Zombie House Flipping
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Plants growing through floor boards and leaking roofs seem the end for many houses, but not in this show!
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Zombie House Flipping Season 6 to Premiere in Fall 2023 on A&E

Current Show Status
Zombie House Flipping Season 6 officially renewed for Fall 2023
Latest Episode Aired Sat 4/22/2023 Tampa: Larkin Season 5: Episode 14
Next Episode Airs Sat 6/3/2023 Tampa: Terrace Season 5: Episode 15
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A&E also announced the renewal of two popular flipping series, including fan favorite "Zombie House Flipping" which returns for season six. This season saw the expansion of the series with new teams in Tampa, FL and Dallas, TX in addition to the O.G. team in Orlando, FL. The series follows teams who transform rotting abandoned properties left for dead, or "zombie houses," into beautifully remade homes, flipping them for top dollar. Each episode shows the inner workings of this high-stakes world full of unexpected disasters, hidden costs, and quirky personalities.

Zombie House Flipping: "Zombie House Flipping" returns for season 6 in fall 2023 and is produced by Lionsgate's Pilgrim Media Group. Craig Piligian and Melodie Calvert are Executive Producers for Pilgrim. Teri Kennedy and Brad Holcman are Executive Producers for A&E. (Source: thefutoncritic.com)


Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Fort Worth: Canyon Ridge Dec 3, 2022
2Tampa: Temple Hill Jan 7, 2023
3Tampa: Jean Jan 14, 2023
4Tampa: Tarpon Jan 21, 2023
5Dallas: Runningbrook Jan 28, 2023
6Dallas: Melrose Feb 4, 2023
7Dallas: Ivandell Feb 11, 2023
8Orlando: Campbell House Feb 25, 2023
9Orlando: Briercliff Mar 4, 2023
10Orlando: Sweetbriar Mar 11, 2023
11Orlando: Church Mar 18, 2023
12Tampa: Spring Hill Apr 8, 2023
13Tampa: Grace Apr 15, 2023
14Tampa: Larkin Apr 22, 2023
15Tampa: Terrace Jun 3, 2023
16Dallas: Beechmont Jun 10, 2023
17Dallas: Pendelton Jun 17, 2023
18Dallas: Burks Jun 24, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Spruce Nov 6, 2021
2Pecos Nov 13, 2021
3Oaks Nov 20, 2021
4Catalpa Dec 4, 2021
5Pepperidge Dec 11, 2021
6Killian Dec 18, 2021
7Ceylon Mar 5, 2022
8Orangewood Mar 12, 2022
9Fern Creek Mar 19, 2022
10Florene Mar 26, 2022
11Bumby Apr 2, 2022
12Hourglass Apr 23, 2022
13Minnesota Apr 30, 2022
14Amherst May 7, 2022
15Bradley May 14, 2022
16Emerywood Jul 16, 2022
17Brown Jul 23, 2022
18San Juan Jul 30, 2022
19Lake Mary Aug 13, 2022
20Raeford Aug 27, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1The School House Mar 13, 2019
2The Complex Duplex Mar 20, 2019
3The Longest Yard Mar 27, 2019
4The Waterlogged Cabin Apr 3, 2019
5The Halfway House Apr 10, 2019
6The Smoke House Apr 17, 2019
7The Animal House May 8, 2019
8The Speed Flip May 8, 2019
9The Clinical Disaster Aug 24, 2019
10The Barebones Flip Aug 31, 2019
11The Market Booster Sep 7, 2019
12The Partnership Project Sep 14, 2019
13The Bargain Bin Sep 21, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Justin Time Jun 10, 2017
2Lien on Me Jun 17, 2017
3The King Zombie Jun 24, 2017
4The Frankenzombie Jul 1, 2017
5From Rodents to Riches Jul 8, 2017
6A Gnawing Problem Jul 15, 2017
7Cornering the Market Jul 22, 2017
8Hot Commodity Jul 29, 2017
9Ashlee in Charge Aug 5, 2017
10A Hundred Year Old Can of Worms Oct 7, 2017
11Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite Oct 14, 2017
12Turn Up to Tear Down Oct 21, 2017
13Not an Easy Easement Oct 28, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1March Avenue Madness Jan 30, 2016
2Blood, Sweetbriar, and Tears Feb 6, 2016
3Mystic Opportunity Feb 13, 2016
4Breaking Banchory Feb 20, 2016
5Ranger Danger Feb 27, 2016
6Monster Remodel Mar 5, 2016
7The Smell of Money Mar 12, 2016
8Double Down Mar 19, 2016

