Mountain Men
History Channel
12 Seasons
165 Episodes
Mountain Men is an American reality television series that follows the life of several families as they struggle to tame Mother Nature and live off the grid.
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Mountain Men Season 13 is yet to be announced by History Channel

Current Show Status
Mountain Men Season 13 โ€” not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Thu 11/2/2023 King of the Mountain Season 12: Episode 10
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Mountain Men. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. Weโ€™ll keep you posted.
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Mountain Men on History Channel

D.B. Sweeney, Eustace Conway, Tom Oar and the Youren's lead the series Mountain Men, a reality television show revolving around individuals enduring the elements that the North American Mountains has to offer and living its wilderness. The series chronicles life outside the safety net provided by modern technology, braving the wild outdoors and living off the land just like the days of old.

A survivalist's favorite reality show, Mountain Men hails itself as bringing life back into modern society by going back to humanity's roots and living off the land with only your skills and wits as your aid. The show tracks multiple explorers and bonafide tough men taming their environment, trekking dangerous environments, and outlasting Mother Nature's wrath. Everyday life as one of the Mountain Men would sound native to people living with comforting access to technology, yet some still live beyond the grid and bask upon the world's truly beautiful wilderness.

Though the first airing of Mountain Men was in 2012, it is still going strong after more than a decade on the History Channel where it is one of the slated premiere watch the production has to offer. From terrible weather conditions to confronting life on the outskirts of human civilization, the series opens up a brand new world deep in real American heartlands, tackling everyday obstacles that will tremble any city slicker's boots.

After ending the twelfth season of Mountain Men, there were little to no reports regarding any updated news as to the show's thirteenth season run. Though many speculate that it is just a matter of time within the first and second quarter of the year before they will announce the status of the show, some of the audience fear the axe for the long-time reality show.

Season 12 Finale of Mountain Men

In the episode entitled 'King of the Mountain', We see Tom Oar build a teepee as Nancy plans a surprising party for him. Paul's trapping shed is carried up a steep mountain road and to its new location while Jake scares off a vicious mountain lion from the highway. Harry and Kidd's root cellar is beginning to take shape as they escavate the lower side of a hill.

Where to Watch Mountain Men Season 13

After debuting its maiden season more than a decade after 2012, The History Channel still streams all of its video content readily available on its site and also across other streaming and subscription-based platforms. Currently, Mountain Men can be watched through History Vault, Apple TV, Amazon Channel, Discovery+, Hulu, The Roku Channel, Vudu, and Hoopla. The veteran series still endures the spotlight in the History Channel's roster every Friday at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Previously aired episodes of 'Mountain Men' are available for streaming on all major platforms as well. Previous seasons of Mountain Men are still some of the most-watched reality shows on the web and have endured the test of time because of their engaging premise and real-world consequences.

What Are The Cast Up To?

The favorite long-time cast Tom Oar is still living the survivalist's life with Nancy Oar in Yaak River Valley, deep in the remote wilderness of Montana. There are quiet inquiries asking if Tom is still alive, needless to say, Tom had seen much harsher conditions living in the secluded and freezing environment. Tom Oar prides himself on not owning a computer and no presence on the internet is quite a luxury for him to relish.

Eustace Conway still runs the Turtle Island Preserve, a non-profit organization giving a better understanding of nature. He keeps his fans up to date promoting forest products and timber harvest workshops as seen in his Instagram. His true advocacy remains intact, and viewers of Mountain Men are clamoring to benefit directly from the Mountain Man himself.

Kidd and Harry Youren are still living the old cowboy life exploring the likes of Loon Creek in the Frank Church Wilderness. Though Kidd's Instagram posts are more up to date as well as his account in Facebook, the Youren brothers are keeping it wild while still having the reputation of being the toughest Mountain Men in Central Idaho.

D.B. Sweeney is out and about, roaming across America as chronicled in his X, and was last seen dropping by the famous comedy club Zanies in Nashville, Tennessee as well as getting to visit Memphis Belle at the Palm Springs Air Museum in California. He also photographs his adventures in his Instagram and in his Official Website. The titular voice actor narrates every episode in Mountain Men as of today.

Season 13 of Mountain Men Release Date Speculation

After airing its season 12 finale last November of 2023, there has been much speculation as to the release date for the new season. As of February 2024, the History Channel has not yet officially confirmed Mountain Men, and its new season renewal nor its release date has not been announced. After 12 years of exciting and memorable episodes, Mountain Men earned its stripes when it came to quality production and overall engaging content as far back as the History Channel's cluster of pedigreed shows. Though the popularity of the series is not what it once was back in its heyday, it is safe to say that Mountain Men has garnered adoring fans who have watched their journey unfold before their eyes.

