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Alone is a fan-favorite reality adventure competition series that features a number of contestants competing to survive in the wilderness for a chance to win a $500,000 grand prize.
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Latest Episode Aired Thu 8/22/2019 Fire And Ice Season 6: Episode 11
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4The Moose Jun 27, 2019
5The Kill Jul 11, 2019
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7Night Raider Jul 25, 2019
8Out Cold Aug 1, 2019
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2The Haunting Jun 21, 2018
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5The Bowels of Hell Jul 12, 2018
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7Desperate Measures Jul 26, 2018
8Slayer II Aug 2, 2018
9Starvation's Shadow Aug 9, 2018
10Cold War Aug 16, 2018
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1Divide and Conquer Jun 15, 2017
2Hell on Earth Jun 22, 2017
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6Thicker Than Water Jul 20, 2017
7Hooked Jul 27, 2017
8Flare-Up Aug 3, 2017
9My Brother's Keeper Aug 10, 2017
10Flesh and Blood Aug 17, 2017
11Tales from the Island Aug 17, 2017
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1A New Land Dec 8, 2016
2First Blood Dec 15, 2016
3Eternal Darkness Dec 22, 2016
4Outfoxed Dec 29, 2016
5The Lone Wolf Jan 5, 2017
6Along Came a Spider Jan 12, 2017
7Hungry Beasts Jan 19, 2017
8Of Feast & Famine Jan 26, 2017
9The Point of No Return Feb 2, 2017
10Day 87 Feb 9, 2017
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1Once More Unto the Breach Apr 21, 2016
2The Knife's Edge Apr 28, 2016
3The Beasts of Night May 5, 2016
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5Storm Rising May 19, 2016
6Adrift May 26, 2016
7Trial by Fire Jun 9, 2016
8The Ascent Jun 16, 2016
9The Madness Jun 23, 2016
10The Gamble Jun 30, 2016
11Winter's Fury Jul 7, 2016
12Into the Abyss Jul 14, 2016
13The End Game Jul 14, 2016
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1And So It Begins Jun 18, 2015
2Of Wolf and Man Jun 25, 2015
3The Talons of Fear Jul 2, 2015
4Stalked Jul 9, 2015
5Winds of Hell Jul 16, 2015
6Rain of Terror Jul 23, 2015
7The Hunger Jul 30, 2015
8The Freeze Aug 6, 2015
9Brokedown Palace Aug 13, 2015
10Triumph Aug 20, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1An Inside Look: The Hunger Aug 2, 2015
2After the Rescue Aug 5, 2015
3An Inside Look: The Freeze Aug 9, 2015
4An Inside Look: Brokedown Palace Aug 17, 2015
5An Inside Look: Triumph Aug 20, 2015
6Making the Cut Apr 14, 2016
7The Reunion Jul 21, 2016
8American Enthusiast: The Gamble Dec 3, 2016
9American Enthusiast: Winter's Fury Dec 3, 2016
10American Enthusiast: Into the Abyss Dec 3, 2016
11Making the Cut: Season 3 Dec 8, 2016
12Season 3 Reunion Special Feb 9, 2017
13Making the Cut: Season 4 Jun 8, 2017
14Season 5 Reunion Special Aug 23, 2018
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1 3 Mike Quinn  July 19, 2019
I am tired of these so called survivalists that suddenly find out that they can’t make it without the spouse or kids. I want you to tap out because you broke your leg or you’re starving not because you’re a cry baby.
1 3 Tom  June 22, 2019
Who is the idiot who decided to change the format of the show? The new season (the arctic) is horribly produced! The key to this show's success is not just about plopping people down in a difficult environment. It is allowing the viewer to "meet" these survivalists, discover who they are as people, and to cheer on their favorite character. The producers missed the boat with this season. Instead of doing an introduction show, they decided to just start in the middle: shelters already built, no intro to the players, and just an overall feeling like they don't give a can about the viewer. I am REALLY disappointed.
1 4 adkjohn  April 13, 2019
Honestly , Besides survival skills, and luck on having a slightly better location; the key ingredients to win are the capacity to suffer, and being as overweight as possible while still being in decent shape. Sam won because he was able to endure great suffering, and was overweight more than any of the other contenders.
0 3 Vinny adkjohn  May 17, 2019
I would love for the earlier seasons to be re-broadcast
0 10 Alan Chapman  January 27, 2019
Before the show premiers, please put out a map with a overview of the area pinpointing where each contestant is ;located. That way we the public would have some sense of where they are in relation to each other in the area. Like a google map overview. Telling me that sam is 4 miles away from randy and that britt is 7 miles from larry doesn't tell me a whole lot. One more request, How come when dave goes to the top of a ridge and looks down He can't see the smoke from anyone elses camp and if he can, can he visit that person? Anyway, GREAT SHOW keep up the great work. Thank you for allowing us to comment on your work.
4 3 adkjohn Alan Chapman  April 13, 2019
An average campfire wouldn't be noticeable from 4 plus miles away even from the top of a ridge. its not a huge bonfire.
0 10 dave warren  November 29, 2018
Can't wait for season 6. Please no teams ever again (hard to watch).
0 4 G  February 22, 2018
So, has anyone heard about the release date for season 5, episode 1?