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0 0 Sinja  April 29, 2023
Do not like the new woman, Alynne on ZHF Orlando. Her expressions are creepy. What’s with the eyebrows that make her look like she’s always looking like she’s surprised or asking a question. That’s what tweezers are for. She always acts like she’s always right, not part of the team. Get rid of her and find someone with a personality.
0 3 Nancy k  April 15, 2023
Please, please help Alynne with her eyebrow makeup. She seems like a very resourceful and knowledgeable person but her nervous, unnatural presentation distracts from that.
0 1 Dennis W  April 15, 2023
Orlando Zombies is still good, even without Justin and Ashley. Dallas Zombies is a good addition. But Tampa Zombies has got to go!
0 5 Bev  April 12, 2023
Please please please for the love Of GOD! Bring back The original cast. I just want to see Justin, Marley, Ashley, Keith and duke. I do not care about anyone else
0 1 Cc  April 9, 2023
I am enjoying all of the shows. My only complaint is A&E
Doing way too many reruns. I would love to see more of the new shows.
I love seeing the different flippers in the different areas.
0 5 PatW  April 9, 2023
I hate the new ones… I can’t stand to listen to the wanna be pimp say “sexy” or the high pitched whiny women in Tampa… and the domineering woman in Dallas for that matter… and the new pushy one in Orlando too. These idiots make Tareq ElMosseies new wife look smart!!!
0 4 Cheryl Hayes  April 8, 2023
Please get the old crew back, Ashley,Justin,Kieth, Precious Marley,and Duke! I have watched their shows from the beginning plus repeats. Those new shows with casts just don't cut it. Re: the new shows what's with the fashion show and low cut tops! I and my husband had a drywall business till retirement and all our workers came properly dressed!! Including the office!!
0 6 Anamarie  April 2, 2023
I am from tampa and the new tampa cast is awful. Enjoy Keith , Duke and Layne but bring back justin, ashley and marley!
0 4 Mike  April 2, 2023
Bring back the original cast. They made that show. The new crews are terrible. It is unwatchable.
2 4 Dwight  March 12, 2023
I never cared for Duke so I was glad when he left the series. Keith was pretty much annoying most of the time. The main reason I watched was Ashlee, Justin, and Marley. Once I realized that they were no longer on the show, I deleted my DVR schedule for ZHF. Sad
0 4 Val  March 12, 2023
I started watching ZHF since day one and fell in love with the original crew of Justin, Keith, Ashlee, and Duke and of course Marley. I am insulted they still call this new show ZHF. I feel like A& E was trying to pull a fast one on the audience. Why didn’t they change the name of the show. I may have been interested in watching this show if it had a different name but instead I am done playing the fool. Bye bye Zombie House Flipping.
2 16 Donna  March 11, 2023
I’m done with Zombie House Flipping if they don’t bring back Justin and Ashley. It’s not worth watching without them.
0 15 Donna  March 11, 2023
Bring back Justin and Ashlee. The show isn’t the same without them. In fact it stinks!
1 11 Linda  March 11, 2023
Show sucks it’s like watching people being prompt to what to say and I don’t like the new woman she is so annoying and don’t know what she is doing. And I miss Justin Ashley and Marley bring back the ordinal crew please
1 6 MissMelj  March 5, 2023
I agree with everyone else. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I miss the original cast sooooooooo much, the only good spinoff is the Dallas team. What was A&E thinking?
: [confused]
0 23 Jennifer  March 4, 2023
Bring back the original cast please! The show us just not the same without Ashlee, Justin and Marley. I work all week long and on I always get up early on Saturday morning to watch back to back shows even the re runs, but it is not the same without them. Why mess with success the original zombie house flipping cast and show is by far the best. I do not care for the Tampa or Dallas version at all.
0 23 Janet Jennifer  March 4, 2023
I whole heartedly agree. I like Duke and Keith bit that woman Alleyne is totally annoying!!
0 11 Janet Jennifer  March 4, 2023
I totally agree with Jennifer. I get up every Saturday morning and turn on Zombie Flip. It’s just not the same without the whole original cast.
0 3 Kat Baloo Jennifer  March 8, 2023
I totally agree with these comments. The "new" zombie house flipping shows- Dallas/Tampa etc are boring and the cast not much more than a failed comedy act. Bring back the original. Justin Stamper and crew are the only ones worth watching - and get rid of that Alleyne!! She's so phoney and annoying
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0 5 Gary Flipper  March 4, 2023
The best thing about this show was it was somewhat real showing how a group of connected friends got together to make $ in a market they were all well versed to be in…. They would take on tasks , work to save money, really bust their butts … Sure they were making money from the show too, that kept them hungry because they were average house flippers . They were making money but with the show they were making it rich…….
These new crews much like Flippin Vegas do absolutely no work at all, they under pay many times minority companies to make gross margins on houses they should have no business trying to flip with no experience. The home owner pays 500k for a 900 sq ft home filled with Menards materials that have a lifespan of 5 years 😂
These people have no business doing Triple Digit flips they are all fake losers
4 2 Ty  February 26, 2023
I may be alone with this view, but I kind of like the rotating crews. The newer crews don't seem to have as many manufactured last minute issues as the original crew. I'm not quite sure why there are so many comments about the attire of the flippers nor what is so "gangster" about that particular crew.
1 12 Chuck  February 26, 2023
It didn't bother me when Duke left it did bother me when Duke came back but the other three can never change including Marley
0 28 Lisa  February 26, 2023
I have been watching this show since the beginning. I’m not a fan of the new cast and locations. I was so excited to see the original show to come back on and disappointed to see that Ashley had Justin not on it! And definitely not a fan of Alynne.
0 3 Lee Lisa  March 12, 2023
Agree 100 %
0 17 Lesley  February 26, 2023
I have been a fan of this series since day one but I will no longer be watching this show. Bring back the original team of flippers of Ashley, Duke, Justin, Keith and Marley. These new teams of flippers suck big time and are clueless. This show is no longer enjoyable. Also, lying to us by saying Duke is back and it just be to showcase your new crews is not cool. Listen to the fans while you still have some left.
0 5 Janet Lesley  March 4, 2023
Yes yes yes, we’ll said!
0 3 Marlyss Janet  March 12, 2023
I agree. Bring back Ashley, Justin, & Marley.
0 25 Jodie  February 25, 2023
Bring Orlando original crew back! Where is Ashley
Justin and Marley? The other ones should have a different name, they are not believable. Deleting all the shows I recorded. Duke and Keith are fine but it’s the chemistry of the original crew that work. I will not watch anymore.
0 35 Gia  February 19, 2023
Bring back the original zombie flippers and get rid of these new quasi flippers
0 0 Maryann Gia  March 25, 2023
While I agree with most of the comments, I do wonder whose choice it was for Ashley and Justin to leave? Did the network drop them, or did they quit on their own? The new lady may be a very nice person, and a skilled flipper, I’m just not “feeling” her.

