Will Trent
2 Seasons
23 Episodes
In Will Trent Special Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations was abandoned at birth and endured a harsh coming-of-age in Atlanta's overwhelmed foster care system.
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Will Trent Season 3 Got the Green Light from ABC

Current Show Status
Will Trent Season 3 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Tue 5/21/2024 Do You See the Vision? Season 2: Episode 10
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 3: Episode 1
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Will Trent

Will Trent is a gripping crime drama series based on the novels by Karin Slaughter, following the complex life of Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) agent Will Trent as he navigates through personal and professional challenges while solving gruesome crimes. Set in Atlanta, the series delves deep into Trent's troubled past, his dyslexia, and the traumas he's endured, all while tackling intense cases that push the boundaries of his investigative skills. The show intricately weaves together suspense, mystery, and character development, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with each episode.

Where to Watch Will Trent

As of now, Will Trent can be streamed on various platforms, offering viewers convenient access to its thrilling episodes. Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix often feature the series, allowing subscribers to binge-watch the compelling narratives at their leisure. Additionally, some cable networks may offer on-demand options for viewers to catch up on missed episodes or revisit favorite moments. With multiple avenues for viewing, fans can immerse themselves in the captivating world of Will Trent whenever and wherever they choose.

Will Trent Cast

The cast of the Will Trent Series, led by Ramón Rodríguez(Instagram) as Wilbur "Will" Trent, brings a dynamic blend of talent to the screen. Rodríguez, known for his versatility, has showcased his acting prowess in various roles, including that of Ryan Lopez in "Gang Related" and Leo Spitz in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." His portrayal of Will Trent, a dedicated and determined Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent with a troubled past, adds depth and complexity to the character, drawing viewers into the gripping world of crime and investigation.

Erika Christensen(Instagram, Facebook, X), taking on the role of Angie Polaski, brings her own impressive repertoire to the series. Christensen gained widespread recognition for her performance as Julia Braverman-Graham in the critically acclaimed television series "Parenthood." Her portrayal of Angie Polaski, a former undercover narcotics detective turned private investigator, is marked by a blend of toughness and vulnerability, adding layers to the character's personality and motivations.

Jake McLaughlin(Instagram), known for his captivating presence on screen, takes on the role of Michael Ormewood, a seasoned Atlanta Police Department detective. McLaughlin's previous roles include Johnny McKee in "Believe" and Gordon Bonner in "Quantico." As Michael Ormewood, he brings a gritty authenticity to the character, navigating the complexities of law enforcement and personal struggles with conviction and intensity.

Will Trent Season 3 Likely to be on ABC

With the success and popularity of Will Trent, speculation abounds regarding the potential home for its highly anticipated third season. While no official announcements have been made, there is significant buzz suggesting that ABC may be the network to host the next installment of the gripping crime drama. Known for its lineup of compelling series and penchant for captivating storytelling, ABC presents a fitting platform for the continued adventures of Will Trent and his colleagues at the GBI.

The prospect of Will Trent Season 3 finding a home on ABC offers exciting possibilities for both existing fans and newcomers alike. If the series does make its way to the network, viewers can expect high production values, engaging storylines, and stellar performances from the talented cast. As anticipation mounts and speculation swirls, audiences eagerly await confirmation and details regarding the future of Will Trent on ABC.

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Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Me Llamo Will Trent Feb 20, 2024
2It's the Work I Signed Up For Feb 27, 2024
3You Don't Have to Understand Mar 5, 2024
4It's Easier to Handcuff a Human Being Mar 26, 2024
5Capt. Duke Wagner's Daughter Apr 2, 2024
6We Are Family Apr 9, 2024
7Have You Never Been to a Wedding? Apr 30, 2024
8Why Is Jack's Arm Bleeding? May 7, 2024
9Residente o Visitante May 14, 2024
10Do You See the Vision? May 21, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Jan 3, 2023
2I'm a Pretty Observant Guy Jan 10, 2023
3Don't Let It Happen Again Jan 17, 2023
4My Stupid Detective Brain Jan 24, 2023
5The Look Out Jan 31, 2023
6Should I Go Get My Tin Foil Hat? Feb 14, 2023
7Unable to Locate Feb 21, 2023
8Two Hundred Dollars and a Bus Pass Feb 28, 2023
9Manhunt Mar 21, 2023
10Pterodactyls Can Fly Mar 28, 2023
11Bill Black Apr 18, 2023
12Nothing Changed Except for Everything Apr 25, 2023
13A Bad Temper and a Hard Heart May 2, 2023