Mountain Men is Popular

Production has not yet stated any definitive release on the situation though it does not mean the famous series is cancelled. There are several factors regarding its yet-to-be-announced release date though audiences are quite sure that it will get renewed because of its positive reception from its latest season.

PremiereDate.News will stay up to date with all the latest and official information regarding Mountain Men for 2024. For more news and updates on upcoming shows and series, check out the articles here.


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1Unbreakable Aug 24, 2023
2First Kill Aug 31, 2023
3Gunpowder and Lead Sep 7, 2023
4Breaking Wild Sep 14, 2023
5Lion Alley Sep 21, 2023
6Ice Cold Oct 5, 2023
7Mountain Marathon Oct 12, 2023
8Backcountry Battle Oct 19, 2023
9Untethered Oct 26, 2023
10King of the Mountain Nov 2, 2023
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2No Turning Back Sep 8, 2022
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4Heart and Soul Sep 22, 2022
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7On Thin Ice Jul 15, 2021
8Big Mountain Payday Jul 22, 2021
9Winter's Fury Aug 5, 2021
10Mountain Strong Aug 12, 2021
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1Hunt or Be Hunted Jun 4, 2020
2Bloody Harvest Jun 4, 2020
3Fire and Ice Jun 11, 2020
4Beasts of Burden Jun 18, 2020
5Call to Arms Jun 25, 2020
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7Carnage Jul 9, 2020
8Sink or Swim Jul 16, 2020
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6The Long Haul Jul 18, 2019
7Desperate Measures Jul 25, 2019
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11Tooth and Claw Aug 22, 2019
12The Bus Stop Bandit Aug 29, 2019
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3Labor Pains Aug 2, 2018
4Fight or Flight Aug 9, 2018
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7Block and Tackle Aug 30, 2018
8Edge of the Earth Sep 6, 2018
9Altitude Sep 13, 2018
10Lost Time Is Never Found Sep 20, 2018
11Conquer the Mountain Oct 4, 2018
12Milestones Oct 4, 2018
13The Rising Storm Oct 11, 2018
14Double Jeopardy Oct 18, 2018
15The Gauntlet Oct 25, 2018
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1No Goin' Back Jun 8, 2017
2Edge of Winter Jun 15, 2017
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8Disaster Strikes Jul 28, 2013
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8This Is the End Jul 19, 2012
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1Man vs. Winter May 5, 2016
2Outdoors: Valley of the Wolves Jun 3, 2017
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4Outdoors: The Revelations Jun 3, 2017
5Escape to the Wild Jun 8, 2017
6Outdoors: Escape to the Wild Jun 10, 2017
7Outdoors: No Goin' Back Jun 10, 2017
8Outdoors: Edge of Winter Jul 1, 2017
9Outdoors: Winter Strikes Jul 8, 2017
10First Look: Let the Weight of the Hammer Do the Work Jul 12, 2017
11Outdoors: No Way Out Jul 15, 2017
12First Look: Hunter and Hunted Jul 19, 2017
13Outdoors: Going for Broke Jul 22, 2017
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18First Look: Only the Strong Survive Aug 9, 2017
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0 0 Paul  March 27, 2024
Please make a Season 13 I look forward to watching Mountain men
0 2 Teddy Ferguson  August 23, 2023
I too have learned so many things from watching the show !!
0 2 Maxine  August 11, 2023
I like mountain man because you learn a lot of outdoors skills just by watching.
0 2 Maxine  August 11, 2023
I like mountain man because you learn a lot of outdoors skills just by watching.
0 10 Jim Long  July 31, 2023
Not much on TV is very good anymore, this is a very entertaining show so glad it's comming back!!!
0 4 Yvonne  July 29, 2023
I enjoy Mountrain Men. My favorites are Tom & Nancy. I also enjoy Eustace. Those 3 make the show. I am really looking forward to the show starting on August 24. Thank you.
0 4 Yvonne  July 29, 2023
I enjoy Mountrain Men. My favorites are Tom & Nancy. I also enjoy Eustace. Those 3 make the show. I am really looking forward to the show starting on August 24. Thank you.
0 6 Michele  July 25, 2023
I'm so happy that the series is coming back. I loved watching everything they would do. Very interesting!
1 6 Shopping  July 20, 2023
Wonderful way to start my day with your announcement that Mountain Men lives! It's gong to be a tough rest of the day trying to match that good news. Thank you.
4 18 Pathfinder  June 8, 2023
[confused] why are all the good wholesome shows cancelled and replaced with some mindless like skinwalker junk. Please reconsider something worth watching
1 16 Deb Guest Pathfinder  June 23, 2023
I totally agree with you Pathfinder!!! All of the good, wholesome, down to earth shows are the ones that arenโ€™t renewed. The only shows on now are mindless, drama filled, snowflake loving shows that only makes our country dumber for watching them. PLEASE BRING US A SEASON 12 of Mountain Men!!!!!!!!!!
