90 Day Fiance
10 Seasons
122 Episodes
These long-distance international couples endure the miles as they navigate cultural disparities, unearth unexpected personality traits, and address lingering tensions caused by skeptical friends and family members.
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90 Day Fiance Season 10 Will Be Released on October 8, 2023

Current Show Status
The release date for 90 Day Fiance Season 10 — October 8, 2023
Countdown to premiere date (EST)
Latest Episode Aired Sun 8/21/2022 Tell All Part 2 Season 9: Episode 19
Next Episode Airs Sun 10/8/2023 TBA Season 10: Episode 1
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Embarking on a colossal journey of love, "90 Day Fiancé" introduces six new couples and welcomes back a familiar one, all taking a passionate leap of faith into the unknown. These brave couples, separated by immense distances and differing countries, embrace the challenges of blending their lives, navigating cultural disparities, and facing the scrutiny of skeptical friends and families.

This special milestone season marks a remarkable journey for "90 Day Fiancé." Since its inception, the show has continually showcased dynamic couples from diverse backgrounds, captivating us with their unique and riveting love stories. Having amassed a staggering 68 billion hours of viewed content, the series is a testament to the enduring fascination with the universal theme of love in all its intricate forms.

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#NameAir Dates
1TBA Oct 8, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Ketchup to My Mustard Apr 17, 2022
2Home Sweet Hoax Apr 24, 2022
3Pinot You Didn't May 1, 2022
4Pasta La Vista May 8, 2022
5Breast Intentions May 15, 2022
6Have To Turn This Car Around May 22, 2022
7It's Me or the Bikini May 29, 2022
8Get Off Your High Horse Jun 5, 2022
9Poison in the Honey Jun 12, 2022
10In the Ring Jun 19, 2022
11How to Marry a Stripper Jun 26, 2022
12Different Expectations Jul 3, 2022
13The Elephant in the Womb Jul 10, 2022
14Temperature Check Jul 17, 2022
15Last Sip Single Jul 24, 2022
16Here Comes the Pride Jul 31, 2022
17To Have and To Scold Aug 7, 2022
18Tell All Part 1 Aug 14, 2022
19Tell All Part 2 Aug 21, 2022
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1I Think You're My Future Wife Dec 6, 2020
2Shame On You Dec 13, 2020
3Bless This Mess Dec 20, 2020
4What's Mine Is Mine Dec 27, 2020
5Who's The Boss? Jan 3, 2021
6The Real You Jan 10, 2021
7You So Bad Boy Jan 17, 2021
8Unsure And Insecure Jan 24, 2021
9The No Bang Theory Jan 31, 2021
10The Devil's Work Feb 14, 2021
11Three's A Party Feb 21, 2021
12About Last Night Feb 28, 2021
13Forgive But Never Forget Mar 7, 2021
14Into Your Arms Mar 14, 2021
15Love Me Or Leave Me Mar 21, 2021
16Second Guessing Mar 28, 2021
17First Comes Love... Apr 4, 2021
18Tell All Part 1 Apr 11, 2021
19Tell All Part 2 Apr 18, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1I Want to Kiss You Nov 3, 2019
2They Don't Know Nov 10, 2019
3What Am I Worth to You? Nov 17, 2019
4You Don't Forget Your Past Nov 24, 2019
5We Need to Talk Dec 1, 2019
6Premature Departure Dec 8, 2019
7The Truth Shall Set You Free Dec 15, 2019
8Judgement Day Dec 22, 2019
9I Don't Have a Choice Dec 29, 2019
10Choose Me Jan 12, 2020
11Blindsided Jan 19, 2020
12I Do and I Don't Know Jan 26, 2020
13Can I Get a Witness Feb 9, 2020
14Tell All Part 1 Feb 16, 2020
15Tell All Part 2 Feb 17, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1The Clock Is Tickin' Oct 21, 2018
2Young and Restless Oct 28, 2018
