Below Deck
9 Seasons
137 Episodes
Below Deck is an American reality series that chronicles the lives of the crew members, captained by Lee Rosbach, who work and reside aboard mega-yachts during charter season.
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Bravo Schedules Below Deck Season 10 Release Date for Fall 2022

Current Show Status
Below Deck Season 10 officially renewed for Fall 2022
Latest Episode Aired Mon 2/7/2022 Reunion Season 9: Episode 15
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 10: Episode 1

Now this yacht news rocks. Below Deck will return for Season 10 and Below Deck Mediterranean will also return, Bravo announced on Thursday, May 12.

Below Deck, which first premiered in 2013, follows all the drama that goes down above and below deck during a superyacht crew's charter season. Below Deck's most recent season, Season 9, previously ended with a reunion that aired in February 2022. (Source:


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6He Kissed a Boy and He Liked It Nov 29, 2021
7Plenty of Jake to Go Around! Dec 6, 2021
8Compliments of Captain Lee's Travel Agency Dec 13, 2021
9When Eddie Met Sally Dec 20, 2021
10The Smell of Sweat and Desperation Jan 3, 2022
11Shoulda Joined the Navy Jan 10, 2022
12New Stew on the Block Jan 17, 2022
13Unfinished Business Jan 24, 2022
14We Made It, Ya Slags Jan 31, 2022
15Reunion Feb 7, 2022
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1There's No Place Like Home Nov 2, 2020
2There's No Crying in Yachting Nov 9, 2020
3Max and Dax's Excellent Adventure Nov 16, 2020
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6Just Another Day In Paradise Dec 7, 2020
7Runaway Chef Dec 14, 2020
8No Way Rosé Dec 21, 2020
9The Devil You Know Dec 28, 2020
10Steamy Vibes Jan 4, 2021
11Blood in the Water Jan 11, 2021
12Blue Skies and UTI's Jan 18, 2021
13James' Big Cannoli Jan 25, 2021
14Hide the Salami Feb 1, 2021
15Don't Cry for Me Antigua Feb 8, 2021
16Premature Evacuation Feb 15, 2021
17Reunion Feb 22, 2021
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1Man Down! Oct 7, 2019
2The Proposal Oct 14, 2019
3Weekend at Brandy's Oct 21, 2019
4Weekend at Brandy's II Oct 28, 2019
5Magic Ashton Nov 4, 2019
6Penis Ravine Nov 11, 2019
7Smashton Nov 18, 2019
8A Recipe for Disaster Nov 25, 2019
912 Seconds in Heaven Dec 2, 2019
10Everyone Hates Kate Dec 9, 2019
11I'm Sorry You Feel That Way Dec 16, 2019
12Yacht-pocalypse Now Dec 23, 2019
13Exodus Dec 30, 2019
14Witch-hunt Jan 6, 2020
15Public Displays of Affection Jan 13, 2020
16The Scorpion Queen Jan 20, 2020
17Let Them Eat Penis Cake! Jan 27, 2020
18Big Girls, Do Cry Feb 3, 2020
19Reunion Part 1 Feb 10, 2020
20Reunion Part 2 Feb 17, 2020
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2Foam, Party of One Oct 9, 2018
3I'm Also a Boat Captain! Oct 16, 2018
4Bitch in Charge Oct 23, 2018
5Naked Smoothies Oct 30, 2018
6Get Better or Go Home Nov 6, 2018
7New Kids on the Dock Nov 13, 2018
8Flesh Wounds Are Not Five Star Nov 20, 2018
9Insult to Injury Nov 27, 2018
10Man Overboard Dec 4, 2018
11Let Them Eat Chicken! Dec 11, 2018
12Check Yourself! Dec 18, 2018
13I Said I Got It! Jan 8, 2019
14All That Glitters Isn't Gold Jan 15, 2019
15Shame Cocoon Jan 22, 2019
16Au Revoir! Jan 29, 2019
17Reunion Feb 5, 2019
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1The 1 Percenters Sep 5, 2017
2It Ain't Easy Being Green Sep 12, 2017
3Jesus Saves Sep 19, 2017
4Kate Goes to Church Sep 26, 2017
5Cool Beans Oct 3, 2017
6100 Feet from Catastrophe Oct 10, 2017
7Blindsided Oct 17, 2017
8Under Cover Boss Oct 24, 2017
9Hot Mess Express Oct 31, 2017
10King Come-On-I-Wanna-Lay-Ya Nov 7, 2017
11Only Doing It for the Money Nov 14, 2017
1255 and Lovin' It Nov 21, 2017
13The One Where Jen Loses Her Mind Nov 28, 2017
14The Champagne Campaign Dec 5, 2017
15Reunion Dec 12, 2017
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1No One Said This Job Was Easy Sep 6, 2016
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4That Tuna Is F@#!ed Sep 27, 2016
5The Freak Comes Out at Night Oct 4, 2016
6The One Where the Charter Guests Almost Die Oct 11, 2016
7Decent Proposal Oct 18, 2016
8One Less Fish in the Sea Oct 25, 2016
9The Sea Was Angry Nov 1, 2016
10Bombed by a Care Bear Nov 9, 2016
11Bosun Blues Nov 15, 2016