It's supposed to be "redemption" and there is a chance it might... might be... in Mongolia.
I heard a rumor about that once, but it might have been speculation, a guess, etc. and I can't verify the source, so... ?

And why aren't they announcing the start of the show yet?
Have the contestants been out THAT long??
Have they transitioned from hunter-gatherers to farmers yet?
Who knows... anything?!?

ALONE, say something and hurry it up!
"You're killin' me, Smalls!"
1 3 Alan H  February 7, 2018
I couldn't agree with you more Jenifer H. I feel ashamed for them. But, you have to remember that the show is selecting people who will provide the best entertainment experience, not necessarily the best survival experience.
0 1 balisong Alan H  February 17, 2019
weak links.

Make a raised wooden bed, with debris you've dried out with hot stones, with a bit of netting keeping it in place, and you'll not need the sleeping bag, even, much less a heavy duty shelter. They all starve out LONG before a winter shelter is needed. It rarely even freezes on Vancouver Island's shores and they dropped them off in mid summer in Mongolia. it was HOT for their first month.
0 1 adkjohn Alan H  April 13, 2019
I'm sure they look for a diverse group, but look at their background; most are quite experienced in the outdoors/survival realm.
0 11 Kmobe  February 4, 2018
Alone should be alone. I think the isolation should be an intregal part of how well they cope. Please go back to the original format. It was much better.
3 23 Jenifer H  January 13, 2018
What was with these men crying about missing their wives? Holy [censored] - man up and stop your blubbering - it was only for 2 months for crying out loud! I have to wonder if a psych test was done ahead of time and they were secondarily chosen because of their weakness in being alone without their wife? It just seemed abnormal that so many men were bawling like babies about missing their wives and kids. If they could win 500,000.00 if they went to Tahiti, you wouldn’t hear them carrying on about missing their wives. They were weak to begin with. Am I the only one that had a mouth gaping open whenever one of those men started crying about missing their wives so much? Gawd. On the other end, she got to watch whatever she wanted on TV, have popcorn for dinner, hog the bed, and go shopping without a time limit. I doubt women would be bawling for her husband if left alone in the wilderness for 2 months.
5 11 Notdumb Jenifer H  February 20, 2018
Your dumb, being in extreme isolation can do a number on the mind, they werent just missing there wives they were missing human interaction
0 10 Rocky de Bouzage Jenifer H  March 4, 2018
You are absolutely right. These men were a bunch of Oscar Myers.
0 9 Leta H Jenifer H  April 11, 2018
I would pay for my husband to be on Alone. I need 2 months of Alone at home! Lol...
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3 28 Bre Bre  December 30, 2017
Please go back to one person, Alone means Alone. did not like the last one with two people at all. alone is one person.
4 6 Steve P Bre Bre  December 30, 2017
Bre, I totally agree: alone is alone. I think as mankind developed and survived, there was local migration for food and resources--and accidentally bumping into other humans doing the same. I could go along with this type of "alone", as long as participants knew nothing of other human locations or even existence. At shows end, participants may all still be alone, or accidentally on the way to the beginnings of iffy tribes and beyond.
2 15 Note Steve P  December 31, 2017
Alone is alone.....period go to the original format.... thank you
1 1 Terry Tucker Bre Bre  June 4, 2019
Totally agree with the one man/woman format. Did not like the 2 together... that is crazy! Did not like the show and was tempted not to watch. Was so disappointed. The show is based on being alone.
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8 6 Sky  August 29, 2017
I LOVE THIS SEASON. I loved the dynamic of the team. I dont know why all the hate is coming from. When the brothers won that was beautiful. Plus they will most likely stay out longer with 2 people.
4 2 Artlady Sky  August 29, 2017
No, they don't necessarily stay out longer with two people. That means the resources are split between two hungry starving people. You'd think they'd gather more, fish more, hunt more with two people. But they don't seem to. One works while the other sits, sleeps or complains. The brothers went through that stage. But in the end, they outlasted the other two teams who were in the Final episodes. Interestingly, lack of food was the downfall of Team Whipple and Team Father-Son.
0 2 Bill Russell Artlady  December 14, 2018
same as always. They have ALL, every season, averaged losing 1/2 lb or more of bodyweight per day. They have no clue how to feed themselves adequately. The LAST thing you do, if you want on this show, is show and tell how you really can make it last 4+ months. They'll never let such a man on the show, cause he'll make the others look like the campfire girls that they ARE.
0 1 balisong Artlady  February 17, 2019
lack of food is the downfall of every last one, and it's cause they are too lazy/stupid to make netting out of the cotton rope hammock and the tarps.
3 34 Chad k2  August 25, 2017
Please go back to the original solo contestant season. I was not a fan of the "team" aspect of this season.
2 14 Lone Wolf Chad k2  August 27, 2017
This season caused Alone to move from #1 on my must see list to questioning whether I will bother to watch any more. I hated the move to 2 people. I also found it boring to have all the recap time. If gtehy can't get enough good video to fill the show time slot perhaps they should reduce it to a half hour show!
1 10 rosa  August 22, 2017
very disappointed about the finale

