Ice Road Truckers
History Channel
11 Seasons
138 Episodes
Heavy loaded 18-wheelers skidding across frozen lakes and a 20-year old unexperienced driver at the wheel – this show is sure to have you on the edge of your seat
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Ice Road Truckers Season 12 is yet to be announced by History Channel

Current Show Status
Ice Road Truckers Season 12 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Thu 11/9/2017 One Last Lick Season 11: Episode 10
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Ice Road Truckers. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.

Ice Road Truckers is definitely one of History’s most successful and veteran shows. Obviously, the docu-series is very compelling, when you have to watch heavy loaded 18-wheelers skid across frozen lakes, as they are trying to avoid snowbanks and the always present fear of actually breaking through the ice – which has happened on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, the drivers did not always survive these accidents, so the deaths as well as the general unkind driving conditions will not only keep the drivers themselves, but also the viewers well on their toes. Boasting overall ratings of a solid 6.4 out of 10 stars on IMDb and a whopping 8.2 out of 10 stars on, the show is bound to get another renewal, as the fan base is huge. However, as of today, History has not yet officially announced its future plans for the show, so stay tuned and we will keep you updated if and when Ice Road Truckers returns with season 12.

About the series

Ice Road Truckers (IRT) is an American reality TV series about the drivers who operate trucks on seasonal routes in the very remote Arctic territories of Canada and Alaska. The very first season originally premiered back in 2007 on the American History Channel and has since been renewed for overall 11 seasons, with the current installment debuting on August 24th, 2017 with brand new episodes. The show has been adapted worldwide and airs in several other countries, like the UK, the Netherlands and Australia. The docu-series hails from the production companies Original Productions, History Channel and Eagle Vision and is executive produced by Thom Beers, who also narrates the show, Philip David Segal, Jeff Conroy, Dawn Fitzgerald, David McKillop and Julian P. Hobbs, to name just a few.

Each season features a group of daring drivers taking on some incredibly dangerous and sometimes oversized loads for their companies. There are men and women, who take on these monumental tasks of not only driving the biggest trucks in the country, but to actually – as the title suggests – drive them across ice. Some drivers are veterans with extremely valuable experience, but they are often also haunted by the accidents and also deaths they had to witness. Other drivers are young and have no experience at all, which could put them into real danger, if they get stuck in white-out conditions. The fire within these people is truly inspiring and more often than not the show will have you on the edge of your seat.


Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1The Ice Is Right Aug 24, 2017
2Jackknife Jeopardy Aug 31, 2017
3Helter Melter Sep 7, 2017
4Meltdown Blues Sep 14, 2017
5The Son Rises Oct 5, 2017
6A Bridge Too Far Oct 12, 2017
7Of Ice and Men Oct 19, 2017
8The Big Skid Oct 26, 2017
9Double Trouble Nov 2, 2017
10One Last Lick Nov 9, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Against All Odds Aug 4, 2016
2Feeling the Heat Aug 11, 2016
3Breakdown Aug 18, 2016
4Trial by Ice Aug 25, 2016
5The Rookie Sep 1, 2016
6Bridge to Nowhere Sep 8, 2016
7Into the Fire Sep 15, 2016
8Hell Nino Sep 22, 2016
9The Convoy Sep 29, 2016
10The Final Ride Oct 6, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Crossing Enemy Lines Aug 2, 2015
2Icy Grave Aug 9, 2015
3Trail Blazers Aug 16, 2015
4New Cold Blood Aug 23, 2015
5Power Trip Aug 30, 2015
6Break On Through Sep 13, 2015
7The Art Of Survival Sep 20, 2015
8Mother Nature Scorned Oct 4, 2015
9Hell Freezes Over Oct 11, 2015
10Icy Alliance Oct 18, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1The Gathering Storm Jul 7, 2014
2Rushin' Roulette Jul 14, 2014
3Into the Vortex Jul 21, 2014
4Snow Bound Jul 28, 2014
5The Storm Troopers Aug 3, 2014
6The Lone Wolf Aug 10, 2014
7Blazing the Trail Aug 17, 2014
8Highway to Hell Aug 24, 2014
9Flirtin' with Disaster Sep 7, 2014
10Icing on the Lake Sep 14, 2014
11Journey to the End of the Earth Sep 21, 2014
12World's End Sep 28, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Collision Course Jun 9, 2013
2Art Attack Jun 16, 2013
3Fear the Crack Jun 23, 2013
4Ice Rodeo Jun 30, 2013
5World War Hugh Jul 7, 2013
6Hail to the King Jul 14, 2013
7Load Rules Jul 21, 2013
8Art of War Jul 28, 2013
9Haul of the Wild Aug 4, 2013
10Jagged Little Hill Aug 11, 2013
11The Wrecking Crew Aug 18, 2013
12Winter Takes All Aug 25, 2013
#NameAir Dates
1Aces and Jokers Jun 3, 2012
2Sink or Swim Jun 10, 2012
3Hammer Down Jun 17, 2012
4No Way Out Jun 24, 2012
5Desperate Measures Jul 1, 2012
6Blood, Sweat, and Gears Jul 8, 2012
7Hard Road Ahead Jul 15, 2012
8Proving Ground Jul 22, 2012
9Braking Bad Jul 29, 2012
10Stacking the Deck Aug 5, 2012
11Hurricane Alley Aug 12, 2012
12Battle Lines Aug 19, 2012
13Cold-Blooded Aug 26, 2012
14Chopping Block Sep 9, 2012
15Race the Melt Sep 16, 2012
16The Final Showdown Sep 23, 2012
#NameAir Dates
1Pushing the Edge Jun 5, 2011
2Ice Road Rage Jun 5, 2011
3Wrong Turn & Burned Jun 12, 2011
4Fire on Ice Jun 19, 2011
5Under the Hammer Jun 26, 2011
6The Braking Point Jul 10, 2011
7A Banged-Up Job Jul 17, 2011
8Meltdown! Jul 24, 2011
9Road to Nowhere Jul 31, 2011
10Rookie Rebellion Aug 7, 2011
11Hittin' the Skids Aug 14, 2011
12No More Mr. Nice Guide Aug 21, 2011
13Ice Rogue Truckers Aug 28, 2011
14The Heat Is On Sep 4, 2011
15Judgement Day Sep 18, 2011
16The Last Dash Sep 25, 2011
#NameAir Dates
1Breaking Through Jun 6, 2010
2The Polar Bear Returns Jun 13, 2010
3Facing Down the Blow Jun 20, 2010
4Monster Storm Over Atigun Jun 27, 2010
5Trapped on Thin Ice Jul 11, 2010
6Danger at 55 Below Jul 18, 2010
7Avalanche! Jul 25, 2010
8Lisa's Monster Megahaul Aug 1, 2010
9Blood on the Dalton Aug 8, 2010
10The Ace vs. The Ice Aug 15, 2010
11A Rookie's Nightmare Aug 22, 2010
12The Dalton Strikes Back Aug 29, 2010
13Convoy to Hell Sep 12, 2010
14A Legend Meets His End Sep 19, 2010
15Deadly Melt Sep 26, 2010
16New King of the Dalton Oct 3, 2010
#NameAir Dates
1Deadliest Ice Road May 31, 2009
2Rookie Run Jun 7, 2009
3Canadian Invasion Jun 14, 2009
4Blinding Whiteout Jun 21, 2009
5Accident Alley Jun 28, 2009
6Arctic Ice Jul 5, 2009
7Wicked Weather Jul 12, 2009
8Killer Pass Jul 19, 2009
9Turn and Burn Jul 26, 2009
10Ocean Run Aug 2, 2009
11Busted Parts & Breakdowns Aug 9, 2009
12Race for the Finish Aug 16, 2009
13Arctic Thaw Aug 23, 2009
#NameAir Dates
1Edge of the Earth Jun 8, 2008
2Mechanical Mayhem Jun 15, 2008
3The Big Blizzard Jun 22, 2008
4Arctic Whiteout Jun 29, 2008
5Lost on the Ice Jul 6, 2008
6Hundred Ton Haul Jul 13, 2008
7Man Down Jul 20, 2008
8A Trucker's Farewell Jul 27, 2008
9A Rookie Fumbles Aug 3, 2008
10Highway Maggots Aug 10, 2008
11Man vs. Ice Aug 17, 2008
12The Big Thaw Aug 24, 2008
13The World Crumbles Sep 7, 2008
#NameAir Dates
1Ready to Roll Jun 17, 2007
2Destination: Diamond Mine Jun 24, 2007
3Dash for the Cash Jul 1, 2007
4The Big Chill Jul 8, 2007
5Midseason Mayhem Jul 15, 2007
6Driving on Thin Ice Jul 22, 2007
7The Rookie Challenge Jul 29, 2007
8Into the Whiteout Aug 5, 2007
9The Big Melt Aug 12, 2007
10The Final Run Aug 19, 2007
#NameAir Dates
1Then and Now Aug 26, 2007
2Off the Ice Sep 2, 2007
3On the Edge Sep 9, 2007
4Road to Season 2 Jun 1, 2008
5Road to the Finale Aug 31, 2008
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0 1 EKirkey  December 28, 2018
Apparently They Just Confirmed Ice Road Truckers After 11 Seasons
0 4 Vince H  October 22, 2018
I would hate to see it not being renewed. It is one of the better shows on the History Channel. Please bring it back.
0 4 Gill  October 3, 2018
I have watched IRT since the beginning. Please renew . I love all the drivers and am always engrossed in all their adventures. It’s one of History channels best shows!
0 0 pamala  September 19, 2018
I wish you would stop with the hunt for answers yes it has been oked and start date is and than it is not there if you want to upset people to maybe not even bother to look anymore keep it up cause I for 1 am tired of looking for the show to come back or be cancelled I also gave my name and you say it is already in use pick another good grief I give up with you dummies