3Rough Landings Nov 4, 2018
4I Know What You Did Nov 11, 2018
5Not What I Thought Nov 18, 2018
6Flirting with Disaster Nov 25, 2018
7Ready to Run Dec 2, 2018
8No Way Out Dec 9, 2018
9Backed Into a Corner Dec 16, 2018
10Where Truth Lies Dec 23, 2018
11Make It or Break It Dec 30, 2018
12Tell All Part 1 Jan 6, 2019
13Tell All Part 2 Jan 13, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Waiting Is the Hardest Part Oct 8, 2017
2Parental Approval Oct 15, 2017
3Bring on the 90 Days Oct 22, 2017
4Good Morning America Oct 29, 2017
5Family First Nov 5, 2017
6Crossing the Line Nov 12, 2017
7Welcome to Real Life Nov 19, 2017
8Out of Nowhere Nov 26, 2017
9Wake Up Call Dec 3, 2017
10Breaking Point Dec 10, 2017
11Second Thoughts Dec 17, 2017
12I Now Pronounce You Dec 18, 2017
13Tell All Dec 18, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1For Your Eyes Only Aug 22, 2016
2You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello Sep 11, 2016
3Meet the Family Sep 18, 2016
4Life's a Beach Sep 25, 2016
5Testing the Waters Oct 2, 2016
6I Can See the Cracks Oct 9, 2016
7Time to Tell the Truth Oct 16, 2016
8This Is What You Came For Oct 23, 2016
9You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone Oct 30, 2016
10Confessions of a Foreign Fiancé Nov 6, 2016
11Are You Ready for This? Nov 13, 2016
12Too Little Too Late Nov 13, 2016
13Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace Nov 20, 2016
14Tell All Nov 20, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Departures and Arrivals Oct 11, 2015
2Welcome to the Family Oct 18, 2015
3Questions & Answers Oct 25, 2015
4Full of Surprises Nov 1, 2015
5Missing Home Nov 8, 2015
6Lights, Camera, Drama Nov 15, 2015
7Don't Push Me Nov 22, 2015
8Bachelorette Blues Nov 29, 2015
9What Do You Know About Love? Nov 29, 2015
10This Is It Dec 6, 2015
11Tell All Dec 6, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1New Couples, New Journeys Oct 19, 2014
2I'm Home America! Oct 26, 2014
3Watch You Like a Hawk Nov 2, 2014
4Touchdown! Nov 9, 2014
5Mo' Money, Mo' Problems Nov 16, 2014
6Fears, Family, Future Nov 23, 2014
7I Have to Tell You Something Nov 30, 2014
8Going Once, Going Twice...Gone? Dec 7, 2014
9Red Flags Dec 14, 2014
10I'm Gonna Go Home Dec 21, 2014
11The Couples Tell All Dec 28, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1I Got My Visa! Jan 12, 2014
2Culture Shock Jan 19, 2014
3Enough Is Enough Jan 26, 2014
490 Days Isn't Enough Feb 9, 2014
5Didn't Expect This… Feb 16, 2014
6Time's Up Feb 23, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Where Are They Now?: Season 1 Couples Oct 19, 2014
2Where Are They Now?: Season 2 Couples Oct 4, 2015
3Countdown to the Finale Dec 6, 2015
4Danielle & Mohamed: Our Journey So Far Sep 5, 2016
5Countdown to the New Season Sep 11, 2016
6Loren & Alexei: Our Journey So Far Sep 12, 2016
7Danielle & Mohamed: Our Story Oct 16, 2016
8Melanie & Devar: Our Journey So Far Oct 23, 2016
9Countdown to the New Season Jun 25, 2017
10Most OMG Moments Oct 1, 2017
11Jenny & Sumit: Our Journey So Far Nov 4, 2019
12Deavan & Jihoon: Our Journey So Far Nov 11, 2019
13Tiffany & Ronald: Our Journey So Far Nov 18, 2019
14Angela & Michael: Our Continuing Journey Nov 25, 2019
15Darcey's Continuing Journey Dec 2, 2019
16David & Annie: The Full Story Dec 9, 2019
17Russ & Paola: The Full Story Dec 20, 2019
18Most Outrageous Moments Dec 23, 2019
19Nicole & Azan: The Full Story Dec 27, 2019
20Colt & Larissa: Our Continuing Journey Dec 28, 2019
21Watch Party Dec 30, 2019
22Biggest Breakups Mar 30, 2020
23Secrets & Lies Apr 6, 2020
24Family Feuds Apr 13, 2020