looked like it was designed based on Survivor Finale hosted by Jeff Probst.

Alone initially had a unique approach, sure hope it reverts . Alone by all meanings...Alone
1 16 Nate40 rosa  August 22, 2017
I agree 100% I did not enjoy this season of alone. Let's go back to being alone!!!!!!!
0 8 Artlady Nate40  August 23, 2017
I always enjoy Alone, but I didn't like the first half where one member the pairs was forced on a merciless march through the "Salal Jungle". People dropped like flies! I thought this Season would end on about Day 21! The Salal Marches were Ultra Boring. Another thing, it very quickly became crystal clear that these "pairs" weren't equally committed or stoked about the adventure. I think some of them were coaxed, coerced, and cajoled into coming along. So trying to be a good sport, they HALF HEARTEDLY joined their loved one on HIS DREAM ADVENTURE. Not yours.
2 17 Towser rosa  August 24, 2017
Dear History Channel,

Please do not EVER do this format again.

An "ALONE" viewer.
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1 5 Michael  August 18, 2017
I think those thinking a military background by itself gives them an "inside track" are deluded. A much more rounded experience base is required. Regardless I applaud all and any willing to try.
0 3 Artlady Michael  August 23, 2017
I agree! In Seasons 1 & 2 we saw tough guys with military background, or law enforcement backgrounds, cave in after one night, and one military tough guy didn't stay even one night! Well, I guess that's called knowing yourself, eh? Why spend 20 or 40 grueling days and nights when you know THIS ISN'T FOR YOU!?