12Bemily Nov 22, 2016
13Waking the Resting Bitch Face Nov 29, 2016
1450 Shades of Ben Dec 6, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1More Foam, Bosun! Aug 25, 2015
2Off the Radar Sep 1, 2015
3Pretty Cheeks Sep 8, 2015
4I Don't Date, I Mate Sep 15, 2015
5I'm Ironing the Captain's Shorts Sep 22, 2015
6My Dearest Emile... Sep 29, 2015
7Storm's a Comin' Oct 6, 2015
8Boom Boom in the Laundry Room Oct 13, 2015
9Fire! Oct 20, 2015
10What Took You So Long? Oct 27, 2015
11The Real Housewives of Atlanta Nov 3, 2015
12Dirty Laundry Nov 10, 2015
13Loose Lips Sink Ships Nov 17, 2015
14Reunion Part 1 Nov 24, 2015
15Reunion Part 2 Dec 1, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Shut Your Porthole! Aug 12, 2014
2Hex on the Beach Aug 19, 2014
3Mojitos Mo' Problems Aug 26, 2014
4Charter Guest Soulmate Sep 2, 2014
5Bitchy Resting Face Sep 9, 2014
6Strains, Strains, and a Big Pain Sep 16, 2014
7She'd Better Not Be Staying Sep 23, 2014
8New Kid on the Deck Sep 30, 2014
9You're Grounded Oct 7, 2014
10Premature Corkulation Oct 14, 2014
11Dry Land, Damp Eyes Oct 21, 2014
12Crew Tells All Oct 28, 2014
13Reunion Nov 4, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Cool Your Jets Jul 1, 2013
2It's Not Easy Being Green Jul 8, 2013
3Dude, That's a Dude, Dude Jul 15, 2013
4Luggage, Luggage Everywhere Jul 22, 2013
5I'm Living with the Devil Jul 29, 2013
6Sleeping with the Enemy Aug 5, 2013
7Naughty Yachties Aug 12, 2013
8There's a New Captain in Town Aug 19, 2013
9Land Ahoy... Finally Aug 26, 2013
10Reunion Sep 2, 2013
11The Crew Tells All Sep 9, 2013
#NameAir Dates
1Special: Don't Miss the Boat Aug 4, 2015
2Captain Lee's Yachtrageous Moments Sep 18, 2018
3Captain Lee's Yachtrageous Moments 2019 Oct 6, 2019
4Captain Lee's Yachtrageous Moments 2020 Oct 27, 2020
5Captain Lee's Yachtrageous Moments 2021 Dec 27, 2021
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0 2 Irish  March 30, 2019
I keep watching the reruns because I miss the entertainment. 1. Kate normally (for her) seems to zero in on the new person and keeps it up until they crack. 2.Ben is a perfectionist, funny and a great chef. 3. Eddie is funny but oh such a liar which was disappointing. 4. I was waiting to see who was stuck on the ceiling that Rocky kept talking to.I had the feeling she was auditioning for her own show. 5. Ross is a genuine person, good heart. 6. Khylee kept her mouth going until she was right: who wants to teach her anything with that attitude? Learn to act like you're the slightest bit more than a brutal loudmouth and watch what happens. 7. Check yourself chickie. Learn to listen instead of talking yourself to death. 8. Ashton? Grow up. I'm outta here.
1 2 Tinman Irish  March 31, 2019
The show wouldn't be interesting at all if the young people on the boat weren't full of throbbing hormones. If I were bosun and got attitude, I'd be tossing deck hands to the sharks. This show is what happens when snowflakes are out in the real world.
5 1 Irish Tinman  April 3, 2019
Your last comment should have knocked you out of here! Define snowflakes. That's a derogatory comment meaning liberal and has nothing to do with this tread. You should be thrown overboard.
0 0 ST MAARTEN  October 23, 2018
Love love the show. I think I know Adrain. Please ask him if his mom name is Isabelle. If yes
I have known him since he was a boy. I live in New York but have traveled to \St Maarten for the past 30 years. Please ask him to contact me on this web site. If it is the Adrain I know
he will remember coming to New York when he was young and staying at my house and also
having dinner with me and Pat and his mom on New Years Eve in St Maarten. I would love to talk to him and see him again and also find out where his mom is now. This is so over the top I almost fainted when I saw him on the first episode and I said his name before he did. Please let me know. Thanks so much. Terri La Scala New York.
1 5 Tinman  July 28, 2016
It looks like the Below Deck Med experiment is over. Bobby and Bryan were nearly insufferable! No reunion show mentioned. It's clear that some crewmen and crew-women are happy the season is over and will never work as "yachties" again. And that's OK; more young people will give the job a try, If I were younger, I'd do it!

