Lockwood & Co.
1 Season
8 Episodes
A girl with extraordinary psychic abilities joins two gifted teen boys at a small ghost-hunting agency to fight the many deadly spirits haunting London.
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Lockwood & Co. Season 2 is yet to be announced by Netflix

Current Show Status
Lockwood & Co. Season 2 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Fri 1/27/2023 Not the Eternal Season 1: Episode 8
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Lockwood & Co.. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1This Will Be Us Jan 27, 2023
2Let Go of Me Jan 27, 2023
3Doubt Thou the Stars Jan 27, 2023
4Sweet Dreams Jan 27, 2023
5Death Is Coming Jan 27, 2023
6You Never Asked Jan 27, 2023
7Mesmerised Jan 27, 2023
8Not the Eternal Jan 27, 2023
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0 0 Mike4jesus  February 8, 2023
my daughter and i love this show! original and interesting storylines, very like-able characters !

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