Hey, I know myself really well! I wouldn't even consider an adventure like this. Or that other adventure called Naked & Afraid!
0 1 Bill Russell Michael  December 14, 2018
that's right. The military teaches you almost nothing that's useful on this show. The SERE training, for downed pilots, is all about getting rescured ASAP and back in the fight, not holing up for 2-3 months, starving.
0 13 Karen & Robert  August 18, 2017
We have been faithful ALONE viewers since Season 1 - We were thinking that some kind of financial reward should be given to the person/persons that come in Second Place.
Also - Season 4 with the Teams - We just CANNOT BELIEVE HOW QUICKLY 4 TEAMS TAPPED OUT IN THE VERY BEGINNING!! 1-2 WEEKS AND GONE! These people are suppose to be outdoor Survivalists and have all this experience! It was just a very big disappointment to see how quickly they departed. It looks like they are given all the information and preparation for this journey/adventure - but it didn't seem like it really sunk in with the contestants???? We just felt that the final picks for the Teams could have been better choices maybe????
4 6 Bj, The Bear  December 16, 2016
Episode 2 - HISTORY channel's ALONE is quickly turning out to be a joke. The show is about survival and most viewers want to see how the different cast members survive in the woods alone. So does HISTORY show us what kind of Camps/Shelters are made or what kind of actual locations of the different camps/shelters - NO. We get to see how to - burn out personal nose hairs - get stuck in some beach mud - and swim in cold water - Oh Yea brush teeth with charcoal.

The only person that showed some meaningful survival skills was Megan gathering berries and making her fishing rod/line auto hook setter.

Zach's TAP-OUT was also a joke ... a little cut on the upper forearm that wasn't even bleeding any dark blood and just barley covered a couple little bandages.

If this is the best of airtime for this show ... it speaks for it self ... Garbage ... with video repeats of cast history shown over & over in the last 3 episodes - it's called killing time !
2 2 Artlady Bj, The Bear  December 16, 2016
Yeah, I hear ya. Zach and his cut...well, who didn't see that coming? Didn't he EVER listen to his mom's advice, "ZACH! DON'T RUN IN THE HOUSE WITH SCISSORS! YOU COULD TRIP AND FALL AND HURT YOURSELF!" So anyway, I personally think his cut was more than minor because the medic said it needed cleaning, debriding, and stitches, and probably a shot in the [censored] to ward off flesh eating bacteria. I'm finding enjoyment in the little things we're seeing in each camp, even the charcoal toothpaste bit. This show isn't a professional National Geographic documentary, or a professional Discovery survival documentary (eg Dual Survival) where everyone on the FILMING CREW knows everything that's going down before it happens, and the Survivalist knows his script; without a professional film editing crew reducing 1,000 hours of film into a 45 min bit. Anyway, just saying, Alone is rough around the edges, filmed by local yokels, no matter what they crow about their "experience" on their "resumes".
0 3 Marc Gagnon Bj, The Bear  December 17, 2016
I totally agree with you BJ and of coarse do you know that there is no place to sign up to participate in the event wonder why. Total Joke these people are survivalists for first graders Total bull S#!t. Don't you find it humorous how they seem to always be belly aching.
1 2 Bj, The Bear Artlady  December 17, 2016
Artlady .... I never said the injury/cut was minor ... these people go into the woods and can not even manage a little cut on the upper arm. Without going into any detail, I can say, I have seen my share of wounds. With a basic 1st Aid Kit that cut could have been cleaned, treated and self stitched if really needed. Like you said ... "well, who didn't see that coming". Strange indeed, walking through the wet and thick bush with an axe AND filming and just happened to catch the fall and injury !?
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0 3 Edd  December 12, 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show... Can't wait till we get to know all the participants in season three better. If they last long enough the snow and all the challenges that come with that will make for some "must see TV"
0 1 Artlady Edd  December 12, 2016
Each episode seems to focus on just 2 or 3 contestants at a time, especially at the outset. I think that's probably more helpful for us to really get to know them. When the show is reduced to fewer and fewer contestants, then each episode rotates between each camp more evenly.
0 4 Artlady  December 9, 2016
Well, our first Sissy has come, and gone. Jim Shields, who made through 2 nights before the Revelation hit him: "I left my wife holding the bag back at home, dealing with the adoption of three boys!" ($500,000 prize money could've funded college educations for these 3 boys!)

I was impressed by Britt. At first, I thought he was wasting time by taking a little walkabout. No time for that nonsense. Get a shelter thrown up, and a fire going! But looks like he got his act together.

