4 Seasons
93 Episodes
Scorpion is hit new American action and criminal drama TV series that centers on a computer genius and his team of equally smart misfits as they protect the US against various high-tech security threats.
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Scorpion Is Ending, Will Not Return For Season 5

Current Show Status
Scorpion season 5 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Mon 4/16/2018 A Lie in the Sand Season 4: Episode 22
Next Episode Show ended 93 episodes total

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Beware, Scorpion fans, this is gonna sting: CBS has cancelled the geek-driven drama after four seasons, TVLine has learned.


Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Extinction Sep 25, 2017
2More Extinction Oct 2, 2017
3Grow a Deer, a Female Deer Oct 9, 2017
4Nuke Kids on the Block Oct 16, 2017
5Sci Hard Oct 23, 2017
6Queen Scary Oct 30, 2017
7Go With the Flo(rence) Nov 6, 2017
8Faire Is Foul Nov 13, 2017
9It's Raining Men (of War) Nov 20, 2017
10Crime Every Mountain Nov 27, 2017
11Who Let the Dog Out ('Cause Now It's Stuck in a Cistern) Dec 11, 2017
12A Christmas Car-Roll Dec 18, 2017
13The Bunker Games Jan 15, 2018
14Lighthouse of the Rising Sun Jan 22, 2018
15Wave Goodbye Jan 29, 2018
16Nerd, Wind & Fire Feb 5, 2018
17Dumbster Fire Feb 26, 2018
18Dork Day Afternoon Mar 5, 2018
19Gator Done Mar 19, 2018
20Foul Balls Mar 26, 2018
21Kenny and the Jet Apr 9, 2018
22A Lie in the Sand Apr 16, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Civil War Oct 3, 2016
2More Civil War Oct 3, 2016
3It Isn't the Fall That Kills You Oct 10, 2016
4Little Boy Lost Oct 17, 2016
5Plight at the Museum Oct 24, 2016
6Bat Poop Crazy Oct 31, 2016
7We're Gonna Need a Bigger Vote Nov 7, 2016
8Sly and the Family Stone Nov 14, 2016
9Mother Load Nov 21, 2016
10This Is the Pits Dec 12, 2016
11Wreck the Halls Dec 19, 2016
12Ice Ca-Cabes Jan 2, 2017
13Faux Money Maux Problems Jan 16, 2017
14The Hole Truth Jan 23, 2017
15Sharknerdo Feb 6, 2017
16Keep It in Check, Mate Feb 13, 2017
17Dirty Seeds, Done Dirt Cheap Feb 20, 2017
18Don't Burst My Bubble Feb 27, 2017
19Monkey See, Monkey Poo Mar 13, 2017
20Broken Wind Mar 20, 2017
21Rock Block Apr 10, 2017
22Strife on Mars Apr 17, 2017
23Something Burrowed, Something Blew May 1, 2017
24Maroon 8 May 8, 2017
25Scorp Family Robinson May 15, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Satellite of Love Sep 21, 2015
2Cuba Libre Sep 28, 2015
3Fish Filet Oct 5, 2015
4Robots Oct 12, 2015
5Super Fun Guys Oct 19, 2015
6Tech, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll Oct 26, 2015
7Crazy Train Nov 2, 2015
8Area 51 Nov 9, 2015
9US vs. UN vs. UK Nov 16, 2015
10Arrivals and Departures Nov 23, 2015
11The Old College Try Dec 7, 2015
12Dam Breakthrough Dec 14, 2015
13White Out Jan 4, 2016
14Sun of a Gun Jan 18, 2016
15Da Bomb Jan 25, 2016
16Fractured Feb 8, 2016
17Adaptation Feb 22, 2016
18The Fast and the Nerdiest Feb 29, 2016
19Ticker Mar 14, 2016
20Djibouti Call Mar 21, 2016
21Twist and Shout Mar 28, 2016
22Hard Knox Apr 11, 2016
23Chernobyl Intentions Apr 18, 2016
24Toby or Not Toby Apr 25, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Sep 22, 2014
2Single Point of Failure Sep 29, 2014
3A Cyclone Oct 6, 2014
4Shorthanded Oct 13, 2014
5Plutonium Is Forever Oct 20, 2014
6True Colors Oct 27, 2014
7Father's Day Nov 3, 2014
8Risky Business Nov 10, 2014
9Rogue Element Nov 17, 2014
10Talismans Nov 24, 2014
11Revenge Dec 8, 2014
12Dominoes Dec 15, 2014
13Kill Screen Jan 5, 2015
14Charades Jan 18, 2015
15Forget Me Nots Jan 19, 2015
16Love Boat Feb 9, 2015
17Going South Feb 23, 2015
18Once Bitten, Twice Die Mar 9, 2015
19Young Hearts Spark Fire Mar 23, 2015
20Crossroads Mar 30, 2015
21Cliffhanger Apr 13, 2015
22Postcards From the Edge Apr 20, 2015
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0 0 James o Harrison  March 28, 2021
1 6 Ravin  June 28, 2019
Please bring back Scorpion........Its the best Tv series I ever watched!!! Please......
0 9 lol  January 7, 2019
Plz bring Scorpion back!!! Its the only thing I watch and I LOVE IT!!!

