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"Ride" is a multigenerational family ensemble following the lives of the Murrays, part of a rodeo dynasty going back a generation, as they struggle to keep their beloved ranch afloat
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Season 2 of Ride Isn’t Picked Up by Hallmark

Current Show Status
Ride Season 2 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Sun 5/28/2023 Andalusians Season 1: Episode 10
Next Episode Show ended 10 episodes total
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Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Legend of the Fall Mar 26, 2023
2Rodeo and Juliet Apr 2, 2023
3The McMurray Curse Apr 9, 2023
4Estella Apr 16, 2023
5When It Rains... Apr 23, 2023
6Your Cheatin' Heart Apr 30, 2023
7Ride or Die May 7, 2023
8Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace May 14, 2023
9Truths Laid Bare May 21, 2023
10Andalusians May 28, 2023

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0 3 gotoguy56  November 18, 2023
Figures all the good ones get cancelled.
0 2 Missy Blu  June 20, 2023
I really hope that you renew Ride for several more seasons. This is the first show in a longtime that l just couldn’t wait for the next episode. I crave more of Cash! Please Please Please I beg of you, don’t make us wait to long!
0 0 tammy  May 30, 2023
i love the show i look forward for Monday on pea[censored] i hope it get renew please don't cancel
0 3 Lynne  May 27, 2023
I sincerely hope you renew your series RIDE.
The characters and storyline are just great !
I have recorded the entire series (the last episode will be tomorrow night), and a friend and I binge watched yesterday all those recorded.
0 2 Lynn Weatherford  May 26, 2023
I really like this series' RIDE . I hope it gets renewed I'll watch every episode.
thank you
0 2 Angie48  May 24, 2023
I sincerely hope you renew this series I love it
0 4 Deborah Sandoval  May 23, 2023
Please please please renew the contract and the second season per ride. I work a lot of hours but I have truly come to love this series. I recorded and watch it and this is a show that is family oriented. It’s about the struggles of a family that is trying to save the history of their hard work, please don’t cancel it. I love it as my family does we sit and we watch it together
0 4 Darlene  May 23, 2023
Please please renew Ride for Season 2. It’s such an entertaining and great show. I love all the characters . It’s action and romance and also a family show. Love this show ….
0 1 Jeannie  May 22, 2023
I sincerely hope you will renew season two of ride. This is a family type show. They are hard to find. It is so nice to be able to sit down as a family and watch the show as there is no vulgar language it’s just a clean good show please consider renewing it as another season.
0 4 Susan  May 20, 2023
Please renew Hallmarks Ride series....we
Enjoy the show very much and it stands out as interesting and entertaining....please another season!!
0 5 Kristy  May 19, 2023
I love the show Ride. It is such a good show. Please don’t cancel it. Love all the characters and the storylines. Family show, action packed, and romance. All a must in a great show.
0 2 Deborah Sandoval Kristy  May 23, 2023
This is a series that is great for family viewing

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