We were frankly shocked at how few people took tarps in their "10 things".
0 3 Bj, The Bear Artlady  December 10, 2016
Let us NOT be too hard on Jim ... remember Season 2 and the 1st day drop-out "Desmond". Who laughed and bragged about meeting up with a Bear and what he would do to it ... only to then run for home before day 1 was even over because he saw piles of Bear scat ... not a Bear but only their scat. The TITLE "Sissy" is his to hold forever ... and so far is unchallenged or even matched.
0 2 Artlady Bj, The Bear  December 12, 2016
True enough. At least Jim made it two nights, bagging it on Day 3. I just couldn't get over his reasoning. And all his crowing about being nicknamed Mr. PMA at his school. It's all such rubbage

Desmond, from Season 2, takes First Prize for the Sissy Award. Left before he spent 1 night. The big bad Military man.

And let's not forget the big tough LA cop , from Season 1, who quit after just one night in the wild.

I'm still loving the show, and give everyone credit for even signing up. I sure wouldn't. My husband would though!
0 2 rett Bj, The Bear  December 12, 2016
To be fair, Desmond stated that he heard the bear and saw it in the bush apparently ready to charge. On the reunion show he was chided for NOT having his camera on at that very important moment.
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0 2 BJ, The Bear  December 9, 2016
Episode 1 is done. Unfortunately we only got to see 4 people in action or lack of action.

- Callie, great she got a couple of fish and set up a shelter. I however think swimming and making a comfort chair a bit foolish and a waste of time of her time at this stage of the game.

- Fowler, set-up temp shelter and is looking for a better campsite. Sounds like he is going to make a good fulltime shelter with bamboo.

- Jim, I think TONY covered his Day 3 TAPPING-OUT fairly well.

- Britt, Did some good things, looking for good campsite and setting a snare trap. Again what was he thinking in the night head out to bush at the sound of a distressed animal. Even if by chance it was a Wild Boar in his snare what would he do at night.

- ALL, not one seen person thought about making a defensive weapon in light of the predators known in the area.
1 1 Tony42301  December 9, 2016
Well the one dude lasted 2 days because"he just had a lot of stuff going on at home". Apparently he had to go all the way to Argentina to figure this out! At least he showed us some pretty rock skipping! Mad skill set! I think he would have won because he was probably the only contestant that could have gotten fish by skipping rocks!
4 1 nikki lynn  December 9, 2016
I hope Dan the trapper gets eaten by a wild boar. At least he won't be killing innocent animals in those cruel traps while he is "alone"
0 3 Tony42301 nikki lynn  December 9, 2016
Honest question. If you were in a real life survival situation in a very remote area and it came down to killing an innocent animal in a "cruel" trap for you to be able to e you
0 4 Bj, The Bear Tony42301  December 9, 2016
Right on Tony ... some people are so distant from the real world and surviving in the wilderness they think there is a 7/11 in the mountains. After 3-4 days without food I am pretty sure Nikki would change her mind.
2 0 Artlady nikki lynn  December 9, 2016
I am not against trapping when under these circumstances: 1) when you're trapping for survival and for sustenance and, 2) you attend the traps and dispatch the animal quickly to end their panic and suffering. Snaring an animal for food is just the same as using a gill net to snag fish.

I'm personally against trapping animals to take their coats from them. You see this on the TV series called Mountain Men. It's disgusting IMO. The trappers abide by the Alaskan laws, but still, I'm against it. These men don't eat the animals. They just skin 'em. And sell the pelts.
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1 0 Bj, The Bear  December 8, 2016
Who will it be to WIN ... Who craps out first ?
- Zach = 22
- Callie = 27
- Carleigh = 28
- Dan = 34
- Fowler = 36
- Jim = 37
- Britt = 40
- Megan = 41
- Greg = 53
- #10 Unknown ? = ?
0 0 Bj, The Bear  December 6, 2016
Finally HISTORY has updated their ALONE page. Info on CAST and their bios and what they are taking is provided.
0 0 Bj.The Bear  December 5, 2016
Still looking for information/details on the Season 3 Cast. Can anyone help provide link to such material ?
0 2 Bj,The Bear  December 4, 2016
Can't wait for the Season start ... hope we really see some people who are really capable of surviving in the wild alone and do not play the drama game. Wish I could find listing of participants to prep for the show.

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