"Looking for Adventure and Whatever comes our way!" - "Born to be Wild" (Steppenwolf)
1 0 Adrienne Sloane  July 27, 2016
Just saw new cast names. Amy will be missed. Eddie and Dave are gone as well. No Rocky thank goodness. Kate, Ben, and Kelly are only ones back that we know.
1 0 Choirpres1  July 27, 2016
Starts Tuesday, September 6th!
0 0 Sandra Pinkoski Choirpres1  July 28, 2016
Yea! Ben's back! Great! :-) I just finished watching season 1 . . . again! Can hardly wait 'til Sept 6!
0 0 sheila botelho  July 23, 2016
Love this reality show,i think it is the best of all these shows. Ben is great and i hope Captain Lee will be back in charge. This show doesn't take any time to show the captain's quarters or what he does during the time the rest of the crew is getting in trouble, It makes him look clueless. The captain really should know what is going on and what is being said. I still love the show though. Keep it coming.
0 0 Choirpres1 sheila botelho  July 27, 2016
Just announced. Starts Tuesday, September 6th!
0 0 Tinman sheila botelho  July 27, 2016
The Mediterranean version has been a fun change, with a self-absorbed loose cannon, Danny, finally fired. The guy never could seem to grasp that others had authority over him, and that the rich charter guests were not his equals or his friends. I suspect he'll try to get a job on another yacht, but it doesn't seem likely that we'll see him again. Good luck finding a job if other captains watch the show.

Regarding Captain Lee looking clueless, that is how it should be! If his young [censored] crewmen (and women) fail to behave or are inept, well, that's what makes the show interesting!
0 0 Steve  July 23, 2016
Fun show . Very enjoyable. Love the conflicts.
0 0 Priscilla  July 19, 2016
Love the drama and hookups can't wait to find out Which cast members will return and find out the return date! :-) Also i wonder if kate will return since she was recently arrested for assaulting her gf and if she does return will they discuss her arrest and the fact that shes bi-sexual.
0 0 Ramona n  July 13, 2016
Bring Ben back,he's really the star of the Mediterranean cruise.
1 0 Debbie Ramona n  July 16, 2016
I have been watching the new Below Deck!! I did enjoy the season especially since Ben was on it. I am excited too watch the original in the fall! I loved all the cast! I think you have too have different personalities in order too make it interesting! I hope the orginal cast comes back! I like Kate, Amy, Eddie, Connie and BEN!! If I missed a few sorry!! There peronalties bounce other!! It seems you always need a person that is off beat and causes mayheim!! Rocky certainly did! Please I.hope.Ben is back!!
0 0 WesterlyGirl  June 29, 2016
Because it is a Below Deck franchise, I am now watching BD Mediterranean. It can't come close to the original with Captain Lee and his crew. Cannot wait for its return
2 0 sheila  June 25, 2016
Great show, anxious for season 4. Good luck to Capt, Lee and his crew.
0 1 Steve  June 15, 2016
Great show, but l like the carribean one better ,not so much arguing. Still enjoyed both shows .
0 0 beth  June 14, 2016
Also bring back Dave. What a breath of fresh air!
0 0 Sara  June 14, 2016
Love Captain Lee and his crew. Please bring them back quickly. Don't ever mess up
A good show by changing it to The Mediterranean show. Not as good as the original. Just leave Rocky out. Lol it was good show
0 0 Cg  May 22, 2016
True. She was so lazy!!!
1 0 Cg  May 13, 2016
Please bring back Kate, Amy and chef Ben. Also Eddie. Leave sourpuss rude chef Leon at home. No Rocky. My nerves can't stand her drama.
0 0 Tinman Cg  May 13, 2016
I too like the aforementioned crew. But having all simpatico crew-mates would make for a dull season!
Some conflict is necessary for there to be a story line. For all of Rocky's "Look at me!" nonsense, it did make things interesting. It is sort of stunning how so many self-absorbed young people think working on a yacht would be great fun, not hard work.
0 0 Cg Cg  May 13, 2016
I forgot Connie and Emile. I liked them too.
1 0 CarolynG  May 13, 2016
Bravo Execs - PLEASE!!!! Bring Captain Lee and his crew back - because if you do not already know Below Deck Mediterranean is the worst thing I have ever seen.
1 1 Toni  May 6, 2016
I love Kate with her mean stride and all. My gosh she gets the job done and done well I might add. She has a job to please high classified people not play nice to some ignorant person likever Rocky who was there for pleasure. She didn't want to do any of the work. Love the show and can't wait. Wish they had this show back to back. Hope Ben comesaid back....he rocks. Would love to try one of his dishes.
Just hope Captain Lee gives his hee hoo to any idiot.
0 2 Bettybop Toni  April 11, 2018
We despise that horrible woman. We stopped watching because we just couldn't stomach her anymore. Her nastiness took all the joy and fun out of it.
0 0 Tinman Bettybop  April 11, 2018
It takes all kinds to make for an interesting life and good TV. Kate very much reminds me of one of me very dear friends who is scary smart and capable. She too can be mean, horrible, nasty, vindictive (remember the "rocketship?"), snarky, vulgar, crude, irritating, etc. She'd have made a great chief stew! Male crew members like Bobby annoyed the hell out of me! Or a chef that added onions to dishes after specifically being told not to do so. That embarr[censored] me as an adult, and hopefully mature man!