Plz continue it!!! Too many questions are unanswered.
0 8 Hazel Malik  September 9, 2018
I love the show watching the reruns. Love all the actors Why have they cancelled the 5th series?
I was looking forward to it as I agree there are alot of questions to be answered.
0 6 Davey  July 12, 2018
Did any of you guys write a letter to CBS about giving Scorpion another go or selling it to Netflix? Or did any of you write a letter to Netflix about picking Scorpion up for a fifth season like they did with Lucifer? If so, let's hope CBS and/or Netflix gets about hundreds of letters from the fans.
0 9 Michael Skaggs  July 12, 2018
Be sure and head over to the website, then travel to "Renew Scorpion" and sign the petition to ask for a shortened fifth season, or at least a two part good-bye episode. Too many questions were left unresolved.
0 4 Davey Michael Skaggs  July 12, 2018
That's right, Michael. You tell them.
0 11 Lweendo Cheelo  July 1, 2018
Its a very nice series, please bring it back
It left us with question marks
Paige I like her
0 11 Leslieann hector  June 11, 2018
I love this Show ‘please bring it back do not cancel it ‘especially how you ended it there is a lot of unanswered questions to be shown please bring it back
0 13 Lori Meyer  May 30, 2018
I love this show. It's the best thing on TV. Please CBS bring it back.
0 11 Davey  May 27, 2018
Everybody sign up on this petition, please.
It's called "To renew Scorpion" and it's on
Let's get all our friends, all our families, all our friends on Facebook and all our neighbours to sign up on that. ☺
0 9 Paula22 Davey  May 28, 2018
We need to save Scorpion my dad and I have been watching since season 1 and he just passed away suddenly a week after the finale for season 4 so please keep it going. We need to know what happens to them as well season 4 left many unanswered questions.
0 14 ElaineHadnot  May 15, 2018
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Please bring Scorpion back!!! That's my show!!? That is the one show I look forward to watching every Monday. All that's left is reality shows and I hate those!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Spare them!!?
0 14 Kristy ElaineHadnot  May 21, 2018
I agree with you. One of the few shows on TV that I really look forward to watching is Sorpion I am so sick of “Reality” shows. What a joke.
0 7 sad_but_true  May 13, 2018
"Canceled: "Scorpion"
Announced: May 12, 2018
CBS has canceled its procedural about security-maintaining super-geniuses after its four-season run"
This is IMDb info.
So sad... i was looking forward to see the team split in 2
7 0 Enes Can Enes  May 12, 2018
scorpion canceled
0 13 Stephen b  May 8, 2018
Renew for season 5
0 13 clary Ismail  April 28, 2018
Fun show been watching it since season 1. It better not get cancelled.

#savescorpioncbs #savescorpioncbs #savescorpioncbs #savescorpioncbs #savescorpioncbs
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0 11 not required clary Ismail  May 22, 2018
plz, plz don't let scorpion be cancled
0 15 Valeria Moreno  April 28, 2018
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ See all these hearts, this is how mutch me and my family loves it. Scorpion helped me learning my English and inpired me to actually study and there is nothing wrong with learning and get good grades. Its the only show not about Sexore drugs. Its the only show that you really can learn something from. Its so mutch fun and the characters are just so incredible. I just wanna see whats gonna happen next. love love love scorpion [censored] from Spain
0 11 Zanang  April 22, 2018
Definitely an amazing show, was watching it since when it started and still love it. I really really want to know where they're heading to next after the way season 4 ended ✌✌
0 14 Andrew Mutz  February 3, 2018
I love this show, I can't wait to see what they do next ❤ I think it is one of five shows I watch.. while I say this and am only watching three this season.
0 16 Kelsea  January 21, 2018
Before I watched Scorpion, the Big Band Theory was my favorite show but this is better! Far more action, there's still good humor and it pulls at one's emotions too. I've never teared up watching actors before but they play the characters so well and there are these intense genuine scenes that really get you hooked into the story. I really like that this is a show people can learn from while still being immensely enjoyable. I really hope to see more Seasons! The show was brilliantly done and there could be so much more! They can always add new characters and continue building on the current ones. Every episode they solve dangerous amd seemingly impossible tasks I can't imagine this show running out of possibilities or content but I guess it's all up us veiwers whether this incredible show continues or not!
0 11 Newts2  December 27, 2017
My husband and I recently discovered scorpion. It is our favourite show. We hope they never stop making this. The u.k will love it
0 11 Alisha  April 21, 2017
I hope that scorpion does come back with season 4 and i also would love to see Paige and Walter being together i hope to see Paige back on the team on the next season.
scorpion is the best educational and genius TV show i have seen for a long time i also hope that it will have a lot more action and romance because from the show people can learn a lot
and also cause its based on a true story it makes it that must better the show
so i do hope you bring the show back with all the team together.
0 8 Patricia A Gill  December 21, 2016
I hope they don't cancel the show. But certainly need to make Paige and Walter a couple. Fans get tired of the teasing. It would make it more interesting if they were a real couple.
1 6 Khalid  October 31, 2016
last season part of the magic has gone because of the split between Elyes and katherine. The interaction between the two characters in real life and series created an interesting dimension. in the series matters are solved, so...
0 6 Dav4id  October 25, 2016
This is show with wonderful possibilities, especially in the beginning. However, the scripts have become predictable and clichéd. I'm sure many of the eleven million viewers are hoping to see some truly excellent television, but are receiving the same quality available, literally, everywhere else.
Please hire some actual geniuses as script consultants. Give us what we tune in to see.
0 6 Daniel Phillips  September 12, 2016
I truly hope this series reverts to the somewhat believable,
character-driven scripts that the first season celebrated!
Last season sunk to "action-packed", totally preposterous
episodes which almost ruined this series for me. ONE MORE

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