1 3 Marian Schleusner  June 27, 2018
It a show like your addicted to it. History channel you be a fool to let a good show go. I fell in with the Ice Road Truckers ever since it started from the beginning. The way each character played their part, it's funny what they come uo with. It's alot better show I have seen on the history channel some of the crappy show I have watch. Please continue bringing Ice Road Truckers back. It was very sad that we had to loose a fellow trucker that was great. But this is one show that got to keep going on if the whole world love it to death! History channel, this is one show that's got to keep going.
0 0  June 19, 2018
1 1 jerome  June 18, 2018
I love to see the next season of Ice road truckers. It never bores me, and I got addicted to the show as soon as it went on air, so to say. The cast has become some sort of family, which sounds weird, but I am really curious what they are on about now. I can't wait for the next season release date to show up. What arguments does History have to stop a program, a show which attracts that many vieuwers? I mean if they decide to stop it, it is like to stop selling a much wanted article which never does good to any store. It does not sound very sensible to me if they decide to stop the show, it is far more showing some bad management.
1 1 jerome  June 19, 2018
Sadly got inform the show has been cancelled
0 3 SAM EDWARDS  June 14, 2018
I hope they put Ice Road Truckers back on for season 12 if they want to cancel something they should start whit American pickers or big rig bounty hunters or may be [censored] stars Ice road Truckers is one of the best shows on the history channel.
0 1 Carla Kinsey  March 20, 2018
I have watched every incarnation since season 1 when Lisa Kelly was the rookie and Alex was known as Papa. I have seen characters come and go. I too mourned the loss of Darrel Ward. Please keep the show on the air.
0 2 Jim Stiver  March 7, 2018
Keeps us on the edge of our seat, We know those guys are safe, but still looks very risky. Put The hammer down and keep on Truckin.
2 1 JBoyd.  December 16, 2017
Currently we in the UK are watching the 2014 series, thank goodness we don't have to suffer the appalling narrator from previous shows. Where did they dig this guy up from,must be a bad out of work actor,his over affected deep intonation trying desperately to make every situation sound so matcho, it beggers belief how we the audience were supposed to take anything this character said was informative or not. Thank goodness
we now we have a quality actor narrating the show in the Uk which gives quedos to what is an excellent depiction of the trials and tribulations that these drivers put themselves through in IRT.
0 3 Jim W.  November 5, 2017
Ice Road Truckers, is a great show. It gives an insight how people of different backgrounds and ages overcome difficult situations. This season it was good to see Steph and Reno join the cast.I enjoy the show and quite often watch the reruns.There often is something I missed while viewing them earlier.
1 7 tina fields  October 6, 2017
Just love the show,Alex is great and Art has me in stitches with his banter,keep trucking .
1 5 Mary Jones  August 23, 2017
❤ Love the show.
0 2 Erin Berry  August 16, 2017
You might want to correct your announcement as it is season 11 that is premiering this August 24, 2017, and not season 10. Also it's History Channel, not History Network (History Television in Canada).
2 8 Joseph Bouchard  August 15, 2017
❤ love the show I always it
1 8 natasha m  July 22, 2017
can not wait to see again.. and will miss ward so hard to believe
1 8 Art  July 12, 2017
Good show, I always watch it, even repeats sometimes...TV has so few things to watch, that aren't fake, manipulated, or outright stupid...
3 5 Jim Baton  June 4, 2017
Love the show the will not be the same mr ward was truely the best driver nothing he couldn't do I myself sadly miss him Alex and hue were great with none of them there simply the show can't go on I don't believe the ratings would be high enough plus it would be painful to watch knowing what happened to Daryl
2 8  December 30, 2016
Ice road truckers was renewed
3 2  December 19, 2016
Really bad news the show was canceled it ain't coming back for a 11th season i am very very upset
0 4 marcella noble  December 18, 2016
I love this show,please bring it back,ive been searching every chanel for this show. Please bring it back to the history channel.
0 2 Janet tosh marcella noble  September 7, 2017
I have been looking for it on the history channel since it supposed to start with season 11last August and l have not seen it or have l missed something l watch it every year what am l doing wrong?
0 0 Pat Herber Janet tosh  September 22, 2017
Ice Road Truckers was on Thursday September 14 at 10. There were 2 shows on before that but I missed them. Next one is scheduled for Thursday October5
0 4 Pat Herber Pat Herber  September 22, 2017
Also, Darryl son is going to drive in his father's foot steps
0 2 Steve Todd  November 29, 2016
Will you mention what happened to Darrel Ward at the end of this season
0 2 James-29 Steve Todd  December 19, 2016
I am sad to say that Darrel ward died in a plane crash in Montana
1 5 DaveH  November 28, 2016
I really enjoy watching Ice Road Truckers and Highway Thru Hell. More truckers, please bring em back, Thank You
1 6 Mary Beth Barton  November 14, 2016
I love this show. It is thrilling and you never know what is going to happen. Bring on more episodes.

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