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0 3 Eric sanders  August 20, 2022
If tlc renew the tenth season of 90 day fiance i love that show but bring back lorissa and Other couples for the new season and the 3rd season of the single life and a new season of i am jazz and welcome to plathville new season on tlc [smile]
1 2 Natalie Moutray  March 27, 2022
YES 90 day fiance starts April 17 2022 I can't wait I'm a big fan and I LOVE watching these shows always ????????
0 0 Lenore borelli  November 5, 2021
Please you all know everyone is glued to the TV Sun Mon because if you just change the channel you don't have to worry about it being canceled
3 3 Judith smith  July 13, 2021
I got hooked from the beginning and appreciate the difficulties involved and wish them the best in their struggles. However, I have constantly been shocked at the filthy mouths of these beautiful women. The words are bleeped, but we know! I finally reached the end of my ability to view when one of the women took my Lords name in vain in a particular disgusting way that I have ever heard. That was it for me. Why the need to use cusswords, I cannot understand. Just wanted to relay the reason this fan is gone. Clean up your mouths all of you.
1 1 MamaD79 crown Judith smith  May 16, 2022
Agreed! What gets me IRATE though is, when they bleep out other offensive curse words, yet they don't bleep out when they take the Lord's name in vain! [angry]
1 0 Jananne Judith smith  May 26, 2022
THERE are 100,00 words in the dictionary. Use intelligent
0 2 Kay Kane  May 28, 2021
They need to bring in new couples and get rid of Andre/Elizabeth, Angela/Michael, Kalini/Asuelu, I can't watch these anymore!
0 2 Angela  July 10, 2017
I just love the show. Am waiting with bated breath for season 5. So happy that they're doing the happily ever after series. I hope they do it with all the seasons. I would love to see Danny and Amy again. ☺
2 5 TERESA M.  May 14, 2017
2 10 paula johnson  April 21, 2017
so when is the new season coming cause i really like this show
1 2 Vee  March 18, 2017
I love this show! I love seeing how the couples deal with their cultural differences. I am in intercultural marriage-love it! We get to learn so much from one another.
1 2 Candy w.  November 30, 2016
I love this show the only thing that I hate is that during the reunion episodes a lot of the couple are afraid to speak their honest opinion or afraid to hurt one of the couples feelings when asked if they think their co couples love is genuine or mutual for each other and etc. Clearly you can see that some of them were being used. I swear I wish I could be hosting or involved in the reunions. I would have to tell them the truth but not too harsh. lol
0 0 MamaD79 crown Candy w.  May 16, 2022
I love the show, but hate the reunions. During the reunion shows, it seems like Shawn TRIES to get the couples fighting to the point of splitting up. She could go over things without showing the nastiest parts of the season!
13 3 4Justice  October 17, 2016
THIS SHOW HAS TO BE CANCELLED! It is a mockery, an insult, a defiance and a slap on the face of our Immigration laws! It encourages people to "legally" enter our country with no serious intent to really engage in a legitimate marriage, but with the only and sole objective to USE our fellow U.S. citizens in order to become a lawful permanent U.S. resident! When their goal is achieved they get rid of their sponsor spouse like a disposable tissue! Once with their green card in hand, they kick the rear end of their "spouse" and the "marriage" is over! That is FRAUD!!!
I love my country! As an American citizen I completely oppose, reject and despise the "90 Day Fiance" platform and its purpose! Thank you for reading this!
6 5 Bar_None 4Justice  November 19, 2016
I have to agree. Every season seems to be worse than the previous. Season 4 was up and down. Season 3 all about what they could do once they got the green card. Looks like the women are into modeling and the guys are just looking to stay to get the benefits. It's really looking worse each season and they don't even try to hide the fact. Craziness.
4 13 Melusine 4Justice  November 21, 2016
What an insulting, thoughtless, selfish and simplistic comment. What about the couples that are love each other and have successful marriages? That do not "use" Americans but love them and desire to spend the rest of their lives together? Are you suggesting that Americans should never marry a non American? Or should they just go to the respective countries of the foreigners they fall in love with and start a life there? Unless you are a native American, do you realize that YOUR ancestors came to this county too from elsewhere to try to create a good life for themselves? I think it's a great show that shows the struggles that can occur when 2 cultures meet. I'm not an American but I fell in love with one and we have been very happily married for 8 years now. I sure am glad YOU don't set the immigration rules for this country!
2 13 Snazz Bar_None  November 24, 2016
I love the show...My opinion is, if you do not like it, you have an remote, pick that up and change the channel!!!
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2 2 Pink flamingo  October 10, 2016
I really admire Azan and his family. They are very kind to Nicole. What a wonderful family and I hope Nicole's family will be as generous.
5 2 Danny Yarborough  October 3, 2016
My wife and I meet online 5 years ago I'm 63 and she is 61 she has been married 2 times and I 5 times , she is from Denmark she gave up everything for me it was a dream come true,wish we could tell our story.
0 2 Bar_None Danny Yarborough  November 19, 2016
That's a story I would give anything to see! I would absolutely promote that. Let's get the word out. There is not enough positivity. We need that.
1 0 Kristi Danny Yarborough  March 9, 2018
I would love to know how it’s working out if you’ve been married 5 times!!! That would be a show. Were the others not dreams come true?
0 0 Candice  July 20, 2016
I have the show stays on for a while has been on in a good wow they need to keep keep you more informed. In the meanwhile I'm glad it's coming on September 11th so excited . I think it's really in it intense show. :roll: :sigh:
0 0 Candice Sainato  July 20, 2016
I wouldn't miss it for the life of Me that's great and I hope it stays on, I love the show, I think it's very exciting different and I wouldn't mind going on there :oops: :oops:
0 2 Sandr  July 9, 2016
I wish they would do an update on Danny and Amy. I loved them
0 0 Helen F  March 31, 2016
I love this show. Wish there were updates sooner then the next season is televised. M

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