We Bought A Funeral Home
1 Season
6 Episodes
From bats to a slew of haunting surprises, the Blumberg family transforms an eerie 1800s Victorian funeral parlor into a weird and wonderful dream home, and it has them wondering if they're alone on this renovation adventure.
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We Bought A Funeral Home Season 2 is yet to be announced by Discovery+

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We Bought A Funeral Home Season 2 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Sat 10/29/2022 Open Casket, Open House Season 1: Episode 6
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for We Bought A Funeral Home. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1What Have We Done? Oct 1, 2022
2A Spooky Basement Makeover Oct 1, 2022
3We Have a Ghost! Oct 8, 2022
4A Dark Kitchen and Darker Past Oct 15, 2022
5Make Room for Halloween Night Oct 22, 2022
6Open Casket, Open House Oct 29, 2022
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0 1 Jadetatsu  January 19, 2023
This show is AWESOME!! Love it time 100. Looking forward to season 2
0 3 Terry K  January 3, 2023
[tasty] I love this show we bought a funeral home! The mom has such good taste and would love to meet here and the family. I really hope the series continues!!!
0 4 Erika F  December 22, 2022
How can I apply? Last year we too bought a mansion/funeral home & are in the middle of turning it into a family home. She is 102 years old & we are trying to keep most of the oddities, architecture & history intact. It’s me, my husband and 2 sons. 11 & 14. Milwaukee news even did a story on us.
0 3 Gina  December 16, 2022
Love everything about this show! I binged watched season 1 and I can’t wait for more. ❤️
0 5 Sherri H  December 8, 2022
Please do a season 2!!!! I just binge watched the whole first season!! My husband used to work in Dresden and we live in Chatham, so it's very close to home for us...... Makes the show that much cooler!! GREAT design work Heather!!
0 10 Vanessa  November 28, 2022
Best show on t.v. Love this entire family. Season 2 please! Do season 2 on additional design, getting acquainted with the town and how the kids are acclimating to this life change, additional ghost experiences, etc…
These guys are awesome
0 5 Susan Strey Selvidge  November 28, 2022
This show is just the best ever!! LOVE this family and her decorating is astounding! So many ideas have now popped into my head! YOU ALL HAVE TO BRING THIS BACK FOR A SECOND SEASON AND MANY MORE!! Bet I’ve watched season 1 six times so far!!
HUGE fan!!😍😍
0 11 Shoshana  November 9, 2022
I tuned into this series thinking it was another renovation program, but a little more interesting because of the property. WOW was I surprised with this quirky lovable family, their humor, gothic meets classy style and their interactions with the town folks. What a pleasure and so much fun - I can't wait until we meet again in Season 2. I am looking forward to seeing what they're up to and what Heather has in store for Dave! A great family and so entertaining.
0 9 Paula  November 8, 2022
Love, love , love this series!! Cannot wait to see season 2. I can't even imagine how Mom will transform the outside of the parlor & the rest of the rooms!!
0 6 Jen  November 8, 2022
THIS SHOW WAS AMAZE[censored] I AM COUNTING ON A SEASON 2! We absolutely loved this family and loved the show, we got so many cool ideas! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
0 3 Colleen  November 8, 2022
❤ Please renew for a second season and more!! I'm obsessed with the decor and absolutely love this family!
0 6 Simon Kitty Cat  November 8, 2022
[bigsmile] Can't hardly wait for season two!
0 9 Melissa Alvaro  November 7, 2022
This show was awesome! The design and the family both amazing. Hope they bring this show back.
0 5 Jalocke  November 7, 2022
Please, please, please bring this show back for a second season!!!!! I love everything about it. I look forward to watching every week. I need more!!!!!
0 4 Tab Padgett McDowell  November 6, 2022
❤ LoVe this Show!! Bring it back!!!!!
0 11 D Luanne Kolanko  November 6, 2022
I absolutely love this show!!!!! We definitely need a season 2 please!!!!!!
0 12 Debbie  November 6, 2022
Love, love this show! The family is great and oddly hillarious! I need to see the rest of the renovations [smile]
0 11 Heb Rayner  November 5, 2022
Love love love this family! Their aesthetic is stunning, their family dynamic is so cute to watch and their home is astounding. Gutted there is only six episodes. I NEED MORE OF THE BLUMBERG FAMILY AND THEIR BEAUTIFUL HOME!! I can't stop re watching the first season. ❤ ❤
0 16 Lori L Wargo  November 2, 2022
i have watched season 1, 3 times. i love this family! i want them to go on for years.
0 13 Carmen Tyler  November 1, 2022
I have watched this season twice.

Please renew I can't wait to see what they remodel next.

The family is adorable and the camera loves them. And us viewers love how they interact with each other.

Very original and fun to watch.
Chicago, IL fan
0 15 Vanessa  October 31, 2022
I binged WBAFH over the weekend and I need more episodes!
0 20 Eric Davis  October 30, 2022
Season 2 is a must!!!! We want MORE!!
0 20 Christine  October 30, 2022
Love this show, need a Season 2 the house isn't finished
0 23 Lisa  October 30, 2022
Love this family!! Heather’s designs all came together amazingly!! I love how the family is supportive of each other and you can tell they love each other, no family drama, it’s so refreshing. Please let there be a season 2.
0 14 Joe  October 29, 2022
[kiss] love this show. This family is so cool. I live about 45 min away want to visit!!!

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