The other shows have a way to go. They may improve with time. I do agree that they all need to get their hands dirty. That Triple Digit Flipping is one I have never liked. The people are just not like able.

And why were we kept in the dark about Ashley and Justin being married?
0 34 Bonnie N.  February 19, 2023
For many months on weekends I would get my coffee prop my pillows and watch the original Zombie House Flip. You can only imagine my disappointment when the Tampa crew came on. PLEASE bring back the original crew
0 0 Cheryl Bonnie N.  April 1, 2023
I am glad they kept zombie house flippers Orlando on but the other crew not a fan I turn it off and do my friends when they come in. We are all fine with Ashlee and Justin not being on but we all miss Marley. None of us like the new lady at all her facial looks when wants her way and the attitude she has sucks at least me I want to slap her. Design she’s done ok mostly didn’t care for her accent wall that didn’t go all the way to the top. We,d like a new lady it was good to see Keith and duke together again. Maybe Ashlee and Justin were the issue for duke leaving. Glad u are coming back for season 6 in the fall just wish no other crews than the Orlando Florida one.
2 29 Geoff S  February 18, 2023
Apparently I'm not the only one that thinks producers of this show should be unemployed. The new locations has nothing to do with work being performed as is more of a fashion statement for the females who claim to be in the flipping business. Note: A & E are not showing new episodes this week. Wouldn't watch the new ones anyway

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