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0 8 Lynn  June 8, 2023
So happy to see Will Trent coming back…everyone I’ve talked to enjoys this show immensely and hope to see it come back again and again.
0 7 Char  April 6, 2023
Loved this show. So few shows on now that a family can watch. Please renew
0 0 Ladybbird Char  April 20, 2023
S2 Renewed for 2023-24 NO DATE YET
1 1 Cherokee Char  May 8, 2023
Not really a family show. But okay
1 5 dan  March 29, 2023
Love the show it keeps you engaged in the storyline. I finally started watching this series tired of the law and order, bluebloods, CSI,s. Something new and enjoyable, would definately like a season two to a least be highly considered.
0 6 Franco Gentile  March 26, 2023
What is taking ABC so long to renew this jewel of a show….Minimum 2 year renewal is called for. I think I have watched every episode at least 3 times - episode 9 was one of the best next to the pilot……..

0 5 David Baccari Franco Gentile  April 10, 2023
Agreed! This show is fantastic! Each episode gets better and better! Love the dog!
0 4 Coop Coop  March 26, 2023
Love this show !!!!! Please bring it back !
0 3 Coop Coop  March 26, 2023
Love this show !!!!! Please bring it back !
0 2 Cooop  March 26, 2023
I love this Show , please bring it back.
0 6 Franco G  March 18, 2023
If ABC does not renew Will Trent for at least another 5 seasons, I’m boycotting ABC programming. Oh, I forgot, I only watch ABC for Will Trent…….It is the best new show on network TV, it’s refreshing, new, and of exceptional quality in writing, acting and everything in between.

Let’s all write in to ABC asking for its renewal similar to Magnum PI fans who were instrumental in getting the show renewed on NBC after CBS discarded it to the trash can.
0 3 Franco G Franco G  March 18, 2023
I forgot, my wife seconds my comments. [hands]
0 2 David Baccari Franco G  April 10, 2023
Agree with you! Tired of good shows getting cancelled,and tired ones keep gettin renewed! That’s why I watch so little network TV.
0 6 Tim Peterson  March 16, 2023
Awesome show i hope it gets renewed
0 7 mdc mdc1014@sbcglobal.net  March 11, 2023
Love this show! I hope it's renewed!!
0 8 Stephanie  March 8, 2023
I'll be so disappointed if they don't renew Will Trent. Reminds me of Columbo (although I don't if any detective show could ever touch Columbo). Good to see characters who are like real people -- instead reality show, everybody looks like a model, fantasy stuff.
0 7 Ven  March 5, 2023
Love this show. It's on the same level as Columbo and Monk series. It deserves another season!
0 7 Fran  March 3, 2023
I love Will Trent and am looking forward not only to a season 2 but for more episodes in season 2. Just can’t get enough of this truly different type of detective show. The characters are believable and bankable… keep it on and on and on!!!
0 9 Nawach crown  February 22, 2023
It's been a minute since I've watched such a quality cop-show!
From episode 1, the characters are immediately relatable with their qualities and flaws (actors seem really at ease from the start); the intertwining stories are well-scripted (thus, believable); the music score is wonderful (a tad 'jazzy'... which I like).
Let's hope for 10 more seasons at the very least [love] [bigsmile] !
0 10 Jan aGrady  February 18, 2023
❤ ❤ ❤ Love Will Trent-I deserves a season 2
0 8 Susan H  February 16, 2023
I vote for “Will Trent” to be renewed.
0 6 Jan aGrady Susan H  February 18, 2023
IT deserves a 2nd season but I also deserve a 2nd season [bigsmile]
0 10 Linda  February 13, 2023
I don’t usually like much on network tv but I love the show Will Trent. It’s my favorite thing on tv. Please do a season 2.
0 6 Myrna Crespo Linda  February 17, 2023
I also enjoyed this show
Waiting for season 2
0 6 Linda  February 13, 2023
I don’t usually like much on network tv but I love the show Will Trent. It’s my favorite thing on tv. Please do a season 2.

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