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11 Episodes
Gladiators welcomes a brand new generation of superhumans who will compete against contestants in the ultimate test of speed and strength
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Gladiators Series 2 Got the Green Light from BBC One

Current Show Status
Gladiators Series 2 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Sat 3/30/2024 The Final Season 1: Episode 11
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 2: Episode 1
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Our Saturday evenings are about to be booming again, as Gladiators has officially been confirmed to return next year.

The energetic sports entertainment show will make its comeback in 2023 in its brand new home on the BBC.

Gladiators will return with an 11 episode series made by Hungry Bear Media and MGM Television UK. (Source:


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Episode 1 Jan 13, 2024
2Episode 2 Jan 20, 2024
3Episode 3 Jan 27, 2024
4Episode 4 Feb 3, 2024
5Episode 5 Feb 10, 2024
6Episode 6 Feb 17, 2024
7Episode 7 Feb 24, 2024
8Episode 8 Mar 2, 2024
9Episode 9 Mar 9, 2024
10Episode 10 Mar 23, 2024
11The Final Mar 30, 2024

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0 0 Harrison  January 8, 2024
It begins on the 13th of January - not the 7th
0 0 Petite Pete  November 9, 2023
Oh no, I see this is made by holly Willoughby's husband's production company so it's without doubt going to involve her and Bradley Walsh. I am so, so sick of Willoughby and Walsh on everything! Three other seriously overrated and untalented individuals; Roman 'let me promote mental health to fool you into thinking I've an actual right to be famous 'Kemp, Alison Hammond who just reeks of disingenuous fakery and that flaming irritating Hannah Waddingham! Why are you all clapping along saying how incredible she is?! Why so pre-programmed and easily impressed these days, it's just weird. Sorry, back in the 1990's Gladiators was great and Jet was hot, now this will be a boring, safe, pedestrian snooze fest with bland holly and predictable response Bradley ' indeed, fantastic!' Walsh at the helm, no ta. We need fresh, exciting, non safe ideas, New presenter faces who are not someone's kid or an established Willoughby hanger on. Bored bored bored of tv, RIP the flipping lot.
1 0 Sanjeewa De-Alwis  May 3, 2023
It has been confirmed that father and son duo Bradley Walsh and Barney Walsh will be hosting Gladiators on BBC One.
1 0 Sanjeewa De-Alwis  December 10, 2022
Who will host Gladiators UK 2023? I think either Chris Kamara, Roman Kemp, Brian Dowling, Rochelle Humes or Robert Webb will host Gladiators UK 2023.

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