit down and shove a sock in it and dine on a helping of your equally unfounded criticism.
11 3 Mike Lewis Alvin  October 4, 2021
Seems to me you have a dog. Or, you just troll posts looking for a fight. Oh, and its TIC TOK, genius
17 2 Glen Arnold Mike Lewis  October 4, 2021
Dude is just late for a Trump rally and his free right wing history education. He doesn't realize that some of us actually are educated in the stuff that programs like this lie about, for ratings and ignorance.
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3 20 Margaret consti  September 22, 2021
A.A might be a pseudo-science show but it is interesting and make you think outside the box. The television is full of crime, sex and violence and a bad influence on the young generation.
History channel should renew this show which has so many viewers interested in . And not just for learning about our human race history but the show is visiting so many ancient archeological
locations which otherwise you will not be able to visit in your lifetime.
Our kids schedule their time around the show every Friday night and now they keep watching reruns. Please History channel do the right thing and renew A.A as this is one of your best
and interesting show on your channel and the hosts are awesome.
1 13 Hippie Margaret consti  September 25, 2021
Please keep the program on, but please drop the oak island format...? ?
9 0 john allen  September 18, 2021
[smile] Just watched a NEW episode SEPT. 17 Mysteries of Mount Shasta. Very disappointed. I know you can have better NEW shows. What is up with the commercials in SPANISH. I'm an AMERICAN and speak ENGLISH. If I want to listen to SPANISH I'd watch the SPANISH CHANNEL.
1 14 john allen  September 14, 2021
[smile] Have been watching these types of shows over and over and over. Can't get enough. It all started with Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of.
1 6 DolphinDani  August 27, 2021
Why no new Ancient Aliens this Friday (Aug.27) and next Friday (Sept 3), when Season 17 just started on August 6, 2021? I look forward to seeing a new episode every week and now it's nothing but reruns AGAIN!!
7 4 Erick D DolphinDani  September 6, 2021
I really feel Ancient Aliens is on its way out. No new material coming… just rehashing old episodes we’ve all seen already. Now it looks like they’re gonna keep doing the top ten of this and the top ten of that and the top ten of the other thing… give me a break. Somehow I knew there would never be anything real coming. Nothing new and certainly no disclosure coming. I think they’ve milked it dry… Maybe we need a new show just about disclosure? They’ll prolly just show more of the same old stuff we’ve all seen a million times before… And then they’ll milk that dry too…
2 12 Sandra Saville  August 17, 2021
I have seen every episode of every season .Please do another season..I've been enthralled ever since my son gave me Erick Von Daniken's bk. "the Chariot of the Gods"...I sure would like to know the whole truth before I die :)
3 0 N Michaud Sandra Saville  September 5, 2021
J’ai presque tout vu aussi de cette émission. J’ai lu la douzième planète aussi de Sitchin et plusieurs autres en lien avec le sujet. Mais le livre qui a le plus changé ma vie est le livre d’Urantia qu’on disait écrit par des non humains! A lire sans faute pour les vrais chercheur de vérité. Il est traduit en 24 langues et on peut le lire gratuitement en ligne. J’ai vérifié avec info secte pour ne pas me faire avoir. Il existe une fondation sans but lucratif. Le seul but est de donner la chance au plus de personnes possible d’y avoir accès. Je n’ai rien compris de la partie 1 à ma première lecture mais à force de relire on finit par saisir. A lire avant de mourir. (0;
2 16 Anthony Umali  July 23, 2021
Been watching ancient aliens since the the beginning of season 1 through season 16 very disappointed that there should be more episodes as the seasons go on. Love the show and narrators. Can’t stop watching sometimes I watch the reruns until new season comes on. Please continue the seasons on History Channel because I love this show and can’t get enough of it thanks History channel for this show
0 11 Dolphin Dani  July 2, 2021
I saw an ad for the new season of Ancient Aliens during Tuesday's episode of the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. According to the ad, season 17 will start on August 6, 2021.
1 3 JB Dolphin Dani  July 13, 2021
I sure hope so! I think I saw that same ad stating it would air on August 6th, let's hope we are Right! :)
0 0 Dayton Purkey Dolphin Dani  July 20, 2021
I believe it's just season 16 episodes 11 on up
2 26 Lynne Albright  May 28, 2021
I love the Ancient Aliens show and hope it continues to be aired. It is a sophisticated and absorbing show, unusual in this day. I hope the History channel continues to show it. I'm sure it has a huge following which should alert the commercial sellers to not let it go.
1 28 Kevin Harper  April 23, 2021
There is no doubt that we have only scratched the surface of our real ancient history. Our dna is so complex and unexplained that it leaves the door open for anything.
Our own ancient history is only a theory that with every amazing discovery seems to be rewritten.
Our ideas of the cosmos should be as unlimited as the universe itself to ever hope to grasp the possibility of what may have been. Having a God shouldn't limit our ability to imagine what may be, only add to the wonder and limitless possibilities.
6 1 Chet Kevin Harper  September 26, 2021
LOLOLOL Hysterical. I keep getting a message saying to change my comment. So, apparently I need to praise you for having no working knowledge of science, or desire to learn it. Keep rotting your brain on straight up lies and a perversion of actual true science.
1 13 MikeLee  April 9, 2021
Why are new episodes not being shown on DirecTV? None have been shown since E10 back in March.
1 1 Dolphin Dani MikeLee  July 2, 2021
August 6, 2021 it will be back! ??
1 0 Jeremywwww MikeLee  July 8, 2021
Was just wondering what people think about these 2 questions/ 1: are there evil or bad aliens??? 2:what do aliens eat and drink
0 2 tora Jeremywwww  July 8, 2021
Well, an old episode of The Twilight Zone showed
that they eat the people of earth. "To Serve Man"
March 2, 1962
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1 37 Antonio Olivares  May 21, 2020
Please do not cancel this show. Even if their methods are not approved by academia, they certainly show things and ideas that inform and make you think.

My best regards to the channel and show producers and, of course, to Mr. Erich von Däniken
0 11 Chantal Lessard  March 14, 2020
i do follow ancient aliens since beginning. In canada either french or english it seem we didn t have all seasons . From 13 to present 16 some are missing. i wish i could by the whole serie, from 1 to 16 on dvd. if anyone knows if it exist past season 10 tell me ...tuvm
3 4 Don Duncan  January 28, 2020
Nothing happens "by accident", i.e., it happens by "cause & effect". When you claim otherwise, e.g., "it happened by chance, it was random" you are making a statement about your ignorance, NOT the event. To claim "god (a god) did it" is to explain nothing, but it may satisfy the speaker's curiosity to believe so. It's not scientific or logical, but it is a psychological comfort. Perhaps this is what is meant by "ignorance is bliss". I prefer to wonder, to question and think about what I have not discovered yet, even if I never get satisfaction.

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