Bettybop, lots of other stuff on the "tube" to watch if you've had enough.
1 1 Tinman  May 3, 2016
Sorry to see that some out there don't like Kate! She's a pro and yeah, she can get snarky if her crew-mates are not up to the task. It's up to them all to set aside egos and differences to give the charter guests their money's worth. All those folks are getting paid to cruise beautiful blue waters and on top of their pay, they are each getting tips of around $1000 per week!
1 2 Sarah  May 2, 2016
Kate K, the miserable head stew has ruined the show for me and my friends. It was bad enough to put up with Kat, but Kate takes the nastiness to a whole new level. We finally just gave it up and moved on.
1 0 Tinman Sarah  May 3, 2016
Please see my previous comments. Kate is in the unenviable position of being between her stews and the captain, and also has to deal with Chefs that are occasionally temperamental. There's a lot of pitfalls to being the head stew! I hope she's paid well!
1 0 Julie Marie Roth Sarah  May 4, 2016
Please,Please if Kate returns for Season 4,Please give ger a chance. I retired from a High Stress in Education. I had to many many times ovrrsee others. It was very Stressful,than add cameras catching every moment...yikes. If I ever had a Co-worker like Rocky...I think the combo Leon/Rocky was way too much for anyone to stay "normal"
2 1 Tinman Julie Marie Roth  May 5, 2016
Julie Marie Roth is correct. Kate has and had to put up with a young complement of stewards working under her that have an overabundance of "issues." Rocky is one of those young women who have to run to a "safe place" whenever they are confronted by anything uncomfortable including criticism or constructive advice. Working on a yacht the size of Eros or Honor and trying to satisfy wealthy clientèle is a high stress job, especially for crew leaders like Lee, Kate, and Eddie. As #3 Stew, Rocky only had to do what she was told, poor baby! To my mind, if Kate never reacted negatively or snarky with her recalcitrant crew, she'd have to be better than most humans, and way too controlled to be interesting on the show,
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1 0 Sharon caron  May 1, 2016
I love the show as well, miss it on tv, cant wait for the new season it should be good like always.
1 1 Steven J. Hamel  April 30, 2016
I love this show. I could stand 10 more seasons easily!
1 0 nancy williams  April 3, 2016
I love watching below deck. It is a great show i love the different people that come on board the ship and i also love the people who work on the ship, especially Ben and the Captain.
2 1 Shuffy  April 1, 2016
:lol: love this program!!! Please keep it on.
2 0 Michelle Carter  March 26, 2016
Please keep below deck on! It is full of everything that keeps me laughing I'm from Texas and we love the drama so please keep it on!! Thanks!

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