0 13 Maryanne Patterson Deb Guest  July 15, 2023
I totally agree! Mountain Men is a wonderful show and I hope to watch more!
0 11 denise Deb Guest  July 19, 2023
Mountain men returns August 24th
Show 1 more replies
1 40 Willis Caler  May 27, 2023
Mountain Men is one of the Best Programs on TV. There is so much garbage on tv - how refreshing to have this program that actually teaches us how to survive if needed!!
Please continue to produce this program!!
2 30 Steven loop  May 20, 2023
Tom and nancy are beautiful people, I have talked to them on the phone. I bought a couple of knives that tom made, beaver cover and hand made, I will cherish them forever.
Steve from California
0 25 Janet Holt  May 7, 2023
I just love this show,have been waiting for new one.Just love Tom& Nancy, both are so smart,can do anything ,I loved the episode where Tom was teaching the young boy how to trap,he was taking everything in he told him.this show just grounds me & makes me feel good while watching it.Please please keep it on !!!!
1 13 Deidre Pakuck  April 21, 2023
First the live if God - renew Mountain Men. Fills a much needed gap in programming. Each season better than previous. Characters, lifestyle and actually living and demonstrating the importance of living in harmony with nature, respecting and restoring "old timey" junk, practices and traditions. We need this show, it's the best ๐Ÿ‘Œ
2 4 Deidre Pakuck  April 21, 2023
First the live if God - renew Mountain Men. Fills a much needed gap in programming. Each season better than previous. Characters, lifestyle and actually living and demonstrating the importance of living in harmony with nature, respecting and restoring "old timey" junk, practices and traditions. We need this show, it's the best ๐Ÿ‘Œ
0 21 Terry Jensen  April 2, 2023
Please don't take away Mountain Men. I just love it so much. There is a sense of peacefulness that makes you wonder if all this technology is good for our nature and our ways of dealing with problems. Life has changed in many ways from when I was growing up and not for the good. Hate has taken over the world but this shows that they don't have time for that. They are too concerned with keeping food on the table. Simply ways can be our answers
0 13 Jdavidson.era@gmail.  February 8, 2023
Wonderful show! Looking forward to Season 12. Job well done
1 11 Jim o  November 12, 2022
Spent time with Tom Oar at the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous this summer. It seems a shame that Tom and the rest of us that are involved in the mountain men rendezvous never are shown in your program. This life style and hobby is slowly disappearing and many people have never seen or attended a rendezvous. This is a part of history that changed our country in an immeasurable way and should be the basis for the Mountain Men program. Thanks for listening!
0 5 Danny Jim o  July 15, 2023
For me Tom and Nancy are the heroes of the show, and are most enjoyed to watch even if its just them sitting and drinking coffee and discussing the past, and I for one would love to see the Rendezvous or another Trade show included in an episode Please continue filming this great old and gifted man before he's gone :'(
0 2 Joker Jim o  August 5, 2023
The show is about them not you. No one cares to see you or that rendezvous. Quit trying to get on the show.
0 6 Sue Robinson  October 23, 2022
Oh yes! great show been watching re-runs but ready for season 11, love it when Eustace finds a way to " i gotta fix that" when no hardware store isn't anywhere remotely close, when he finds an ole piece of farming bailing wire, and bam!..i's up and running again, have learned a few things myself, and " did get that fixed"
0 5 Sue Robinson  October 23, 2022
Oh yes...can hardly wait for the new fall series! Havel learned a lot from Eustace " go to find a way to fix that" so true ! living off the land and many mile from a hardware store, some bailing wire can sure come in handy!
1 1 Brenda Semenyk  October 20, 2022
Mountain men starts on October 27th 2022 as they are having commercials on the history channel right now probably at 10pm est start time
1 10 Linda Thatcher  October 13, 2022
Love every minute of Mountain men it's addictive . Love them all .
0 9 Tedandcw  September 20, 2022
When will season 12 start? We are anxious to see new shows and catch up with the favorites.
1 4 Laurie  September 20, 2022
I watch the show after my retired Dad started me on it. I binged to season 11 after he was sick this year and wanted me to watch with him. History channel had it was a new season starting Sept 1st, but do not see a season 12. Did it get renewed?
1 11 Joni  August 31, 2022
I am hunting and searching on my History Channel so I can set my PVR for the new season of Mountain Men starting on September 1st and it is nowhere to be found. Help !! I don't want to miss even 1 show !!!
I live on reruns and more reruns but I want the new shows !! Please help me asap !!

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